June 30, 2020
Josh and Keenis get a phone call from the 2019 ADCC 88kg Champion, Matheus Diniz. Both Keenis and Josh have competed against Matheus on multiple occasions with wins and loses exchanged in both directions. The guys catch up and share some old competition memories while also briefly discussing the current state of the jiu-jitsu community in the wake of the never ending Coronapocolypse. Keenan finally admits that he hates being called Keenis, and declares Josh the winner of the Fuck-Your-Name-Game. This episode is sponsored by, and JiuGo the card game.
May 21, 2020
Hinjer and Keenis have a special call-in guest, Tanner the Ginger Rice. Also, known to the Shasta County Health Department as a public health terrorist. Tanner has recently become quite the legend in the small business world when he defied the governor's orders not to open his business until the governor sees fit. Tanner talks to us about some of the trials and tribulations that he has been encountering with the local authorities who, according to Tanner, would rather see Tanner and his family starve to death before allowing them to continue with their consensual combat hugging. The guys get into more general jiu-jitsu conversation in the second half of the episode. Huge thanks to our official sponsor, JiuGo the card game. It's jiu-jitsu in your pocket. Check them out at 
April 26, 2020
UFC veteran and Easton BJJ Blackbelt Eliot Marshall hosted Josh as a guest on The Gospel of Fire Podcast. We are making the episode available here on the Matburn Podcast, because why not?
April 20, 2020
Josh and Keenan discuss the potential reopening of jiu-jitsu academies as well as some ideas and strategies that academy owners could use when the time comes to open the doors. Keenan shows Josh the true origins of American Jiu-Jitsu dating back to the early 1900s. They talk a little bit about the economy, Mars, Tesla, and conspiracy theories.
March 23, 2020
Hinjer and Keenis do their first webcast from their respective isolation chambers during the Coronapocalypse.
March 11, 2020
Josh is joined by his professor, 5-time Blackbelt World Champion and reigning ADCC Superfight Champion, Andre Galvao, along with his better half Angelica Galvao who is the 2015 Blackbelt Nogi World Champion and 2018 Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion. They discuss whether Prof. Andre will appear at the 2021 ADCC World Championships, Kaynan Duarte's USADA suspension, as well as the decision for AOJ, a long-time ATOS affiliate academy, to no longer represent Team Atos in the IBJJF competition circuit. This episode is sponsored by JIUGO the card game. It's jiu-jitsu in your pocket. Check them out at and follow them on Instagram @jiugoplay. Use promo code MATBURN for 10% off your order.
March 4, 2020
After some travel, these two are back at it. They talk about the evolution of jiu-jitsu and how that fact is difficult for some people to accept. Keenan continues to wage verbal war with FloGrappling. Bullying and the Aussie kid who divided the world with his mom's viral video. Losing is an important part of the jiu-jitsu journey. They both demonstrate their inability to accurately speak about the physics of the universe. The Mikey Musumeci challenge. This episode is sponsored by MANSCAPED. Use the MATBURN code for 20% off.
February 25, 2020
Current UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adasanya sits down with Josh at the legendary City Kickboxing in Auckland, New Zealand. Israel talks about where he came from, his evolution as a fighter, and the drastic ways his life has changed in the past few years. He gives a shout out to the fallen soldiers and talks a little bit about the day that his coach, Eugene Bareman, almost quit coaching after losing a dear friend and athlete in the ring. Israel talks about his upcoming title defense against Yoel Romero. This episode is sponsored by JiuGo the Jiu-Jitsu Card Game. Check them out at And, of course, our good friends at Line Tax Service. Check them out at
February 6, 2020
2019 MMA Coach of the Year, Eugene Bareman, joins the podcast and talks about the rise of current UFC Middleweight Champions, Israel Adasanya (@stylebender) and UFC Featherweight Champion, Alexander Volkanovski, and many other things BJJ and MMA related. It’s rare to get Eugene on the record because he notoriously never does interviews or podcasts. He talked about how @citykickboxing was a struggling gym that didn’t turn a profit for years, to what is now a rapidly expanding hotbed for MMA fighters and kickboxing enthusiasts, home to 6 contracted UFC fighters and 2 UFC world champions. This episode was sponsored by LINETAX Services and TAPCANCEROUT. Check them out at, and @tapcancerout.
