May 20, 2020
Intro Music: "Sophia" by The Chisler Thank you for supporting us as we celebrate one year of the Weekend Social and E-Money and The Chisler welcome back Mr. Clean for his legendary 5th appearance! After E-Money and The Chisler talk about the meaning of Season 2 and upcoming segments, the three discuss the stimulus, social bubbling, graduations, underground lacrosse matches, backyard projects, social bubbling, urine to make concrete on the moon, where Chisler sends his bottles of urine, slime in space, National Masturbation Month, extracurricular activities at IKEA China, an appeals complaint leading to an unusual legal disbarment, BOOM SHAKALAKA, the Boom Goes The Dynamite guy, graduation motorcades, virtual swim teams, E-Money’s many home improvements, clarification on Social Bubbling, Michael Bublè strikes back, another embarrassing E-Money story, the three stages of balance, tales of the swine flu, Liu Kang shows up at Cumberland Mall in Georgia (, Brian Kemp thoughts, how Georgia might be seen across the country, outfluencers, and solid T-shirt finds. The Chisler debuts the new segment, “What’s in the Box?!”, E-Money cashes in his white chip for a white claw, and in the Main Event, E-Money and Mr. Clean battle for the biggest prize pool ever given away on The Weekend Social in a trivia contest focused on a topic we can’t even write about! And the finally sees The Chisler make another questionable decision! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram: •Show Nuts• Space agency: Human urine could help make concrete on moon IKEA China reminds people not to masturbate in its stores ‘BOOM SHAKALAKA’ Is Not Response to Bar Complaint, Court Says
May 12, 2020
Intro Music: “Clothes Don’t Make The Man” by The Chisler With Georgia relaxing social distancing guidelines and leading the charge into stupidity, E-Money returns and joins The Chisler back at the table to welcome The Doctor and mystery tag-team partner, Double-01 (001🍺) to the podcast. The four discuss continued life in quarantine, love hate relationships with puzzles, those fortunate to have worked from home before this whole mess, the “Fuck Me List”, American History X, testing 20 year old predictions, saving the elderly who have run out of essential provisions during quarantine, beer sales on Sunday, the best time to use a fake ID, the National Enquirer, a Colombian drug lord’s plot to kidnap JFK Jr., zoom filters, home renovations over at E-Money’s house, a missing hot tub shipment, an impromptu episode of MTV cribs, The Tire King, embarrassing stories, porch crawlers, gargleblasters, slurricanes, E-Money’s ill fated bartending career, which college has “the biggest party in the country”, binge watching recommendations, a bunch of Star Wars talk, Michael Bublè and other random nuggets. In the main event, E-Money, 001 and The Doctor square off in the trivia battle “And You Know This, Man” to determine who’s the king of knowledge when it comes through drive-thru/take-out service!!! The outcome is unbelievable, unprecedented and underwhelming!!! (Chisler bought shitty scratch offs this week) ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram: •Show Nuts• What You'll Need to Know In 2020 That You Don't Know Now Coors Light answers 93-year-old Pa. woman’s plea for more beer amid coronavirus with 10 cases How a Colombian Drug Lord May Have Plotted to Kidnap JFK Jr. Before His Death
April 28, 2020
Intro music: “The Penguin” by The Chisler Georgia might not be making the smartest moves with Social Distancing, but the Weekend Social is bring back the smartest guest to the podcast, Silent J! We discuss the Turbo Button on server maintenance, introverts in paradise, Norma Rae making CoronaVirus masks, working out during the lockdown, Honey Badger kicking ass, 54 days on the wagon, taking the shit at Walmart, bringing farm animals to a Zoom meeting (by the way, we will do it too— hit us up at the email below), the second installment of “Where’s the Lawsuit?!” (@Maroon5, Logan Dailey, @Awolnation, @KaceyMusgraves, @ThisIsRobThomas), what Silent J spent his winnings on, a coronavirus scare, binge watching and board game recommendations, the new addition to the Chisler clan and Scottie Pippen. In the main event, E-Money takes on the trivia guru, Silent J in the Weekend Social Showdown, and the Chisler debuts a new prize segment (video: where E-Money and Silent J take their chances for big rewards! Logan Dailey on Tik-Tok: ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram: •Show Nuts• Projectile pooper pleads guilty for not staying home This farm sanctuary will let you invite a llama or goat to your next video meeting
April 13, 2020
