More Please
Oh so miss hearing Paul Harvey twice a day His voice is so reassuring.
Tn Morga
Your father fascinated me with his stories. And I loved his book “The Rest of the Story”. Thank you and please keep them coming.
Are there going to be any more??
“Stand by for NEWS!
What happened to those shows? I remember seeing them before.
Lunch with Paul.
I remember listening to Paul Harvey as a youth and being intrigued with his voice and ability to tell tales. I was so happy to find this podcast, to listen to the old-timers tell their stories brings back many memories. It is truly wonderful!
So refreshing
Derek R A
Please please please post more!!!!!!
Great! More please!
Will there be any more episodes? I love his stories! Please add more!
More episodes please
I’ve always enjoyed these. He was so much fun to listen to.
More please
Paco BNA
I would absolutely listen to each and every episode
I grew up listening to Paul Harvey with my dad around our breakfast table. Every single story astounded me and triggered endless conversation about history, trivia, politics, sports, etc. Please keep them coming so I can share with my own children now. My heart is happy hearing Mr. Harvey’s voice again.
More Please
Dixie VG
I absolutely loved hearing this show again. Please add more of them.
Dré want to be a Docta
I love and miss him and his voice.Thank you for keeping it alive for us!!!
More please!
Please keep going! We loved Paul Harvey!
Best story teller ever!!!
Just listen. No need for me to tell you why...
Greatest Storyteller of all Time
peaches in the country
I grew up listening to Mr. Harvey. When I was able to stay with my Grandparents, my Grandaddy would turn on the little radio sitting close by, and we all knew to be quiet! And then right at noon there’s Mr. Harvey, taking us with him as he spoke with that wonderful voice. How I miss those days! But, I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to be able to listen to his stories and his news broadcasts, what a treat!
More please
We need more Mr. Harvey
Why not more?
C Ross n Texas
I miss hearing Paul Harvey daily. If you aren’t willing or able to produce more, please let me buy the content from you and I will produce them. Paul Harvey should be heard again.
More please
We need more. Srsly.
Give us more Paul Harvey!!! ❤️
Bring on More
I could listen to Paul Harvey continuously. Please give us more!
I’m sad to see there is only one episode.
Great memories
I have always loved Paul Harvey’s rest of the stories and looked forward every day to hear one. I look forward now to listening again to the wonder stories that would have you trying to figure out the rest of the story that only Paul Harvey could do. I hope more come soon. Thank you Paul Harvey Jr for putting this together
More please!
Title says it all. Love these and the podcast format is perfect for posting all of Paul Harvey’s classics.
Available shows
I always loved Paul Harvey, but where are the podcast??
The Best
I love Paul Harvey! Please post more of this classic show!
Please post more of these! I love them so much and want to share them with my kids!!
Keep them coming! Reminder of my teenage years. I want to pass along to my children.
Thank you!
Please keep them coming, what breath of fresh air. Listening with my two teenage boys and they are instantly hooked.
More, please.
Thank you!
I often check to see if there is a new podcast with Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story segments. I remember listening to them as a child at my grandparents’ home and my parents’ home. I look forward to more!
Love it
N o t happy
Waiting for the next Podcast. Thank you for this!!
Thank You
In the world we live in today a voice of truth is needed. I truly miss him being on the radio but this is just as good. Thank you Paul Harvey, Jr. for bringing him back. 💯🇺🇸
Thank you!
Mike Reid Jr
Thank you, this brings back memories of my childhood, Paul Harvey was a huge part of my daily life growing up this was the greatest find!
Memories Revisited
Wow, it’s good to hear a legends voice! As a kid, I grew up hearing Paul Harvey on 740 KTRH. We would actually tune in specifically to hear his voice and glean from the knowledge and wisdom he shared in the form of a mystery and a story. I truly hope to hear more!
Thank you!
Thank you very much for bringing these back. Please keep doing so. I’m glad, on a whim, I searched Paul Harvey to see if there was anything like this. My grown kids and I still remember and talk about his signature style and sign off. Sincerely, Long time loyal & grateful fan
A blast from the past!!
We were SO excited to have found this on Podcasts!! We were just talking about how much we loved listening to Paul Harvey in real time when were were growing up. I decided to search and here it is!!! Can’t wait for more!!!
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