January 1, 2020
Lachlan Giles explains to us what its like to be rocketed into jiu-jitsu superstardom via his epic ADCC open class performance. We talked about academy class structures, training schedules, and which Aussie has the best leglocks. We discussed a potential fight-to-the-death bracket with the entire population of Australia. Livia tells us what really annoys Lachlan. This episode is sponsored by 
December 20, 2019
The final edition of the 2019 IBJJF Nogi Worlds Mishmosh. First up was the legendary Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros who is a 2-time IBJJF Worlds Open Class Champion and the head of the Brasa Team. He shared some stories about his most memorable match, the Viking and his brother Valdo, as well as a quick shout out to his up and coming super student, Jessica Buchman. Next we talked to Leglock Machine Luiz Panza who shared some thoughts on getting pumped up before competitions. Last but not least, one of the most exciting competitors in the world, Renato Canuto. He talked about his experience at the UAEJJF King of the Mats, his matches at ADCC, and we talked about the old Hinger/Matheus Competition Saga. This episode is sponsored by Tap Cancer Out.  
December 17, 2019
Part 3 of the non-live broadcast from the Nogi Jiu-Jitsu World Championships. Old school MMA legend Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante joined us and talked about his first day of MMA, his experience in lute livre and vale tudo fighting. We also touched on the topic of no contest fights, poking eyes, and crushing testicles. Next up we had Cannon-Arms Tom DeBlass, who shared some thoughts on feeling old and beat up, the training grind, and his transition from being an active competitor to focusing 100% of his energy on coaching and mentoring his students. Lastly, senior IBJJF referee Rico Bastos sat down for a very interesting chat about life as a full time jiu-jitsu competition referee.
December 15, 2019
Part 2 of the non-live broadcast from Nogi Worlds in Anaheim, California, brought to you by our friends at Tap Cancer Out. With us today, we have multiple-time world champion and ultra savage competitor Talita Alencar. Then super celebrity and Aussie BJJ representative Kit Dale sat down and shared some stories about his acting career. He even gave us a little sample of his American accents. Then the legendary JT Torres joined us with one of his blackbelts, Weiss “Kimura Trapstar” Sakhizada. We talked about cross-training politics, wrestlers who use jiu-jitsu techniques in wrestling matches, oil-checking in the wrestling world, and eventually we got to chattin’ about the haunted houses, and spooky vibes in the basement at Sucker Free Jiu-Jitsu in Long Island, NY. Also, lots of helpful information through out the episode from Hywel Teague. Huge thanks to Tap Cancer Out for sponsoring the episode. Check them out at Also, big thanks to FloGrappling for allowing us to set up shop on their tables.
December 14, 2019
Recording from the FloGrappling table at IBJJF Nogi Worlds in Anaheim, CA, Josh put together a mish-mosh of short interviews with pretty much whoever was walking by the table at the right moment. Guests include the legendary Jackson Sousa, Robert Drysdale, Keenis Cornelius, Kristian Woodmansee, Nisar “Persian Papi” Loynab, as well as Hywel Teague. Jackson and Hywel gave us some very interesting insight on what it’s like to grow up in the Favela and how Jackson built a successful life and a career that allowed him to become one of the most recognized and well-respected names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Kristian also gave us some parallel insights on his troubled childhood here in the USA. Both Jackson and Kristian now own their own academies in London and Philadelphia, respectively. These two guys are both great examples of success through hard work and perseverance. Robert Drysdale also drops some knowledge on us as well. Photo provided by FloGrappling. Huge thanks to the FloGrappling Crew for sharing their table space and power source with us.
December 3, 2019
Coming off a couple big wins in the UK, the legendary Ruotolo Twins joined us in the studio to talk about their meteoric rise in the professional level jiu-jitsu circuit. The boys talked about what they like to do outside of jiu-jitsu, and how they avoid burning out after having put in over a decade of time on the mats. They talked about Tye's match with Vagner at Fight2Win and Kade's coaching strategy, as well as what it feels like to break Paulo Miyao's knee. We talked about the actual technical level of juvenile blue belts and how it's not the same as the adult blue belt division. We attempted a little Spyder Invitational recap, but got side-tracked, as usual.
November 22, 2019
Hinjer and Keenis tee up the mics late at night. They tell their jiu-jitsu genesis stories. Keenis used to get beat up by his sister. They did a breakdown of the Spyder Invitational brackets. They explain some of the funny things that beginners do when they start training. Hinjer talks about Jiu-jitsu con-artists who are alive and well in Hermosa Beach, CA and Waco, Texas. Students should leave the instructing to the instructors. The last 30 seconds of the match are the most important.