Original Intro music: “Man Behind The Curtain” by The Chisler Continuing the Weekend Social Distancing, E-Money and The Chisler welcome back the unofficial voice of reason to The Weekend Social, Saul Goodman! The three discuss refinishing furniture, drama on Roswell Nextdoor, cooking at home, idling cars, climate change, TrumpBama stimulus, controversial methods for curing hemorrhoids, The Colonel savagely reviewing copy cat recipes on Twitter, the Fulton County District Attorney’s shady behavior, an eventual Cage match between the Howards (the sole powerful force that can ultimately stop the bull-shittery), when unboxing videos go sideways, a chance run in at the airport on the way to the Magic Kingdom, forgetting bring drinks to your wife when sunbathing / distancing, how our kids of various ages are handling these times, binge recommendations (Carnivalè on HBO, The Mandalorian on Disney+, Better Call Saul and Narcos Mexico on Netflix), comparing Nextdoor complaints, and the history of the legendary Schvitz towel. In the main event, marking a 50th anniversary in music history, E-Money and Saul Goodman face off in a contest that hasn’t been seen in 17 episodes, and one of them breaks a record in the trivia contest for the ages! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: •Show Nuts• Doctors Warn Against Putting Potatoes In Your Butt ‘Buns drier than a popcorn fart’: KFC hilariously critiques fried chicken made by Twitter users Nonprofit meant to stem gang violence used to pay Fulton DA If You Are Not Watching Dave Portnoy’s Live Unboxing Every Night At 8pm You Are Not Living
April 3, 2020
Original Intro music: “Climbing Up the Walls” by The Chisler What does the Weekend Social do in the face of Social Distancing? We adapt, motherfuckers! And we lay the hammer down by welcoming back the fourth time guest host, The Tazmann! Taz, E-Money and The Chisler discuss working from home, adjusting to the new normal, The Brady Bunch, land expansion, business outlook, a Florida black belt who doesn’t take “no” for an answer, how to avoid assault charges, milkshakes, Guinness world records, Pulp Fiction, walnuts, hobbies, acquiring more pigs, acting suspicious at a neighborhood park, weird hygiene in Texas, Double D, no traffic, shopping during the pandemic, puzzles, cabin fever, and teleworking. The three engage in some enlightening debate and ultimately come to 100% agreement that there are so many that are not thanked enough during these trying times! In the main event, E-Money tries to maintain his two episode win streak in a game that hasn’t been played in 5 episodes? Who will reign victorious? And how will prizes be awarded?! It’s a brave new world! Video Bit Audio Podcast: (check it out— it’s worth it!!!!!) ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: •Show Nuts• Black Belt Florida Woman Breaks Boyfriend’s Nose For Refusing Sex, Coughs ‘Coronavirus’ On EMTs Cape Town restaurant wins Guinness world milkshake record Martial artist breaks 256 walnuts with his elbow in one minute
March 16, 2020
—Intro Music: “Welcome to The Corps”, written and performed by The Chisler— The Weekend Social celebrates a tremendous milestone in spectacular ways including our first “Previously on the Weekend Social” recap! The Husky Weight Tag Team Podcasting Champions of the World get down to business and welcome back The Watcher to the show! E-Money gets his custom theme song (“King of the North”), and he, The Chisler and The Watcher discuss upcoming birthdays, Scofflaw seltzers, Coronavirus (of course), wellness checks, Mexican medical treatment, E-Money’s recent unfortunate diagnosis, lacrosse and school cancellations, inspiration coming back at you, another Chris Smith shout out, Pearl Jam’s postponed tour, pigs ingesting fit bits, new pork cooking methods, a festival that fears nothing, breaking the two rules of The Weekend Social when attempting a solo trek across the Antarctic, world records with a Barry Bonds asterisk, beer koozies making Chisler feel inadequate (Video bit:, Teenage Daughter’s prom, Watcher’s watch recommendations (in a time of self-quarantine!), the Bachelor Finale, Creature’s first birthday, board games, and the Watcher tries the SweetWater seltzer (aka carbonated bong water). In the Main Event, The Watcher and E-Money square off in the classic heads up trivia game as the cohost of the Weekend Social seeks his first win. Who will emerge victorious in the battle of taxes?! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: •Show Nuts• Pig sparks farm fire in England after eating, defecating battery-powered pedometer Coronavirus conference canceled in New York because of coronavirus Annual 'exploding hammer' festival might be the most dangerous event in Mexico The first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided says he pooped his pants less than halfway through — and had to continue using the same underwear for 38 days
March 13, 2020
