Aaron is my father. Thank you.
I can’t breathe
“In any Solitude” had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe! That is by far my favorite episode so far.
You Can Speak to Me That Way
Jeff Ziegler
Aaron, I am so happy that you are putting yourself out there more and more on social media and now this podcast. Your musicianship is obviously top shelf, and your personality is so unique and entertaining. Love the interviews and how you involve your family - your rapport with Laurel is hilarious. Looking forward to seeing you out with John Mayer in St. Paul in August!
Gothic Tropic
Excellent. Great insight. Lovely to hear her give her real world examples of recording, touring, side musician etc. Aaron was just ok. 😜
I liked it, if that matters
Yes, this is a new podcast. Yes, it’s a small sample size. Yes, I’m am learning a thing or two and being VERY entertained while doing so. I certainly don’t know Mr. Sterling, but I have the feeling he wouldn’t be into doing this unless he felt it could be of value to someone. In this case you, me, the listener. I stumbled across this podcast because I play drums and work in music. After listening, I think there’s a little something here for everyone. You may appreciate it a bit more if you speak the language of music, but I encourage you to give it a listen regardless. So listen, or don’t, which you likely were going to do before you read this. In which case, I apologize for wasting your time.
It’s just that good
Haven’t even listened yet, but it’s a five star podcast.
Not sure what I just listened to, but I liked it.
Joel Gullickson
Lotta laughs built into this unexpected delight. If nothing else, this episode was a masterclass in how to be a cool couple, and left me wishing I could be their adopted son. Also, agree on Anna Begins, and would like to add Einstein on the Beach and Angles of the Silences (from the Live Across a Wire record). Looking forward to the next!
Anna Begins ➡️ Sullivan Street
Funny, delightful, endearing. Looking forward at what’s to come. Counting Crows reference hooked me.
Finally...a podcast that speaks the truth about file sharing apps
Ain’t nobody got time for Dropbox. Sterloid knows.
Beat it
I subscribed in the first 37 seconds. Job well done sir. 🚢
Wish aaron was my dad
Don’t get me wrong I had a fairly decent dad when it comes to parents. But please God, if I get to pick a different male to inherit genes from next go-round, would you mind doing me this solid? Amen. I’d have it all! Drums, gear, fame, wealth, charisma, and gear!! Don’t care who mom is but yanny seems chill. -steven Spielberg
The most entertaining man on the earth!
Nate Testa the Snare Geek
Even though this may be premature and only after one episode I believe Aaron brings so much to all communities and his humor is something I have always enjoyed! Thanks for always being entertaining and yourself homie! Appreciate you 🤗🤘🏻
It’s pretty good.
See title. It’s pretty good.
Andy Roush
One of my favorite guys in music and you’re just not gonna find a better resource on Perrier. Found Aaron on IG originally and his posts, perspectives on music, drumming, and humor in general immediately became some of my favorite stuff in the daily download. Inevitable greatness ahead for this podcast.
From the intro, and beyond
Right when the intro kicks in - you know you’ve made a great listening choice.
Just be yourself, Aaron
I could listen to Aaron read the Old Testament and still find it enjoyable. Sterloid for the win.
i love this
Awkward Talk with Dev
havnt even heard the podcast yet. i just love aaron
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