Living with a Loved One that Suffered from Depression and Anxiety (Ari's Side of the Story) with Ari Jacobs
Published August 13, 2019
87 min
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    This week I am introducing to you someone who is incredibly special to me and has played one of the most significant roles not only in my life but also in my healing process from mental illness. In this very special episode, I sat down with my husband Ari Jacobs to discuss what it was like for him to live with someone struggling with depression and anxiety


    I wanted to bring Ari on the show to have an authentic dialogue with him about what it was like to walk through my mental health journey as a supporter. This was actually the very first time I have asked him these specific questions and I am so grateful to be able to share them with you because these are the hard conversations that we are reluctant to have but are necessary for the healing journey.


    In this episode,  Ari shares with us how he was able to be so supportive and not give up on me and our relationship when I was walking through very dark times. We also discuss in the aftermath how we have both changed and what we have learned in the process. Ari also gives two key takeaways that he learned including the importance of preparation and why we should focus on increasing love in our relationships.


    I hope this episode is helpful to you by giving a holistic view of the mental health journey. We should not walk through this alone because support is everything. If you are needing support whether you suffer from mental illness or someone you love does, please find us on facebook in our private Facebook group because as always, together is better.



    Topics Discussed:

    • How to fill yourself up when you feel depleted and unsupported.
    • Ari’s coping techniques during my mental health journey.
    • Tools Ari used which helped him keep a bigger perspective of the situation.



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    Suicide Hotlines:

    USA: 1-800-273-8255

    USA Crisis Text: 741-741
    Canada: 1-833-456-4566

    United Kingdom: 116-123

    Australia: 13-11-14

    International Suicide Hotlines:




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