July 31, 2020
Miss Myrcene joins me fresh off her first harvest, reaping the rewards but realizing how much work proper curing methods can be! We discuss loads of learning opportunities and how helped her overcome some of the challenges she faced. Apply to be on the show at - Use GROWCAST FOR 10% off Use GROWCAST100 for $100 off The Armoire - use GROWCAST15 for 15% off - use GROWCAST to save $30 & free shipping
July 24, 2020
Bill The OC Grower calls in from sunny Southern California to share his cannabis story, details on his current Sea of Green setup, CO2, breeding, strain selection & more. He shares how he found and how the forum helped Bill reinvigorated his love for cannabis cultivation, and settle on this particular grow style. Join BIll & share your story to help others - - use GCL10 for 10% off - use GROWCAST15 to save 15% off
July 21, 2020
Tyler, a closet cannabis autoflower grower in Kansas that shares his stories from 3 plus years of growing strictly the short flowering varietals in his closet. Here what stresses work for him including topping, light cycles, transplanting and more. Join Tyler in our Slack channel on 7/26 at 10am EST - to join Diamond Cut Co - to be on the show - 15% off using GROWCAST15 - 10 % using GROWCAST
July 9, 2020
We extended registration for one more day and doubled the New Member Prize Pack. Happy 710! and it will close tonight! Robin joins me today to chat about growing cannabis with his custom-built hydroponic system. We talk a lot about his projects with his company Clutch Cannabis where he offers a full range of services. Find Robin @clutchcannabis7 - use GROWCAST for 10% off premium CBD products - use GROWCAST for 10% off the premium mycorrhizal fungi
July 1, 2020
Jordan River, host of Growcast, my good friend and business partner kick this simulcasted, cross-posted episode off with talking about the amazing membership program we've created at, his new grow, and lessons he's learned in the few months of growing again! Join at before July 9th or miss out on all the amazing prizes, resources, and more! Join for a chance at $350 new member prize! - use GROWPASS20 to save 20% - use GROWCAST to save 10%
June 25, 2020
LoneStar joins us from his grow in Texas where he talks about the need to be discreet in a completely illegal state, how important supplementing CO2 is to your grow, then we wrap things up with a great conversation on his IPM protocols and the mistakes he's made with bugs. Membership is open! Grab your membership today before we close the doors again! Win Dr. Zymes - - use GROWCAST10 to save 10% - use GROWCAST15 to sav 15%
June 18, 2020
Jordan joins me from Minnesota to share his grower's journey, a detailed discussion about his grow room setup & the extensive research he did before starting to grow. We move onto discuss how Jordan ended up growing organically from the very beginning, and the extent that he takes his organic gardening practices and IPM solutions. Be a guest - Win Doctor Zymes - - use GROWCAST15 for 15% off - GROWCAST for 10% off
June 12, 2020
John from the United Kingdom joins me for an amazing conversation about cannabis culture in the UK with a little bit of grow advice sprinkled in. After covering his 40+ years of cannabis culture in the UK we dig into his transition from synthetics to organics, mistakes to avoid in the garden & more! Free DYNYMYCO: Green Craft Distribution: 5- $50 gift cards BuxtonHollowFarm- GCL10 to save 10% GROWCAST for $30 & free ship
June 4, 2020
Johnny joins me from Southern Humboldt County where we cover his personal experiences with cannabis that brought him to a legal cannabis farm in California. We review his personal grow setup, go real deep on his personal propagation process, what to do w/ broken branches and things to avoid in the cannabis garden. Connect on IG @dank.tek Start a 7 day trial at and experience a few of the resources, podcasts & discounts we offer! - save 15% using GROWCAST15 at checkout
May 28, 2020
Kyle joins me to chat about growing cannabis in South Africa and what it's like to deal with the power cycling, outages, and other lighting topics, such as PAR values and lighting quality. Connect w/ Kyle @ganjaplanter420 on Instagram! Diamond Cut Co - Rate & Review-email or DM screenshot to enter and win 1 of 2 packs of People Under The Stairs genetics partners: - use GCL10 for 10% off - use GROWCAST10 to save 10%
May 21, 2020
Chris joined me for part 2 as he felt there was a lot more useful information he didn't get to share, and he didn't disappoint! This episode is focused on learning opportunities and how Chris pushed through and learned from his mistakes. We cover a wide range of topics from mistakes with IPM protocols and getting mites, nutrient brand overload & much more! Join me on the show- - use GROWCAST to save 10% - use GROWCAST15 to save 15%
May 15, 2020
This episode I'm joined by Chris who is from Maine but currently in Hawaii on a work-cation. After covering his history which includes several deployments with the Navy, Chris goes into great detail on how he built his grow room to suit, but also on a budget. Then we shift the talk to mistakes he's made and why consistent journalling is so important. Enter to win a TrimBag - - save 10% using code GROWCAST - save 10% using code GROWCAST
