So Grateful for your work!
Joëlle R
Thank you Taryn for your podcast on ayawaska. My sobriety date is July 10th 2019 and Mother ayawaska saved my life, though it took me a bit to catch up to the lessons I learned from that journey. I love that now I’m fully in my recovery, ayawaska is always there and still teaching me lessons. I had my ceremony in Peru in January 2019 and it helped me remember who I actually was, without the trauma, addiction, and anger. There is still lots of work to be done outside of that space but it helped me finally get to a space where I allowed myself to be involved. I also love the personal patchwork of recovery. I feel that has also helped me find my true self again. Thank you for your amazing work and strong voice!!! I’m excited to find this group and can’t wait to see where it all goes! Xoxox -Joëlle Rublee Gonzalez
She Rules!
I am really enjoying these interviews and they are full of presence, authenticity, and vulnerability. Thank you!
Love and Light
So happy to be able to listen to your Podcast! It is a great way to stay connected to others and this journey of recovery. Thank you. 🌟
She recovers
Happy sober girl!
Check elk
I’m so excited that I get to hear your voices on this new journey for you! I’m celebrating 4 years next month and this is a great way to have a birthday in recovery! Thank you❤️
Love ❤️
I’m so excited for this! Diving in...xoxo
Rise sister rise!
The She Recovers community is the catalyst to my recovery. Always fresh and always inspiring. Give it a try , you will love it!
Love this podcast
So great to have this podcast. Its on top of my podcast list.
She Recovers Podcast
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