"Financial Abundance Meditation to Clear Lack on the Planet Now" Energy Clearing for Life Force Podcast #224
Published March 27, 2020
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    "Financial Abundance Meditation to Clear Lack on the Planet Now" Energy Clearing for Life Force Podcast #224 Financial abundance meditation to clear blockages in the first and second chakras; clear your timeline in this lifetime from early childhood memories; invoke wealth and heal the planet of the lower contracted energies of lack and fear. wow! Please go here to check it out on video: https://youtu.be/J955z5MbMqQ Here is the full timestamped transcript in a messy cut and paste from  youtube!so hello and welcome to energy cream for00:03life force this is Erica and my podcast00:07today is going to be about opening up00:09here money flows and healing that00:12whatever it is that has stopped anything00:15in your body from having great00:17experiences with money right now I'm00:19just gonna focus on that today so I know00:23there's a whole lot of things that00:24healers are being called to do I have00:27some other podcast recordings on sending00:29love to the bug and I have some other00:32recordings on clearing this first chakra00:35which is our security chakra but today I00:39just wanted to be in the money I just00:41want to be all about money00:42having money flow and money being money00:46letting my money grow and just seeing00:49the energy of that and what that's like00:51and any blockages that you have to00:54having lots of money show up for you00:56right away anything that's stopping you00:59from the bet and think about the people01:01who for instance very overjoyed to be an01:05affiliate for clickfunnels and russell01:08brunson released his book traffic01:10secrets and i was so excited and then I01:13saw it doesn't mail until May and I went01:16oh my gosh right like I don't want to01:18wait till May but I understand you know01:20they don't a big project going there and01:22I sell millions of copies of their book01:25right now and so just kind of tap into01:28that like one person Matt Kahn released01:31his book about the universe delivering01:34everything right on time or something01:35like that many millions of dollars is he01:38making right now and of course the flip01:42side is true of course the01:44impoverishment has just like spoken up01:47and gotten loud and really wreaking01:50havoc millions of millions of01:53unemployment filed although I'm going to01:56challenge everyone on unemployment right01:58now to do it on my business you know02:01what is the dream business you've been02:03wanting to do like go do it go get a02:05website go get a hosting it's like 1502:08dollars to do both you know go write02:12your dream go home02:13but anyways I digress so this is going02:18to be a meditation and I do want to just02:22send a quick shout out to my friend Jenn02:24who's on my podcast coming up and I02:28won't say her last name in case I'm too02:30whoo-hoo for her and she showed me how02:33to do these virtual backgrounds oh my02:35god I'm so excited02:37Azumi just click virtual backgrounds02:39then you put any photo up that you like02:41this is a default so I'm gonna have one02:44made custom for me once I decide what I02:46want it to say02:48so alright so just kind of take a deep02:51breath this will be a guided meditation02:55which means you don't want to be driving02:58when you're doing this although that03:00needs to be a much bigger thing than it03:02is right now right so you want to be03:07kind of in a quiet place ideally or03:09somewhere with your headphones where you03:11can go out into another planet03:14I've just been accused of being on03:17another planet my whole life and all of03:19a sudden I figure that's a pretty good03:20place to be03:21[Laughter]03:25Hey so just go ahead and breathe earth03:28energy up to the bottoms of your feet03:36and just give your feet in your knees03:40some love if you're a healer or a caring03:46person or a mom or dad you might03:50sometimes have trouble with your knees03:53which is a indication that you give too03:56much you don't set boundaries very well03:58so just go ahead if that is you he04:00doesn't have to be you maybe your knees04:02are perfect but if it is you if there's04:04any residual crap in your knees where04:06you haven't set limits go ahead and04:08breathe energy up to the balls of your04:10feet not through your knees and then04:15breathe you're breathin ergy up to the04:18base of your spine04:19a lot of the blockages for money are04:22based in the first and second chakra04:27and we're having a global contraction in04:32this area so there's a cutting off of04:35our flow alright and this is global so04:40you'd almost have to be either very04:43disciplined or a hermit04:45to not be influenced by all the04:47contraction and the first and second04:49chakra right now so I'd like to ask you04:52to do is invite love into this area of04:54your money again it's the base of your04:56spine and the second chakra is where04:59your bellybutton is between your female05:02and male parts and your bellybutton05:03we're going to just flow energy through05:06this area so the base chakra operates at05:10red and the second chakra chakra05:13operates at orange area and we're just05:16gonna ask for kind of a soothing almost  eyes I'm just gonna go back to a time06:41when someone said something to you that06:47planted in you that it's normal not to06:53have money or that it's good or