Cynthia Thurlow, Breakfast Is The Dumbest Meal of The Day, We Are Designed For Fasting, Tips For Achieving Youthful Skin - KKP: 153
Published June 1, 2020
48 min
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    Today, I am grateful to have here with me a globally recognized expert in nutrition and intermittent fasting, highly sought-after speaker, and the CEO and founder of Everyday Wellness Project, Cynthia Thurlow. Cynthia has been a nurse practitioner for 20+ years, and is a two-time TEDx speaker. Her viral TEDx Talk: Intermittent Fasting: Transformative Technique has been viewed nearly 5.5 million times in less than 9 months. She has been featured on ABC, FOX5, KTLA, CW and in Medium and Entrepreneur. She's also the host of Everyday Wellness podcast, which was listed as "20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020"  by Entrepreneur magazine.

    As an advocate for living a fulfilled, healthy and well- balanced lifestyle, Cynthia has committed her career to serving women in their thirties and beyond. She is countering the notion that "this is just how we age, now settle and accept it" and is leading the way for change. As part of that endeavor, Cynthia brings over 20 years of medical experience, combined with current and progressive nutritional perspectives/approaches to truly serve women frustrated with the status quo.

    Cynthia provides hope and customized programs that work. She selflessly and transparently shares her own personal experiences navigating hormonal imbalances, peri-menopause, and all of the symptoms that plague so many women. She authentically connects to her clients and tribe.

    Cynthia has been a guest on numerous podcasts including JJ Virgin's Reignite Wellness, Natalie Jill's Leveling Up, 365 Driven with Tony Whatley, Low Carb MD podcast with Drs. Tro and Lenzkes, and University of Adversity to name a few. Cynthia has been featured on Good Morning Washington, WJLA-ABC 14+ times, KTLA, Fox and speaks on intermittent fasting, hormonal health, fat loss, self-care, the power of whole food nutrition, carb cycling, adaptogenic herbs, digestive health and more. She has worked with thousands of individuals who desire to live their lives holistically, balanced, and fulfilled.

    In this episode, Cynthia Thurlow dives deep into her background and explains the inspiration behind her mission. Cynthia speaks about her passion for intermittent fasting and describes why stabilizing your blood sugar is so crucial for a healthy life. Plus, Cynthia reveals her favorite benefits of fasting and explains the importance of doing the inner work. We need to be aware of limiting beliefs, our negative thoughts, and where our energy is going. Stay tuned as Cynthia talks about achieving youthful-looking skin and how to boost your confidence. 

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    [00:25] About Cynthia Thurlow

    • Cynthia started as a nurse in ER medicine – she is a total adrenaline junkie. Then, Cynthia worked with cardiology. When Cynthia became a parent, she found her child had eczema. This led Cynthia to learn more about nutrition.
    • Cynthia recommends The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother's Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America's Food Supply-- and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself.
    • Cynthia started to think if she was happy with writing prescriptions. Truthfully, she wasn’t happy.
    • When Cynthia started to study nutrition, she finally felt like she found her calling.
    • Four years ago, Cynthia woke up and realized she was done with traditional medicine and gave her notice the same day.
    • Cynthia wants to make a larger impact on her own terms. Frankly, she was tired of people telling her what to do. Now, she is doing exactly what she is supposed to do.

    [06:40] Why Cynthia Recommends Intermittent Fasting

    • People have been conditioned to believe that they need to eat in the morning. However, our bodies are not designed to be eating all day long.
    • When we are going against convention, we need the confidence to say BS.
    • The cereal companies will benefit when they convince us that we need to eat breakfast garbage.
    • Our bodies are designed to fast, feast, and fast again.
    • Snacking is making us fat.

    [11:50] How To Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

    • Each meal needs to have protein and healthy fats first.
    • Carbs should be the non-processed variety.
    • We have to stabilize our blood sugar first.
    • Bacon, eggs, and avocado is a great example of fat-filled breakfast.
    • If you are hungry within an hour of eating, your macros are off.
    • Once you get your blood sugar stable, then you can move onto the concept of fasting.
    • If you can’t sleep through the night, then you can’t lose weight. Also, if you are stressed, then you can’t lose weight.
    • If a woman starts losing their period because of a fast, then the fast is too much for their body.

    [15:30] The Best Benefits of Fasting

    • Mental clarity is Cynthia’s favorite benefit of fasting. She likes to know that she has loads of energy.
    • The improved digestive process is Cynthia’s second favorite benefit.
    • Lastly, the benefits of autophagy are fantastic.
    • People are attracted to fasting because of weight loss; however, they find out that they feel so much better too.

    [17:20] Why We Need to Focus on Our Inner Work   

    • Inner work is what keeps us sane.
    • We need to be aware of limiting beliefs, our negative thoughts, and where our energy is going.
    • “Our thoughts become our actions.” -Cynthia Thurlow
    • Mindset is the most important thing that we possess.

    [21:20] How to Build a Mental Six-Pack

    • You need high-quality sleep in a cold, darkroom.
    • Physical activity in the morning is critical.
    • Cynthia enjoys drinking tea – it is beneficial for boosting autophagy.
    • What are you going to do for your brain? Cynthia is always listening to a book or listening to a podcast.
    • Coldwater therapy will also assist with your mental six-pack.

    [25:20] How to Build Confidence

    • Building confidence requires being in tune with your passions.
    • Take time each day to be inspired by other people.
    • Creating a plan will help with your confidence.
    • Cynthia says the best investments she has made in her business are the big-ticket ones.
    • Sometimes you just have to leap.

    [29:45] How to Achieve Youthful-Looking Skin

    • How to achieve youthful-looking skin:
      • Autophagy
      • Sleep
      • Hydration
      • Eating healthy
      • Less feeding
      • More fasting
      • Be around people that make you feel joyful and happy
      • Find something that you enjoy doing


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