Iyanla is the most real and compassionate self help individual. I love Iyanla and she is my hero. I would love to meet her one day and ask her a question.
I love Iyanla!!!
Ken Seussers
She’s so down to earth, compassionate and real, that it’s hard NOT to learn from her! She genuinely cares about people and it comes through in everything she does, from gentle consolation/affirmation to tough love. She doesn’t come at her guests from some ivory tower - she has walked the walk and does tremendous work helping others to do the same. A true inspiration!
I have been enjoying Iyanla work for years. I love her introduction of who she is. It’s a clear eye opener for how to define who one is. Thank you
Elle Fonzarelli
I love Iyanla’s approach and unlike a lot of TV personalities who claim to help, you can tell her intentions are pure. She’s authentic, warm, honest, and doesn’t act holier than thou. She’s been through it in her own life and is a true wise woman. Learning a lot from these podcasts.
Need more episodes
I really enjoy Ms Iyanla ministers, but would like to listen to more . Please give us more wisdom.
I am learning so much from these shows and it’s helping me in a very personal way. Thanks so much
The best and the funniest
Panienka Bogusia
I am impressed by Iyanla's wit and wisdom. She makes me laugh and she makes me cry. I am a huge fan of her style. She calls a thing a thing and she cares in a loving way about people. I love her honesty, transparency, and this podcast heals me. It is truly healing.
Raymond Nonnatus
I love her. She’s been through it and have come there it, to share it with us, so we can get ourselves together. I’d love to be her apprentice.
By listening to her I got a aha moment for my own life give me hope , courage and knowledge to love myself and treat myself like a queen
Very Old Content
It seems irresponsible to put out these podcasts with no context for then the episodes were originally recorded. Some of this content seems to be as old as from 2012, and yet is presented as if it is current. That is not fair to the subjects of the episodes, and is very misleading for listeners. I think Iyanla does amazing work. But recycling old content with so little transparency is problematic.
Pillar, Strength, Joyful, Peace, Restart
Listening to her, gives me hope and let me know I can always start fresh. Reminds me to forgive and go forward.
Thank you!!!
AMAZING!!!! I love Iyanla!!! I love how you help people to heal their hurt, heart, & emotion, & to sit in & recognize their truth!! THANK YOU for your work you sweet soul!!
Love Hard/ Unappreciated
Love Hard/Unappreciated
I agree Cabbu20
More Episodes!!!!!
Love this powerful woman and all that she gives to the listener. Please give us the gift of your lessons!! We love Iyanla!
Kinda funny
I got hooked with Ep 1, but it quickly turned me off. I assume it’s a similar appeal as people have with Dr. Phil or Dr. Pinsky. The over-the-top shoveling of armchair psychology starts to come off as an SNL skit, but then devolves in to just repetitive and annoying.
New QueenB
Sound quality is poor. Iyanla sounds like she drank a few to many cocktails.
Adore you Iyanla!
Your compassion is amazing!
Love love love her!!
She speaks the truth! It’s truly refreshing in such a complicated world!
Good listening
I wish I cd c what I’m listening to
Changing Lives
I’m excited that Iyanla finally has a podcast. I love her raw honesty & common sense take on life. Continued blessings & thank you for all that you do.
I didn’t think this would ever affect me, or that I could relate to 2 sisters going through stuff... but O boy, was I mistaken! Touched my soul! Thank you Iyanla!
Who buys her shtick?
Ugh, she is reprehensible.
One & All
I always read the previews or titles and often think to myself; this has nothing to do with my life. Iyanla always brings it home. There is always something even if it is a different positive perspective of how to deal with real life situations in a healthy way. I love the podcast I hope it continues. It truly is for the good of all who listen.
Please add more Podcasts! Love listening to you!!!
Don’t stop working to improve people’s lives.. it’s your calling. I enjoy all your shows!! This is the most amazing podcast I have ever listed to. Thank You so much for these!!
Super excited
Love the fact she has a podcast can’t wait to hear more wish she was on everyday or for 2 hours 💕
I love the show. I was super excited when I saw the podcast! Can’t wait for more episodes.
Im so excited 😆
I absolutely love this podcast
Helping a Man Be A Man
Many moments in my Life and in my heart I felt blessed because I Loved My Mysterious niece from the moment my oldest brother came home and told me Here is your beautiful baby including mostly after my niece died of Aids My Older Brother too die her Father Die of the Same Sickening Sicknesses It hurt me So Much But no Time to feel bad Today is our moment to take care of this young babies beautiful wonderful kids plus her sister God had me Yes I was mom Daddy oldGrandmom But one night coming from work My Beautiful Mysterious niece her sister move out but i could not fight no longer she left took away My three beautiful kids two girls one baby boy that has to tested for AIDS Why me I gave her my money for the Kids to go to College But only she could explain So she became Mommy Auntie Daddy Always All My Beautiful Friends FamilyAvila they will come back Before I Die Here I am staged Four Cancer Bad Heart now Sugar Attitude at the age Sixty they came back My mysterious grandson is in Marines My mysterious granddaughter working for Electronic / Paints last Lady trying to become a Truck Driver Love U Continue
Amazing and MUST listen!!
The podcast episodes are incredibly moving! There is always a piece of advice anyone can take away and improve their lives from these amazing podcasts! Such a gift! Thank you so much Ms Iyanla!
I wish you could help my boyfriend an I. We really love each but there’s these little things that we both do that irritate both of us.
Class is in session!
This podcast is one of the best from OWN-Oprah Winfrey Network, Iyanla Fix My Life and Super Soul Sunday is the Heart and Soul Of This Network. Thank you apple and Ms.O for your continued work to heal our soul. Aaron Ash
Love ❤️
braveheart yoga
I love you, Iyanla! (Seriously though, how do you not cry your eyes out with your guests?)
Thank You
My Heart is Grateful for you Beloved 🌹
We Love You
Aka cinched
Thank you iyanla 🔥🔥🔥
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