Lew is the GOAT of Tech Review
Jacob La.
Great impartial review of technology unparalleled by no one! Keep it coming Lew! Although, his podcast photo should include Will! Where’s the love for Willy Doo!?!?
One of the greats
I have been a huge fan of Unbox Therapy for going on 3 years now. I am glad you guys decided to do a podcast. The news is relevant and interesting! So excited this is a thing. I recommend this to anyone who has interest in tech news or gadgets! Keep up the good work Uncle Lew and Cousin Will.
Love this podcast,lu is great and witty,Willie du is great too and informative,like the occasional jokes and I like the Canadian hospitality
Love you guys!
This is great entertainment always look forward to the next episode
Yes my name
Fits my mood
Joe rogan and this
This is on my top 2 list of favorite podcasts! Lew did not offer me a job to wright this post, but maybe he should have.
Great show
This podcast will make you smarter. Lew’s ideas and his take on subjects are intriguing
The best..WILLY DO.
This podcast makes me laugh and enjoy the company of the Lew and Will...occasionally Jack. This is a must listen.
Best tech podcast
best tech podcast
My Favorite Podcast
Wholesome, funny, and very informative. Always look forward to listening when I see a new episode is up. :D
Love it
Doesn’t get better than Lew and Willy-do!!
Hot big man
Me is awsome and sexyhole
This guy do the news of tech like no other person to be alive. He may be snowman but at least he’s a cutie. This guy even get special coke product. Aw man. That’s pretty alright my dude
Love this
Great Show, Needs More Willy Du
Love the channel and so glad there is a podcast component as well! Lew is a riot - but could always use more Willy Du!
More Inbox Therapy
jacob meetze 3
I love this podcast it’s funny and very informational. I love Will. I love Unbox Therapy now I get more of Will and Lew!
Love this!
Give Kirk a mic, please 🙏
Love it
The X Dark Knight
This the best tech podcast available, funny and informative and I love Will. What a time to be a life
Click bait supreme
Marco polo7676
I think Lew at times has some good and insightful things to say, however his titles and the way he presents info are just very clickbaity.
Dint knew
Dint knew there was a pod cast love you're youtube video and now a podcast that i can enjoy while im working
"what a time to be alive(...)".Just. Just thanks.
Here You Get The Info You Wondered About
Just love the whole team there ( that includes the critters too)- Great variety of tech information that just is not available anywhere else, and with fun humor sprinkled in as well - so happy and appreciative for the podcast format!
The Best Podcast I Have Ever Listened to
I love this guy. Amazing stuff to listen to and it’s great that you can listen to it via podcast when you are shopping, etc.
Great podcast.
Not Musk
Lew this new channel you created is literally the reason why I got YouTube premium, love your talks!!!
Taking over as my #1 podcast
Lew has insight beyond tech and Will has been stepping up his game with anecdotes and supportive comments. Keep it up boyz!
Very informative
This podcast is very informative. It lets viewers know about the world of tech with out having to go to YouTube and sit down and watch it. You can get it on both YouTube and Podcast. It’s a great informing podcast.
Jack Pavia
Fun to listen to in the background, super casual and chill, helps me get things done, love this podcast. Thanks Lou and team!
Very very good good quality on everything
Dagne C
Very informative with just a little bit of comedy here and there. Love it
Best podcast ever!
Lew = the best of information
Keep up the hard work guys love the The show and listen every time you put something out. You definitely know your stuff
What a time to be alive!
ID insta Bod0
Keep it up guys! Keep doing what you doing! You guys are like David Attenborough of youtube/podcasting!
Very Up to Date
I’m glad Lew cares about this show and it doesn’t end up like a lot of other YouTuber’s second channels and just falls off. Lew and the team keeps me very informed and up to date, and I love listening to this while I drive. Keep them coming guys <3
More therapy
Ahmed Ayman.
I am a fan of UnboxTherapy channel on youtube and I never knew that I needed so more content from Lew and weledodo before hearing this podcast! whatever who thought of this... he/she is brilliant
It’s okay.
Lew is political and some of his veiws are different it’s good just some people may need to filter his ideas.
One of my favorite YouTube shows
Same old lew
I started on YouTube listening at home, now I’m listening at work and on my way to work and any time I can, love the show and Willy du and lew, highly recommend this.
Honestly good
Great to have your show as podcasts very convenient to get honest info on new tech while working.
Love the show
Donald America
Love the show Lew and Willy Du! Wonder which smartphone selfie camera he uses for the profile pic
Great pod cast
As of right now great job to the whole team. But definitely consider changing some things in the future when this takes off.🚀
Finally Lew!!
I’ve been a subscribing fan of Unbox Therapy for years, finally we have more. You’re tech content is exactly what I’m looking for. There isn’t much tech news worth listening too that isn’t biased or payed by big media. Thanks for being what we all need in the tech world!
Great content, but...
Great content, but this is really just an audio version of a video, and as such, it doesn’t always translate as well without visuals. Lew has a lot of great insights, I love his videos, but if you are going to do a podcast, do it right and please do an audio first podcast as opposed to this, which is the audio version of a long form video.
A couple of comments
Kyle Poz
Hey Lew, I’d like to see if you could possibly make a musical intro to the podcast. Something like the Joe Rogan podcast. Another thing, now that this podcast is taking off, maybe you could try and not make it primarily a video, but more of an audio experience. Just a few thoughts, from Kyle
Sooooo Goooood
I love it!
Love it
Fantastic job on this new road you are creating, I can do house work And just listen to your podcast. Keep up the good work Sir Lew the tech guy lol
Let’s go LewDawg!!
Great content and audio quality but uploads have seemed a little inconsistent since starting to offer podcast versions of the show.
Great Podcast!
I love this podcast!
Epic podcast
Spicy Fuhrer
This podcast is pretty epic
Great podcast
The best tech news podcast.
best tech podcast
low key and good conversations - love it and will tell my friends!
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