May 8, 2020
Fairly new grower Rick joins me from his home in Michigan where he’s eager to share his learnings from a few years of growing for himself. After learning how versatile cannabis is Rick converted into a cannabis consumer, grower, and advocate. We cover budget grows, tips for yield & photos vs autos for new growers. Apply to be on at - save 10% using GROWCAST10 - save $30+free ship with code GROWCAST Win a TrimBag at
April 30, 2020
This was my first time having two guests on the show, but these two guys did great! Mr. Macblunts calling in from Spain, and Joaquin joining us from Southern California. After walking us through their history and current grow setups, we dive into their advice for starting a breeding project, KNF practices they follow, and tips for getting the most out of your plants. - use GROWCAST10 for 10% off premium water only soil - use GROWCAST to save $30 & free shipping on your TrimBag
April 24, 2020
Sam joins me from his home in South Africa to help you become a better cannabis gardener. Sam shares his IPM protocols, how important grower ingenuity is, and what it's like dealing with daily power outages. More show notes available at Please rate, review, subscribe and share! - 10% off premium organic inputs for your cannabis garden using code GCL10 - 15% off the best trimming scissors for your marijuana and hemp flowers using GROWCAST
April 15, 2020
Join by 4/15/20 and be entered into a special "New Member" drawing Nathan has been growing in the United Kingdom for 30 years and has built a very intricate home grow box that includes a spectacular IPM set up that every home grower should want to emulate. Nathan also shares stories from underground growing and the cannabis culture in the United Kingdom along with practical cannabis grow tips. - use GROWCAST for 10% off - use GROWCAST for 10% off
April 10, 2020
Greg joins us from Michigan where he recounts the precarious start of his passion for growing cannabis with many stories from 50 years of being around cannabis gardens. Loaded with theoretical grow/life advice, you'll enjoy time w/ Greg *Join our premium membership at to gain access to member podcasts, resources, discounts & giveaways! * use GROWCAST10 for 10% off the only training solution you need * - code GROWCAST10 for 10% off the best IPM solution
April 2, 2020
Sativa Steve hops back on the phone to finish out our interview, and we kick things off with a deep dive into troubleshooting nutrient deficiencies in an organic garden, planning for success and beginner breeding tips. Download the Nutrient Deficiency Checklist at Join before it's too late - April 12th doors close again! for 10% off the ultimate plant trainer for 15% off the best trimming scissors
March 26, 2020
Steve joins me on the phone and starts off sharing his cannabis journey, his current grow setup, his transition from organic soil to a hydroponic setup, organic gardening tips and is full of practical, grow advice that's going to help growers at any stage. Apply at to be on the show You can learn and improve grow skills at and save 25% on a 3 month membership. - use GCL10 for 10% off - use GROWCAST to save $30 & free shipping
March 20, 2020
Manuel joins us from his home (and the roadside) in Hawaii as he prepares to go teach local school children about natural farming and plant biology. Manny shares his evolution to an organic gardener along with practical gardening tips to help you make that transition. Doors are open at! We're also offering a 25% discount on a 3-month package to help through this craziness! Thanks to - grab your IPM solution using GROWCAST10 to save 10% Enter at
March 12, 2020
Brandon joins me on the phone from South Africa to share his personal experiences with the cannabis plant and growing his own under the hot sun in South Africa and dealing with the ambiguity of the laws in his home country as well. Apply to be on the show at membership opens again March 18th - mark your calendars to join! Go to for premium CBD products & use GROWCAST for 10% off Use code GROWCAST to save 10% at on Fish Shit
March 6, 2020
Allie joins us from Phoenix, Arizona as she walks us through her history with cannabis, offers practical grow advice from her cloning experiments, and she also talks about her personal IPM protocols and how to avoid problems to begin with. Apply to be on the show at opens for membership on 3/17, join up before it's too late! for giveaways, SWAG & more GROWCAST20 for 20% off GROWCAST10 to save 10%
February 27, 2020
Donnie Waterman joins Rob on the line as he's shucking industrial hemp in the middle of January! We dig deep into his activism efforts, cover his current grow setup and his advice on cloning cannabis plants and more! opens on March 17th for new members 10% off w/ GCL10 10% off w/ GROWCAST Apply to be on the show at Please rate and review if you enjoy what you hear. Subscribe and share it with a growmie of yours.