November 5, 2019
Ilima "The Pineapple Princess" Macfarlane is the 4x Bellator MMA Flyweight Champion, and currently holds a perfect 10-0 MMA record. She is also the EBI combat jiu-jitsu flyweight champion, and she is a brown belt under 10p Freaks Brother Richie Martinez. This episode is brought to you by VHTS.EUROPE.
October 31, 2019
We talked about quite the variety of topics including: the UFC, No Meat November, the upcoming Spyder Invitational, the leading causes of death in the USA, Josh’s new competition prep mentoring program, we took our first listener call-in from Bruce who asked about blue and purple belts teaching jiu-jitsu, we attempted to call @matheusdinizjj but apparently the ADCC champ is too cool for us now, Keenis asks about the differences between liberals and conservatives, and we talked about 27 other things that may or may not interest you. Shout out to Alan for being a badass audio tech assistant. This episode was sponsored by @tapcancerout compliments of @themikeyrod who didn’t ask to be named, I just wanted to do it because he’s an awesome guy who supports the podcast and supports the fight against cancer. Check out @tapcancerout and the @wedefyfoundation and support these amazing Jiu-Jitsu based charities.
October 17, 2019
This episode is difficult to recap because the conversation was all over the place. The guys talked about anything and everything. They started off talking about their favorite video games. Training blind and grabbing junk. Jiu-jitsu in Hawaii. Standing up for yourself against bullies. The culture of positive vibes at 10th Planet. Breakdancing culture. American Jiu-Jitsu. The haters who never spread their hate in person. The way accomplishments help build confidence. Awkward handshakes. Rubbing noses to say hello. The tricky art of dating within a hierarchical system. Keenan inquires about why murderers receive a variety of different sentences. Jiu-Jitsu in movies. Copying moves and biters in the breakdancing world. Korea and their dominance over the video game world. Geo talks about how Eddie Bravo changed his life. This episode is brought to you by VHTS.EUROPE.
October 4, 2019
Keenis returns. We make fun of his ugly swollen eye. We talk about EKC and how horrible it is. Lucas Barbosa drops in half way through the episode. We mostly talk about ADCC.
September 30, 2019
This episode was recorded just days before JT claimed his 2nd consecutive ADCC World Championship title at 77kg. As you can imagine, him and I were crazy busy getting ready for our trip to Anaheim. We managed to squeeze in an episode just using the laptop internal microphone... So the audio is a little distant. Janky level 4 on a 10 point scale with 10 being the most janky. We talked about JT's beginnings in martial arts. We talked about his academy in Hartsdale, NY. KP's experience in the medical field when it comes to people shoving things in their butts. Hard ass training and random asthma attacks from pushing too hard. The proper mindset and etiquette during comp training. Training camp grumpiness. And of course we talked about ADCC and JT's historic battles with Lucas Lepri.
September 24, 2019
This is a very special episode with the one and only Stuart Cooper. Stuart is a world renowned jiu-jitsu film-maker known for his exciting highlight videos and short-films which typically document the journey of influential jiu-jitsu practitioners. In this episode Stuart gives a powerful testimony about his journey with jiu-jitsu and film-making which subsequently lead to a life-threatening drug addiction. He details how he slipped into a dangerous routine of training, travel, and taking pills to help sleep while dealing with jet-lag. Routine turned into habit. Habit turned into dependency. Dependency turned into full-on addiction. Stuart talks about how he fell into a paralyzing depression after weaning himself off his pill addiction. In a desperate attempt to regain his old-life back, Stuart took a chance and sought out an ayahuasca shaman. He tells us about his experience with ayahuasca and his climb back to the life he once had. It's an amazing story about overcoming adversity and addiction.
September 23, 2019
Josh and Crystal exchange stories on a quiet Sunday evening. Josh talks a lot about his time with the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan. Stories include: hitch-hiking and hellish train rides across the Turkmen desert. The detailed story about the time Crystal chased a robber out of our apartment. Street fights in Fresno and Vietnam. Turkmen village life and outhouses. Kidney stones, and elbow dislocations. And most importantly, chasing the jiu-jitsu lifestyle. Crystal is the light-feather adult purple belt World Champion, light-feather adult purple belt Pan-Champion, Nogi World Champion, AND American National Champion (gi and nogi). She was recently promoted to brown belt by Andre and Angelica Galvao.
