June 22, 2020
This week's guest is an old friend of ours. He is an amazing role model and demonstrates the epitome of what My Room's a Mess is all about. He owns his own clothing brand names La Gente. La Gente means "The People" in Spanish and is a brand made for the people. We talk about his great launch and donating a portion of the proceeds to charity. We talk about old high school stories and some crazy stories from parties. GREAT EPISODE!As always like, subscribe and comment some great shit! Follow us on IG @OurMessyRooms and Dennys brand on IG
June 15, 2020
This week we have a fun one. We have the interesting, talented, and beautiful FLOWER POWER. The conversation takes twists and turns all over the place. We talked about Flower Power and her goals, the black lives matter movement and police brutality and she even tries to give Vic some advice on how to get girls. She tells us about the interesting Dms she gets and how toxic relationships control people. This is deep, reflective and most importantly hilarious. MUST WATCH!As always like, subscribe and comment some great stuff. Follow us on IG @OurMessyRooms and follow Flower Power @flowerpower_66.
June 8, 2020
This week we have a conversation that needs to be had. With all the things that have been going on around the country and around the world, this is the best time to have conversations. We need to understand how we truly feel and think of things that we can do to help change and shape our future. Damian came on and did his things. He talked about his brand United Boundrys, he talked about psychology and the overall theme of the whole episode was talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and racism. There needs to be change and everyone in The Messy Room and our community around us is doing what they can to get what we all want. Which is a world where can all coexist and be what we all are, HUMAN!As always like, subscribe and comment some great shit! Follow us @OurMessyRooms and follow Damian's brand on IG @United_Boundrys
June 1, 2020
This week we have a very special guest that not only knows about teeth and keeping them clean, but she is someone who knows Jason really well. She reveals what are the keys to keeping nice teeth, what is the difference between a Hygentist and a dentist, and what it's like to go through hygiene school. She also reveals what is like to date Jason and what kind of struggles they have gone through in their relationship. Deep Episode!As always thank you for listening. Please subscribe, like, and comment some great stuff. Follow us on IG and Twitter @OurMessyRooms.
May 25, 2020
If you have never watched My Room's a Mess before, welcome to The Messy Room. If you have, welcome back we are here BACK, BETTER THAN EVER BECAUSE WE ARE ALWAYS GETTING BETTER! This week we have one of Boston's hottest DJs, DJ El Menor. He talks what it was like on the come up, teaches us how to DJ, and tells some hilarious stories from his time in the clubs. MUST WATCH!As always follow us on IG @OurMessyRooms and follow Alex on IG @DJElMenorMA.
May 20, 2020
Welcome Back to The Messy Room. This week we have on former School Committee member Julio Hernandez. He talks about his time on the school committee, what he feels needs to be done to better education and why voting is important. Great episode!Thank you for listening and as always subscribe, like and comment some great stuff. Follow us on IG and Twitter @OurMessyRooms.
May 11, 2020
In The Messy Room, back and better than ever because we are always getting better. This week we are not alone. We welcome Rob "Alpa SZN" Rodriguez himself. We dive into some stories we share and his personal story that has made him the man he is today. His story also inspired talk about how to better circumstances for you and your family. A must listen.Follow Rob @alpha.szn on IGFollow us @OurMessyRooms on IG
May 4, 2020
Another week and we are BACK BETTER THAN EVER CAUSE WE'RE ALWAYS GETTING BETTER! Another Quarantine edition of My Room's a Mess. What don't we talk about, from books and movies to talking about what fuels us chasing our dreams. A lot of truths were released. Thank you for listening.Shoutout to Lex Finesse and his track First Day Out now on Youtube.As always follow us on social media @OurMessyRooms
April 27, 2020
In this episode, we dive into our minds and discuss the Sociological Imagination. We connect the impact of Covid-19 in urban areas to the macro decisions of societies.Shoutout to United Boundrys for the merch. Follow them at @united_boundrys on IG.Shoutout to Camila with some help on understanding our community. Follow her Tik Tok @camilaqueenweirdgirl. Thank you for listening. As always like, comment, and subscribe.
