Fascinating and wonderful
So glad I found this podcast!
The best podcast
listen now or you'll regret it
This is so interesting. I think this is a family podcast. It’s so different from episode to episode that’s why I like it. I think you’ll like it to.
Must Listen
This podcast is the perfect length and carries so many interesting stories! My only critique is that there haven’t been new episodes since early Dec’19
The Perfect Length and so Interesting
Chapter 6
I love this podcast :)
Season 2 has been amazing
So many good episodes this season. Keep them coming!
So interesting!
Love it!
Awesome Find!
I just listened to the Whale Culture episode. I only wish it was longer. Wonderful story, super production and very informative. Listen to it! You'll Love It!!!
Love the podcast. The length is great for the moments in life that you just have a few minutes to relax.
Overheard at Nat Geo
more nat geo
Great podcast. We enjoy listening to driving to various after school activities. 👍Thumbs up for engaging young(and older) minds in our fascinating planet Earth and beyind❗️
Love this
These are the kind of news reports or stories I really love to hear I agree they could be longer as the subject matters are so riveting . Thank you
Love the show
When is season three coming?? This is a wonderful show.
Weird Wonders
super interesting, but i do wish the episodes were a little longer. Also, it would be great to have an ending to each episode.
Fun facts
I personally love the fun facts that I’ve learned from this podcast! Those pondering moments of life have been created since I started listening! Thanks Nat Geo
Quality show
I do however wish the episodes were longer.
Love to listen
I love to listen to the podcast Great work Thank you all
Liked the microorganisms
Like the podcast
Great Podcast
I have enjoyed learning from these podcast and wish there were a lot more.
Great Podcast!!!
National Geographic’s Overheard podcast is my favorite. Once I found this just this January I quickly breezed through all of season 1 and 2. Each episode was interesting and thought provoking. The only question I have is...when does season 3 begin? Mike
Interesting content. Terrible narrator
jfc kiki
Story seemed interesting, but the narrarator/interviewer is repellent. Overly dramatic, untrained in communications. Typical of low budget trash reality entertainment.
Love it!
I really love this podcast. The stories are very interesting and I’ve learned a lot.
So glad I’ve stumbled on this podcast! Quench that thirst for science, nature, and facts. Wonderful production all around.
Big blue
jesus the tech
It is so visual in your mind. Very well done. My only issue is there are no new ones, need more
Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome SO GOOD
Excellent podcast for everyone
This is a great podcast that brings history, modernity, science, and more in with a good bit of storytelling. Great for anyone who wants an informative podcast and some mind sharpening factoids!
Science podcast done right.
Interesting and structured well. Perfect amount of time to tell captivating stories! If you love this podcast try out NPR shortwave, super similar also great.
Of course it’s good
Short little insightful pieces. Very good.
Its interesting but it feels like it was made for children. Im a big sweet boy.
Ok boomer
For boomers
Great podcast
This is one of most interesting and entertaining podcasts out there. It is almost impossible to stop listening after only one episode.
Great podcast!!
I love this podcast! All of the information is so interesting. I never want the episodes to end! Great job!!
i absolutely love this podcast. extremely interesting and educational. great to take you mind somewhere else when you are running. 100% recommend
Love it- addictive
Great stories and beautifully told Thank you
This started my love for podcasts
This single podcast is what started my love of podcasts! I was never big into this back in the day, but I heard people talking about podcast and I thought I need to check things out again. I love everything about science, nature and the outdoors. So I happen to see this podcast and listened to it, HOLY COW hooked-for-life!!!! I love the story telling and how it is produced. You guys do a wonderful job I just wish I could have more of this show now lol(I know they are making them). I also wish National Geographic can make other podcast, one can only wish. Keep up the wonderful work!
Interesting podcast
I like the story telling in this podcast!
I can’t get enough of this podcast! Please make more ASAP
These are amazing stories, but I wish they were longer. It is hard to stop listening, they are very captivating!
Not Bad
NorthDakota Steong
I used to really like Nat. Geo. Until it got all political. The stories in the podcast are actually interesting but it is funny how they all boil down to people are bad and we are killing the planet. It is such a joke. Actually, a warmer climate is better for everyone. Longer growing seasons to support a growing population is just one of them. It is simply hyperbole to think anyone knows what good or bad climate change will bring. I am sure all of the NatGeo reporters are carbon neutral and never-ever fly on a commercial airliner. Other than that they are interesting podcasts. I stopped subscribing to the magazine because of the liberal biases, so now I can just listen to the facts and ignore the propaganda for free. win-win
It’s awesome
Not such an exerciser Nat
I’ve listened to every episode. They’re great on road trips! Thanks for all the hard work.
Great show!!
No matter the topic, it’s always interesting!
Amazing array of comprehensive nature content in admirably bite-sized episodes
Loves this podcast
App Reviewer🕵️‍♂️
This podcast reveals hidden secrets about the universe - that normally would be behind bars at places like NASA headquarters. More please!!!!! 😄😄
More than interesting
Docu geek
So far I've listened to 3 episodes and they are fantastic! Info you wouldn't usually hear or learn about. Give it a try.
What an awesome podcast series. I’ve been searching for some time for an informative, interesting, podcast with stories told by someone with a pleasing voice. This is it. Thank you!!
Good job 👏
Save the earth 🌏 don’t wanna die early
It brings to light fascinating fragments of science and history through interviews and narration. More please! This is my favorite podcast! Can't wait. :D
Great podcast!
This podcast is one of my favorites each week! I love how informative it is. Every episode is done in a very thoughtful way. I am in a different area of science and it’s nice to hear about other work being done around the world! I love the variety of topics.
Awesome Topics
I for one am a huge fan of documentaries. This podcast is like listening to a documentary. On my hour long commute, it eats up a sizable portion of the drive without me realizing it. By the time I get to work, my interest in new topics has been peaked and I am ready to start the day! Overheard is one of those rare gems that keeps you waiting for more! If only they would have more than one show per week!
Great show!
I recently discovered this podcast and I am hooked. The topics are interesting and the presentation engaging. More than once I have arrived to work still amazed by a story I heard on the way, not only because it taught me something new but also because it shows how much we humans can affect our world, for better or worse.
For the Curious Human
So refreshing to hear about new developments in science around the world. Definitely helps to remind us why we must care about our planet and humanity.
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