Love this!
Thank you for these podcasts! I enjoyed them all. Such great insight to the Buffoon who is in charge of our country. Ugh. I really hope you will do more of these!
Truth at the heart
I love your easy style. Maybe since you’ve been a career prosecutor you ask the critical questions that allow the individuals story unfold with all the best most fascinating aspects. Like a well crafted movie. Pure Genius! Please don’t stop. Your podcasts give me hope in humanity, the Truth, the law and those that choose serve and govern. Thank you from my heart to yours!💞
Nicolle Wallace
Loved this podcast. I am from Northern Ca. and enjoyed learning more about Nicolle’s story. Chuck Rosenberg-I rely only you to tell me the truth in this time of lies. You never let me down. Thanks for your excellent work, Chuck!
Outstanding show
JD Winters
Your show gives me confidence in my country again just knowing that good people who love the the Truth and are true patriots to the rule of Law which separate us from the corruption which is all to obvious in too much of the world these days.
Old, dated information
My Favorite Podcast
The Oath is a wonderful reminder of the hundreds of thousands of Americans that work everyday to serve and protect our country. The most interesting guests and subject matter full of information, history and hero’s. I have listened to several episodes more than once and learn something new every time.
As usual Chuck has interesting comments as well as guests. Loved the interview withJoyce Vance. Insightful glimpses into a Federal prosecutor’s life.
The best
Honest and informative. Chuck is brilliant. My wife and I are hugged fans. Love to meet him some day. Warmest regards Fidel Gonzales, Lombard Illinois
The Oath with Chuck Rosenburgh
LOVE, Love, love this Podcast!!!! Can’t wait for the next season! Get busy Chuck!...gee it’s not like we’ve had an impeachment or anything else nefarious to distract!!!!
Joyce Vance and Jeremy Bash
I watch both of these analysts routinely on MSNBC and always respect and learn something from their presentations. However, these podcasts provide insight into the incredible talent and experience they bring to their positions. Thank you both!
The oath podcast next series
jgk. truth and honor
It more important than ever this podcast hits the airwaves in light of the current disgrace of the president firing lt. Col Vindman for upholding is oath and doing the right thing.
Love this podcast.......
Trump needs to go!!
When are you coming back??!!
My fav podcast
This has been my fav podcast of all! Mr Rosenberg you have a voice I could listen to all day, an intelligence I appreciate and a respect for government we all should emulate! You have become my “person living or not that I would want to have dinner with.” 😂. I get so excited when you are on MSNBC!
Nicolle Wallace and Jeremy Bash
Jack my dog 4
I just listened to both episodes and enjoyed them immensely. I enjoy all 3 of you when you all are with Nicolle. Chuck , after watching you for awhile now, I really respect your knowledge and how professional you are. Comparing the stories you all tell about service makes me hopeful that once trump is out , this country will get back to normal with all your help. I think it’s people like you and your 2 previous guests who will save us. Jack’s mama woof woof!! My little dog who keeps me sane during this horrible time in our country
Miss you
I hope you will do a third season. I am glad you did an second amendment but I could not listen. To contrast honorable people like you profile with what we have now makes me sick. Some times the only hope I have is what is provided by your interviews. However please refrain from having anything else on Donald Rumsfeld. I worked for him and know what he is really like. It always amazes me how people with no moral compass can gain so much power. Maybe that’s what it takes.
So. Much. Learning.
Every time I listen to The Oath, I find that I have learned about more than just an individual who has worked for the government in some way. I’ve learned about the many ways that exist to serve our country, about the type of people who willingly do so for not much more than a sense of duty and honor, and that there is still hope to be found in these dark times. These are good people who are trying to do good work, and Chuck Rosenberg talks to them in clear and coherent manner that is much needed right now. I highly recommend this podcast; you will not be disappointed. I am anxiously awaiting the next season!
Quality talk uninterupted
Thanks for this very interesting podcast with high quality, intellectual conversations - give me hope for the country which is so in distress and with showing so much disrespect for persons like Chuck Rosenberg and his guests! Excellent work!
The Oath
Airman DJK
Thank you for restoring my faith in government. With all the negativity in the air these days it’s refreshing to hear from patriots of all stripes who believe in something larger than themselves. Thank you again and can’t wait for next season.
weeze 42
I really enjoy your podcast! Also like MSNBC ! Thank you for all your wonderful work! Louise
When I first saw Chuck Rosenberg on TV I felt as though I was looking at a man who is, what he does. I was instantly intrigued and from then on, I appreciated each successive time I caught him speaking. When I found out about his podcast, I dropped what I was doing and immediately subscribed. I have not been disappointed. These interviews with people I deeply respect and admire have been thoroughly informative and enlightening. The most rewarding element I find, is the process of getting to know these iconic individuals as just everyday people whose life choices led them to the destinations they almost incidentally chose. These life choices we make are everyone's opportunity to make a difference and thereby matter in the greater scheme of things. Or perhaps I simply enjoy the conversations. Either way, I can tell you your time is well spent listening to The Oath.