September 16, 2019
Head ADCC organizer Mo Jassim talks with Josh and drops some serious knowledge about all things related to ADCC. While many jiu-jitsu fans may not know who Mo Jassim is, every jiu-jitsu competitor on the planet knows Mo as "the ADCC gatekeeper." Topics include the actual administrative hierarchy of ADCC: Sheikh Tahnoun, Guy Neivins, and Peter Baltaliyski. Why the Sheikh founded ADCC. Mo's first time as the head organizer of the ADCC World Championships. His first run as a head organizer at the 2017 ADCC West Coast Trials. His epic new production team: himself, Seth Daniels, and Shawn Fowler and their enormous efforts to give ADCC a new look and feel that is equivalent to its prestige. Whether ADCC will ever start testing for PEDs. The guy who told Mo to suck his dingaling because he couldn't get an invitation. The possibility of altering the weight classes for the female divisions, increasing the prize money, and whether the ADCC rules will ever change. Personal note: the is the best audio quality the Matburn Podcast has ever had.
September 9, 2019
Episode 13 with Fight2Win President Seth Daniels. A quick disclaimer, the first 30 minutes is super shitty sounding because the janky ass T-shirt mic had a loose connection and wasn’t recording properly. And because we didn’t have headsets, we couldn’t hear how shitty it was until we took a break 30 minutes into the episode. Feel free to skip ahead. We talked about all sorts of shit including unsustainable jiu-jitsu events, Seth’s bling-bling lifestyle before his eventual bankruptcy when the housing market crashed in 2008, and why he got away from hosting MMA events and musical concerts. After the 30 min mark, we fixed the mic and talked about F2W eventually going international. Steroids in BJJ. The best and worst cities for F2W. How much Seth loves Easton BJJ in Colorado. Why he has so many random tattoos. Of course, ADCC and the new style of production for the event. He also talked about finding some of the shit talking internet trolls who might attending ADCC and maybe letting a few athletes beat their asses in the back alley. But like I said before, The Matburn Podcast does not condone the use of violence to solve disagreements... however, Seth Daniels is gonna whatever he wants.
September 1, 2019
Josh brought in multiple-time black belt world champion @lucasbarbosajj. We talked about ADCC, coaching styles at competition, and we spent some time making fun of Keenan and his temporary administrative suspension and his ayahuasca retreat in the mountains of West Virginia. We discussed gun violence in the U.S. and Brazil, the Amazon fires, grappling for chickens in Turkmenistan, and fighting teammates in tournaments. We did some reminiscing of the past and how Lucas ended up coming to Atos from Brazil. And, in between all of these topics we might have talked about Jiu-Jitsu. Big thanks to our sponsor @tapcancerout Be sure to checkout their upcoming events and their online store -
August 23, 2019
Josh sits down with Robert Drysdale, former ADCC Open Class Champion and Blackbelt World Champion. Josh and Robert talk about the drama Keenis created by having an opinion, and the threats of violence that Keenis was receiving because of that opinion. They talked about ADCC, the evolution of jiu-jitsu over the past few decades, and bullshit self defense systems. Keep an eye out for Roberts upcoming documentary about the history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - "Closed Guard."  
August 14, 2019
In celebration of episode 10 we had special guest leg-locking machine Craig Jones on the show. Topics discussed include how Craig got started in Jiu-Jitsu, his education in psychology, why he hates training in the gi, how to make money in Jiu-Jitsu if you’re not a blackbelt world champion, and the very unimpressive criminal backgrounds of Josh, Keenan, and Craig. Keenan tells a story about the time he experienced two SWAT raids in the same day. They shared their thoughts on the topic of bowing to pictures on the wall. Big thanks to @craigjonesbjj for taking the time to be the first Matburn Podcast guest. Thanks to Sam the Tax Guy and Line Tax Services for their continued support, as well as Tap Cancer Out for their massive efforts to make the world a better place funding the fight against cancer nationwide.
August 9, 2019
Josh and Keenan finally did the breakdown of the Meregali match from Worlds. They talked about “mat justice” and how much (if ever) of a mat beating is it okay to give someone if they are bullying other people. And a brief discussion occurred regarding people who try to demote themselves when they feel their skills are inadequate. Keenan also may have suggested a new business model for FloGrappling. Huge thanks to our new sponsor Tap Cancer Out, our OG sponsor Sam The Tax Guy, and World Series of Jiu-Jitsu. Check them out and support those who support the Matburn Podcast. 
