Excellent and timely
Fantastically researched and as important as ever.
Excellent investigative journalism
This was weeks of investigation, conversations, and thoughts paired down to seven impressive episodes. An important listen about what whiteness was, and continues to be.
Extraordinary podcast
formet hoosier
This is very well done and worth anyone’s time. It has now been 55 years since this event. How far have we come? Read the current headlines and you will see. Not very far, if at all. Our society needs to be prodded to go where it must go. We have not done that yet. Might be time.
You must hear this one!
This podcast was the very first podcast I ever listened to. I binged it while driving home from a business trip and haven’t stopped listening to podcast since. This is a horrible story but a great podcast and really fitting for the times.
A must to see how the system perpetuate injustice.
A must—this helps people understand how the system perpetuates injustice.
Very well put together. Especially interesting and relevant now.
Not a little White Lie!!
I was riveted.... Could not stop listening. Unbelievable how long it took. And seriously.... still afraid to speak the truth? Hate..... it is such a waste! Thank you for NOT giving up on the truth.
Please listen, important & well done
This is so worthwhile. Well researched and told. It shows the evil and grace in people and how contagion spreads from an incident to a town to a narrative and becomes legacy. If we don’t listen we will never learn. Always key but maybe especially so in this moment.
The Truth
This podcast has significantly influenced the way in which I understand the world. I am constantly thinking about the lies we tell ourselves to justify our actions in both small and big areas of life. By carefully investigating the murder of the pastor, the subsequent court case, and the long term effects on the families and communities, this podcast exposes the tragic depths of racism and the lies that let people live with it. It changed me.
Great Work
Great Podcast!! Couldn’t get enough, excellent story telling, eye opening. Favorite part the music at the end of each episode
Great podcast horrible song
After listening to each episode regarding this murder the podcast song is distractingly bad. It detracts from the content
This entire podcast is well written and told - it hooks you from the first moments. It also provides a great insight into the south and the tensions in Selma.
Great listen!!
I loved this podcast! It was such great story telling. I had to stop myself from listening to multiple episodes a day.
This is a fascinating look into the death of Jim Reeb, and into the psyche of Selma, Alabama both during the Civil Rights Movement and present day.
Incredible storytelling. Must listen.
I can’t say enough great things about the compelling telling of this important event. Should be required listening for Americans.
Timely and compelling
Kens wife
I knew nothing about the murder of Reverend Jim Reeb in Selma, AL in 1965. I found this podcast to be extremely informative and compelling. The importance of how the racist actions of that era connect directly to the 2020 Black Lives Matter issues is mind boggling for those of us white folks who desperately need to be educated!!
Hooked on their storytelling
This podcast series was so well written and told I was hooked from the first episode. I just finished and found myself wishing there were more. Instead, I find myself looking for other series not only that these two gentlemen have spoken true to, but also other podcasts and information from the civil rights movement and earlier years prior to 1965.
Great deep dive
Such a great deep dive into this murder. Really well done. Highly recommend it.
Sad, true; & very important to hear!
#Education is Key
I had just finished watching the movie “Selma” , so this was of great interest to me. I appreciated being able to make the connection between the movie and the well researched and thoughtful information and narrative that was provided in the podcast.
Elizabeth 42
Another great series from NPR. Concussions and brain injury get worse as swelling sets in. Speaking from experience, you can feel fine in the moments right after a head injury. It can develop into a much more serious medical situation in the hours following. Of course explaining this to the jury probably would have made no difference.
Marie St Paul
The least we white people can do is bear witness to this injustice, and hear what true goodness and courage look like. Bravo, gentlemen, for your work here.
I’m a pastor and this is a must listen.
St. Punisher
This is one of the most well researched, well organized, and well structured podcasts I have listened to recently. As a pastor myself, there were many moments of somber reckoning as I reflected on the dynamics of ministry in that time period and now, preaching and living into the narrative of the gospel in the context of other deeply entrenched and persisting narratives that are rooted in lies. This is very illuminating to both the dynamics of the past and of what propels our narratives today.
Talk to fast
I believe this podcast would be more interesting if I could understand what was being said. I understand the recordings may be hard to hear but the hosts speak so fast that most of the time I couldn’t grasp what they were saying. Very interesting story but please slow down.
Really paints a picture of a world gone by, a world we still live in, the resilience of the human spirit, the power of the lies we tell ourselves, and the necessity for the truth to be heard.
Eye opening
Not that I didn’t know that so many horrid sins of the civil rights movement were covered up or excused by the attitudes of the time period, but to hear first hand accounts of those that are guilty or implicit is heart wrenching powerful. Our past impacts our future so it’s so vital that we know the truth of the past so we can do more tommale a better future! Thank you for this! And thank you for making them people not just names.
Amazing eye opening Journalism!
