Psychiatry BEYOND Medication: Healing the Body, Mind, and Soul with Dr. Samuel Pauker
Published August 27, 2019
81 min
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    This week, I have the honor of introducing you to someone who has been instrumental in my recovery process and healing journey, my very own psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Pauker.


    Although he is a psychiatrist, and your mind may immediately jump to treatment by medication alone, Dr. Pauker’s work goes way beyond psychopharmacology and integrates full health by acknowledging the link between body, mind, and soul.


    After asking someone for a recommendation for the very BEST psychiatrist, I was given Dr. Pauker’s name and just after our first intake session, I knew this was the right doctor for me. Dr. Pauker uses a unique blend of psychopharmacology along with psychoanalysis to customize treatment for each individual. His work allows patients to feel seen and heard and he digs into why that is so important with us today.


    In this episode, we discuss how to balance medication and self-care practices, why using medication can stabilize us enough to engage in life-changing activities, how depression and anxiety are linked, and why sometimes anxiety is a defense against depression. This was a powerful interview and I know you will learn so much from Dr.  Pauker! We would love to hear your major takeaways from the episode. Please find us on Facebook and join our private community, because together is BETTER!




    Resources mentioned: 


    Book: The First Year of Marriage:




    Topics Discussed:

    • The connection between depression and the capacity of belief.
    • The difference between depression and mourning.
    • The importance of not giving up on your loved one who is struggling. 



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    Suicide Hotlines:

    USA: 1-800-273-8255

    USA Crisis Text: 741-741
    Canada: 1-833-456-4566

    United Kingdom: 116-123

    Australia: 13-11-14

    International Suicide Hotlines:




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