5 Ways to Beat Hunger on Keto, Difference Between Hunger & Cravings, When Should You Practice Intermittent Fasting - Ben Azadi KKP: 88
Published January 14, 2020
16 min
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    On this episode of the Keto Kamp Podcast you will discover 5 ways to beat hunger, for good!
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    // O V E R V I E W
    The best way to know how healthy your cells and mitochondria are…. Skip a meal and see how you feel. Here’s how you know if your body is metabolically flexible and can practice intermittent fasting or not.
    Hunger is normal and healthy
    Severely hungry with cravings is not normal or healthy: dizzy irritable, lighteheadness, sugar cravings brain fog
    1: Hunger comes in waves. Keep yourself busy and ride that wave
    2: Increase fat and protein with meals, eat until full. Especially during first 28 days of keto 
    (hormones that satiate you) CCK Cholecystokinin, Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1)
    Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is a hormone produced in your gut when nutrients enter the intestines.
    GLP-1 plays a major role in keeping blood sugar levels stable, and also makes you feel full.
    3: Apple cider vinegar will help stabilize blood sugars
    4: Increase electrolytes especially if you drink coffee. I take and recommend MIN by systemic formulas
    5: Fasting crutches. Green tea, coffee, coconut oil (catechins and caffeine can help suppress hunger)
    Bonus tip, brush your teeth right after your last meal
    If you are going to snack, do it with fat and protein and have it during eating window
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