December 16, 2019
Accurately anticipating human behavior under extreme or threatening circumstances is essential to developing effective security, emergency, risk and crisis management. In this episode of Mission is Possible, we look at the ways behavioral-based emergency and disaster preparedness provide the skills to help leaders and decision-makers guide their efforts in crisis preparation, response, and recovery.
November 25, 2019
Data plays a crucial role in every stage of the decision-making process. Decision-making is the most important task of managers in a federal agency or of any organization. Therefore, to enable managers to take good quality decisions, it is very important to provide them with the right kind of data and information. In this episode, we'll discuss challenges, opportunities and best practices for assessing program effectiveness and aligning resources to strategy.
July 22, 2019
In this episode we'll talk about the benefits and challenges of measuring mission impact within national security agencies. Specifically why it is important, what challenges arise while attempting to measure impact, and best practices and tips for successfully measuring and communicating impact.
April 26, 2019
Experts from the FBI, CBP, HSI, and Secret Service discuss the critically important and timely topic of branding and outreach for federal law enforcement recruiting.
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