Really great series
I learned a lot of fascinating info about the statue’s history through these digestible and entertaining episodes. Fun sonic experience.
Love it!
So beautiful and immersive, listening is truly an experience. Love all the narrative coming straight from the historian's mouth. The third episode which explores the controversy surrounded by Lady Liberty is very powerful!
Grab your ear buds for this one! The soundscapes are subtle enough to allow the historians’ narrative to shine but rich enough to transport the listener to another time and place. The episode length allows for the unpacking of a lot of fascinating content while still keeping the subject material perfectly digestible. And the third episode reveals some pretty important perspectives that typically remain untold in the statue’s story. How moving! It’s an exciting time for audio and I look forward to more rich storytelling like this making its way mainstream.
What I didn’t know I didn’t know...
I love how this isn’t just facts and information. It covers three diverse topics I wouldn’t have thought of - from from how the statue was crowdfunded to controversies surrounding the statue from disenfranchised groups like women and African Americans. and the length is perfect - 15 minutes is perfect for my short commute 👍🏻
A cool way to experience history
I'm not really a history buff, and yet the way this story is told with all of the sounds and beautiful fiddle make the story told by the historians feel like it's really unfolding. Episode 3 is especially surprising. I love how DVF opens each episode, and makes me feel like I'm journeying with her back in time. Really well done!
Mr. Danny M
More! Beautiful
With Diane, historians, and sound the style, but more so love going back to basics - what is beautiful and philosophical about being American, and being welcomed by Lady Liberty to start anew; to pursue life, liberty, and a farbassina of happiness :)
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