Does this make me gay?
I got super high with best friend a couple weeks ago. During my high I really wanted to kiss her and got kinda turned on when she changed in front of me. I dunno what this means because we’ve gotten high before but this never happened. HELP!! Love you guys btw 😬 Keith you’re my favourite 🇹🇹
Conspiracy Theories
Love listening to you guys while I drive!! Have any of you ever seen the YouTube video about how Back to the Future predicted 9/11? Check it out 😂 EDIT TO MY PREVIOUS REVIEW: There is a podcast called Spoil the Beans where this guy tells his friend (who has apparently lived under a rock his whole life) about movies that he’s never seen before, but first the friend has to explain what he thinks the plot is. Go check it out
Secret secret secret
is this original yet
Hi all I just have a little secret for you whoever reads this🙃but anyway, when I was a little girl I always used to do very dangerous things such as drink a whole bottle of Benadryl(yes the child safety lock was on I was just to danm smart) I also once almost ate an entire flip flop. Now I know my family only knows these because I am already weird enough as it is. I have also eaten an entire page out of my second grade learners book(I don’t remember when) and almost ate an hour entire ink pen. (Not my fault). But I am comepletly healthy even my moms speed dial was the poison control. Love you guys Whatever nickname you chose.
I will give you my firstborn to post the episodes of Keith’s Hanna Montana podcast
5 stars for Red Pandas
I’ve listened to every episode since the beginning, but this rating is for the adoration of the BEST ANIMAL EVER, the red panda. Keith and Eugene are always right apparently.
Broken Headphones🤭
obese labrador
When my family went on vacation, my sister and I plugged our headphones into the car to watch a movie. We had stopped at a rest stop and my sister got out while I stayed in the car. I stretched my leg out, and when I brought my leg down, it hit my sisters headphones and snapped the jack off of the headphones with the cord still stuck in the car. I freaked out, trying to hide the headphones when my sister came back. I played it off, but she still got upset and confused on how she broke them. I convinced her that she had placed her bag on the cord, pulling it out at a weird angle. How do I tell her that she broke it?? Love the Pod!!!
Looking Crazy
This episode has me looking crazy in Target laughing to myself 🤣 great episode.
When I was 7 , I went with my family to a baseball game. I wondered off and saw two kids throwing rocks at each other. I went to the top of the hill with the little girl and asked if she needed help. She said yes so I started picking up rocks and throwing them at the boy at the bottom of the hill. We were back and forth playing when I threw a larger rock and nailed the boy right on his head. He was bleeding so I got scared and ran. My family has no idea I did what I did. Years later I started dating a guy from the same town and MARRIED him before he told me the story of “some little girl busting my skull open at a baseball game”. He still to this day has no idea it was me.
Footsies with strangers 🤫
My secret..... one night after work my coworker and I decided to grab a drink. I had noticed earlier that she had on a new pair of black converse on. After a few beers I go to the bathroom. Someone with black converse goes into the stall next to me. Assuming it is my coworker I start playing footsies with the stranger in the stall next to me. We both start laughing. I then start asking her if she ever found out the answer to a question I had asked my coworker earlier in the day and the stranger replies no. It’s not until we both go to wash our hands that I’ve been talking to a complete stranger lol. I was so embarrassed. Nice of her to play along though. ... love the podcast! Ned is my favorite 😁
I MURDERED MY SISTER????! *not click-bate*
Hi so here’s the thing, growing up I had 4 sisters and one of my older sisters always told me that there was supposed to be 6 of us but that I had murdered my twin in the womb. My sisters and I were evil to each other so i always assumed she was messing with me. However, in the 3rd grade I asked my mom about it and she told me it was true and that I had ate my sister in the womb. I was in shock and felt so ashamed for having committed murder. Then that next Sunday at sunday school, my teacher was going over the 10 commandments and made a joke about how “we didn’t need to worry about not killing anyone because none of us would EVER do that.” I was in tears the rest of the day and was so ashamed that i had murdered someone. I carried this guilt and secret with me until pitch perfect came out and i realized i could get some laughs from this fact. also no one is better than Keith, except Miles. No one is better than miles, except Jamie the rank kid. he rocks.
best podcast
Hi! this is literally the best podcast to fall asleep to- kinda rude but it honestly is calming and easy to relax to. my secret is that when i was younger, my cousin stole my bag of toys that was like about 2 pounds. He took the bag and broke my aunts glass backdoor, on accident. He blamed it on me. And he’s completely forgotten about it. I got a picture of him and one of our other cousins, in a very awkward position so it looks like they are kissing. Whenever they piss me off i use the picture do make them do what i want. Turns out my other cousin is actually more flamboyant then we all thought.