that06:56it's your birthright to be poor or that07:01you should be poor because then whatever07:04just go back now some people it's gonna07:07evoke a past life right now I'm just07:09gonna focus on our current lifetime so07:12that's what I've been shown to do so07:14guys so go ahead and just look at your07:16lifetime this would be birth to now I'm07:20just kind of float over that birth to07:22now see if there's like something when07:24you remember being shown something of07:27absolute flippin fake laughs like we07:30don't have enough of this when he when07:32it was and maybe it was actually true07:34but we're not gonna worry about that07:37we're just gonna say what was a causal07:38factor and me buying in to their not07:41being plenty of everything for everyone07:43at all times07:44good what was some causal factor07:46something was i1 i2 was like 3 was I for07:52was I 5 was I 6 so I'm getting a 6 now08:03firstly when I was 6 I remember getting08:05a doll for my birthday I got one little08:07birthday present it was a cutest doll in08:09the world08:10I was just so excited I remember being 608:12and being so happy we lived in this08:15little little but a little house behind08:21a house up in the hills meet Berkley my08:23dad was going to UC Berkeley08:25so just remember back to a time when08:27something and I'm not sure why that08:29that's showing that because I don't08:30consciously remember that being a lack08:33moment08:34but let's just look at that time where08:37we on where we skimpy at that time or08:41something was there not enough food was08:43there not enough was I shown somehow I08:46couldn't have the clothes I wanted there08:48was something going on and it's08:50interesting guys because my conscious08:52mind just remembers that it was very08:53happy time just go ahead and and laser08:56in on one time in your life just one08:58little spot where it's possible it was a09:02factor in causing you to step into this09:04lifetime of choosing lack over choosing09:07abundance or not acknowledging how much09:10wealth there is all over the planet all09:12the time yeah that just kind of send09:18that being love whatever age that is09:20just some love there and just kind of09:22acknowledge without needing to solve it09:25without needing to understand it the09:28stories come up and we don't need to go09:30into the stories we just need to kind of09:32like let them be in our conscious mind09:34instead of our unconscious mind I'm09:36going to go up 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1409:48to 15 just go through those ages all the09:53way up to 18 and just look at is there09:56any other like massive contracting09:58moments that took away your Chi but okay10:04I was remembering not being able to take10:06the dance classes I wanted all my10:11friends were taking dance classes from10:13this lady it was other dental offices10:16right behind10:17samer mall and we would ride our bikes10:19to go see her and she was so cool she10:22had this dance studio so the cold10:24friends that I loved would take this10:26dance class from her and I couldn't10:29after one session or something my family10:31couldn't afford it and I remember just10:34this heartbreak if not me I was too10:38young to work at that point didn't have10:40my own job cuz later age 14 I got my10:43first job so I could take whatever dance10:46classes I wanted10:47right oh so I'm just sharing mine so you10:54can go in the ears you don't have to go10:56at me don't mind just kind of go into10:58your own you got yeah just now go ahead11:06and tap into the energy so many perceive11:14as affluent okay11:17so just kind of go into their their11:19space they don't need to be in their11:22being but just go ahead and picture11:25someone you know if you have someone you11:26know or someone you admire who's11:29basically rolling in money so I'm very11:33blessed to have a lot of friends with11:34lots and lots of money so I'm just so11:37lucky Joe very close people in my life11:41with flowing money they've done all the11:44right things right with money and they11:46had lots of it so go ahead and just tap11:50into that now was very interesting I11:52have two different friends I tucked into11:54and one I felt really light the other11:57one I could feel her fear right now of12:00worrying will she have enough money12:02there the side of this and and that12:05specific one that I felt the fear from12:07net worth is over a half billion she's12:11at your age a friend of mine and I just12:13saw the feared the shadows around her12:16worried well will this do something that12:20causes her life to change right so12:24wealth is no panacea for fear all right12:29so go ahead and release anything that12:31that brought up even if I have a half a12:35billion dollars I might not have enough12:37tomorrow right I might not have enough12:39tomorrow what does that feel like I12:41might not have enough tomorrow I just go12:44ahead and allow yourself to be healed of12:48any beliefs that are stopping you from12:50really stepping up into your own12:52abundance okay and do the same for me12:56because this is one of my Achilles heels13:01about my lifetime yeah yeah let's just13:05let go and they need to be poor and they13:11need to relate to the people who are13:13poor any need to exacerbate our own13:16poverty to show up somehow as poor yeah13:25... that's all thi could share so go to the YouTube video for the rest! https://youtu.be/J955z5MbMqQ
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