September 14, 2019
What the culture says works in love and relationships flies in the face of science, common sense and experience. In our misguided attempt to “equalize” sexes, we threw out what makes men men and what makes women women: masculinity and femininity. This message was particularly aimed at women, who’ve been encouraged since birth to prove their value to men and society by, in effect, becoming men. This may have helped women get ahead at the office, but it ruined their love lives. Too many American women are operating in their “masculine” 100% of the time and inadvertently pushing men away. Andre Paradis is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, business owner and artist who teaches singles and couples how to create and maintain successful relationships. He will dismantle the madness and help men and women learn the importance of complementary energy dynamics in marriage and relationships, while paying special attention to how men think. Andre is the founder of ProjectEquinox. He has been happily married for over 20 years to his wife Nancy, who is also a former professional dancer and current dance instructor. They live in the San Fernando Valley with their two children.
September 7, 2019
For men in America today, love is a high-stakes gamble. The right woman can be the best part of a man’s life, and the wrong one can lead to personal and financial ruin. In today’s climate, no man should venture into romance without a reliable risk-management strategy. We’ll talk with clinical psychologist Shawn T. Smith about how men can allow the right women into their lives and keep the wrong ones at a safe distance. Shawn T. Smith, PsyD. is a clinical psychologist in Denver, Colorado and the author of five psychology books.
August 31, 2019
American men are going on strike. But they aren’t dropping out because they’re stuck in arrested development, notes Helen Smith in her book Men on Strike. They’re acting rationally in response to the lack of incentives society offers them to be responsible fathers, husbands and providers. In addition, men are going on strike, either consciously or unconsciously, because they do not want to be injured by the myriad of laws, attitudes and hostility against them for the crime of happening to be male in the twenty-first century. Helen Smith, Ph.D. is an author and a psychologist specializing in forensic issues and men’s issues in Knoxville, Tennessee. She holds a PhD from the University of Tennessee and master’s degrees from The New School for Social Research and the City University of New York. Tom Twellman Jr. is the COO and Marketing Director of Hair Saloon for Men, the exclusive sponsor of The Suzanne Venker Show. Find out more at  Find out more at
August 24, 2019
Two of the greatest travesties in American culture may appear unrelated, but they’re not. They are (1) the breakdown of the family and subsequent rise in father-absent homes (2) the complete eradication of a liberal education in our nation’s universities in favor of a monopoly on left-wing groupthink. From the time they step foot on college campuses, and often even before, young people are taught in no uncertain terms that oppression and victimhood are embedded in the American way of life. This message is especially geared toward women, who are sold a false notion of equality under the guise that men and women are the same, which has wreaked havoc on sex and relationships. Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor of City Journal, and a New York Times bestselling author. Her most recent book is The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture. Heather Mac Donald explains that sexual liberation is having a “nervous breakdown” on college campuses as well as in the culture. Find out more at
August 17, 2019
Joy Pullmann is the author of The Education Invasion, executive editor at The Federalist, and the mother of five children. Our culture is so saturated in feminist ideology that even conservatives think inside its wheel ruts. This wouldn’t be a problem except that feminism is antithetical to human flourishing because it has a false view of human nature. The stark difference bw men and women when it comes to mate selection and family planning is just one example. Women have the most marital bargaining power in their 20s. The smartest female strategy, then, is to lock in a husband before women have to compete against younger, more fertile women. This is the exact opposite of what our society tells women to do. It tells women to do the same thing men do. But women are not men. Our bodies are different, our fertility is different, and our priorities are different. Joy Pullmann explains why the feminist life script that encourages women to postpone marriage and motherhood indefinitely is not only bad for women but not what most women want. She also tells her own story about how she got “lucky” with an unintended and unplanned pregnancy. Find out more at
August 10, 2019