OT3 - Outtake-isode 3: Revenge of the Clips (or “The Case of The Stingy Editor”) E-Money and The Chisler will be recording the next official episode of the Weekend Social soon, but fear not—it’s time for another batch of hilarious, never before heard clips featuring your favorite guest hosts over the past seven episodes! E13 w/ The Watcher & ReggaeTron 1.Jamaican at the Table 2.Watcher Director 1 3.Watcher Director 2 4.Watcher Director 3 5.E-DnD 6.One Hundred Sided Dice 7. Scratch Off Results E14 w/ Tazmann & Double D 1.Basketball Diplomacy with Dennis Rodman (The Dog) 2.Youse Guys 3.Lightning Revelation 4.Send a Salami 5.Jeffrey Dahmer is a Sweetie 6.TazzCars 7.Swash-Stickers 8.Put on a Huge Tangent 9.Win Bigger E15 w/ The Mongoose 1.Time and a Place for Everything 2.He’s a Liar 3.The Pole 4.34 Zombie Species 5.E-Money Eye Test 6.Level 4 7.Robot ReggaeTron E16 w/ Silent J 1.Nut Butter 2.Spit Roasted 3.A Lapdance from Dennis Rodman (The Dog) 4.E-Money’s Impromptu Trivia Game 5.Pound Me Too E17 w/ Inspectah Tech 1.Back on the Podcast, Dennis Rodman (The Dog) 2.Scotland To New Zealand 3.The Red Dot 4.The Last Time I Cared 5.Vape Clouds from Dennis Rodman (The Dog) 6.The Joker Movie E18 w/ Mr. Clean & ReggaeTron 1.Mr. Clean Tries Lightning Reaction E19 w/ E-Money & The Chisler 1.Folically Challenged 2.Daddy Badger 3.The Future Of The Weekend Social ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram:
March 2, 2020
On the heels of another milestone, E-Money and The Chisler close the doors and sit down at the table themselves to recap their podcast journeys thus far. The two hype episode 20 (mentioned @ryandalton @stevebyrnelive, those guys, Double D, Watcher, Saul Goodman) discuss plans for the weekend, Teenage Daughter playing tennis, extracurricular activities, tax evasion, maturity entering college, switching majors, kids in other states, editing while traveling, new seltzers from a local microbrewery (Thanks so much, Silent Jay & Norma Rae!), our first video bit on an audio podcast (link:, San Antonio shark thefts, coronovirus cures (courtesy of Chris Smith, official Texas delegate of the Weekend Social), Jim Bakker, and how to steal money from people during a time of crisis. During the spotlight, E-Money and The Chisler recap our experiences thus far and what we have learned from the show (in very enlightening ways). And in the trivia segment, E-Money plays “Eh, close enough”— it’s a photo finish! Did he win his first game on the Weekend Social? And will Chisler ever scratch a scratch off?!?!!1!!! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram: Skype: or The Chisler •Show Nuts• Thieves snatch shark from San Antonio Aquarium, wheel it out in a baby carriage TV Preacher Jim Bakker Suggests His $125 Product Kills Coronavirus (COVID-19) and HIV
February 23, 2020
All set to record and our scheduled guest hosts cancel due to an emergency... so what do you do when the grid goes down? E-Money and The Chisler bring out the biggest guns in the Weekend Social arsenal, and ReggaeTron and Mr. Clean save the day! The four discuss marriage, roller skating, surprise snow storms, speaking in code, changes in the seltzer landscape, local music (free plug to Rev. Jeff Mosier), lacrosse games, shout outs to family, unfortunate tattoos, Live PD, Vybz Kartel, whether music can influence kids, a bay with the highest tides in the world, reasons to vote for Bernie Sanders, election predictions, aliens, vile vortices, the new space force, Captain Kirk. The boys face a “try not to laugh” challenge from E-Money, establish the second rule of the Weekend Social, share lighting fart stories, honor Mary Lee and mourn Mr. Peanut. In the main event, the World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Championship belts are on the line as Mr. Clean and ReggaeTron attempt to crack the unbeaten, deadliest game in podcasting— Chisler’s List! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler: E-Money: Facebook: Instagram: •Show Nuts• Indiana man with ‘Crime Pays’ tattoo arrested again after police chase Vybz Kartel Lashes Out Again, Says He Is Not Responsible For Crime In Jamaica Chasing the World’s Highest Tides: The Bay of Fundy is home of the highest tides on Earth 100 soldiers will leave the Army for the Space Force sooner than you think
February 7, 2020
The Weekend Social, the only podcast to feature the Husky Weight Podcasting Tag Team Champions of the World, returns with a brand new guest host, Inspectah Tech! E-Money, The Chisler and Inspectah Tech talk about the video game industry, Georgia tax credits for entertainment, reverse engineering, dog surgery, blank slates, sweet sixteen parties, lacrosse, The Bachelor (Chisler live tweets during the show, #BachelorNation), car damage done by squirrels, a man’s butt crack sewn together, interview tips, the Chisler’s connection to @G00K0, where NOT to hide your drugs (via @FHPPanhandle), Inspectah Tech’s car being searched, credit due to older siblings, working in the video game industry, sharing with the neighbors, squirrel ghosts, and E-Money’s impromptu trip to Nashville with Tire King. In the main event, E-Money finally has the power to pick the game of his choice, and the unprecedented ending will SHOCK you (at level 4)! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: Instagram: •Show Nuts• Pittsburgh woman finds 200 walnuts and squirrel's nest under hood of her car TBone Had His Butt Cheeks Sewn Together and Now Has No Butt Crack Man draws on missing eyebrow for job interview hoping boss wouldn't notice Florida troopers find narcotics in bag labeled ‘Bag Full of Drugs’
