Crissy Outlaw: Activist & Former Performer
Published September 18, 2019
54 min
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    Trigger warning: The following podcast episode contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse, drug abuse, and explicit situations while performing in porn. Listener discretion is advised.

    Crissy was molested at the age of four, a pattern of abuse that would continue throughout her childhood and teen years. When she became an adult, various decisions and pressures to please the men in her life lead Crissy to start working as a performer in pornography. For seven years, Crissy performed in pornography, enduring more physical and emotional abuse and surviving several suicide attempts. Her ongoing search for love and approval kept her in the porn industry until she was able to break free from the industry and never look back. Now, Crissy has dedicated her life to sharing her story and helping women in different parts of the sex industry break free. Her story has been featured in several news outlets and magazines, including GQ and Playboy. Hear Crissy’s story in her own words as we discuss the experiences that pushed her into the porn industry and, ultimately, caused her to escape it.

    One study showed between 66-90% of women in the sex industry were sexually abused as children.

    To learn more about the harms of pornography on consumers, relationships, and its larger societal impacts, visit To support this podcast, visit or text CONSIDER to 43506. Thank you for listening, and remember to consider before consuming.

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