Honest, informative, and entertaining
Keep up the good work Cal!
Great quick facts
Nwcc customer #69
What’s better than acquiring knowledge bright and early Monday morning? Not just hunting and fishing, but everything for all outdoor recreation.
Well done and consistent.
I am not one who often writes reviews; however, this podcast is concise, entertaining and consistent. Provides a brief update about conservation issues that keep you up to date. Well done!
Cal nails it!
Educational, funny, all-around great podcast!
Thankful for this podscast
Hands down the best, most concise, conservation podcast out there.
Best thing on the internet
Steven Rinella was right!
There aren’t many sources like this
Cal’s show provides listeners with content and news that is hard to find elsewhere. You learn a lot in a small amount of time in an enjoyable way.
Very NPR like
Nate R Spence
Love the weekend review. Short, to the point, Cal’s view points and political leanings line up with mine.
Education with humor
Cal is both educational and funny as hell! Great podcast
I listened to this podcast and was gradually healed from a terminal illness.
This a very educational podcasts for kids and adults and can make old people feel young
Interesting- Not just hunting!
This podcast combines humor with interesting facts and important topics that need to be brought to everyone’s attention. It’s not at all “too country” or all about hunting and fishing. I highly recommend this podcast as a nature/wildlife enthusiast.
Sound effects
I don’t like or feel the sound effects are needed. However that’s not really anything I would bother complaining about, except they are LOUD!! It’s at least distracting from an otherwise good podcast. Unfortunately for me, I can’t listen to it while I’m in the truck or tractor because I either cant hear what’s being said or I’m violently punched in the ears with occasional sound effects, and that’s distracting. Fix it. Other than that I very much enjoy the podcast and would like to hear more. Keep up the good work, save money and fire the effects guy.
Quick direct and good info. A good amount of whit thrown in that’s keeps you listening intently. Awesome content and well worth the listen.
Thank you for the effort and consistency. I’m learning and teaching youngsters a lot from your podcast!!
Woot- Woot
Thanks for doing this! Great content and humor.
Good Stuff
Hey Cal, I’m a fan! I don’t do all the things you do. I don’t get to go to all the places you go to. But I do get to hunt and get outdoors whenever I have the time. Your PodCast and the meat eater podcast makes the time I do get out there more colorful and detailed. I guess I can also say it somehow adds more texture to what I have been doing and adds an increase sense of good stewardship. Thanks.
Cal’s week in review.
Best thing in the inter-webs. Great sound effects!
The Man
Lt fun time
Mr. Callahan Love the pod cast. Very educational and spot on ! Keep up the great work.
Great work Cal. Keep it up!
Almost Middle School Approved
Just listened to latest meateater podcast. I too use this podcast while teaching a wildlife science class in middle school. I would play it... but I get nervous about non beaver damns. They like the animal news. Hard to get them pumped about conservation though. I’m not done trying. They really like ole broken legs diet. Keep this going Cal. Oh school counselor Starla from Missoula, says you’re great and she’s good medicine. So that works for me.
Absolutely love this podcast
Chef kaido
I have always been a fan of Cal since I started watching and following the meateater crew! My kids like the sound effects but also the random enjoyable bits of facts about animals. He tells it like it is and doesn't back down yet isn't afraid of being corrected!
Smell me now lady
Ol Cal has a voice in conservation that doesn’t sound like what our out of touch congressmen and women have. He’s helped me get out and do some politicking with my duly elected to save our public lands and environment for hunting and fishing. He’s done nothing to reduce my use of run-on sentences.
Just in general
Love the pod cast very informational keep it going
Cal Unites Conservationsists
Rita B. Offshore Fishing
Thanks for drawing the line between those who hunt and fish and those who care about the environment. I think we all need a little reminder that we're all on the same team. This podcast does just that. Keep doing what you're doing!
Could it be the best of the Meat Eater crew?
I’ve always really enjoyed Cal on the Meat Eater shows, and as a co-host on the other podcasts, but I didn’t know what to expect when they announced he was getting his own show. I’ve generally considered him a great “sidekick character.” But this show doesn’t disappoint! Cal’s dry, yet witty style, punctuated by excellent and well timed sound effects, is just what you need to keep up on all your conservation current events. After a few months of episodes, I can honestly say there hasn’t been a single topic that I was bored by. Everything he talks about is an absolute gem and he’s even gotten me worked up enough to reach out to my elected officials for the first time in my 15 years of voting age. I found myself this week checking the podcasts app repeatedly, wondering if the new episode had dropped yet! CWiR is an absolute winner! Don’t miss this one!
More than just ladies smelling Ryan
Walter Cronkite of the MeatEater world? Perhaps Cal has not yet reached the status of arbiter of natural world news, but this show provides a unique perspective and welcomed perspective. There is a delightful innocence about this show fit for any curious and outdoorsy kid, yet enough important information that the informed outdoors person wouldn’t want to miss an episode. Val’s Week In Review provides a perfect balance of fun humor and outdoors news.
Love Cal
Look forward to every episode!
Your down right killin it!! I really enjoy the work and enthusiasm you put into your podcast along with the knowledge. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the humor!