January 27, 2020
The World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions, E-Money and the Chisler, welcome first-time guest host, Silent J, to the show! The three discuss horror movies, ginger children, D&D, tournament coordination, E-Money being horrible at Clue, Ozark filming locations, Teenage Daughter’s new car, Furries taking down abusive boyfriends in San Jose, E-Money’s furry curiosity, announcing a new award for the podcast, and emotional support beers. E-Money opts to forego his quick bit to tell the story of him and Chisler removing the animal living in his chimney, Silent J details his outstanding hugging ability, the three rank horror movies, board games, and the Chisler has a ton of awesomeness going on all at once (ReggaeTron’s wedding, #BachelorNation, #Vanderpumping). In the main event, Silent J and E-Money square off in a test of knowledge of TV shows and the winner will walk away with the biggest prize given away to date! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: Instagram: •Show Nuts• CLINTON HILL MAN REGISTERS BEER AS EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL San Jose: ‘Furries’ pulled assaulter out of vehicle, sat on him
January 18, 2020
After a prolonged holiday hiatus, the Husky Weight Podcast Champions of the World, E-Money and the Chisler, welcome back The Mongoose for his second appearance on the show! After giving Mongoose belated birthday wishes, the theee discuss binge watching the Last Kingdom, You season 2, Abu Dhabi houses for New Years, E-Money’s Christmas not going at all as planned, blacking out on NYE, thoughts on The Rise of Skywalker, record time on marathon drives, bartending at ReggaeTron’s, time travel and potential side effects, Ohio’s medical marijuana decisions, Cincinnati spaghetti, skin transplants, weird dreams, Yorkies, leaf blowing, football predictions, an important update on E-Money’s back, Chris Smith’s new hashtag recommendation (#EMoneyAssFunds), Josie’s pizza, and flatulent chiropractics. In the main event, the Chisler has a “shocking” twist that changes the way the final trivia games will be played forever, and the Mongoose and E-Money square off in the classic battle of knowledge to see who knows more about video games! [Special shout out to our buddy, Chris Smith (@chrasm8 on Twitter), for his birthday— happy birthday bro!!!] ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: Instagram: •Show Nuts• Astrophysicist Says He Knows How to Build a Time Machine ...And... Meet the scientist trying to travel back in time State Medical Board of Ohio to consider if being a Browns or Bengals fan qualifies for medical marijuana use Woman, 30, who was left with 'pubic hair' growing on her face after getting a skin graft from her GROIN when she was attacked by a dog as a child finally has the fuzzy patch removed
December 20, 2019
We hope you have a Happy Holiday season! 🎁🎄✡️ Before taking a break for Christmas, the World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions, E-Money and The Chisler, welcome back third-time guest host, The Tazmann, and newcomer Double D to the Weekend Social! The four gentlemen discuss upcoming Christmas plans, a potential Euchre comeback, long drives, long poop breaks, poo-pourri, karmic deer dentures, overnight stays at Bed Bath & Beyond, the Chisler calling a grand jury on FOUR music acts (Lewis Capaldi, One Direction, Shawn Mendes / Camilla Cabella, Imagine Dragons) in his new segment, a shout out to Owen Denvir ( or @OwenDenvir), listener emails from the Chisler Challenge (🤙👋Brandon, Shahab, Cole, Carlos and Patrice🤜🤛), the culture shock of moving to the South from the Bronx, Bruce Springsteen, De Niro vs Pacino, supporting Tazmann, questionable statements in front of senior leaders, career growth, Petunia (Tazmann’s pig), love/hate relationships, dog fighting, parenting kids and fur babies, and insuring teenage drivers. In the main event, the Tag Team podcast championship belts are on the line for a FOURTH time— can E-Money and The Chisler hold onto the belts? A surprising move from Double D could change EVERYTHING! Take a listen to find out! Wanna help spread the Weekend Social love? Rate us on podchaser! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: •Show Nuts• Bathroom sign says employees must have 'smell check' to ensure 'not sitting on phone' for too long How Francis Wharton made his dentures from deer's teeth Teen runaway found ‘’camping’’ inside Bed, Bath & Beyond
December 6, 2019
