Love this podcast
Listening to this podcast has become the best part of my day! Just ordered the Pray the Word journal and so excited to start.
Golden Peacock mom
These podcasts cover topics real families encounter! I have an adult son with special needs who still lives in our home and a 12 year old daughter who was adopted. (Also a grown son who is on his own😊) In our family we face ‘regular’ challenges and unique challenges. A Million Praying Moms ministry has covered so many of the issues I face in my home and has been a tremendous encouragement and help! I’ve also been using the Pray the Word Journals for three quarters now and it has helped me be consistent in praying for my children and praying God’s Word for them. I’m so thankful for this ministry and the wisdom God has given you!
Blessing Christian moms everywhere
This ministry has been such a blessing for me, raising 3 boys, in today’s world. The podcast has the most helpful topics and advice to raise godly children. I love how their philosophy anchors to the importance of prayer and making it your first choice instead of your last resort.
Great Resource for Parents
This is a great resource for parents on how to address real issues we are experiencing now with our children.
Thank you
Thank you Brooke and Erin for the Godly wisdom you share each week. I love listening while I catch up on ironing so my ironing is more fun with the 2 of you and your guest each week!! You take my monotonous ironing and turn it into something fun while I grow in my faith and learn ways to be a better mom to my boys!! Could this be considered “wisdom filled” multitasking, lol?!?!
Every mom I know will be encouraged and challenged by this podcast!
I have known Brooke and Erin personally for years and am thankful to call them friends. They are just as encouraging, kind, and supportive on this podcast as they are in real life. And they find amazing experts and fellow parents to share wisdom with all of us on the topics we all want to learn about. Of course, my favorite part is the focus on praying for our kids and these two have been praying encouraging moms in prayer for years.
Love million praying moms!
I’ve been doing the devotional off and on for a while. I’m excited to be listening to the podcast as well!! Love these ladies and their heart for other moms!!!
Christian parenting resource! 🙌🏻
I’m so thankful for this down to earth, extremely practical and relevant podcast for moms who love Jesus and want to raise our kids in a way that pleases Him!
For every parent
This is going to be a podcast for every mom in any stage of their parenting journey. The leaders of this ministry have so much wisdom I am looking forward to amazing things from this podcast
I’m so incredibly thrilled this blog now has a podcast to listen to in the car! I’m able to catch up and listen and get my Brooke time in! 🙌🏻 thanks ladies!
Go Team Mom!
I'm so excited for the new Million Praying Moms podcast! Brook and Erin always do a great job encouraging me to keep, keeping on as a mom. They are real and brave the topics that we are all facing but many are not talking about. If you want to be a part of this fun and brave team of moms giving it their all than this podcast is for you!
For all moms on the go
I’m so grateful to hear Brooke and Erin now when I’m on the go via this podcast. This is part of my must-listen podcast list for driving and work outs and just escaping the noise of life. I’m always inspired in a new way to “mom” even better with my prayer life.
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