The fight for fair pay in big tech
Been listening since the beginning, love the show! Really think its cool that you guys share stories from people of all colors. I was so mad that Pinterest (and all the other big corps pretending to care) did the whole "solidarity" thing when they can't even treat their employees right.
As a Millennial who feels anxious about talking about money, I enjoy listening to the different scenarios where money is a part of the conversation. And not in a complicated, over-my-head kind of way. I enjoy the integration of diversity, storytelling, and finances all weaved together in beautiful vignettes. It’s amazing the different topics that come up where money is a central character (I mean, I know that money makes the world go ‘round, but it has been interesting hearing the stories of others related to finances). Looking forward to listening to more!
OMG a must listen
Trust me this podcast is SUPER AMAZING! The host is very good and I think it is just phenomenal. Just listen! Best podcast ever! It is also an amazing way to start the day, so you can listen to it when you are eating breakfast or before work!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀
That which is uncomfortable...
...really needs to be discussed.
Stop with the political stuff....this is supposed to be a money podcast
Loved this at first, but now every single new episode is about pushing a leftist ideology. You had an entire episode about a woman whining about wanting to abort and murder her child for no good reason. Appalling.
Refreshing take
The podcast has a fresh voice to it. This is a younger generation talking through topics which affect the millennial and gen z generations. This podcast feels more like a forum and less about presenting you absolute advice and more about letting you discern what information to incorporate into your life.
If listening to giggling Millennials talk about spending money with clueless advice every other episode or whining about how they should not have to pay for debts they incur is entertaining, this is the show for you.
Abortion in TX
Brave woman and great storytelling. It’s shameful... the chipping away of a woman’s choice. It’s so subtle most women don’t know it.
Just listen
Entertainment with a residual worthy message. Thanks !
Stories that Make the Impersonal Feel Personal
I love the money stories and insecurities/challenges these people face. Awesome podcast, and the host is especially spectacular! Only one minute of the abortion access podcast was on the feed this week, not the full podcast.
Real Talk
I heard your show on Gabbys and I’m glad I looked you up. Very entertaining and thought provoking.
Thank you for shedding light on these topics!
Very relatable!
Binged all episodes in 6 days while in quarantine, thanks for a great show Reema!
Great show
This is one of my favorite shows, I look forward to it every week. I also really like how all the behind the scene staff are recognized at the end of each show. Look forward to future episodes, take care, stay safe.
Great show, greater host
The show makes issues of money approachable, informative, and dare I say fun. Reema Khrais has a great perspective and way of talking about these issues. This is the best podcast on money and one of the best podcasts out there period.
I really love this!!
This is such an interesting show. It’s weird how money is everything in this world, but it’s one of the only things we don’t talk about openly. How are people expected to succeed in their financial lives when personal finances are a taboo topic? This podcast acknowledges that elephant in the room. Two stars taken off for the host’s refusal to stop using the word “y’all”.
College students should listen!
A lot of the stories covered in this season one I think are valuable for people my age because they are scenarios we haven’t necessarily dealt with in life but if/when we do, we have a little advice to lean on
Really bad second season.
Xox ghosted
These group chat episodes are awful. Please stop doing them because you get through maybe 3 questions and are not giving great advice while laughing and Patting yourselves on the back is not content. The episode with the Astrologist was beyond disgusting as far as ethics goes. You had your friend on to promote her business while pushing a fake “science” peddling snake oil pretty much.
My current favorite podcast!
I really enjoy The style of story telling and interviewing guests. The subjects are interesting and relevant. Great show!
Nice format
I enjoy the different stories on each episode and the editing and length of podcast works well
Love this podcast!
This is one of my favorite podcasts! I have learned a lot and really appreciate hearing other people’s perspectives on something that affects us all but can be so difficult to talk about!
Love this show
Queen of the Nawth
Interesting and fun content that applies to real, everyday people. I look forward to these short episodes every week that really make me think about finances in a different way.
What a gem!
These stories are so relevant and intriguing. They give a glimpse into a microcosm that wouldn’t ordinarily have any effect on us, but it does.
Wrong Podcast uploaded
Instead of Episode 4 it’s a marketplace podcast! Please upload the right one!
Great topics!
I love this podcast! All of the episodes are so interesting and I learn a lot too! Thanks for putting together such a well thought out and meaningful show.
Wrong podcast uploaded?
The Feb 20th podcast was titled “In sickness and in fraud”, but it was some other Marketplace podcast with a male host talking about entirely different things instead..? Where’s Reema and her show because I love her stuff not this..
Fantastic content until “what’s your sign” last week 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Is this what we should expect in 2020? 😕
Astrology and her personal friends don’t work
I don’t need a podcast about astrology - a fake science - without any data showing it is false. Plus having the host’s friends on the show to promote their business doesn’t seam ethical to me.
Thursday night commutes are the BEST
Because I know I will get to listen to this podcast on my 35 minute drive home from work!! Missed you all over the holidays! Welcome back!!
