Eli Nash: Entrepreneur, Recovering Porn Addict, & Activist
Published November 13, 2019
63 min
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    Trigger warning: The following podcast episode contains graphic descriptions of childhood sexual abuse- listener discretion is advised.

    Eli Nash shared his hardships on the TEDx stage in his talk titled “Escaping Porn Addiction" and now he’s telling our listeners his story. What started as an appeal to women’s clothing catalogues at a young age quickly turned to an appetite for internet porn, leading to an addiction to pornography that would follow him well into adulthood. It wasn’t until things got too far in reality that Eli realized that porn was more than a fantasy: it was, as he says, the very thing that drove him to be unfaithful to his now wife. Never wanting to hurt her again, Eli has now vowed to make it his life’s priority to never again see porn. Listen to Eli as he shares his story with podcast host Garrett Jonsson, describing how he decided to come forward with the truth about his addiction and his early childhood sexual abuse that may have played a part in it. You can watch Eli’s TEDx Talk here or connect with Eli on Instagram at @eliyahu_nash.

    To learn more about the harms of pornography on consumers, relationships, and its larger societal impacts, visit FTND.org. To support this podcast, text CONSIDER to 43506. Thank you for listening, and remember to consider before consuming.

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