Crazy High School Lunch Stories from an East Coast Tryceratops Fan :)
Hey guys (and Miles - what's up Miles Nation)! You're my go-to podcast when getting work done and for chilling out! Also was at the infamous Boston show for the tour! XD Most of the crazy stories I can think of happened when I was in high school, specifically in the school cafeteria - I have two stories to choose from (or both if you have the time). Most of the time it was the occasional end of the year food fight cooked up by the seniors as a prank, which always occurred on a Friday, as Friday was always pasta day. One year however was really crazy and it happened on my birthday - it was Friday again (yay pasta) and as I started to eat my pasta, it tasted weird in the first one or two bites, not sure how I would describe it but at first I thought that somehow the pasta tasted off until I realized it was the plastic fork that tasted weird. I went to get a different fork and that one tasted strange too - after that I had the good sense to go get a plastic spoon instead and eat my pasta with a spoon. Turns out someone apparently sprayed something on the plastic forks (I can't remember but I think it was Windex) - fortunately no one got really sick but still horrific to think about now when looking back. I was just happy I didn't get sick on my birthday. I have no memory on whether or not the perpetrator was ever caught. I also had an incident happen my senior year in high school when some kids (for whatever reason) were throwing a football around INSIDE the cafeteria and it ended up smacking me square in the face (hard enough for my glasses to fall off from the impact onto my lunch tray) - the next day all the teachers were talking in my classes about how horrible it was that some poor young girl got hit by a football during lunch and I decided to stay silent during those classes as I was a bit embarrassed at the time by the incident (however I did mention it to my awesome math teacher in passing that same day, who verbatim responded with, "Wait a minute, that was you?!"). As I type this particular story out, it's quite serendipitous as this incident appeared on my Facebook memories today as having happened exactly 10 years ago! 0_0 Needless to say, I kept my eyes peeled during the Boston show and avoided getting hit in the face with a chicken tender as a result! Btw the chicken was delicious - thank you Keith! Keep it cool and beautiful! :)
Great way to spend my workouts!
Hi Try guys! Love the podcast. I find I watch them now more so than I do your other videos! It’s nice to have something I don’t necessarily need to watch, just listen so I can multitask. My secret is: I am a photographer. My best friend asked me if I could take sexy boudoir photos over her to send to her girlfriend. It wasn’t a big deal, I’ve taken lots of photos in the past of people. However, when we got there I wasn’t prepared for her to want to take these somewhat naked. Naturally... I had a hard time keeping my... stuff.... from making an appearance in my pants. I had to convince her that I always take photos with my legs crossed on a chair with a pillow on my lap. I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in my life. I looked like a massive idiot trying to take these photos from that angle. Thanks for the podcast! You guys rock
The Tinder Scandal
Elle Sc.
Hey try guys I love the content fun fact I’ve heard of you guys before through buzzfeed and YouTubers react but I’ve never watched your videos it wasn’t until listening to the podcast where I turned into a die hard fan of yours..... anyways here is my juicy little secret.... I am known to my family as the quiet one who keeps her head down and does her school work, but this last summer I made a tinder account just for fun but people started responding and one thing led to another and I went on several dates without my parents knowing (since I am a divorced child, hey what’s up Eugene)..... anyway this is relevant now because one of my cousins actually found her husband on tinder.... once my mom learned about this she turned to me and was like when you are ready to date we should sign you up on tinder and I was like 👀
Love them
I've been watching them since I was in high school. (So, for five years?) I've watched them so much I can put them on for back ground noise. So, having them as a podcast makes it so much better. This way I'm not tempted to watch the video lol They are so real and so funny. Love them!
Loving it!
