Brian Peskin, Enhancing Your Body’s Ability to Fight the COVID-19 Virus with EFAs
Published April 10, 2020
75 min
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    Today, I have here with me Prof. Brian Peskin, a world-leading scientist specializing in parent EFAs — termed PEOs — and their direct relationship to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and wound care (both traumatic and chronic).

    Brian has always had one goal – to help people — regardless of personal sacrifice. But despite his integrity, Brian has suffered a lot of criticism and even slander as a reward for his hard work.

    Brian is not alone. Many other health researchers have also spoken the truth and were chastised for it.

    Brian’s great genius is “connecting the dots” between established sciences that usually remain separated, and coupling his findings with real-life results. He combines theory with practicality in a very unique way. Even though Brian does not always take credit for the science he has studied – he is often only the messenger of the information already published in leading medical textbooks and medical journals — he has also been called a “quack.

    Brian attended the world’s leading engineering institution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he studied highly complex mathematics, engineering and physics, along with probability and statistics. He has also studied biochemistry and physiology. Brian’s various fields of study give him a unique systems perspective when applied to health and nutrition. Electrical engineering is an exact science.

    In this episode, Brian opens the show explaining why people with diabetes are more susceptible to the coronavirus. Brian reveals how we can enhance our bodies with essential oils to fight coronavirus. We need omega-6s! Both omega-6 and omega-3 come from food. The last thing that you want to do it take fish oil. Brian also reveals how we can minimize our risk for the coronavirus, including why oxygen is so essential. Stay tuned as Brian describes why we shouldn’t have self-quarantined and shut down the economy.

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    [01:30] Why Diabetics Are More Susceptible to the Coronavirus

    • When the virus comes in, PGE1 is impaired even more.
    • Oxygen kills everything. More blood flow means more oxygen.
    • You can take an oil that contains the precursor of what PGE1 needs to do its thing.
    • A 12-inch pizza has 38 teaspoons of sugar. If you eat 20 teaspoons of sugar, you have no leukocytes, which are essential for fighting viruses.
    • Twenty calories from a carbohydrate is a teaspoon of sugar.
    • The more carbohydrates you eat, the more you crave. Right now, people are eating more carbs, and they are doing the worst possible thing in the world for their bodies.
    • People with diabetes are one of the largest at-risk populations.


    [19:55] Enhancing Your Body to Fight Coronavirus with Essential Oils

    • Omega-3 and omega-6 come from food.
    • You need much more omega-6 than omega-3. It’s 11 fold more.
    • We have overdosed on processed omega-6.
    • Oils have been converted to be suitable for frying, so they have lowered the omega-6s.
    • This virus isn’t that strong. Most people don’t have symptoms. Our immune system is weaker because we are overdosing on carbs, and we aren’t getting these oils.
    • Fish oil is a poison. It is an overdose!


    [33:30] Minimize Your Risk

    • You should avoid fast-food restaurants.
    • If you get fries, eat a third of them.
    • Instead of the whole bun, rip off half of it.
    • Wheat is horrible. It doesn’t matter what kind of wheat it is.
    • You can have some junk as long as you are bringing in some of the good stuff.


    [35:00] How to Find Essential Oils

    • Flax oil will help.
    • Eat fish. If you bake it, then most of the oil is gone.
    • Fish oil is processed. The oil is concentrated, it’s horrible for you. If you take fish oil, your heart won’t have the energy to pump.
    • There are no land sources of DHA. Your body makes enough just fine.
    • Be careful with anecdotal stuff – people get misled.

    [44:15] The Importance of Oxygen for the Body   

    • Decreasing oxygen in the cell can result in cancer. In a study, every heart that had been reduced oxygen got cancer.
    • In the cell membrane, the oxygen can come out of the oils. You want oxygen going in and out of the bloodstream and in and out of the cells.
    • All the oils in a regular supermarket are processed, and the oxygen transferring is profoundly impaired. This is the biggest problem that we have today.
    • When you have a lack of oxygen, you either kill the cell or grow yeast. The yeast is growing sugar. The cell is actually not using the oxygen because it can’t.
    • The oxygen transfer is tied to the omega-6.
    • Everybody in the world is missing the omega-6s.
    • All the fish oil studies are finding that it fails.


    [59:20] We Shouldn’t Have Self-Quarantined

    • People are unemployed, and they are not going to have money for food.
    • If you are in panic mode, your immune system will go down. When you are in panic mode, you are burning oxygen.
    • It’s the worst thing we could have done is to panic people.
    • The numbers are not in an epidemic that we are led to believe. The numbers are not growing. It doesn’t warrant an epidemic.
    • The solution is worse than the problem. If people with diabetes don’t get insulin, their blood sugar stays high, and they are at risk for everything.


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