April 19, 2020
After a very long break, WE ARE FINALLY BACK!!In this episode, we catch up and discuss what took us so long to come back and what we've been up to since we last dropped. We also dive into some current events like the current COVID-19 crisis and the loss of Kobe Bryant. We are finally back and SEASON 2 is here. Enjoy and follow us on IG @OurMessyRooms
October 28, 2019
Oh, what a bittersweet episode this is ladies and gentlemen... It’s an exciting time for the Messy Room, but also a sad time. It’s time.... to wrap it up. In our season finale we go LIVE on Instagram and LIVE on the MICs and reflect on every episode we’ve done so far. We dive into not only our thoughts on each episode but we give you guys a glimpse of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on in the Messy Room. We love doing this. We love all the support we’ve gotten so far. We will be back and we will back better than ever because we’re always getting better‼️ Please give us a listen and always enjoy the GRRREATNESS that is My Rooms A Mess. Thank you- Vic & J AKA J & Vic Follow us on IG @OurMessyRooms
October 20, 2019
People of the Messy Room, with the messy hair, the messy brains, and the messy lives. This week is in the Messy Room of Luigi Martinez. He is the owner and founder of 94FT training. He has had a roller coaster ride career in basketball and has always found away to the mountain top. He came on and spoke his truths. join us in listening to this man's amazing story of how he's gotten to where he is. It is an amazing ride. Follow his training @94training_.Thank you for listening to us week in and week out and we appreciate all our supporters, make sure to subscribe and leave a review to help us grow and follow us on IG @OurMessyRooms.
October 14, 2019
Ladies and Gentlemen! We have another great episode! Here Vic and I jump into our minds and talk about how our minds work. We talk about Rene Descartes's beliefs and how he got those beliefs. We talk about the different ideas of consciousness and how it connects to philosophy, science, and religion. Very interesting and abstract. We hope you enjoy and thank you for listening. Subscribe to be the first to find out about new episodes.Follow us on IG @OurMessyRooms
October 6, 2019
Ladies and gentlemen this is a must listen‼️ A podcast with a great friend and supporter of the podcast. The founder of legend music “Nathan “Nate Dogg” Mena. The flow of this conversation travels and goes in many different directions, but all important to the message we were trying to convey. This conversation will hit your heart. We dive into loss ones within our community. We talk about legend music and how music has impacted Nate in his life. We reflect on ourselves and discuss how we use bad times in life as fuel to better ourselves. Telling you ladies and gents a must listen. Hope y’all enjoy it.Follow us on IG @OurMessyRoomsFollow Nathan on IG @Nathan_tg
September 30, 2019
This week's shoutout is @JannaMach an upcoming and coming photographer. She can do creative and professional photoshoots for you. Fun pictures, all the way up to your LinkedIn profile pictures. Check out her Instagram and book today. This week's episode we made history! The first time women are on the podcast! Not only is this episode insightful but it was just absolutely beautiful. To get a women's perspective on many things like being a woman vs. being a man in a Hispanic household. We talk about the differences between male and female and what it truly means to have equality between us. What it feels like to go through the culture shock of a majority Hispanic area to a more diverse place and much much more. It is crazy.Thank you for listening and remember to subscribe and share us with your friends. Follow us @OurMessyRooms on IG and twitter.
September 23, 2019
In this weeks episode, We dive into our minds with no specific topic. Just a couple of good buddies talking some greatness on the mics. It's a conversation that travels left to right, Front and back. We go from talking about our city and the potential that lies within to daily life struggles of procrastination. We dive into not only talking the talk but having to walk the walk. It's an amazing conversation we have and we hope you join us this week. We love you guys and we love everything about this podcast.  Hope ya'll enjoy
September 16, 2019
This week's shout is my mom and everyone that is trying to better themselves by starting a new chapter in their lives. We are both proud of everyone making their moves and hope and pray the best comes for you.It is our absolute honor to have this man on this weeks episode, nonother than the man himself, Alexis Omar Hernández AKA Omy smooth with the dance moves. He can do it all. From barbering to spirituality, to being a great friend. Dive into episode 11 with us and listen to the laughs we have with Omy and his heartwarming story. A story that had Jason in his shirt wiping tears from his eyes.Omy's IG: us on IG: you for listening!
September 8, 2019
This week's shoutout is Jennifer Campos. She is an RDH working at Waltham Modern Dentistry and does great cleanings. Make sure you get your teeth checked out with her. Her office's website: IG: this week's episode, we dive into our minds with a great friend and supporter of the podcast, Nelson Martinez!! The question arises can this world truly become a Utopia? Do humans have the capability to change? Or are we just going to continue the way we're going towards our untimely demise? Is the concept of money bettering us or holding us back from our true potential to go "THROUGH THE UNIVERSE"? All this and much, much more. Please give us a listen and dive into your mind with us. Thank you for listening and follow us on IG:
September 5, 2019
Part 2 is here! The continuation of episode 9 with the one and only Anthony Vega! Ohh man ladies and gentlemen. What don't we talk about with this man? In this episode, we dive into society and how Victor is going to " GO THROUGH THE UNIVERSE". We get into cancel culture and if it's good or bad. We get into some hip hop controversies that will have you off your seat. We dive into the old goofy stories when we were kids and the stupid nonsense kids do.  Follow us always on Instagram and Twitter @OurMessyRoomsOur IG: once again follow Anthony Vega on his IGAnthony's IG: you for listening!
