Brendan Vermeire | Weight Loss Resistance, Leaky Gut Epidemic, Women & Weight Loss: KKP 69
Published December 9, 2019
63 min
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    Welcome to the Keto Kamp Podcast Episode 69 with Brendan Vermiere


    Today, I am blessed to have here with me Practitioner, Founder, and Owner of Metabolic Solutions LLC, Brendan Dean Vermeire. Brendan has always been an extremely motivated individual and grew up active in martial arts and wrestling among dabbling in other activities.


    At a young age, he realized the importance of fitness and nutrition. Brendan felt empowered by the idea that he had control over his health and physique. Brendan enlisted in the United States Navy for the prestigious SEAL program. Unfortunately, his SEAL aspirations were cut short due to an inguinal hernia that led to a medical discharge.


    Brendan transitioned into competitive bodybuilding and started personal training and nutrition coaching at the age of 19. When he started in the industry, he had the pleasure of working with experienced professionals with a vast array of backgrounds and education. Brendan was fortunate enough to gain exposure to many modalities and areas of science.


    Being an extremely motivated individual, that exposure has set him on a path to learning as much as he can to optimize human health, happiness, and performance. There is nothing more rewarding to me than being able to help individuals attain a level of wellness they never thought possible.


    In this episode, Brendan explains the difference between health and athletic goals. Exercise is a big piece of the puzzle; however, it isn’t the most significant piece. Then, Brendan describes how he feels to have the privilege to lecture medical doctors on functional medicine – it’s a millennial movement. Later, Brendan says that women make up a majority of his clients and reveals the mindset shift that needs to take place to lose weight and become healthy. Tune in to hear Brendan explain the fundamentals, the relationship between weight-loss resistance and inflammation, and leaky gut.




    [08:50] Difference Between Athletic Goals and Health Goals    

    • Brendan knew that he wanted to run lab tests and help people reach their ultimate health goals. However, there is so much in-between on becoming healthy.
    • “You have to get healthy to get into shape.”
    • Cater your exercise regimen to your current physiology.
    • Fitness is essential, yet not the biggest piece of the puzzle.


    [11:00] Lecturing to Medical Doctors

    • Brendan started in fitness and nutrition. Functional medicine is an extremely popular thing right now. However, there is no such thing as a doctor of functional medicine - there is no standard of education in this field.
    • Millennials will be leading the functional medicine movement.
    • Enrollment into naturopathic medical school is going down.
    • Functional medicine is a free-for-all. Brendan thinks he has a lot of valuable insight starting as a professional trainer. He sees the full spectrum and all the errors in the system.


    [14:55] The Holistic Savage  

    • Brandan finally got into the social media game. You have to put yourself out there if you want something to happen.
    • Brandan didn’t want to be seen as a bodybuilder even though he’s done loads of bodybuilding shows. He is so much more than a bodybuilder.
    • His goal is to elevate the vibrations of consciousness and move people towards a more healthy direction for the sake of the planet.
    • The holistic savage has become its own brand.


    [19:10] Self-Awareness about Becoming Introverted

    • If you’re not taking care of yourself, then you can’t serve to the best of your ability.
    • Brendan takes time to recharge. If you are in the health field, then most likely, you are a giver.
    • You need to fill your own cup before you can fill others.


    [20:50] Overcomplicating Everything

    • Brendan is so deep into the health rabbit hole. There is a vast education gap from standard American to the complexities of holistic medicine.
    • At the end of the day, it doesn’t need to be that complicated.
    • We need more general applications. It wouldn’t be constructive for somebody to hyper monitor their state of ketosis.
    • We have never had so much information readily available all the time. There is no magic formula.


    [23:20] Starting with the Fundamentals

    • FDN – functional diagnostic nutrition.
    • Brendan doesn’t see any other schools focusing on clinical holistic health coaches.
    • Chronic diseases are a result of our lifestyles. We need to cut down our radiation.
    • Medication and supplements should be as needed, not mandatory.


    [26:30] Women and Weight-Loss

    • Women are more health-conscious and care more about their health.
    • Many women suffer from hormone imbalance and weight-loss resistance. Stress and toxins drive a lot of it.
    • Eating a standard American diet is a big issue that Brendan sees. When people think they need to get in shape – they focus on diet and exercise. Plus, they are fueling the process with self-loathing and a sense of inadequacy.
    • Step one: fuel the health building journey out of unconditional self-love. Practice self-love more regularly. We all judge ourselves – let’s start accepting ourselves and judging less harshly. Loving ourselves enough to have the discipline to practice self-love. Create space for yourself to heal, then apply the fundamental principles.
    • The health and fitness industry uses their marketing by asking if we are unhappy with the way we look.
    • Sleep needs to be a priority.


    [31:40] What’s Wrong with Eating Less and Moving More

    • Brendan got so sick of his relationship with food. He went back to basics and made his life easier. He said he would eat whenever he wanted with some rules: it has to be real food.
    • Everything comes back to the mind. We need to challenge our belief system and the story that we are telling ourselves. Start with self-awareness, self-love, and eating real food.
    • “The mind is the most powerful thing in the body.”
    • Counting your calories is a big distraction from the things that actually matter.


    [34:50] The Relationship Between Weight-Loss Resistance and Inflammation

    • What drives disease? Ultimately it’s inflammation and oxidative stress. They go hand-in-hand and are the destructive processes that lead to disease.
    • Have some kind of objective assessment to determine these two variables.
    • Most women have autoimmunity activity in their bodies. Just because you haven’t been diagnosed doesn’t mean autoimmunity isn’t occurring.
    • Autoimmunity is a process where the immune system starts destroying our own tissues. Ultimately, it’s a gut health destruction and a trigger that’s confusing the immune system.
    • If you add up the cases of autoimmunity – it would outrank cancer. All types of cancer are represented by “cancer.” Whereas with autoimmunity, every disease is looked at separately.


    [41:35] Determining Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

    • What’s triggering these? Environment, lifestyle, food, bugs, and toxins.
    • “We are more microbe than human.”
    • Brendan is working with a lab to bring on inflammation and oxidative stress test to the market. Right now, there isn’t a test to bring both of those answers at a decent price point.
    • As we work through a health program, we should see those numbers go down.
    • Brendan’s favorite way to test for these is on a bunch of different markers on various tests.


    [45:30] Leaky Gut

    • If you swallow dirty lake water, there are all sorts of bugs in that water. However, there should be a barrier in our gut that protects us. If that barrier is broken, it leaves us susceptible to these bugs.
    • Gluten will trigger leaky gut.





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