August 1, 2019
Josh and Keenan talk in depth about skin infections and proper etiquette when it comes to training while you have some funk growing on your body. Ringworm, impetigo, staph, mat herps, etc... don't train when you have shit on yourself. They talked about the legend that is Kyle Maynard, congenital quadriplegic super hero who can do anything that any other full-able-bodied person. From there, they talked about the challenge of trying to control Kyle in training and some of Kyle's unique jiu-jitsu attacks based on his body type. They talked a little bit about how to recover from injuries, as well as the ideal class structure regarding warm-ups, technique, and sparring time. Huge thanks to our sponsors Mariana's Open, the World Series of Jiu-Jitsu, and Sam the Tax Guy (Line Tax Services), 913-353-4300. Matburn listeners get 50% off their initial tax service.
July 27, 2019
Josh sits down with Professor Andre Galavo, 5x IBJJF Blackbelt World Champion, 2011 ADCC Double Gold Champion, and 3x ADCC Superfight Champion. Professor Galvao is arguably the greatest ADCC competitor of all time as he is the only athlete ever to win the ADCC superfight with a submission win, and he hold the record for longest reign as ADCC superfight champion (6 years as the champion). The previous record was 2 years. He is one of two founding members of Atos Jiu-Jitsu, (the other being Ramon Lemos), one of the most successful gi and nogi competition teams on the planet. He is currently preparing for his last ADCC superfight title defense against Felipe Pena which will take place this September (2019). Hinger and Galvao focus their conversation on training and competition mindset.
July 25, 2019
On episode 6, we talked about the good old penny-pinching travel days when we would try to get to tournaments by the cheapest and most uncomfortable means possible. Arm-rest battles on airplanes. We talked about scam artists and the most recent scam artist story which claimed adcc competitor @pichaelmerez as a victim. We briefly touched on the gi vs nogi debate and whether it’s optimal to specialize in one or the other, or to do both. We took a moment to remind everyone what a badass JT Torres is as he is preparing to face off against one of the most savage competitors on the planet, Vagnar Rocha. Lastly, we talked about the implosion of nogi jiu-jitsu and whether it is devolving into a game of wrestling with leg locks. Oh, and we talked about the failure of Mantis Guard. Big thanks to our sponsors @marianasopen, @worldseriesofjiujitsu, and Line Tax Services.
July 17, 2019
Josh and Keenan finally got their shit together and managed a semi-decent audio recording. They talked about Josh's last corporate job and education, and Keenan's 3 days of college before going into full-time jiu-jitsu. Keenan getting kicked out of a jiu-jitsu academy in Hawaii. They talked a little bit about the 10th Planet victory at the F2W/Subversive. Other topics include, the amazing Miyao-Miyaos, blackbelt degree promotions based on time vs effort, big guys who no one roots for just because they're big, Sensei Louis the weinersnitchel king of San Diego, nut stomping in training, and guys who think its cool to train 100% with girls with excessive dominance.
July 11, 2019
*Explicit Language* Josh and Keenan record this episode in Keenan's new Tesla (because today is Nikola Tesla's Birthday) while it's on its self-drive mode. They talk about sandbagging in jiu-jitsu competition and whether it's actually a thing or not. Also, they discuss competition mindset and whether its important to go into a match believing you will win versus using a more humble and conservative mindset. They breakdown the Disneyland brawl video and what is acceptable behavior when a female knocks out someone's mother. This leads to a discussion about sport bjj vs self-defense bjj. The best part about the episode is centered around the infamous "Luca Judo."
July 7, 2019
Josh and Keenan talk/argue about the very tricky topic of dating/hooking up with people at your academy, particularly the higher belt ranks pursuing the lower belt ranks, and whether jiu-jitsu rank even matters. Keenan's "Tinder trolling" days comes up briefly. They talk a little but about their long lost and very short-lived MMA aspirations. They explored some of the hateful YouTube comments from previous episodes, and Keenan goes off on a tangent about inner ear crystals and balance.
June 29, 2019
Host Josh Hinger and Sometimes Maybe Co-Host Keenan Cornelius talk about a wide variety of stuff including some jiu-jitsu stuff, such as ADCC and the failed Metamoris experiment,1 and some non-jiu-jitsu stuff, such as Teslas and the death penalty.
June 24, 2019
The Matburn Podcast: Episode 2. Topics include: climate change, jiu-jitsu insecurities, my own insecurities (according to Keenan), social media toxicity, and about a half dozen random topics. The audio should be better than episode 1. And we have a fireplace, so that’s cool.
June 24, 2019
Josh Hinger and Keenan Cornelius discuss and argue about various issues regarding the jiu-jitsu community including training room bullshit, competition strategies, why Keenan had to leave Atos, and they breakdown a few of the mat battles they've had in competition.
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