Dr Vincent Pedre, M.D., Immune Health & The Digestive System; What's The Link? :KKP 127
Published April 6, 2020
54 min
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    Today, I am grateful to have here with me, Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and President of Dr. Pedre Wellness, Dr. Vincent Pedre. Dr. Pedre is a Board-Certified Internist and Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner in private practice in New York City since 2004. His philosophy and practices are a blend of both Western and Eastern medical traditions. He is a Clinical Instructor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, as well as certified in yoga and Medical Acupuncture.

    His unique combination of medicine is best described as integrative or defined by a functional, systems-based approach to well-being. With his holistic understanding of both sides of the equation, he can help each patient choose the best course of action for their ailments to provide both immediate and long-term relief. His holistic approach incorporates positive, preventative health and wellness lifestyle choices.

    Dr. Pedre is a sought-after speaker and writer on sustainable health, prevention, and integrative and functional medicine. His expertise and informative commentator style has taken him beyond the boundaries of his private practice to appearances on the Martha Stewart Show, where he presented a segment on “The Top Medical Screening Tests” everyone should have, and to features on Sirius XM Radio’s “Doctor Radio” show, interviews on “The Gary Null Show” on Progressive Radio Networks, and guest blogs on Ecomii and Yahoo! Green, Yahoo!’s leading wellness blog platform. He is also an activist on the issue of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas extraction and its potential impacts on public health and the environment, including water contamination and air pollution.

    In this episode, Dr. Pedre opens the show discussing how meditation helped him overcome his fear of needles. Dr. Pedre explains how he became so interested in the gut and what happens to our bodies during stress – stress will increase gut permeability and affect our gut microbiome. Then, Dr. Pedre describes the leaky gut and how you know if you have it. Sometimes, you won’t have any gut complaints whatsoever. Stay tuned, as Dr. Pedre reveals which foods could be triggering your leaky gut.

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    [00:20] About Dr. Pedre

    • Pedre came across The Relaxation Response, and it totally made sense. Dr. Pedre found that there is a way to relax his body through meditation and yoga.
    • Pedre wanted to hack his body through a combination of breathing and guided imagery.
    • He is not the type to shy away from his comfort zone. Despite being afraid of needles, Dr. Pedre found the strength to get his vaccines. He knew he was ready for medical school. The body has an ability to conquer fears. 

    [09:30] The Consequences of Stress on the Body

    • Stress increases gut permeability and affects the gut microbiome.
    • If you are in a fight or flight, you can’t digest well. Stress won’t let you break down protein properly.
    • If you aren’t breaking down protein, then you won’t be happy and enjoying life.
    • People struggle on keto because they don’t have the bile to break down the fat. Relaxing will be essential.
    • “You have to rest to digest.” -Dr. Pedre
    • Digestion begins in the mouth. Water with lemon in the morning will help kickstart the system.
    • Chewing will also help with digestion.

    [13:50] Why Dr. Pedre Focuses on the Gut

    • He wanted to have an impact on more than people in his practice.
    • Pedre became a gut expert without really trying.
    • There is an endless group of patients who didn’t know about their gut health. Change your diet and use the right supplements to fix your gut.
    • There is an epidemic of gut disease – the gut is the foundation.
    • If the gut can’t absorb the nutrients properly, then our bodies won’t be able to function properly.
    • Pedre’s book comes from the heart. Read Happy Gut: The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain.

    [25:30] About Leaky Gut

    • Your gut is one cell layer thick – it’s really thin. It has to be permeable to get the right nutrients through. Your gut can increase and decrease permeability. If your gut is more permeable, then the connections between the cells start to loosen up. Then, things can get through that aren’t meant to get through – like endotoxins.
    • Why are we so interested in leaky gut? It leads to inflammation. Inflammation is the root of disease in the body. It can affect anyone from normal to someone with celiac disease.
    • You might get hives, joint inflammation, and joint pain. Sometimes you won’t have any gut complaints whatsoever.
    • There is probably a huge percentage of people with leaky gut. It is becoming a worldwide problem because of the exposure to pesticides and antibiotics. We are treating too many things with antibiotics. Instead of fighting a bug, we should be fortifying the terrain.

    [36:30] Foods That Cause Leaky Gut

    • Gluten and dairy are part of the problem.
    • Soy and corn are also problem foods.
    • GMO foods are also giant issues for our guts.
    • Some people are sensitive to artificial sweeteners. There are parts of the microbiome that will digest these and make people feel bloated and gassy.


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