Mike Mutzel | How The Ketogenic Diet Can Improve Gut Function & Influence Longevity Genes: KKP 85
Published January 9, 2020
62 min
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    Today, I have here with me, Mike Mutzel, YouTuber, podcaster, and teacher of leading-edge science that can be utilized by progressive clinicians for the prevention of chronic disease. Often termed Translational Medicine, this bench-to-bedside approach is critical to ensure the application of pioneering research and concepts in systems biology, a preventative health care setting, optimizing patient outcomes.


    Mike earned his B.S. in Biology from Western Washington University in 2006 and completed his M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in 2015 and is a graduate of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s (IFM) Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP).


    He is a Functional Medicine consultant in the natural product industry and has worked as a nutritionist with Gerard Guillory, MD of the Care Group, P.C. in Denver, CO. Mike has lectured alongside Dr. Guillory to large patient-groups in the Denver area, and they have been featured on local T.V. programs discussing the power of Nutrition and Functional Medicine.


    In April of 2014, Mike published his first book, Belly Fat Effect: The Real Secret About How Your Diet, Intestinal Health, and Gut Bacteria Help You Burn Fat.


    In this episode, Mike Mutzel describes how he started in the health world and why he is so attracted to gut health. Mike explains the importance of a diverse diet and how seasonal eating could be the key to health. Plus, bile is essential for healthy digestion and absorption of fats. Stay tuned for Mike to talk about the problem with Game Changers and how to utilize our parasympathetic tones.


    [00:30] About Mike Mutzel

    • Mike got involved in the health world when he started bicycle racing. For the first time in his life, Mike felt depression - he didn’t know what was wrong with him but knew he needed to test his hormones.
    • Mike’s testosterone was extremely low. He started to find out how the food he was eating was affecting his testosterone levels. Overtraining can also affect testosterone.
    • Mike works with doctors to help their patients with diet and lifestyle changes.
    • His YouTube channel launched in 2012. Don’t be afraid to put out YouTube videos; you are going to get better over time.


    [11:30] About Our Guts

    • All the crappy foods we eat are high in calories and carbohydrates. They also perturb our microbiome.
    • Microbiome contributes to the inflammatory tone in our bodies. If there is an imbalance, our immune system will also be out of whack.
    • When we eat carbs, and our blood sugar goes up, that is only part of the story. Our brain is connected to our gut. The mechanical exposure to foods affects the different cells. Before we swallow things, our body is anticipating the food. If we train our brain to chew food mindlessly, then that is what will keep happening.
    • We need to slow down, chew our foods, and put down the forks. Fasting will also come into play. We do not need to eat every two to three hours.
    • “A lot of people don’t even know if they are hungry or not anymore.” -Mike Mutzel


    [18:15] The Importance of a Diverse Diet

    • A lack of diversity is a lack of stability.
    • People with allergies seem to fair better with a low-carb diet. It’s exactly the opposite of what many people thought five years ago.
    • We cannot totally manipulate our diet to have massive swings in the immune system.
    • Be mindful of ketones, and keep track of your vitals.
    • There are healthy people with low diversity and unhealthy people with high diversity.


    [21:45] Seasonal Eating

    • Mike personally emphasizes seasonal eating. He is grateful and fortunate enough to have the financial resources to eat seasonally.
    • Some people do not have the income or resources to eat seasonally.
    • Seasonal eating is an essential piece of the puzzle.
    • Even though blueberries are considered a healthy food; it’s healthy food out of context.
    • Once you get the fast food out of the house and prioritize sleeping, then you can start thinking about eating seasonally.


    [33:00] The Importance of Healthy Bile  

    • Bile makes it all the way to the heart and the brain.
    • Bile is so important and underutilized.
    • Mike promotes bile salts.
    • When people are constipated, recirculating bile is not healthy.


    [37:10] The Problem with Game Changers

    • The movie is compelling, and loads of people are convinced to go vegan.
    • Mike has tried a vegan diet; it doesn’t accelerate recovery.
    • On a vegan diet, our cells do not regenerate faster.
    • Mike has no problems eating vegetables and fruits. You didn’t see any of the food people ate until the credits. The foods they were eating were a lot of grains.


    [44:30] What is the Parasympathetic Tone?

    • Our nervous system has two personalities. Fight or flight mode and relax mode. So many people are hung up in the fight or flight mode.
    • We need to be proactive about unwinding our fight or flight mode.
    • Yoga and meditation are effective and unwinding our fight or flight.
    • There are anti-inflammatory properties when we are in the parasympathetic state. We can refuel our bodies and improve our heart rate variability.




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