February 20, 2020
Wrapping up the interview with Matt from Michigan (@doctillasgarden on Instagram) where we dig into his EXACT feeding regimen for his Deep Water Culture (DWC) buckets. Matt gives some tips on having the smelliest cannabis possible. We also talk about plant training and impactful advice he's received. Apply at partners: save 10% using GROWCAST save $30+free shipping using GROWCAST Don't forget-rate, review, subscribe, and share!
February 13, 2020
Matt from Michigan (@doctillasgarden on Instagram) joins me in this 2 part episode to share his knowledge from years of growing cannabis in 5-gallon deep water culture buckets. He's made mistakes to help you learn from them. Do you have experience growing cannabis? Have a unique perspective or advice to share? Apply to be on the show: Brought to you by, use code GROWCAST for 10% off; and and get 10% off with code GROWCAST.
February 12, 2020
As promised, we're BACK with an all new format. Instead of interviewing only home grow consultants to bring you tons of grow tips and advice, we're now interviewing growers just like you! Bringing you practical, first hand knowledge that has been tried and tested in their gardens! Apply to be on the show at Download our free version of our Grow Journal at
December 13, 2019
Rhizo Rich from Illinois Cannabis Consulting joins me to bring you more grow advice to improve your game in the grow room. We kick off the show covering Rich’s background and how he got into growing cannabis, which is really cool because this is our first 3rd generation cannabis cultivator on the show. Check out - use GROWCAST10 for 10% off - free shipping with code GROWCAST members receive stepper discounts and more amazing benefits Rate & Revie
November 29, 2019
Marcus Wilson joins me on the line for a fun and informative interview. Using cannabis for medicine and following the guidance of some great doctors, Marcus is helping other patients learn to grow their own medicine and loving every minute of it! Grab a great discount at and save 25% by using the code CANNABIS at checkout.  Full show notes to follow. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the long weekend!
November 21, 2019
Victor Sheppard joins me on the line from his home in New York State where he’s helping medical patients and veterans with genetics and some grow advice. IF you're ready for a grow consultant to help you achieve greatness, email me to make an introduction to one! Bonus content - Our sponsors: Atlas Plant Trainer - GROWCAST for 10% off Humble Garden - GROWCAST for 15% off Danny Danko -
November 7, 2019
Robert Stewart from The Weed Squad located in St. Louis Missouri joins me to share his journey and grow advice from 15+ years of growing cannabis. For full show notes please visit For exclusive savings and access join at save 10% using GROWCAST10 or 25% as a member get free shipping using GROWCAST, or 10% & free shipping as a member Email rob@thehomegrownhelpers to hire a consultant from the show
November 4, 2019
The FULL EPISODE, WHOOPS! Maria Swansen joins me from the farm in Washington where she’s recently taken over a problem farm. She details her history with cannabis gardening and dives right into practical advice that you can immediately put to action in the garden. Grab the bonus content at Ready for your own consultant? Email - 10% using GROWCAST10 or 25% as a member - 10% using GROWCAST or 25% as a memb
October 31, 2019
Maria Swansen joins me from the farm in Washington where she’s recently taken over a problem farm. She details her history with cannabis gardening and then dives right into practical advice that you can immediately put to action in the garden. Grab the bonus content at Ready for your own consultant? Email - 10% using GROWCAST10 or 25% as a member - 10% using GROWCAST or 25% as a member
October 25, 2019
Nathan Lou joins me from his spot in California, rocking it at Lou Family Farm and Nursery. With 15+ years of experience under his belt, he feels confident in his abilities and wanted to share his knowledge with growers new and experienced to help them elevate their grow to the next level. Thanks to, and for their continued support at! If you want to hear more from Nathan grab the bonus content from him at! Thank you!
