Great show....but I can’t find Sith Pop
Stvr Customs
Very dope so came from cinema sins after years so I’m glad y’all made this but I didn’t know about Sith Pop was a thing and I can’t find it on iTunes.... is there a link or specific title??!
Weekly Mouth Noises
_Edward The Fifth_
Being a consumer of the Sinsverse for years now including the videos, the Sincast as well as the sort of side branch of SiftPop with Aaron and Andrew, I've come to broden my movie loving horizon to places I wouldn't have otherwise. From Aaron's love of animation, to Jeremy's love of terrible films and everything in between, it's helped me watch films from various points of view for my own podcast Is It Rotten, where I watch movies compared to their tomatometer aggregate and determine whether I think they are deserving of said percentage or not. (There's my shameless pulg). With that said, Behind the Sins is a welcome addition to the Sinsverse because it brings back one of the people I missed from SiftPop, Denee! Her unique outlook brings a splash of joy to my week every time an episode drops. It's clear that Jonathan is not in the room with Aaron and Denee while recording but that doesn't detract from the quality of the podcast at all, like it might in some other's I've heard before. (There's a vacuum bit you guys are going to love). All that said, it's a great podcast and you'll love it.
Vanilla mixed with sin
Metscast aka Kramer
For those who listen to SiftPop and hear Aaron Dicer talk sugar and sweet all day well do I have the podcast for you. Aaron proves that he does have a dark side to his personally but only when discussing music videos and google search history‘s mostly about sex. Also also Denee is the only person on the planet that makes Aaron mad which is also music to my ears. If for any other reason that’s a reason to listen. #MetsCast (that’s my podcast about baseball)
We do not deserve Denee (and Aaron and Jonathan are great too)
At this point, if you're still one of those people who thinks the Cinema Sins guys hate movies, you're just not paying attention. The love and craft that the crew puts into every video, and the knowledge and passion for film that's on's just awesome. This is a great complement to the SinCast, pulling the curtain back on who's writing for movies and what's going on in their heads (and their Google search histories). Highly recommended.
Sintastic Fun.
G1 Josh
A great dive behind the scenes of the Sineverse and the process that goes into making that content. And you get to know the my A+ “B-team” around.
Denee is the only reason this works
More than sins
Listen to this podcast for behind the scenes insight into the cinemasins videos: creation, reception, and intent. It’s amazing to hear the discussion go from the jokes in these videos to philosophical discussions about pop culture I never knew I wanted.
Fun and enjoyable!
I love hearing behind the scenes stuff. Keep up the good work guys!
Oh excitement
Blake Livingston Hodges
So pumped for this pod to be in my weekly line up. Love all these people and their chemistry.
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