May 14, 2019
This is the second podcast in a multi-part series focusing on the History of Save Davidson and the Beaty property. In this episode, you'll hear the details of the RFP process that the Town of Davidson underwent in attempts to sell and develop Town-owned land against a majority of citizen wishes. Guests: Stephanie Amadio and Eric Giangiordano
April 29, 2019
We are taking a brief detour from our originally scheduled multipart series on the history of Save Davidson and the Beaty property to bring you important information about a proposed development project happening in the Town of Davidson. There are various concerns about this high-density development. Crescent Acquisitions, LLC Proposes to develop a 15 acre site located on Potts Street in Davidson (On the way out of Davidson towards 115 and the YMCA where the trees create a beautiful, natural tunnel headed toward Cornelius). The proposed development is to accommodate construction of 250 multi-family residences, which consists of 8 buildings plus an amenity building. In 2017, citizens voiced concerns about the scale of the project and the process the Town of Davidson planning department followed (or didn’t follow), including citizen concern that ordinances were changed to accommodate this project. In an effort to stop this inappropriate development, the newly elected Town Board denied the extension of sewer and water to the site, which resulted in Crescent Acquisitions, LLC filing a lawsuit against the Town of Davidson. Incidentally, and of particular interest, Save Davidson was mentioned in the lawsuit for activating and educating citizens on the topic.
April 26, 2019
Want to reminisce and hear untold, behind-the-scenes stories or learn what those Save Davidson car stickers are all about? This is the first podcast in a multi-part series focusing on the History of Save Davidson and the Beaty property. It is important because it was a culmination of citizen feelings on a variety of issues throughout town that pulled together residents from across town on this issue. It was ultimately responsible for the formation of the Save Davidson movement that rocked our town in 2017. Guests: Donna Pollack, Heidi Dietrich, and Ben Beall.
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