September 2, 2019
This week's shoutout is JWavy and the whole FTB Label. He is an up and coming music artist with a crazy good label behind his back. Listen to his song company on SoundCloud: FTB: JWavy:  Episode 9 is here‼️man we got an exciting one for you guys. This week we have none other than the man himself. Mr. Push-ups. Sir Anthony “The Beast” Vega‼️ A long-awaited arrival for this man in the messy room; talking some great shit on the mic with us. I’m telling you! We talk about fitness‼️ we talk about the rap game‼️ we talk about female equality‼️ telling you ladies a gentleman you don’t wanna miss out on the greatness that is Anthony Vega and the greatness of episode 9. Follow Anthony: US:
August 25, 2019
This week's shoutout is our good and long-time friend Anthony Vega. He is known for his fitness page AVFitness. He is a great trainer and can help you reach your personal fitness goals. Ant's IG: week we start by talking about the race for 5G between the US and China. Then we segway into numerous topics about how technology affects the world in positive and negative ways and ultimately if it is good or bad for us as people. This is a very interesting topic because it applies to everyone and we hope that you guys will engage with us and voice your opinions on our Instagram @OurMessyRoomsOur IG:
August 18, 2019
This week's shoutout of the week goes to our good friend Alexis Hernandez. He is an insane barber in the Boston area and he can be found at Prestige Barbershop in Everett, MA.  Book an appointment: him on IG: week we dive into the conspiracies of the world and try to connect the dots on what the hell is going on. The world is not always as it seems and Victor and I are questing everything. We talk about Jeffrey Epstein, JFK and much much more. Very interesting episode. We might sound a little crazy ;p.Follow us on IG and twitter @ourmessyrooms IG: always thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy. Be sure to leave us a rating, it helps us more than you know.
August 11, 2019
This week's shoutout goes to 3mpy CHampagne. Locallatin artist, with some crazy flow.Follow him on IG to his song, Tengo el Talento: week's episode starts with a talk about the recent mass shootings and dives deeper into our thoughts and how Victor and I think we as a country should go about solving this problem. Very interesting and personal episode.Follow us on IG: you for listening!
August 4, 2019
This week's shoutout goes to Bibi Double B. Another up and coming artist from Chelsea, MA. He's on the come up, don't miss out on the wave.Provocame by Bibi Double B Ft. Willy Notez: Double B IG: week we have another new style of episode. We have our first guest, Jeffrey Mendez. He is J's 13 year old brother that can talk some deep stuff. It is a free-flowing conversation about life as a younger brother, living as an early teenager in 2019 and Superheroes. Another interesting episode.Make sure to follow us on IG: a rating for us and help us expand. Thank you for all the support.
July 28, 2019
This week we start the Shoutout of the WeeK with our boy Jay Mars from Chelsea, MA.Link to his song: weeks episode is another topical episode where Vic and I jump into what effects do fame and fortune have on a person that did not have it before. We use people like Kanye, Einstein and Kendrick Lamar to help guide us through the talk. We give a little insight into the type of people we are as well.We hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow us on twitter and IG @ourmessyrooms and leave a review on apple podcasts. Thank you so much for your support. Link to IG:
July 22, 2019
Welcome back to My Room's a MessThis episode is an experiment of a different style of podcast. We are trying to free flow and jump onto any topic that comes to mind to be as raw as we can be. There may be moments that we are lost, but this is truly who we are.Thank you for listening and remember to interact with us on IG and Twitter @ourmessyrooms
July 14, 2019
Welcome Back!Today we discuss living your best life in 2019 and how it compares to people in the past. Everyone has an opinion on this. If you agree or disagree with anything we say, go on twitter and talk with us using the hashtag #MRAMDiscussions. Thank you for listening. My Room's a Mess
July 3, 2019
Welcome to My Room's a Mess.This is an introduction to how this podcast came to be. There is an insight into our goals and what we want this podcast to be. This is our future and we hope everyone is as excited us.Thanks for listening. Follow us on IG and twitter @ourmessyrooms
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