Erica Komisar, LCSW, is a psychoanalyst, parent coach, and the author of Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters. We’ll talk today with Erica Komisar who’ll explain why a mother’s emotional and physical presence in her child’s life—especially during the first three years—gives the child a greater chance of growing up emotionally healthy, happy, secure, and resilient. We’ll also talk with Erica about why it’s so hard to discuss this issue with mainstream media and how important it is for women and families to seek out the information they need in order to make good decisions about work and family. Tom Twellman is the CEO of Hair Saloon for Men which is the exclusive sponsor of The Suzanne Venker Show. Find out more at
August 4, 2019
For over two decades, former actress and pop culture expert Tina Griffin has built a reputation as a leading media expert. She’s traveled globally to reveal how pop culture and media glamorizes harmful behaviors without showing the consequences and how these messages are eroding the foundational development of today’s youth. In this hour, we will talk with Tina about how parents can offset the hugely negative influence of pop culture, as well as about Tina's experience working in Hollywood. Tom Twellman is the CEO of Hair Saloon for Men which is the exclusive sponsor of The Suzanne Venker Show. Find out more at
July 27, 2019
Mona Charen is an author and a syndicated columnist who’s been writing an award-winning conservative opinion column for 30 years. In 1984, Mona joined the White House staff, serving first as Nancy Reagan’s speechwriter and later as Associate Director of the Office of Public Liaison. She spent six years as a regular commentator on CNN’s Capital Gang and has served as a judge of the Pulitzer Prizes. For years Americans have been taught to believe that feminism is about equal rights for women. But in fact that seemingly benign concept is not at all what feminism is about. My guest today explains how this destructive ideology has ultimately destroyed the happiness of women, men and families. Mona is the author of three books: Useful Idiots and Do-Gooders, both of which are New York Times bestsellers, and Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love and Common Sense. Today on the show I talk with Mona about where feminism and the sexual revolution went wrong, as well as the price we’ve paid for denying the differences between the sexes—such as family breakdown, declining female happiness, and aimlessness among men.
July 21, 2019
Gia Valenti is the Founder of Learn with Moxie, a curriculum that offers programs to get kids out of our screen-addicted world and back to the practice of simply TALKING. As a speech pathologist, 25-year professional thespian, and sales executive, Gia knows the importance of strong communication skills. As a mother, she has seen firsthand the negative influence technology and social media can have on the real-life connections our children are making and is committed to combating the effects technology has on our youth. One of the things that makes Gia unique is that she approaches parenting the way she does life: fiercely independently. Gia knows that it's critical to go against the grain today if you want to be successful in life and in love. "Many people who make big waves and stir it up aren’t always agreed with. Stick to your guns, go with your gut, and fight the fight." That's the conversation we'll have with Gia. In addition, you'll learn how to raise your kids in a tech-limited household. Tom Twellman is the CEO of Hair Saloon for Men which is the exclusive sponsor of The Suzanne Venker Show. Find out more at
July 9, 2019
Dr. Laura Schlessinger is the author of 13 New York Times bestsellers and is one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history. She offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility. In 2018 Dr. Laura was named to the National Radio Hall of Fame. We live at a time where people are no longer free to tell truths that anyone with common sense knows, yet at the same time America’s values and priorities are completely out of whack. That’s where Dr. Laura comes in. There are very few high-profile people who have the courage, the chutzpah and the moral fortitude to encourage people to “do the right thing.” There are very few high-profile people in who will say, without backing down later, what needs to said about men and women, sex and love, children and families. Things that are profoundly true but considered blasphemous to admit. Dr. Laura fills that void. We'll talk with Dr. Laura about her 40-year career helping marriages and families stay on track.
July 3, 2019
Get ready for The Suzanne Venker Show! TIRED OF THE LIES AND THE SPIN perpetuated in the media, in our universities and in Hollywood? Does today's relentless gender propaganda make you feel as if you’re going mad? If so, get ready to hear hard-hitting truths about men, women, sex, dating, marriage and family that will make you cry out “Yes! Finally someone tells the truth!” Find out more at Stream the show live every Saturday at noonCT at
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