As usual, you guys never fail to make me laugh and reel me in with whatever conversation you guys have whether on YouTube or podcast! Love you guys!
Pet Merch??
(if you could do this in K-2SO's voice from Rogue One that would be awesome!) Hi boys, huge fan here! Hope you guys are having an amazing week so far :) Here is my question, would you guys ever make merchandise for pets? I would love to see my dogs rock out TryGuys merch! Ps. I listen to the podcast weekly and I always look forward to the next episode lol thank you all four for always making me smile and turning bad days into good ones, love you all! Sincerely, Kc :)
For the brunch bois
Hello! My name is Madelaine and although I live in New Orleans, I grew up in Amsterdam. Have any of y’all ever been to the Netherlands or had Poferches (sorry for spelling) or stroopwaffles? Both are found on street carts and they are my favorite foods from growing up. Love y’all! Visit New Orleans again y’all have a huge fan base here!!!
That’s for the great content!
Hi guys, here’s a BIG secret! I had an extra elective in college and I picked Sign Language! I fell in love with signing and actually got certified as an interpreter! Shortly after I got a job as an interpreter at an elementary school, which I LOVED. One of my students was working at genius levels and was reading, yes actually reading and comprehending!, an almanac at age five! She was VERY curious and always paid attention to what the adults were talking about, and one time she caught me signing to another teacher Well instead of having the sex talk with a child who was not mine and way too young, I instead lied to her and told her that the signs I used were for different college subjects. I assured her she wouldn’t have to worry about those things until she was over 18 and out of high school. Here’s hoping she didn’t bring it up to her parents, and won’t think about it until she’s much much older. (I did tell my supervisor what happened, but nobody else knows about my lying to a five year old about sex) 🤣
Losing my virginity to my best friend....
So one of my best friends had a TERRIBLE breakup so I took him out to help him feel better. When we got to his house he asked if he could kiss me and I agreed. Then things were getting heavy and he asked if I wanted to have sex and I didn’t really answer and then all of sudden there was a condom and he was on top of me. And I discovered that it hurts a lot to lose your virginity if you’re a girl... that’s right my virginity story is a rebound sex (totally not what I thought it was going to be) And on top of that (no pun intended) I was working for his mom and she still has no idea. And then I found out that a lot of people dislike him. So when he went around and told people and people asked me and I denied it. He was seen as a liar and people continued to think I was a child of god. But we did in fact have sex (it was so awkward and awful.) Love the podcast, it’s my new favorite thing to listen to while driving and something I look forward to every week!
My Telenovela Secret
Hey guys! My secret is so juicy you could squeeze it and make enough juice for the five of you (can’t forget Miles). This secret could be it’s own telenovela with how many unseen plot twists there are. So to get straight to it, I was in a secret relationship for a little more than a year and half. From my junior year of high school, to the beginning of my freshman year of college. Now here’s the kicker. I cone from a strict mixed family and dating was a big no no. I knew this and always thought it ridiculous, but no guy wanted me anyway so what the hell. But then my best friend asked me out and I couldn’t resist and thus began our secret relationship. We didn’t tell anyone for the first month or so, but then our friends started to figure it out. Even our teachers became aware! But despite everyone seeming to know, our relationship was still a secret, because we never told our parents. And even now that we have broken up our parents still don’t know. At least mine don’t. But yeah, that’s only the plot of the story, the opening chapters and finally are also pretty juicy. Anyway, love the show, love you guys, keep up the great work!
Hi I'm A Such A Big Fan And I Love All Your Wholesome Content
I saw your book in the Barnes & Noble and cried because my dad said it was too inappropriate for a 12. Also sorry about the long title.
Love These Guys, But it’s uneven
Hey Try Guys, love you very much, but for goodness’ sake, please balance out how much everyone’s talking. Sometimes I forget Ned, Keith, or Eugene are there. (Zach, I love you, but you talk the most!) I want to hear from everyone!