October 17, 2019
Alexandria Irons joins me for a great interview from her home in Northern California. After a long history of self-medicating with cannabis, she decided to start a cannabis brand and pursued a cultivation license under the brand Royal Crest Cannabis, she’s now out on her own and has found a niche in helping homegrowers achieve success in the garden. FishHeadFarms - 10% using code GROWCAST - GROWCAST15 for 15% off
October 11, 2019
This week Christian Ballard of Missouri Caregivers Alliance joins me on the phone to talk about his past in the NFL and why medical cannabis has such an impact on his life now. Learn about his current grow setup, how to maximize yield and what traits to cultivate within yourself in order to be a successful grower. Use code GROWCAST10 at and to save 10% on your order. Get a BIGGER discount after becoming a member at Please subscribe, share, rate and review.
October 3, 2019
This week’s Homegrown Helper is AJ Ortenstone. AJ joins us from Truly Oreganic Farm in Oregon to share advice from his 10+ years of experience growing grade A cannabis in various settings and styles. AJ talks about how important a PH meter is, and how critical the desire to learn and to ask questions is to a grower's success; among other things to listen in for. Thank you to Danny Danko, Harvest Mutual Seed Bank, and The Amazing Doctor Zymes. Hit up for full show notes.
September 25, 2019
This is my solo episode; I hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun recording this and sharing all of my thoughts as I’ve gone through the last 6 months of recording this show. Go to to save 10% on all orders, or 15% over $200! they have everything you need. Rooted Lyfe gives 10% off using code Growcast, 20% to members of Atlas Plant Trainer gives 10% off using code GROWCAST, 25% off to our members. Email if you're ready for a consultan
September 18, 2019
Buddy joins me on the phone from Ontario, Canada where he’s recently started Canadian Cannabis Consulting Company in order to spread his extensive cultivation knowledge as well as his passion for activism. If you liked this episode please head over to and listen to the next 5 questions that we ask Buddy! Also, if you’d like to enlist the services of any of our Homegrown Helpers please email me and I’ll help make an introduction.
September 12, 2019
David Kurth, CEO and head grower at U-Bud Cannabis Services helps brand new growers in the Toronto, Canada area get their feet wet with marijuana growing and have a successful first harvest! David covers how simple it can be to succeed at your very first grow throughout this episode! Thank you to Green Craft Distribution and for their support during this episode, go to for their discounts available to members. Check out our bonus content -
September 6, 2019
We're replaying our most popular episode for you today from one of my first interviews with a cannabis consultant, Miami Mango. We're bringing you this today as we are running out of guests! There are not as many consultants that are helping people learn how to grow at home as I thought there would be, so I need your help! If you know of anyone that is currently teaching other people how to grow at home then I want to talk to them.  Thanks to Suite Leaf Plant Nutrients and Humble Garden for their support
August 28, 2019
Kyle Hamilton joins us from just outside of Boston where he is very involved with the cannabis industry as a home grow consultant as well as consults for various products. He has over 10 years of growing experience to share with you today, from a variety of styles throughout his past. Thanks to our partners of Cultilux and Fish Head Farms - save up to 25% after you become a member! Interested in a consultant of your own - email Please review the show.
August 21, 2019
Erin joins us bright and early in the morning from Cascadia Farms in Washington. Cascadia Farms was the second time that she’s ever seen a cannabis plant, but since she joined the company, she’s been a strong cannabis supporter and recognizes the cannabis plant is great medicine. This episode brought to you by Danny Danko and The Amazing Doctor Zymes. Sign up at for exclusive discounts on these, and many more products. Download the bonus content at
August 14, 2019
Derek joins us today from his grow in Massachusetts, just a hop, skip and a jump away from my house. As the owner of Today’s Healthcare MA, he has a passion for growing cannabis the way it should be done since 2014, and he's been helping teach others since 2016. Today's partners are Harvest Mutual Seed Bank, Rooted Lyfe, and Atlas Plant Trainer. Ready to hire your own consultant? email Please rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. Bonus content available!
