Dr Don Clum, Insulin Resistance is at the Root of COVID-19 Problems, How to Improve Immune Function With Vitamin D, Fasting & Exercise KKP: 145
Published May 18, 2020
63 min
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    I am grateful to welcome back to the show, someone who is on mission to build awareness of healing and self-empowerment through advanced, cutting edge health education, real-life application and an inside out practice of wholistic living, Dr. Don Clum.

    Dr. Don Clum graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA in 1997 with a degree in Human Nutrition. He then moved to Life Chiropractic College West in California where he graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2000. After graduation, Dr. Clum moved to San Jose, Costa Rica where he was invited to work with the Costa Rican Olympic Committee and Athletes. Dr. Clum participated in the National, Central American and Caribbean and Central American Games as the team chiropractor and as the official chiropractor for two professional soccer teams.

    He returned to the U.S.A. in 2010 when he and his wife started a fully integrated wellness center bringing holistic services of chiropractic, massage, metabolic nutrition, metabolic workouts in their onsite gym, wellness psychology, and medical services collaboration. Dr. Clum also collaborated in transitioning a traditional pain management medical practice into a wellness center with holistic services and served as the director of the onsite lab.

    Dr. Clum's success in creating integrated programs for insulin resistance specifically focusing on diabetes, diabetes prevention, metabolic syndrome, weight loss resistance, obesity, and cardiometabolic issues led him to join a national corporate wellness and population health company, ADURO Inc., in 2014 to date serving 140 employers and over 1,000,000 employees. Here at ADURO Dr. Clum has designed and delivered the first alternative diabetes prevention program that rivals and beats the national statistics of the National Diabetes Prevention Program from the N.I.H., and C.D.C.


    In 2015 Dr. Clum was accepted into and started a Ph.D. program in Health Psychology at Northcentral University where his emphasis of study is centered on the relationship of chronic stress, food and general addiction cycle, and early onset of male depression in what is termed the Irritable Male Syndrome.

    In this episode, Dr. Clum opens the show explaining why we shouldn’t focus on boosting our immune systems; instead, we need to stop suppressing our immune systems. He then reveals the things that are suppressing our immune systems, including sugar, baked goods, and fiber. Then, Dr. Clum describes how to break a fast and the benefits of time restrictive eating. Stay tuned as he speaks about the importance of vitamin D, sleep, and exercise on our immune systems.

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    [01:00] Why We Need to Stop Suppressing our Immune Systems  

    • Your immune system always works at 100%.
    • If you want more output from your immune system, you can’t do something extra to boost it.
    • You need to create demand for your immune system.
    • We need to remove the interference and let the body do what it’s designed to do.
    • Once the immune system is working properly, you can give it raw materials to get it cranking.

    [02:40] The Things That Are Suppressing Your Immune System

    • Sugar: it crushes the immune system. Any kind of sugar – it doesn’t matter!
    • Bread of any kind will start to turn to sugar from the enzymes in your mouth. If you chew it long enough, it will taste sweet. In other words, baked products turn to sugar.
    • Stop eating so frequently. If you stop snacking and cut the sugar, you will see the system shift in your favor.
    • Too much fiber can affect the immune system – it is not digestible. It can cause constipation. The average American can benefit from fiber. Overall, the more fiber someone eats, usually, the more issues they have. You shouldn’t go out of your way to get extra fiber.
    • Anything that is processed will suppress your immune system. The body will interpret it differently than whole food.
    • Whey protein has a vast insulin effect.

    [08:10] How to Break a Fast

    • People think they should break a fast with plant food; it’s actually the hardest on the system.
    • Fat and protein are almost zero residue food.
    • Plants are a high residue food – it can irritate your gut.
    • Clum did a 30 day fast and broke it with chicken wings. Chicken is very easy on the system.
    • If you break a fast with carbs, it needs to be low in sugar – like leafy greens.
    • The best combination is to break a fast with protein and fat.

    [12:15] Insulin Resistance is at the Root of COVID-19

    • It comes down to insulin’s role on the cell membrane and what it allows in.
    • Vitamin D is the door to our cells.
    • When vitamin D is low, the door becomes flimsy and allows COVID-19 in.
    • There is a relationship between vitamin D and insulin resistance. When insulin resistance is up, vitamin D is down.
    • As long as your insulin resistance is high, sunshine and vitamin D will not matter.
    • Everything is related – it’s a chain of events. Insulin based issues will suppress vitamin D and allow free access to our cells.
    • It’s not about COVID-19, it’s about the insulin resistance.
    • Take vitamin D! However, you also need to live an insulin friendly lifestyle.


    [21:10] How to Take Vitamin D   

    • You need minerals to take vitamin D. There is no ratio. Because you make vitamin D, it doesn’t make sense that there is a certain ratio.
    • K2 is hard to build up naturally. Start taking K2 vitamins.
    • If your minerals are low, and you are cranking the vitamin D – you won’t be utilizing it efficiently and effectively.

    [26:20] The Importance of Sleep

    • Isolation syndrome – when we withdrawal, our whole system gets thrown off. So, sleeping and eating will get thrown off.
    • People are spending so much time on computers and their phones – we are overexposed to blue lights.
    • Our brains are starting to create new connections and workarounds – they are not good. We are processing differently. Suicide rates will increase, domestic violence will increase, and alcohol consumption will increase.
    • Our sleep is disturbed. That’s a big deal!
    • When you hit the right level of sleep, our brain will shrink down. It will make space for the cerebral spinal fluid to clean our brains. If we don’t get that cleaning, then it will build up over time.
    • One night of disrupted sleep can cause insulin resistance the next day.
    • Our sanity and mental fitness come from whatever is happening when we sleep.
    • People neglect sleep like crazy. Some people will even put their devices under their pillows. We need to practice good sleep hygiene.

    [42:15] Exercising to Improve Immune Function

    • Stress will shift your immune system the wrong way.
    • Metabolic flexibility will play into the metabolism of your body that comes from exercise.
    • Your muscle has pockets to store sugar for later use.
    • Weightlifting and interval training will build bigger pockets in your muscles for sugar to stay.


    [48:00] The Benefits of Time-Restrictive Eating

    • You want to eat during daylight times.
    • It will help to calm down your body for a more predictable sleep.
    • When we eat late at night, we risk poor sleep.
    • If you’re fasting regularly, your body will jump into different modes faster.
    • We will be able to repair and clean things out better.
    • Maintain a plan for eating, keep exercising, and keep sleeping.


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