Top 3 Pods
Every single episode of "This Is Uncomfortable" has been AMAZING thus far! So many of them are worth multiple listens, and I've lost count of how many times I've recommended specific episodes to friends (especially the one on salary negotiations)! I am legitimately excited to see new episodes in my feed each week so PLEASE, keep 'em coming!
stop reruns
please stop posting reruns! hopefully you can think of more ideas for this great pod !
Must-listen for millennials!
I just told my mom (who is a couple’s therapist) to recommend this to her millennial clients. So many of the discussions made me realize I wasn’t alone in the crazy awkward way I deal with relationships, student debt, and ill advised consumption! Reema, you’re great!
A little young
This podcast is pretty good, but it feels young/immature. I got bored after about 10 episodes
So Informative
I love listening to this podcast! As a young business woman, I appreciate hearing this insight and learning how to better handle my relationship with money.
Short, Well-Produced Podcasts
What I really admire about this podcast is that it is short with one clear overarching topic. There are also some episodes that involve a panel discussion, which is nice for an occasional change-up.
I like music but....
this show is awesome. so thoughtful and well produced. it’s just so good 😭
Relatable and fresh
I love how relatable this podcast is. Whether your heading towards retirement or in your early 20’s, this podcast digs into the struggles we all face around money.
Keeps me coming back for more
Love the variety of topics and production
Great podcast
Excellent podcast! Make it an Amazon prime series, very well produced
SUCH A GOOD MONEY PODCAST!!! The diversity of story is so important and we need to normalize these convos!!! As a child of refugees I’ve always felt ashamed of feeling like I’ve never had enough until recently. Like salary negotiation or even paying in large groups. Also reema is an amazing host!!! THANK YOU! -Padaek B
Sorry, gotta go
I don’t enjoy the group chat, it’s too much wasted time complimenting each other and not the same amount of time spent on the issue as your old format. Bye-bye.
This podcast is
stephen dunford
This podcast is very helpful and supportive , however I am listening to conversation with Toby and the other two guests. Their advise was very in and out and made me question their bad advices and thus not giving bad advise. Getting a credit card is never a great opinion.. Hello - haven’t you ever heard of David Ramsey - if not check him out. After that you all gave advise on the End of meal check with big groups. The one lady suggested to be up front about splitting the check and then she said “I’m the person who pays $200 at the end of the meal of my salad”... I’m thinking what the f* peer pressure and non follow througher - I’m never taking her advise, because it’s contradictory. Then when I was sitting with a few of the other given “advice” and I thought — hummm... maybe this episode is not the for best advice for money matters . Anyhow, I appreciate what you are putting out when telling stories in money, however please continue bringing on people who are successful with money or stories of how people overcame them or at least if you are bring people on make certain the scenarios they give match what they did. Thank you ! Stephen
This is the one!
DJ JoePop
I really enjoy this podcast. I love listening to all of the cringeworthy stories related to not knowing how to budget or anything related to money. It’s helped me think about my finances and it’s helping me get my act together!!
This is what’s been missing in my life.
This is seriously what I needed to hear. The episodes are so relatable and I finally hear about the parts of employment that most people keep hush-hush ! I’m so glad I found this!
Liked most episodes
“Call your girlfriend” episode has some seriously sketchy financial advice.
Great Relatability/You Are Not Alone Factor
I’ve started listening to this podcast when it started, but of course wanted a good number of episodes before reviewing. I’m really happy with how this show nonchalantly goes through each story in such a candid way. It’s accepting of all stories and points of view while letting people reveal some pretty vulnerable parts of themselves. Money in this day and age has become a really touchy topic and as a young woman I’ve definitely felt the pressure. This podcast gives me a feeling of relief knowing that other people are going through similar feelings with their finances that I can relate to and sometimes some advice or a different way of looking at a problem. I look forward to each episode.
Storytelling at its best
I am a single mom of two teenage girls and recently started to think more about managing my own personal finances. Maybe thats how this podcast found me and ever since we are like best friends. Cant wait to hear new episodes on my way to work! I like it so much that i share these stories with my girls so i can make them be aware of what other people go through and teach them the best they can be. This podcast makes me feel connected to others, understand how others struggle too and because of the excellent storytelling it stays inside me more than a cold bullet point article from a financial advisor. Excellent job!
Appalled at the foul language
I normally love everything produced by Market Place. Some of these episodes are really good. However, I cannot listen to them when my children are around. While these episodes can teach some good information to my teenagers and my friends, I will not recommend them to anybody because of all the foul language that is used in these episodes. I understand one or two words slipped out and used over the course of eight episodes. However with these, there was a minimum of one or two words in every single episode, and I have listen to all that have been produced up to this date. I will not be listening to anymore.
Better and better
Started listening to this podcast when they first started, found myself (just personally) in a bad mental space and not open enough to listen, came back about 6 months ago to reposted to all the past episodes and am an avid listener to the new episodes. Love these girls and the sunshine they bring to my days!
I highly recommend!!!
Uri. R.
This podcast is really funny and never a dull moment. You will notice Michelle interrupts Jordan a lot. Haha. But over the guests are amazing and funny as well. This podcast got me through the whole summer when walking to work. Its also very relatable and informative without being too serious. None the less it’s a really good hear. I’d give it 6/5 stars.
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