Keto Diet Plan For Beginners | 15 Things You MUST Know - Ben Azadi: KKP 80
Published January 2, 2020
37 min
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    Are you wondering how you can begin a keto diet? This video provides you with 15 tips to be successful on a ketogenic diet. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: "The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar" |
    If you are starting keto for the first time, this is a must watch video to learn how keto can help you lose weight for good. Be sure to explore the timestamps and links below.
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    🎥Fasting Playlist:
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    // T I M E S T A M P S
    01:00 Keto is not a diet. Keto is a metabolic process
    01:20 How keto works at a cellular level
    02:44 Can I follow keto when high cholesterol runs in the family?
    03:40 Burning fat vs burning sugar
    04:45 How keto reduces inflammation
    05:10 Number 1: Focus on health over weight loss
    06:00 Focus on these non-scale victories
    06:39 Number 2: Follow the 2/2/2/2 rule
    07:45 Number 3: Drink the Keto Kocktail each morning to avoid the keto flu
    08:56 Number 4: Eat more protein the first 28 days.
    09:58 Number 5: Eat bitter rich foods
    10:35 The main reason people struggle on keto, and the role bile plays with fats
    12:35 Number 6: Transition into keto slowly. How many carbs on keto? Find out here
    14:00 Number 7: Don’t chase ketones, chase results
    14:27 How do you test for ketones? How do you know you’re in ketosis?
    15:05 Optimal blood ketone range
    15:19 Optimal blood glucose range
    16:12 Number 8: Consume these to help with sugar and carb cravings
    17:45 Number 9: Ladies, get out of ketosis the week before your monthly period
    18:55 Numbest 10: Once keto adapted, pair intermittent fasting with keto
    19:47 My favorite intermittent fasting schedule
    20:35 Number 11: You might feel worse before you feel better on keto (this is why)
    22:02 Number 12: Clean keto vs dirty keto
    22:45 This is why vegetable oils are worse than smoking cigarettes
    24:00 Key foods to eat on the ketogenic diet, and keto diet menu for beginners.
    24:22 Number 13: Community is KEY
    26:35 Number 14: Master stress
    26:40 This is how stress can kick you out of ketosis
    28:38 Number 15: Do not stay in ketosis for too long
    29:55 Can keto affect the thyroid hormone?
    31:17 Keto resources
    // R E S O U R C E S
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