Incorporates the Science!
I really appreciate his biological and ecological knowledge. Ecosystems are complex and vastly misunderstood and understudied. The food web is complex and depends on many plant and animal species that are not part of the typical game biota, that is why single species conservation (usually applied for game species) is not always the best rout to take for wildlife management. Perhaps a good podcast idea would be to compare single-species conservation versus an entire ecosystem approach! Because there are pros and cons for both.
Thumbs up
Surprisingly enjoyable, Cal is great as a guest on others Podcasts, I wasn’t sure what to think of this one at first. But it’s really grown on me.
Nothing out there like it
Another great product from the meateater crew. Unique design and great to listen to. I wake up every Tuesday morning excited to listen to facts from Cal on my morning commute
Awesome Show
I love the quick, packed, scripted, format. Every episode is engaging and thought provoking, just listened to the latest episode and appreciated the discussion of the many topics—not all new content, but concise, clear, and thoughtful. The meat eater podcast is like a bunch of cool dudes talking around a campfire for 2 hours. This is a welcome companion, concise, entertaining, and thought provoking, just the facts and quick analysis. I enjoy both shows but for very different reasons.
Cal’s the Man!
Highly entertaining show with hard hitting facts. I really enjoy his advocacy for public lands and reasonable conservation of wildlife.
Animal and nature news
Always good stuff. Tons of interesting things each episode
Quick and to the point, overall great!
Love the quick and to the point that information about what’s going on. Great information. Keep it up!
Best outdoor news/entertainment podcast on the interwebs!
A quirky funny speed race thru the new and interesting happenings in wildlife and conservation and/or hunting and fishing that stays on point to broaden our horizons! Only complaint’s is that it only comes out once a week and that Cal doesn’t provide links to the studies and articles he used as reference material.
Great for whole family....conservation education
John Christensen, JD, CFP
Love to listen to this with my children, and on way to Boy Scout campouts with Scouts. Great education and entertainment. Love it!
Look forward to this podcast
Cal is the best! Love the format and info.
Idaho SFB
Great content, perfect length, my new favorite podcast!!
A myopic perspective on use of lands belonging to everyone, not just us hunters
Cal is 100% incorrect on his notion that technology will evolve and somehow a future 1 HP motor will to do more work ala a dirtbike. Power by definition is the rate at which work is done. Motors of power limited output can get smaller and more energy efficient, however fixed power is just that. Comparing it to a 248cc KTM as a benchmark for some future developmental progression is intellectually dishonest. The definition is incredibly clear, "as long as the motor does not exceed 750W or 1 HP" meaning no future qualifying bikes will be more powerful than what is allowed now. That is 1/5th the power pushing most children's go karts. 1/20th of my lawn mower. Perhaps he should have spent more time researching the physics of motor bikes rather than the history. The goal to "increase recreational opportunities on public lands" is a noble on and as hunters oppose rules that would do that, they come off as myopic individuals who treat public lands only for their exclusive use, something I hear all the time from other non-hunting out door recreationists. On Cal's Week In Review he raised concern about the ESA and shifting definition of critical habitat. He said "previously when looking at a species, the historic range of that species was taken into context when evaluating recovery or protection options." He then goes on to speak to the change including habitat that is currently occupied, it is possible that we will not provide enough habitat for the continued success of the species using the example of Mountain Goats, which are not a species of concern. Hearing that definition, I was reminded of a discussion on a past episode of The Meat Eater podcast specifically around what recovery looks like for wolves and grizzly bears, and how the historic range language in the ESA has "moved the goal posts" on recovery when those species have met and exceeded local recovery goals in given areas, reaching the carrying capacity of available habitat. However because they are not recovered in other areas where they never will be, they remain listed and not managed by the states. A narrow definition does not preclude broad action as it simply sets a floor, but setting historic range thresholds which can never be met begets situations like we see with wolves and grizzlies where a listed species can never be removed without the extrapolation of humans and rewilding of the habitat. As has been said on the show, the goal should be to get the species off the ESL and turn management over to the states. Cal's statement on the change cast it as a negative action, omitting presentation of the wolves and bears side of the issue, noting that "those of us who care about habitat and issues like this... need to hold our elected officials accountable" came off as preservationist rather than conservationist.
Dustin Higby
Hilarious, accurate and interesting.
Top Notch
Great stimulating quickly delivered info... perfect for my morning commute.
Bull Sitter
Reliable, humorous, pertinent outdoor information. All other podcast get shuffled to the side as soon as this one drops.
Best way to start the week
Quick, funny, informative. Hard not to learn something and walk away with some fun facts for your friends. Cal does a great job.
Sound effects
Love them. Favorite part of the show. Info is second.
Sooooo sad
I’m sitting on a plane right now hoping this weeks episode will come out before they tell me to put my phone in airplane mode. Sooooooo sad... 😢 Love the podcast though!
Totally redeemed himself
This is the best thing I’ve heard from Ol’ Cal, the kids love it too. Keep up the good work.
Great way to stay informed
JD Custom
I teach a high school wildlife biology class and use this podcast with my students to stay up to date on all things conservation.
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