August 8, 2019
Ravi Roy joins us as another Canadian cannabis consultant located in Toronto. As a passionate home grower of over 15 years of pretty much anything “he can get his hands on”, he started consulting on home grows immediately after federal legalization happened in October 2018. Join now before prices increase September 1, and get founding member pricing! Thanks to Mammoth Microbes and SoHum Living Soils for their partnership! Ready to hire your own consultant email rob@thehomegrownhelpers.
July 31, 2019
Russell Pace takes a few minutes away from documenting scientific facts about cannabis for his website, the Cannabis Horticultural Association. Russell has been growing his own cannabis for over 20 years. He’s a natural scientist and loves tracking, testing, and proving out theories within his cannabis gardens. Our partners are Mammoth Microbes and Sohum Living Soils. Get exclusive discounts by becoming a member. Ready for a consultant - email
July 24, 2019
Ben Baker joins me from the one and only Nova Scotia, Canada where he’s responsible for East Coast Growing Solutions. Bringing 4 years of experience in all different scenarios to help you grow better medical marijuana at home! Ben shares lots of bits of information during this interview, but is passionate most about choosing the right genetics for your grow. Thank you to and for their partnership for our members at! Rate, review, subscribe & share!
July 19, 2019
Chris joins us from his spot in California where he helps growers in all sizes and applications, from the home grower to the legendary Ed Rosenthal. Chris has started to get "back to basics" and we focus on those basics, things you should be doing when you learn to grow your own cannabis before trying to be the best one out there. Check out our bonus content at Need a consultant email Thanks to Fish Head Farms and Humble Garden for their partnership.
July 12, 2019
Please enjoy some clips from the questions we ask all our guests and put them up where you can listen and download all of them. Listen to answers from: Alex aka Miami Mango, Ned Frost @cannigrow, Simon @agrotechconsultingllc, Brian Herrmann @cultivationconsultant, Matt Leonetti - Home Grown Consulting, Michael Hinden @privatestockveganics, Michael Travers @start2finish710, Thomas Marcombe @vermontgrowcoaching Please don't forget to subscribe, share, rate and review.
July 3, 2019
Benjamin Morgan-Dillon joins me “in studio” to share his advice from 14 years of growing his own cannabis. His business, Acadia Farms, is located in Massachusetts and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help growers that need his assistance and enlist his services. Our partners are The Amazing Doctor Zymes and Danny Danko. Need a cannabis cultivation consultant to help you grow better medical marijuana? Email and we'll hook you up with the rig
June 29, 2019
Johnnie Green, The Instinctive Gardener joins us today after joining the Army for 20 years and giving up cannabis while serving our country, Johnnie now helps others in the form of home grow consultation. Join GrowPass to get steep discounts from all our vendor partners including today's friends Atlas Plant Trainer, Rooted Lyfe, and Harvest Mutual Seed Bank. Ready for your own consultant. Email and we'll hook you up with the right one for you!
June 19, 2019
Ned joins us from Boulder, Colorado with 10+ years of growing cannabis at home experience, turned into starting CannIGrow LLC. We cover the perfect room set-up, LEC or CMH fixtures and why he thinks these are the future of cannabis growing. Find the rest of the show notes at Need a consultant of your own? Email Ned also takes us thru great detail on a spectacular foliar spray. Thx to NuteTools & Corilla Grow Tent as our partners!
June 12, 2019
Thomas joins us from his farm in VT where he manages a small, medical focused grow due to the arbitrary plant counts imposed on growers there. Thomas provides some great advice on room environment, and how best to "learn" to grow your own cannabis, hemp and medical marijuana at home, indoor and outdoor. Ready to hire a consultant to help you take your grow to the next level? Email and we can help! Check out for more content, discounts and $5000 in giveaways!
