5 Hidden Sources Causing Inflammation (And What to do About Them!) - Ben Azadi: KKP 83
Published January 7, 2020
19 min
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    On this episode of the Keto Kamp Podcast you will discover 5 hidden sources of inflammation.
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    // O V E R V I E W
    1: Eating right before bed
    When you consume calories, you are converting those calories to energy.
    The metabolism thats required to do that generates something called reactive oxygen species (ROS).
    ROS creates free radicals that are damaging to your cells and your mitochondrial DNA, which are then transferred to your nuclear DNA.
    Your body ages from the damaging aspects of excessive ROS.
    Eat before bed = age faster.
    Your energy consumption drops dramatically when you are sleeping.
    This tends to expand the production of ROS when you don't use the energy.
    Higher amounts of ROS = cellular damage.
    This can damage your tissue, your cell membrane, which is the bodyguard of your cell.
    Additionally, when your body has to digest food during sleep; it takes energy away from recover repair and fat burning and diverts it to digesting food.
    It takes massive amounts of resources and blood flow to digest food.
    The first 4 hours of sleep are the most crucial when it comes to getting the most important stage. This is called money time sleep window. 98% of fat burning takes place during stage 4 sleep.
    This is why I recommend fasting at least 3 hours before bed.
    Your future self with thank you for it. 🙏
    2: Snacking in between meals
    The average person eats 17-21 time per day
    Insulin is the bully of the block
    3: Sitting down too much
    Sitting is the new smoking
    Movement over exercise
    Walking is underrated 
    4: Being zapped by EMF’s
    Turn off wifi before bed
    Put phone on airplane mode
    Practice grounding
    Check out Nicholas Pinealts book
    5: Hating yourself 
    Love and gratitude are two of the biggest healers
    Stress weight gain and cortisol 
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