Dr Kayte Susse, The Dangers of Breast Implants, Breast Implant Illness, Heavy Metals Detox The Right Way - KKP 100
Published February 3, 2020
49 min
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    Today I have here with me, a functional and preventative health expert, Dr. Kayte Susse D.C., who works with patients to optimize their health and feel their absolute best. She has extensive background in both allopathic and natural health, completed 1000+ hours of training in functional medicine, nutrition, immunology and epigenetics.


    Dr. Susse’s primary focus centers on supporting hormonal imbalance, anti-aging medicine, autoimmune disease, vitamin and mineral imbalances, thyroid health, fertility, and detoxification, as well as pre and post-operative surgery wellness.


    Many people who seek Dr. Susse’s professional care are those experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, pain, weakness, brain fog, depression, constipation, stomach pain, sugar cravings, cold hands and feet, weight gain and more. Often, these patients have been told by allopathic physicians that there is “nothing wrong with them” and their labs are normal.


    Unfortunately, our current medical paradigm is only focused on disease and prescription-based solutions as opposed to Dr. Susse’s focus on the root cause of symptoms - and disease prevention above all. Utilizing advanced testing, in-depth physical examination and a thorough analysis of each patient’s unique history, Dr. Susse is able to identify and address the underlying causes of the patient’s symptoms to help them achieve their optimal health.


    In this episode, Dr. Kayte starts the show discussing her exposure to mercury via silver amalgam fillings and breast implants. She reveals the symptoms she faced with breast implants. Plus, Dr. Kayte explains the toxic ingredients hiding in breast implants and the severe health issues they can cause. Stay tuned while she explains what to do before and after an explant, and how you can test for mercury in the body.

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    [00:30] About Dr. Kayte

    • Kayte had a lifetime exposure to mercury – she had silver amalgam fillings since she was a child. Mercury is a toxin that causes all sorts of problems in our bodies.
    • She started having health problems nine months after getting breast implants. Her mercury bucket was full.
    • Sometimes when you are young, you can have mercury symptoms that won’t really affect you.
    • Mothers can pass mercury to the fetus as a defense mechanism from their bodies.
    • When we ingest mercury from our diet, it can end up in muscle tissue.


    [06:30] Symptoms after Breast Implants  

    • After getting breast implants, Dr. Kayte would become extremely sick after drinking alcohol. Plus, her brain wasn’t working as it should – she had brain fog and tons of post-workout soreness.
    • She was sent on a whole health journey which led her to become a chiropractor. She knew something was wrong, and she was in pain. During the first term of chiropractor school, she realized it wasn’t helping her pain. So, she started learning about natural health and functional medicine.
    • Autoimmunity has a genetic component – they often call it a lifestyle disease because there are unknown reasons why it can turn on. Dr. Kayte dismissed this as a cause.
    • After doing more research, Dr. Kayte found out all the ingredients in breast implants, including mercury. After learning this, Dr. Kayte didn’t want her breast implants.


    [21:00] What to do Before Getting an Explant  

    • You don’t need to start detoxing if you still have implants.
    • Support the body and the healing process before an explant.
    • An explant is a massive trauma. Get a lot of vitamin C and zinc.
    • Work with your doctor and tell them that you are focusing on healing.
    • Women do not have a lot of information about this in the mainstream media. These types of conversations are not happening enough.


    [23:30] If Someone Feels Fine With Their Breast Implants  

    • Kayte says it’s good that you feel fine. She would want them to be educated about what is actually in the implants.
    • Think about what’s going to happen when it’s time to replace your implants. The plastic surgeon is going to try and replace them with the most cohesive implant. The most cohesive implants have the most toxins and chemicals in them.


    [25:40] What to do After Getting an Explant  

    • If you’re feeling terrible, there’s a chance the chemicals have affected your brain. Measure your mineral status and interpret it with your doctor.
    • You can improve estrogen dominance and balance your hormones. Supplement things to make serotonin.
    • Start thinking about chelation.


    [28:40] Testing for Mercury

    • There are many different ways to test for mercury.
    • Mercury has the ability to block itself into your body.
    • Not everyone stores mercury in the same way. Sometimes, you can have an exposure, and you can clear it. If you are storing mercury, you will probably not have high levels in your blood test.
    • The hair test will not test for heavy metals; it will test for mineral derangement. You can test how the hair in your body is utilizing minerals.


    [36:45] Dr. Kayte’s Favorite Health Tool

    • Fasting is an anti-aging tool, and it resets everything in our bodies.
    • It is a tool that’s free and part of many religions.
    • We are all overexposed to food in the United States. People are not meant to be eating as much as we are eating.
    • Kayte does water fasting once a week for 24 hours.




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