In light of everything that is going on today concerning Black Lives Matter it was no surprise that a sad lie has tried to be upheld by the white confederacy loving conservatives who seem to be still angry about the Civil Rights Movement . This is another amazing must hear story about another important instance of injustice in the South. Not sure why anyone would give this less than 5 stars! Thank you for opening eyes!
All the many different white lies
Thank you for getting to the root of so many white lies, thank you for bringing it back to the families who were impacted. All the directions this took were so helpful to really understand what happened, and how it impacted so many... the scars remain and we must educate ourselves to do better, be better!
Must Listen
Not happy with company
Extremely revealing and compelling.
Long walk restless research
Frank K jr
Very well composed incredible piece of work for the ages. Great food for the soul . Thank you
A great listen
This is perfect eye opener into what we are experiencing now in 2020.
Essential reporting.
“White Lies” is tenacious and conscientious and riveting. An important time to revisit the injustices of the early civil rights movement and address the festering racism in our country. The glibness and cavalier attitudes of some of these reporters’ racist Selma interviewees is chilling, appalling, infuriating .. and necessary to hear. That the law doesn’t allow for prosecution of those who so heinously obstruct justice and protect murderers is a real problem. I hope “White Lies”is one of a good long series of excellent investigative pieces to come which will serve as chemotherapy for the persistent cancer of racism which still infects America.
Very interesting
I have not ever wanted to learn the truth of our past as a white person til the death of George Floyd keeps circulating in my mind. This podcast was full of personal testimonies of the truth from a past we keep living. We have to keep seeking the truth. Thank you for doing all this work for justice.
Binged it all in one sitting!
A good lesson in creating cliffhangers, I downed it all in one sip — I couldn’t walk away
Binge-worthy series
The last episode is so powerful and moving. A great series and the power of storytelling.
Excellent Journalism
Elzie D
An example of what can be accomplished with this platform when devoted reporters take years to investigate. Each episode is edited in a way that compels you to continue but I never felt manipulated. I am impressed by the effort that they took to respect the people and families involved. The results are in the slowly unfolding revelations. Very important story that leaves me more informed and moved to action. Thank you
Wonderful storytelling
Listening to this while people peacefully protest the murder of George Floyd. The past is with us every day and this story is part of the way we can move forward with honesty and truth. This was inspiring!
Powerful story
This short series is a must-listen for anyone interested in history and racial justice. The hosts do some pretty incredible investigating to find the final, never-charged man who helped kill a minister during the Civil Rights movement. I grew up in the South, and the way that the white people they talk to dance around and minimize the issue of race is all too familiar. Along with the investigation, you learn more about the Civil Rights movement at the time. Sadly in many ways the struggle continues. Thank you for the amazing podcast!
Great podcast!
Thank you for your time on unfolding! On episode 4 will be finishing and recommending! Looking forward to more content from this podcast!
The white people song
White people get bullied at school can’t what tell they a cop so they can bully you white people oh no we can’t dance ha hay hay ha hay once a black man came and a white woman zipped up her purse white people we inbred redneck hillbilly gun loveing dear hunting people oh white people we love country music 🎶 nana an aaaaaaaaa YEE HOOW WHITE PEOPLE
Intense Investigating Paid Off!
The hours and amount of work put in to this project must have been grueling, but your hard work paid off big time. I’d like to believe that you two allowing the people to speak their minds relieved a tremendous, mental burden. This series was AMAZING!
White Lies
Great program - hope to heat more. Inspiring!!
White Lies
This series was incredible. Thank You
White Lies
Thank you for this well done documentary of the real history of what happened to these men and women during the civil rights movement. At times very hard to listen to and a reminder of the racism that continues today but this is truly important to hear. I loved the ending with the interview with Joanne Bland an amazing woman!❤️
This story broke my heart. I couldn’t listen to it at work like I usually do, simply because I cried. I think everyone needs to listen to this story, simply because we can’t allow history to repeat itself. Fantastic storytelling and thorough research.
A gripping true crime podcast that also explores race relations in the USA
One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to that explores how racism plays out in America. The story is gripping, but the examination of the systems that operate in our society that caused the conditions for the crime to come about was just as gripping. It’s a podcast by white folks for white folks, but doesn’t flinch from the ugly truth of what happened in the 60’s and what we’re still up against when it comes to racism in today’s America.
Powerful and revealing
Reporters did an outstanding job uncovering and telling this tragic story in American history. Thanks for their dedication to getting the truth out.
Incredible Work
Thank you for the captivating story and incredible research and work that went into this. I would also recommend visiting the website that gives helpful visuals.
So upsetting...
And good.
I couldn’t stop listening to this incredible reach back into an understudied part of our American history. My heart was racing and breaking during each episode. Remarkable investigation and reporting. Thank you so much for bringing all aspects of the characters’ lives, those affected by this crime and the questionable old south/current American mindset to the forefront. I truly want to visit Selma and consume more details to remember those that sacrificed for me. Much respect.
Total heartbreaking!
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