Thank you Clay
This is the most important podcast I listen to currently. Too often we only see the success and do not see the setbacks that successful people overcame. As someone in his early 20s who is unsure of his future, this podcast inspires me to take risk and follow my passions.
Bad audio
Most of the podcasts are done with the guests on a cellphone. Sometimes their cellphone audio breaks off which is frustrating to listen to so I end up turning it off. The interview with Herbstreet, Berghazi and Cousin Sal were the worse. I have listened to enough podcasts to know there is technology for solid, clear audio.
Used to be more about the interviewees, now it’s just another vehicle for Clay to beat to death the topics/ideas he routinely regurgitates.
Enjoy the authenticity
These podcasts are filled with authentic stories comprising the backgrounds of some fascinating and successful people. In an age where authenticity is lacking, this is a great product.
Dude is a joke. Pessimistic frat boy that never grew out of his late 20s. Hang your north face jackets and kaki shorts somewhere else.
Thumbs up!
In depth interview format with thoughtful questioning by Clay. Enjoy the chance to get into the details and paths to success. Keep up great work, Clay!
Im an AVID sports fan, High School, College, Professional you name it and THIS podcast is phenomenally executed and produced by Clay Travis. The guests are well thought out and Travis’s interview style ranks in the top echelon of media personalties, rivaling the great Howard Stern and Charlie Rose (scandal notwithstanding). What makes these guests great and what was their journey to greatness. Absolutely fascinating content! Keep up the great work Mr. Travis!
Thank you!
G. Myer
Amazing interviews. I love the stories on all of them. Cowherd, Whitlock, Klat, Bonetta and Herbsteet are some of my favorite personalities in sports. Grateful to know more about their journey. Phenomenal questions by Clay! 🤙🏼
Best Podcast I’ve Heard
The Colin Cowherd interview was one of the best I’ve heard, so much good advice. Clay does a great job in letting the convo flow, yet maintains the theme. Please keep doing these
Informative and Engaging
This is an excellent concept. Clay isn’t the best interviewer but does a good job overall. I wish the 3x volume increase during breaks wasn’t there, it’s obnoxious. The Mike Leach interview was fascinating. He has lead an interesting life and his interview was an adventure. My only ask is to spend more time digging into the losses. As Clay says we learn more from our losses. It’s inspiring to hear how people overcome a setback and end up succeeding. Great podcast, thank you for creating this.
can a brother get a good phone connection
To all those faithful Outkick fans, I think we agree the phone situation is crazy! I have to turn my volume knob like Sir Mix A-lot during interviews to hear Clay, then his guest which sounds like a third world country phone connection. Maybe a certain someone is bringing his (and thanks for the service) WWII instruments to help facilitate these interviews but s*^%t man I can’t hear much. This includes you Geoff, get off the can when filling in.
Love it
Doctor Fuego
Long form interviews with interesting people. Guy is a great interviewer and asks the questions you want to hear. The life and success lessons of these people are great.
Poor episode
dj j.u.
These interviews are usually great. But Clai has to stop doing phone interviews. This one sounds like his guest is in the shower
Great listen!
Clay is an amazing interviewer even though it is difficult for him to shut up and listen. He even made Joel Klatt sound interesting
Clay’s a good interviewer!
Just stated listening to these podcasts. Heard the Jeff Fischer one first, followed by Joel Klatt, Jason Whitlock, Kirk Herbstreit, and most recently Rachel Bonneta. It’s rare in this day of ‘quick sound bites’ to listen in on a lengthy interview. You really get to know the personality and makeup of these guests in a way you wouldn’t normally get. Clay is also a really good interviewer. He ask poignant questions and draws out more from his guests than they originally intended. Will keep on following Clay!
Excellent Podcast
In today’s soundbite-driven age, it’s nice to listen to a long form, substantive, thoughtful discussion. With Wins & Losses, you get Clay Travis, known as a provocateur, go in-depth with interesting and successful people to see how they got where they are today — the wins and losses they faced along the way. It’s definitely worth a listen, as Clay is choosing interesting guests and he’s actually a good interviewer as well.