The World Husky Weight Podcasting Tag Team Champs, E-Money and The Chisler, welcome back TWO amazing, badass guest hosts to the podcast, ReggaeTron and The Watcher! After chatting about patois, Thanksgiving plans, the four discuss twelve year old scotch, Daddy Badger, engagement news, Bob Marley conspiracies, Jerk Chicken, Florida sun, establishing dominance with house guests, E-Money’s back, coaching basketball, Grief Burrito Podcast shoutout, if medically dying completes a prison life sentence, a Jamaican parable, a new bishop in the church of pinching pennies, whether “Florida dogs” are smarter than “Florida Man”, Friendsgiving, whether playing Dungeons and Dragons is acceptable (shout outs to Dungeon Run and Critical Roll on YouTube), the in-laws, home inspectors, and gas leaks... ...But in the final segment, The Watcher and ReggaeTron challenge the World Podcast Tag Team Champs for the belts for their 3rd title defense! Will they succeed? Tune in for the exciting, nail-biting main event! ================================ *🎖🛠🏅CHISLER CHALLENGE🏅🛠🎖* SoundCloud (click follow) iTunes (subscribe and rate) Stitcher (click ➕) ...When you’re done, email us and we will give you a personalized shout out and read your email on Episode 14 or a later episode! ================================ ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: Podchaser token: iVxpjCdKUBk6XxaVIvAh •Show Nuts• A convicted murderer who momentarily died says his life sentence has been served Valley man cashes in more than 1 million pennies that were used to build giant pyramid Florida dog trapped in car drives in circles for an hour
November 22, 2019
The Weekend Social brings you the best outtakes from the last seven episodes! Hear your favorite guest hosts like you’ve never heard them before! New and improved! And with new dance moves, bitches!!! •E06 w/ Mr. Clean• 01-Kraft 02-Rock Band 03-Non-binary Tomato 04-I Want My MTV 05-Twist On The Downstroke 06-DBB Weiss 07-Like Trivia To Ulcers •E07 w/ High Gravity• 01-Drummers vs. Flatters 02-Chinese Costco 03-Senior Limpiar 04-The Hot Towel in the Face 05-Nipple Shots 06-I Thought It Was Lube •E08 w/ The Watcher• 01-Inverse Friction 02-Drink Pledge 03-Just Doing Research... 04-Secretive, Secretive or Secretive? 05-Booger Bubble 06-Down to Third Base 07-I Live in a Pirate Ship •E09 w/ ReggaeTron• 01-Oil Can Coincidence 02-Aloha Beaches 03-Farting Inflection Point 04-The ReggaeTron Method 05-Actual Bathroom 06-Rubbing Clay The Wrong Way •E10 w/ Daddy Badger & Tazmann• 01-Dick in Mouth Neck 02-Mira, Stop It 03-Angels Envy and Fireball 04-I Said Swipe Left!!! 05-Brother Badger 06-You Told This Story... 07-E-Money is Upset •E11 w/ Saul Goodman• 01-Stay Away From Stan 02-Smart Shark 03-Smelling What Your Steppin’ In 04-Saul Tastes The Claw 05-Stars And Suffering 06-She’s A Dry Guy 07-I’m Happy That You’re Happy •E12 w/ The Mongoose• 01-Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos 02-Lonely Child 03-This is Not A Negotiation 04-What’s an Arcade? 05-Peeing on Grass ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: Bp7OtWPL5QESw1QXFe5
November 13, 2019
================================ *🎖🛠🏅CHISLER CHALLENGE🏅🛠🎖* SoundCloud link (click follow) iTunes link (subscribe and rate) Stitcher link (click ➕) ...When you’re done, email us and we will give you a personalized shout out and read your email on Episode 14! ================================ The Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast World Champs, E-Money and The Chisler, return to the podcasting squared circle with first time special guest host, The Mongoose! The three get down to business and discuss the state of podcasting, another Chris Smith shoutout, marrying up, being a new homeowner, “f#
November 3, 2019
Does your podcast go up to eleven? This one does!!! E-Money and The Chisler are joined by one of Chisler’s long-time friends, Saul Goodman, to crank this muzzle fuzzle up! After a shout out to Chris Smith and responding to an email from White Claw, we get down to business and three discuss gen-x-er-ness, the ars juris, fatherhood, an upcoming Halloween party, skipping beer fests, Reggaetron’s gifts to E-Money and the Chisler, a sub-contract hit in China, regrettable tattoos / regrettable choices when being questioned by police, an unfortunate disorder that is the most interesting form of home brewing ever, The Chisler and Saul Goodman swap poker stories, an embarrassing Chisler story from his “formative” years, and E-Money give us an update on his back... THEN, a shocking twist forces the Podcast Champs to defend their title for a SECOND time! Who shows up to team up with Saul Goodman? Will the reigning World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions be dethroned? Is this the end of the Weekend Social Podcast?! Listen to find out the answers to these questions and much more! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: •Show Nuts• Hesitant hitmen jailed over botched assassination in China Man with his name tattooed on his throat is arrested for giving fake name Man Unwittingly Got Drunk After His Gut Brewed Alcohol Due To ‘Auto-Brewery Syndrome’
October 25, 2019