Giraffe Crackers
Hey boys!! New listener of the show. Only on episode 3. Love the podcast and YouTube channel incredibly. So my secret takes place when I was in first grade, about 18 years ago. Went to visit family friends in Denver, CO. We went to the Denver Zoo and were at the giraffe area. At this point I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch and I was hungry. They were passing out crackers, that were meant for the giraffes, I ate one. All my family friends were yelling at me and telling me they were for the giraffes. So I got emotional thinking I was going to die and that there was something in them that would hurt me but not the giraffes. Needless to say my family never lets me live it down and teases me all the time for it now. Lol. Thank you for listening to my ramble. Keep up the good work. Love you guys!!
I could listen to The Try Guys talk all day. Is that creepy? Who cares. They’re great! My secret is my husband thinks I wait to watch new Try Guys videos with him. In reality I just pause my watch history. OH, I used being pregnant as an excuse to not wait in the OUT THE DOOR line for Pikachu. It was my due date and I gloriously sat in the car and demolished an entire bucket of popcorn while my wonderful husband very anxiously waited in line to be seated. And it was our turn just as I refilled my bucket. So yay. Fresh popcorn and pokecuteness. Also I was registering to a few and apparently I missed one. And I was pumping breast milk while Ned started talking about breast feeding. It was the most uncomfortable moment so far 😂 Usually it’s Zach that makes me cringe 😂
Seeing the grey secret
I just listened to the Ep. 27 and I have a secret similar to Eugene and his family member. This has only happened to me once before but i was young and it was very memorable.. not in a good way. When I was three I had a dream that my dog Rockie was roaming in my house. In the dream I was following him around and he lead me to our laundry room where a man was standing and reaching out to touch him. I wasn’t scared by the man but I also did not recognize him in any way. The man then hands Rockie a bowl filled with some food and my dog beings eat, and slowly pant, lay down, and within minutes dies. Granted I am three and have never experienced death before so it was something chilling but unfamiliar and I didn’t have a big reaction to it since it was just a dream... well... The next morning I woke up to my sister crying and my parents whispering. My dog Rockie had gone to the vet and was extremely sick with cancer and ended up passing away that day. I don’t know if this is exactly the same as seeing the Grey but i knew my dog had passed the night before it happened. Def was spooky. Also love you guys and have always been a big fan!
Why Eugene is 19% Japanese
kool kid 97
It is because Japan invaded Korea in 1910 And China might have helped Korea out to in 1910 As a secret that I have is that I dropped my air pods in the toilet
Hi I love the try guys and the try pod I watch all the pods on YouTube and I just a big fan. I submitted a secret previously that was not read on the podcast so I am attempting with a better one. My new secret is that in sixth grade I had gotten a classmate expelled from Broward County Public Schools. The reason was she wore a Jesus is my homeboy shirt to school and I informed the administration that I was offended and that it was infringement of religion in a public school setting. So this is in Spring of 2005 so the School year winding down and the student who wore the shirt had prior incidents of harassment. I know for fact that my report pushed it over the edge because after she left an administrator inform me that not have to worry about her since she be no longer attending I quote “any school in the district again.” I never really told my classmates out of fear being seen as a rat even though the other student did not like her. Thank you for hopefully reading this. Mr. Jay p.s if someone can say the name in a Harely Quinn voice that be awesome.
might i suggest....
a cool video would be all of y’all (yes, y’all- okie girl here) going on a ghost hunt with someone like the ghost adventures crew. i LOVE halloween as well but also agree about thanksgiving...not much to celebrate except all the food. being native american, my family celebrates it but look at it as a day to spend with our family and friends...and of course, to eat :) Love y’all!!!
Super Secret Secret shhhhhh!!