Mexican Hat
Larry Coaxle
No Mexican hat award winner here, this was a grand slam!
Cryin' Voluntears
Enjoy the long narrative form so the guest can tell their whole story.
Incredibly Entertaining
All are good episodes. But so far, Whitlock, Herbstreit and Bonnetta interviews are my favorite. Awesome background stories from each.
One of the best interviews Clay has done. If you only listen to one of the podcasts this is the one. Colin has a great story telling acumen. I was never a big of Cowherd. I will listen more now because of the this podcast, now that I understand why he covers sports the way he does. May buy a couple of his books too. Great work! Keep it up Bud! Geaux Tigers!
Such a good format. Keep up the great work!
Great podcast
Aaron~not free
Clay is an excellent interviewer. Asks all the questions I didn’t know I wanted the answers to.
Different perspective
I love this podcast. You get to know the person. Clay does a good job asking questions but lets the guest speak. For example I’m not a fan of Colin Cowherd sports opinions mostly. But getting to know the man and his story helped me see him in a different light. Keep them coming clay!
The Cowherd Interview
Listened for the first time to Wins & Losses. Excellent. The minor details are extremely interesting. Keep asking the small stuff. I knew some of what Colin was going to say (Long time listener) but not the small stuff. Great job letting the guest talk and not interrupting as that is hard to do. 5 star show. Thank you.
Addicting show!
I love these podcasts! I listen to Outkick the Show and Outkick the Coverage, and now I’ve listened to all of the Wins and Losses so far! Very interesting to learn more about how some of the most successful people got where they are, and to see that the road to success isn’t just smooth sailing, sometimes you strike out several times and people get free beers because of you, but you just gotta keep swinging right Joel Klatt???? Much to learn from this show. I look forward to hearing more episodes weekly. Clay if you are reading this I want my free shirt please! -Dan Previti
More great content from Clay
Joel Klatt and Clay delivers on a great episode filled with entertaining stories from Klatt’s time in the Minor leagues, college and his early days in broadcasting. I appreciate Clay’s unique approach to sports and culture and find this podcast to be a great addition to the Outkick Canon. Also, I’m a 2XXL and I have no doubt that Joel is kicking himself to this day that he didn’t break that shower fight up.
Very enjoyable podcast with cool back story information on popular sports figures. And Joe Klatt is a fraud, I want a shirt 😁
Joel Klatt vs Clay
Undoubtedly, Clay’s hair > Joel’s hair
Dr Cheeto 73
Hands down one of the beat podcasts out there right now. Even if you don’t like sports, this podcast is for you. Listening to people I’ve listened to forever tell me how they’ve gotten where they are, and the setbacks they’ve encountered. It reminds me to keep pushing every day. Clay Travis is awesome as he talks with the guests and lets them tell their story. Clay Travis=GOAT
Josie's Pop
Eventually, he’s going to run out of people from FS1 and the state of Tennessee to interview... Radio show is great though!
If you are not listening you are missing out
Awesome show. Really enjoy listening to it. Always looking for the next episode. When can we get Clay Travis to do his win and losses? Think it would be awesome.
Well Done
Fabulously interesting interviews. Especially Herbstreet, Klatt and Boneta
Grinder Podcast
C. P. Wick
No matter which episode, you will get a familiar yet fresh story. No matter which field or interest you have, it takes grind. We all have varying levels of talent, but we all have the ability to work hard. That’s what truly separates us. That’s what I need to do better in life. I want to be on this podcast one day, though Clay might have Outkicked the Earth and retired to a future vacation home on the moon by then.
Great guests and interviewer
The podcast is really good and the guests are very open. I often listen as I’m falling asleep and just get 10-20 minutes a night in. The only issue is that every fifteen minutes the voice chimes in with “BE SURE TO LISTEN TO OUTKICK THE COVERAGE......” at a volume level 3x what the interview is. Y’all have to lower that.
Good, but Clay doesn’t get it’s not radio.