It’s official! The Weekend Social Podcasters are the World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions, and now they have the belts to prove it! E-Money gets a new theme song performed by The Chisler, and the two welcome back their friend, Tazmann, to take on the champs for their titles! Who is ferocious enough to paired with the Prime Minister of Tasmania?! How about the father of the fearless Honey Badger— that’s right, E-Money’s father-in-law, Daddy Badger! After debuting the belts, the four discuss helicopters, beer festivals, umlats, Kentucky camping trips, illegal beers, zombie deer, the Walking Dead, Georgia casinos, apocalypse prepping, Suzanne Somers naked selfie, Irish post-mortem pranksters, Tazmann’s moving trials and tribulations, whether Daddy Badger fears Honey Badger, the story of E-Money and Chisler’s friendship, Daddy Badger scammed by Uber, and more! The Chisler debuts a brand new trivia game, and then the two challengers make their run at the World Podcast titles in the deadliest game in podcasting, Chisler’s List!!! Want to see pictures of the step-by-step creation of the World Husky Weight Tag Team Championship Belts? Click here to see it! •••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: •Show Nuts• Nevada wildlife officials warn hunters about 'zombie' deer Sam Adams' newest beer is illegal in 15 states Suzanne Somers, 73, told to 'show some class' after baring all in 'birthday suit' photo Dead Man Gets Last Laugh At His Funeral With An Unexpected Prank
October 16, 2019
E09 - Singing the Bumbaclaats (or “A Case of SEVERAL Too Many White Claws”) Finally the World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions return to the audio squared-circle! E-Money and The Chisler are joined by their good friend from Jamaica, ReggaeTron! The three gentlemen discuss another trip around the sun for E-Money, hyping E10, a wrestling belt update, Jamaican Patois, water sports (no, not that kind you sickos), birthday plans, rural viagra, a camel suffering an unfortunate injury at a Truck Stop in Louisiana, stealing quarters, “boasins”, the best dad joke that the Chisler has ever heard, the Chisler’s LOOOOOONG story about what he purchased in Texas (shout out to Randall at Fun Stuff Comics in Katy, Texas), points vs. pints, and Batman and his “super powers”. For the main event, ReggaeTron takes on E-Money in a heads up battle in the classic matchup that hasn’t been seen since Episode 1! Who will reign victorious?! Tune in to find out.... ....and keep your eyes and ears peeled for some amazing content in advance of Episode 10 – The OFFICIAL World Podcasting Tag Team Championship Match! ••••Contact Us! We want your feedback and ideas!••• Email: Twitter: The Chisler @fochisel E-Money @emoneytws Facebook: •Show Nuts• After woman bites Tiger Truck Stop camel, animal given precautionary antibiotics Woman Arrested After Bakersfield Police Find $6,000 in Stolen Quarters in Baby Stroller
September 16, 2019
The World Huskyweight Tag Team Champions of Podcasting, E-Money and The Chisler, welcome back The Watcher for his second appearance! The three chat about Creature, Legos, smoked brisket, Russians versus Belarussians, binge watching, apologizing to Bachelor Nation, lacrosse activities, Wheel’s broken leg, Chisler’s inability to perform car maintenance, the bad ideas surrounding the storm of Area 51, the floating man, a jogger’s death in an ironic location, a bridesmaid makes the most of wearing what she wants, what the Chisler saw in his rearview mirror, E-Money’s hiking accident, the Watcher’s Mandingo-sized LEGO collection, and the Chisler comes clean about prank at the Watcher’s house. In the final segment, what does fate have in store for the Watcher and E-Money for trivia? Find out in the shocking, double-cross ending!!! •Show Nuts• Festivals Planned for Nevada Towns Near Area 51 Get the Final Local OK Woman Dies After Being Struck By Lightning While Jogging In Cemetery Maid of honor wears T-Rex costume after being told she could wear ‘anything’
September 4, 2019
The World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcasting Champions return with a brand new guest host, High Gravity! E-Money and the Chisler are surprised by our new friends over at From the Earth Brewing Co. ( who send over some amazing food and killer beers to enjoy for the night— thanks again, guys!!! The three guys discuss Chisler’s bricked iPhone, kayaking, mermaids on the river, Buffalo Wings, drinking games for Monday Might Football, Ohio State College, wrestling belts, Bachelor In Paradise (with Chisler advocating on behalf of #BachelorNation), funk, the neo-funk band The Heavy, models making their contribution to the craft beer movement, whether E-Money REALLY ran over High Gravity’s foot, E-Money’s brewing attempt and the Chisler’s embarrassing beard trimming accident. In the final segment, High Gravity lives up to his name and takes on the deadliest game in podcasting, Chisler’s List! Will he and E-Money be the ones to take down the undefeated trivia game? Check out our good friends at From The Earth Brewing Company (! If you are ever near the Roswell area, you owe it to yourself to stop by and enjoy the best food and drink in town! •Show Nuts• Ohio State University wants to trademark the word 'The' John Paul Jones and Derek Peth's Feud Overshadows the Bachelor in Paradise Wedding Vagina Beer Is Real. Like, Beer Made From Vagina Bacteria.