Hi Zach, Ned, Eugene, Miles and Keith, I looooooove this podcast and I hate podcasts so anything I like listening to is freaking amazing! So my life is pretty vanilla and I tend to follow ALL the rules to a fault... buuuut I do have a few juicy secrets! I come from a very conservative background and didn’t know anything about doing the woo-boo. Well when I was about 17 I found a *ahem* book about men and women and how to bang the right way. So I of course read the whole thing and soaked up all of the information. This lead me on a very interesting and horny journey through the world of sexy time. Anyway that is part of the secret as my parents still don’t know I read there book. The other part is that after a while of reading the book it dawned on me that my mother must has some intimate items around somewhere! So I went on a little scavenger hunt and found some toys and lingerie. I was extremely curious so I did the only logical thing I could think of and tried on all the lingerie... then took photos of myself. I’m happy to say I now purchase my own intimate items, but at the time it was a new world I knew nothing about. To this day my mother has no idea I found her stash. Love listening to you guys talk, it always makes me laugh! Love- Rach
Hi! This isn’t a secret, I can keep posting if necessary. Buuuuuut I was listening to Ned’s response in terms of mediums and spookys and whatnot. NED you could like Penn & Teller Bulls***. They comment on all sorts of topics and there are all sorts of episodes I think you’d like(on Hulu but if you can’t say the name just bleep this), but especially they did an episode on mediums and I feel Iike you’d relate. Like how people are swayed to feel a certain way and whatnot. Just FYI some episodes are nsfw, just feel like I should clarify BEFORE (awkward) Anyways, love the podcast, I’ve been a fan of Try guys for so long, I tune in every week and sorry I’m still thinking of a good secret! 💕
Soooo drunk on alloween
Heeey try boys I just remembered you said to review your podcast while we’re drunk! My confession is that I love my boyfriend so much But I feel like I love him more than he loves me. What do I do? We’re in a long distance relationship and things have been hard for me lately. I don’t know what to do anymore ya know? I’m watching the bee movie rn with my friend. Please if you read this on the trypod read this in a bee accent. Don’t know what that means but I know you’ll figure it out. Hope all of our lives work out. Nighty night.
Secret Like Eugene’s Grey
Hey Miles Nation, I related so much with what Eugene said about sounding crazy if he speaks his power into existence. I know what’s going to happen (sometimes) before it’s going to happen. I don’t get to pick what I know, when I know it I just do. My best example is knowing what a child would be named before it was named. My ex’s sister got pregnant, he was really excited to become an uncle. I decided since were talking about the kid so much I’d give her (we didn’t know the sex yet but I just KNEW) a name. I called her *Shayla. For more context, I never talked to his sister, she also never talked names with anyone bc she wanted it to be a surprise and this isn’t a family name or a common first name. Still to this day I don’t understand how I know. Stuff like this happens a lot but there’s no real way for me to prove it. Thanks for the creepy pod. Love you guys
Miles Nation
I really enjoy listening to the podcast because there’s always something that makes me laugh. More recently I’ve noticed how often Miles has to corral the conversation and it feels like he’s trying to herd cats or trypoodles. Thanks again for a fun podcast!
Parents art friend
prince aubrey
About last year around comic con my artsy parents hosted a party with many friends and some of them parked extremely close to the drive way hard to get out of I had to run home while out to grab a phone charger and drove up the driveway said hello to a few familiar faces and backed out of the drive way really fast and scraped one of my parents friends car ! I drove away as fast as I could as it was to dark to see any issues with the car I never heard of it again I hope there insurance didn’t go up because of me but I have never told a soul well till fandoms reading this or try guys (miles you are the fifth try guy and no one can tell me otherwise)
*loud, low pitched cry* MAA HEARTTTTT
Sammii Ess
Hardly any of us haven’t been watching the Try Guys for awhile, but I point the obvious out to say that THESE LITTLE BABIES HAVE BECOME GROWN after making a huge leap of faith and leaving their old ~they who should not be named~ company. They seem so much happier and in return make even happier content. Their podcast *in low Keith voice* cracks. me. up. As I listen or watch, I find myself wondering who my favorite is, but the truth is I simply cannot make that choice because they are all so perfect and different. They are like a meal of 4 wonderful, exotic ingredients that blend together in the most magical of ways. Sprinkled, of course, with a sassy, salt bae amount of Miles. If I could ask for any advice, it would be for something lame but something I SURELY need advice on. How in the world to I get out of or make the best of being lower-middle class?! I mean, I’m a queen just like every other girl, but money be tight, ya know? Anyway! Thank you, Eugene, Keith, Ned, Zach, and Miles for all that you do. Ps. I would like to add that all though Eugene isn’t one for anything sappy, But want to acknowledge that since his coming out video he has seemed to beam even brighter than before. (Which we all thought wasn’t possible) He shows so much strength and is inspiring to great lengths. And to that I say, Always. Bet. On. Black. Thank you for reading. I am now late for work. Sincerely, ( insert name of choice. Eugene, possibly a cute and sassy drag name? )
I love you Eugene
Truck rainbow spit
Do you Jean I want question for you you’re always so nice to the try guys and this might sound of personal but Gina how do you people to survive around and they seem annoying all the time and so I have a couple suggestions about that question like do you just like spending time around them or you just do it for videos
I mean...