Overall this podcast has very good content. However, Clay needs to understand that this isn’t radio. This is manifested in two ways: - Rushing from question to question without letting the conversation breathe. - This one is really irritating: stop with the frequent radio callback mid-show. “We’re here with (insert guest name), this is the W&L podcast.” This isn’t radio, where we can stumble on a channel mid-interview and have no clue who and what we’re listening to. If we’re listening to the podcast, that means we subscribed, know who the host is and what the podcast name is, and the guest name is IN THE FREAKIN TITLE OF THE EPISODE.
Clay digs for great information
Sonny O'hara
in a way that makes the guest comfortable to discuss details that you wouldn't hear anywhere else
I listen to this on the weekends to and from work when I can’t listen to Outkick. This is a wonderful podcast. As a young professional working in sports, this is a great place to listen to all the wins and LOSSES of very successful people in sports. Its good to gain perspective and patience from Clay and his guests and apply to my own career path. Defiantly would recommend. Highly interesting conversations.
Beer Batter Boy
Get these two together and hypocrisy has no end. Never realized pretty boy Klatt was an athlete, but now having realized this, he keeps striking out his dumb jock shines through in his broadcasts as he can’t hide his west coast bias and SEC hate. He could’ve been honest and told the real reason he was so scared of the group shower: small stature... Honestly though, Clay is as good as it gets in these long form interviews and Klatt is also awesome with his stories from minor league baseball and telling how to basically succeed in life. These podcasts keep getting better and better.
took my baby
Really loved having to hear Cowherd shill for his show 5 minutes into YOUR show Clay 👍🏻
Awesome! Great way to start my week
Golden domer in OC
This long form interview suits Clay well. He’s great at asking the right questions with each guest.
Stimulate the Klatt
oj's bloody glove
I really enjoyed the interview and look forward to them every week. Clay has the best hair in the business, just ask him. Tell Joel that a golden sombrero is actually a 4 strikeout game. Geaux Tigahs! (My son is a Vandy grad. We have watched the Vandy offense anchor down for years.)
#DBAP, Joel Klatt!
These podcasts are excellent! I especially enjoy Kirk Herbstreit, Mike Leach, and Joel Klatt (I enjoy this particular one as much as Jon Beason enjoyed hitting Joel back in the day!).
Joel Klatt is a mannequin
Clay did an excellent job interviewing Joel Klatt who looks like and has the personality of a mannequin.
Joel Klatt
Loved the Joel klatt episode its my second favorite behind Finebuam. The man has a great story. I still don’t like the guy, and there is a 100% chance that The Dominican also gave him a golden shower and he just set there and took it. He took the L like he always does.
Great show... even though you had Joel Klatt on it
Dustin roll tide
I wanted to trash Joel Klatt, and if you would have asked me to write a review before I listened to the interview I may have trashed him. However, this was the best interview I’ve heard yet from Clay. I like the diversity in this show by having Joel Klatt, Dave Rubin, and others that aren’t just about promoting their next project, but are here to tell their story. Win’s & Losses uncovers the backstory of how different people overcame odds to get to where they are at today. Joel Klatt’s Wikipedia page looks like his coach is trying to hold his butt. That seems fitting since Joel has been chasing after Clays ever since he spoke the truth about Penn State. Let it go Joel you lost; wear your sombrero in shame.
Great entertainment for sports and business!
Super engaging talk from some of the most interesting people in sports. Gets my attention and keeps it! Keep it up! Also: Clay Travis > Joel Klatt
Excellent Insight
Charlieboy h
Clay Travis does a great job of interviewing his guest and keeping the ball going the right direction in relation to the storyline of his guest personal wins and looses in their life. The episode with Jeff Fisher was very good in that it provided details of his Titans tenure you will not find anywhere else. Please keep up the great work Clay and I look forward to more episodes.
Anyone but Klatt....
Show is amazing but Joel has gotta go!!!
Great guests and even better stories
These podcasts are always great. Learning the ups and downs of each person's unique path is very refreshing. This podcast hits deeper than just the superficial highlight reels of the latter parts of people's careers. Also I can think of no one more deserving of the beer batter than the biggest hypocrite in college football aka Joel Klatt.
Wins and loses....
Fantastic podcast series but got dragged down by Joel Klatt. Next week will be better though.
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