August 23, 2019
In this special retrospective episode, we bring you all of the clips that weren’t included in the final version of our first six releases of The Weekend Social Podcast. Hosted by The Chisler, this show compiles the hidden gems featuring all of your favorite guest hosts, The Chisler and E-Money! Segment titles below— enjoy! E0.5 (Introsode): Quantum Leap - Tables Ladders & Chairs - Million Dollar Noose - What She Said E01 (w/ Mr. Clean): Opening Montage - Penis Enlargement - American Idol - Smoked on the Condition - Blurps - No laws - Am I wrong? - Fear of Salad / Flexitarian E02 (w/ The Tazmann): Balloons - Cramps - Powers Island - Aimovig - tropic thunder - it’s not you - Cubans - Alpine Skiing - PBS - Number 3 - Just The Tip - Almost Okay - Attaboy - Have Confidence, You Mouth Fucks - Say it Again E03 (w/ The Happening): Little Thingy - It Wants - The Mango - Like a Good Neighbor - You’re a Kumquat - Moonwalking - The Wind Shield Factor - Chislerettes - Honey Badger vs. Chisler’s List E04 (w/ The Watcher): Brass Tacks - Help Desk / The Green G - Wanted A Girl - Jordan, Pippen, Jackson, Rodman - Duster, Not a Dipper - Restraint - Meta IT Guy - Discolored Bricks - Chisler’s Super Power - A Lot of Pressure E05 (w/ The Happening & Honey Badger): Damn It, Dennis Rodman - A Little Loud - Chisler’s Ticket - Southern Style Lootin’ - Floridaaaah - Husky Mandingo - It Was Great, It Was Wonderful - “Hurry Back, E-Money” - Mizzo-Rah - Let Me Finish A Sentence - Distracted Happening - Look At My Wee Wee - The Sink Story - The Final Phase - Cerebrum - Ice Dragon
August 15, 2019
The first official guest host on The Weekend Social returns to the podcasting squared circle! Mr. Clean joins E-Money and The Chisler as they discuss the impending school year, weekend plans, a face-hugging octopus in the State of Washington, millennial men hijacking Money Claws, Anheuser-Busch’s current financial situation, pre-war renovations leading to unexpected big returns, banning scooters after hours, game of thrones, ulcers, Mr. Clean’s super power, Chisler submitting his resignation and the reasons why, Mr. Clean tells the tale of his trip with E-Money to Key West... and the Chisler takes bad advice from Mashable for the cooler! In the final segment, Mr. Clean will shock you with his trivia game selection— and the Chisler adds a new twist that will change the most dangerous game in podcasting forever! #Podcasting #Comedy #Trivia #Storytelling #Mashable #WhiteClaw #GeorgeLucas #BudLight #DrinkingGames #WorldTagTeamPodcastChampions #MakePodcastingGreatAgain •Show Nuts• Woman sent to hospital after posing with octopus on face Home renovation unearthed hidden beer cans worth thousands of dollars Article: Video: After 4 Fatalities, Atlanta Bans E-Scooters At Night
July 28, 2019
E05 - The Four Way Deathisode (or "Being Cesar Millaned") The Chisler and E-Money welcome their lovely wives, The Happening and the much discussed Honey Badger, for a cage exhibition match of biblical podcasting proportions! The four chat about video games, flip-cupping, going to the drive-in, E-Money’s garage renovation, Six Flags, undercover cops busting motorists using their phones, their mounts, Missy Elliot’s new album, Alexa apparently saving a woman from domestic assault, a suspect gives himself away, R Kelly continues to be a pedophile douche bag, shoe ads, shared bug fear, Cesar Millan-ing spouses, choosing your battles and sage marital advice. In the shocking final segment, the Chisler introduces a twist, allowing the Honey Badger and the Happening to name the trivia games they will play to close out the show— will one of them dare to take on the deadliest game in podcasting, Chisler’s List?! #podcast #comedy #trivia #storytelling #Neighbors #Roswell #CurrentEvents #MissyElliot #WeirdNews #WhiteClaw #DrinkingGames #MakePodcastingGreatAgain Contact us! (Questions for the hosts? Feedback on the show? Suggestions for us?) Twitter: E-Money @emoneytws The Chisler @fochisel •The Show Nuts• Officers pose as construction workers for hands-free driving sting Did an Echo Call 911 During a Domestic Assault? Amazon Says No. Loud fart gives away suspect's hiding spot, leads to arrest R. Kelly paid thousands of dollars to recover missing sex tapes and paid victims to lie, prosecutors say
July 14, 2019