So not the worst secret ever but when I was younger (I was like 6 or something) I accidentally broke open a glow stick (the really big and thick plastic kind) and I spilled it on the carpet. It wasn’t glowing at the time but when my dad turned the lights off there was forever a glowing stain on the carpet. I never got in trouble for it because I blamed it on my cat at the time and now whenever I see the large glow sticks I always think of my dad 😂 and the best part of the entire thing is that he never saw the glow stick crap on my hands.
Please make try guys stickers
Legit love this podcast and all of you and I would love even more to have a sticker I can put on my laptop/water bottle/etc to rep the squad wherever I go
Jewish Mafia/Mobster-Family Connections??
Hey guys! Love your podcasts and video content! Shout out to Miles, too. So I’ve been re-listening to your podcasts and as I got to the 20th podcast I remembered I also had a family mafia story! Setting the scene, it was New Orleans in the early 1900s (dont know the exact date) and my great grandfather and his family have been living in NO for a couple generations. One day, a distant cousin in New Jersey had a son who was in the wrong crowd, so his mother (the cousin) sent him to NO to work at my great grandfathers tailor/suit shop to get him away from that bad atmosphere. So a few months in to the cousins’ son working at the shop, his friends have tracked him down and found him in New Orleans! His friends (a semi-established crime group at this point) thought that NO was a great city for business and decided to make my great-grandfathers tailor shop a front for their illegal activities and such. Mind you, my great-grandfather was NOT happy about this, but what could he do? These guys were basically a mafia at this point so my great-grandfather couldn’t tell them to leave without something bad happening i can only assume. So, being in this pickle, and being as absolutely furious as he was towards the crime boys and his nephew, he decided to—very abruptly—leave New Orleans. So, he and his family ended up moving to San Francisco, where he started another tailor shop/clothing store. My great-grandfather though to his death, never spoke to his nephew again and never spoke of him unless it was in vain. My father, when he was a kid, actually MET this nephew a few times and told me he always dressed in fancy, expensive suits with a rat pack style hat (with a feather in it), and always had a giant wad of cash in his pocket. Curious as to who these mafia guys were? Well, the nephew’s childhood best friend ended up being the leader of the mobster/crime group/gangsters (idk the proper terminology), and his best friend happened to be Bugsy Siegel, one of the most infamous American mobsters, and who was the guy who basically created the Las Vegas Strip. So that was a wild story my dad told me, he never explicitly said to not share this story, but not many people know about this so one can only assume its a family secret. Not anymore though, I guess. Love you guys and all you do!
I almost burned my house down
I was trying something I saw on YouTube(never gonna do that again) and my toaster suddenly caught on fire. My dad helped me put it out, it was like 2 years ago and my mom still doesn’t know. Also, I love y’all so much. Y’all always make my day every time I listen to your podcast.
I cut the line in disney illegally ish
Ari Frost
Hi guys! So this happened when I went to Disney World with my school. I was a freshman in High School and there was this trip to disney. well I went and my friend ended up needing a wheelchair because of an issue with her legs on our second day we literally spent the rest of the trip me wheeling her around. Anyways with her being in a wheelchair we got cuts in some lines some not in others some we ended up having to wait. Well one ride had a timing thing going on so we went to another ride while waiting and that ride was splash mountain. We waited for two hours and saw a break and we went and learned we would have to wait for another hour or so and I was done. I was sunburnt, my friend was sunburnt, and then I was just like ok ya know what, let’s leave and the lady let us go she said tell the person at the end you want to leave. Well then when they asked my friend said, “we’re riding” and we were in the front row on splash mountain and cut the line. We legit ran after that incase the lady who let us through was the one at that gate. From now on I’ll always feel guilty even though that was the best thing in the world. we got to go on our other ride after that and like it was crazy. That is how I cheated the line at disney.