June 5, 2019
Michael joins us from Northern Colorado where he’s been doing lots of research into the science and the analytical aspect of how the cannabis plant grows. Michael felt he was ready to help others learn how to grow their own cannabis! If you want the rest of the show notes you can find them at This episode brought to you by our amazing membership partners. Learn more at and join up starting June
May 30, 2019
Simon joins us from his tropical farm in Puerto Rico where’s he’s settled in after an educational tour of the good ol’ US of A where he learned every growing style that he could, ready to put that knowledge to work helping you. If you want the rest of the show notes in great detail, please head over to and find them all right there. Ready for your own consultant? Reach out to and we'll do the rest of the work for you!
May 22, 2019
Harley joins us from a 10k sq. ft. grow in Oregon, where he and his team are the master growers! Harley brings 3 generations of knowledge to the podcast today, all for your joy and learning! We cover a lot of basics and get into a couple of deep topics. Listen in to learn more. Have you heard about our membership program? For a low monthly charge, you gain access to the deepest discounts offered anywhere. Brands like Gorilla Grow Tent, VividGro, SuiteLeaf, Fish Head Farms, Atlas Plant Trainer.
May 17, 2019
Joseph joins us from Florida where he's helping a bunch of people learn to grow and kick opiates and other pills and replace them with their own homegrown cannabis. He likes helping people that need it the most because they produce the best cannabis for themselves. -He thinks that environment and top quality genetics are the starting points for a successful grow. Last bits of advice: don't be afraid to fail, and improve along the way. Need some help in your rooms? Email!
May 8, 2019
Jake joins us and jumps right into a very relatable story for most of us. Moving to Utah to start growing his own cannabis to manage his pain from a back injury, Jake knew he'd found his new passion so he started helping to teach other people how to grow, all while building up a 20 acre hemp farm. Jake's advice is solid advice to get you thinking about your own grow room habits. Pay attention to your roots, keep your space clean and track your inputs and results.
May 3, 2019
Chris from 907 Loud Gardens in Alaska joins us to share his growing experience from years in Colorado then taking those skills back home to Alaska to help friends and family "grow top shelf cannabis cheaper than they can get it at a dispensary", which we think is a great mission! Chris shares some great tips for your grow room, like getting an infrared thermometer to check leaf temperature and sealing up your grow space to ensure your not wasting any inputs. for more!
May 1, 2019
Alex AKA Miami Mango drops in to share a bit of his extensive knowledge he's accumulated from 20+ years in room construction, growing cannabis of his own and helping others do the same. Alex talks a lot about room environment and ensuring your plants have a nice, healthy space to grow and thrive into. Sponsor: Harvest Mutual Seed Bank, use code GROWCAST to get free shipping on any order. Head over to and download the rest of the show!
April 28, 2019
Brian joins us after years of working with Success Nutrients and Three-A-Light helping new and experienced growers maximize their yields out of their grow room, so you bet this episode is packed with those tips. Brian shares his growing philosophies and how he believes your energy and plant energy interact with each other and the results you achieve. Connect with Brian at cultivationconsultant, Instagram or at Bonus content available at
April 28, 2019
Michael joins us from the road to share some of his knowledge and skills about growing cannabis at home with you. Even though he's trying to figure out how to scale grow operations, he's ready to help you as this week's Homegrown Helper. Connect with Michael and his team at or on Instagram at privatestockveganics. If you liked this interview, and want to hear more head over to
April 27, 2019
Matt joins us to share some of his insights into the grow room gained from years in agricultural in many different industries, not just for cannabis. Matt wants to ensure you have a clean room and keep in mind the amount of plastic that the cannabis industry is creating. What's Matt's suggestion for improving what you get off each plant? Listen in around 15 minutes to hear what Matt would change about your grow room. Download the next 5 questions we ask Matt
April 27, 2019
Homegrown Helpers is here to help you grow better cannabis at home. Whether your growing marijuana for medical reasons or you're in an adult use legal state, we bring you insightful interviews with experienced home growers to help you be a better grower. This is the first episode introducing the host, Rob Smith and what the show is all about. We are part of the Growcast family of podcasts, find more growing episodes at
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