E04 - The Last Gold Bond Jedi (or “The Case of the Missing $175K”) E-Money and The Chisler return from the summer holidays to welcome their guest host, The Watcher! The three discuss the upcoming four-way death-isode with The Happening and Honey Badger, Ohio’s crop status (knee-high?), air swimming, fatherhood, Money Claw Mandingos, Finland’s two most notable exports (knitting and heavy metal) coming together, doors open on an armored car on I-285 and the morning commute lottery, Rip Torn is now officially dead, a semi truck carrying 40K bees crashing in Bozeman Montana, parenting advice, E-Money saves the Chisler from the brutal heat, the Watcher’s incontinence incident, urinal science and outdoor facilities. In the final segment, a BRAND NEW trivia game is debuted, pitting E-Money against The Watcher to determine who has the greater wealth of trivial knowledge! (In memory of our dear friend, The Jew) Show nuts: Finland's Heavy Metal Knitting Championship Is The Real Purl Jam Drivers stopped on an Atlanta interstate to grab $175,000 in cash that fell out of an armored truck Rip Torn, actor best known for 'Men in Black' and 'The Larry Sanders Show,' dies at 88 A semi-truck crashed carrying 40,000 pounds of bees
July 1, 2019
E03 - Plumb and Plumber (or “A Case of the Git Ups”) E-Money and the Chisler are joined for an action packed episode by beautiful Mrs. Chisler, The Happening (@TheHappeningFAW)! The three chat about the plans for their upcoming Father’s Day weekend, the newest viral video trend / Chisler alarm clock, Varsity Blues and beverage magnate parental abuse, the Chisler’s NYC arch nemesis goes down thanks to Operation Meltdown, Trump swivels on the return to Moon and Mars is inappropriately grabbing the Earth’s satellite, Kroger Science, plumbing problems, gas station gambling, and The Happening and E-Money team up to take on the deadliest game in podcasting! If that wasn’t enough, the Honey Badger runs in with a steel chair to send a message to the two hosts of The Weekend Social, setting the stage for their showdown in Episode 5! #podcast #comedy #trivia #drinkinggames #FathersDay #GitUp #VarsityBlues #Billa #OperationMeltdown #MrSoftee #NewYorkCity #DonaldTrump #Mars #Moon #kroger #SlotMachines #Gambling #HoneyBadger #MakePodcastingGreatAgain Show Nuts: The next ‘Old Town Road?' Trap-country goes viral again with Blanco Brown’s ‘The Git Up’ More 'Varsity Blues' parents plead guilty as one parent who previously pleaded guilty in college admissions scandal assaulted by son 46 ice cream trucks are being seized in a New York City crackdown Trump attacks Nasa and claims the moon is 'a part' of Mars
June 6, 2019
E02 - Loose Sharts Sink Hearts (or “The Case of the Missing Half Dollar”) E-Money and The Chisler welcome The Tazmann back to podcasting in this episode of The Weekend Social (now with live 15-Love scoring)! The three discuss Memorial Day Weekend antics, inadequate substitute selzers, Mall Crawlers, Home Depot vs. Lowes, R.I.P. Rip Torn, Scottie Pippen’s ridiculous lawsuit, the implications of drone deliveries, the car buying Bishop in the Chinese Diocese of the Church of Pinching Pennies, getting older and embarrassing accidents, E-Money’s anniversary with Honey Badger, Tazmann’s sage wisdom and his strange life similarities with SilverStreak. By the time everyone is getting sloppy, Tazmann’s selection is forced to partner with E-Money to take on the DEADLIEST trivia game in podcasting! But everyone is a winner when listening to The Weekend Social! #Podcast #Comedy #Trivia #CurrentEvents #TheWeekendSocial #MakePodcastingGreatAgain #TheChisler #E-Money #Tazmann #WhiteClaw #ScottyPippen #AmazonPrime #China #OldMen #Anniversary #Rappers Articles: Scottie Pippen accuses 5-year-old of defacing his home with crayons in lawsuit against her parents Drones to deliver incessant buzzing noise, and packages Chinese man uses 66 bags of coins to pay for car
May 21, 2019
E01 - No More Second Chantix (or “The Three-Legged Race in the Champagne Room”) The Chisler and E-Money invite Mr. Clean to the first official episode of the Weekend Social! Mr. Clean and E-Money’s long standing friendship is discussed, Mr. Clean gives some fatherly advice, the Chisler contemplates the effect of creating Mortal Kombat 11 on it’s developers, Bruce Willis gets booed by the Philadelphia Phillies, Kim Kardashian is skin shamed, E-Money reveals his own skin troubles, White Claws and it’s drinkers are judged, E-Money’s experience with Chantix, and when we all are about to go off the reservation AND the rails, we wrap it up with a nail-biting trivia/drinking game, the Weekend Social Showdown! Follow us on Twitter: The Chisler (@fochisel) E-Money (@emoneytws) Links: What it’s Like to Work on Ultra Violent Games Like Mortal Kombat 11 Bruce Willis Gets Booed by Phillies Fans After Throwing Out the First Pitch Kim Kardashian Responds to Tabloid That Body-Shamed for Her Psoriasis
May 12, 2019
E0.5 - Introductions (or “A case of Routine Poutine”) The Weekend Social E0.5: The Chisler and new co-host, E-Money, introduce themselves and discuss life in Roswell, the Chisler’s 4-year podcasting hiatus, the Happening and Honey Badger, the Duggar’s )$1.8 million flip, the Quebec Hamburglar, WWE wrestling, Smackdown, Shane McMahon, Xbox, waking up / throwing up to Trump’s America, and wrap the show up with a trivia drinking game. (@FoChisel on Twitter, Articles: The Duggar’s Flip House The Quebec Hamburglar And
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