I Work In Pediatrics
I work in pediatrics and I have for several years now, I just listened to the podcast where the guys all said they didn’t take Ned seriously about updating their TDAP. I have watched infants die from Pertussis, which is what the P in TDAP stands for (aka Whooping Cough). It really bothers me as a caregiver that you guys are so casual about not updating your vaccines before meeting newborns. One of you could have inadvertently killed Wesley because you were too “lazy” to update your TDAP. Especially in a state like California where anti-vaccines groups are pretty popular it’s so important for you guys to not only protect yourselves and you’re best friends baby, but also convey to your mostly younger audience the IMPORTANCE of getting vaccines and updating them regularly. We take advantage of vaccines because they have eradicated so many diseases already that disease doesn’t really threaten us anymore as a 1st world country (first world probs), but when we stop taking vaccines seriously is when diseases flourish, mutate, grow, and start to kill again. So please take your healthcare and the health of your loved ones seriously. Still love watching you guys, A pediatric laboratory technician
What does gay even mean?
I don’t know if this is a secret, but it is cringey so I don’t tell people. Back when I was a young elementary school whippersnapper the world was a simpler place. And by simpler I mean more oppressive. This was during some of the peak “that’s so gay” times. Well, little fifth grade me (who went to private Lutheran school from kindergarten to third grade) didn’t have a clue what gay meant. Turns out neither did my friends because when I asked what gay meant, he said it was a kid who slept in the same bed as their parents. If I had to guess, this was based on the idea that it would be embarrassing to still sleep in the same bed as your parents? I really don’t know but it wasn’t until middle school that I actually figured it out 😬 (Also I love all of you and your content. I personally identify with Keith’s personality and pls let me take you to my fave fried chicken place)
I have a secret and it’s gay!!
I tricked my mom into keeping prideflags at her office. I’m a baby gay in Texas and my mom and I just have a very don’t ask don’t tell relationship about it. I’m also an artist and I did a series of pride flag string paintings on playing cards because...duh. My mom is completely inknowledgable about lgbt stuff and just wanted some rainbows on her desk. She took a trans flag and a rainbow flag car and pinned them to the wall in her office. I know it’s not intentional but I take secret delight knowing that people will walk by knowing what they mean.
Kevin is my favorite
Alisha Jones I-Phone
I love this podcast so much, but ALL YALL ARE WRONG! Kevin had the best glow up cause he created two BEAUTIFUL children. While Joe was DNCE-ing and Nick was crying in his “Life Was Complicated” album, Kevin got some balls and decided to grow a family, all while looking hot. Kevin is the best and everyone else is wrong! come at me.
Don’t tell my family
First of all you guys have helped me so much. I have been depressed for a little while now and the only thing that can get me calm and comfortable is listening to your podcast so thank you. My secret is that a few years ago I was babysitting my niece when she was a few months old. We were both on the couch and I got distracted and she fell off and hit her head on the floor. She started screaming and my sister woke up and came running asking what had happened. I said I didn’t know, that my niece just started crying out of no where. I still have not told anyone in my family. My niece seems to be functioning normally so I guess no harm no foul.
Liliy loves ze try guys
My secret is when I was maybe 7 or 8 I was a dumb baby and I stole like some glasses from a store and they didn't have sensors. Yea i've never told anyone that and i'm suprised that my mom didn't notice tehehehe. Ps Ned is cool but Eugean is better
I named my dog Miles
Not a secret but I got a puppy Saturday and named him Miles. Not after Miles, but just thought you should know.
Band. Boys. And barfing
Hey guys! My name is Lydia and y’all are easily some of my favorite people. So I’m here to tell a little secret. So in the 9th grade I had a crush on this guy, (Ned, please give him a name...) we were friends at the time but my crush went way to far and I had no idea what to do. So we were in band class one morning taking attendance as usual, when I started staring at him unable to move. It got to my name and I was in such an utter state of shock that I ended up barfing all over my band director. Long story short. I had to write my teacher a letter of apology, and I never talked to my crush again. Until... we ran into each other at a TRY GUYS concert and now we are engaged!! So thank you for giving us a place to meet again. Love you guys so much!! You biggest fan, Lydia
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