Love the podcast
I sure hope you have more of these. Love your technique and the message you interview. Any chance of interviewing judges and members of Congress?? They both take an oath and would enjoy learning about them. Thanks again.
Our heroes are all around us
Pam from Virginia
I’ve always enjoyed listening to Chuck Rosenberg on MSNBC with his steady, guiding commentary on the events of our times. I’m not sure if goodness and honor stand out in contrast because of the blatant corruption in the White House or if we would have appreciated it otherwise, but it’s a relief and joy to hear it now. In a cynical world of self-dealing, disrespect, discourtesy and the deterioration of honor, we are reminded that there are real people who stand behind their oaths to our country and do all of us real service. For that we are grateful. Thank you for being that person, Chuck, and for shining a light on those who deserve it.
Have trouble sleeping ?? Just listen to this podcast...
Interview Adam Schiff
Chuck - I love the show. I’m certain many of your listeners have mentioned in their reviews how your interviews restore faith in public servants. Better than any other program that I know of, your interviews are a bulwark against the cynicism that is prevalent today. I would love to hear you interview Rep. Adam Schiff. I hope you have him in your sights as a possible interviewee. He seems to demonstrate the same selflessness toward country, high integrity, intelligence and wisdom as so many of your guests. An avid listener, John
Flutist, Philadelphia Orchestra
Loren flute2
As someone who traveled all over the world as the son of a university professor, a member of the Air Force during the Vietnam war and then as a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra, I have had a keen interest in politics, and international relations. I find that Chuck Rosenberg’s pod casts to be so interesting, and informative. Mr. Rosenberg’s manner is low key, but insightful!
Best Around...
Complete Sentences, intelligent content, no pundits umming and ahhing. If Intelligence is sexy, this is one of the sexiest podcast around.
Dr Athena Batista
Love these podcasts I use them as student assignments for my leadership class
Fascinating, enlightening and inspirational
Wow! I have been wanting to listen to this podcast since I first learned Chuck Rosenberg was doing it. I finally got the opportunity to do some binge listening this past weekend, and I am so glad I did! Mr. Rosenberg brings the same high level of commitment and care to these podcasts as he does his commentary on MSNBC. He is masterful at enabling those being interviewed to share their fascinating stories in detailed and interesting ways and never getting in the way as the interviewer. I am sure his years of experience in the FBI and as a prosecutor serve him very well here. In addition to learning about the paths people took to important accomplishments impacting Americans on many levels, one also learns how each faced challenging times and worked past them - sharing life lessons that resonated and inspired and me. Thank you so much!
Love the show
Thank you for providing an informative and entertaining array of guest and topics. I love the show and your detailed insight on MSNBC. Thanks for making my day more informed regarding the serious issues of the day. Sincerely K. Tidwell Retired Veteran
The Oath
Just finished all 20 episodes and really liked every one of them. Looking forward to Season 3.
Roberta Jacobson
Important interview that informs of the importance of Ambassadors in furthering our national interests and building relationships. Amb. Jacobson stressed how important it is for an Amb. and supporting agencies to know the history and culture of the country. Fascinating discussion about the opening of relations with Cuba. Another terrific interview.
Number 6 of the new series
Amazing , moving, honest patriotic and so humble, all American should listen to it to get detoxed of what Trump has infused in the heart of America , that none of the above matter , be a lyer , à mob , work against the law that the American system and constitution has built and every institution that was created to protect America and Ametican , all that is ok and it’s What Trump is preaching for , You should find a way for all those American who followed him to hear this interview with ur amazing patriotic Naval Admiral 👍 I listened so far to ur conversation with Mr James Coomy . But I have listen to many other esp Rachel Madow Bag Man and her daily show , BBC documentary and many of the Lawfair podcast . They are all excellent so far . Regarding the Oath , It is very good , actually excellent ( similar to all what I listened too ) , very well conducted , and extremely informative . I think it is a great idea to spread the truth to the American people , the truth that has been lacking lately in a very serious, disturbing and dangerous way. I just hope that more and more American people do listen to it . I came to this country for its constitution, faught my way up , and was forever thankful for being awarded at every step of my journey , as hard as it was esp being an immigrant , a female and from the Middle East . But this what America is and was and why I came here . What’s happening now is very scary and for the first time in years I am chocking on the idea that maybe America , the dream land after all , was more a dream than a reality..,. The present reality is NOT what I know about America , the country I immigrated to , leaving all my childhood roots , looking for more from life than what my country could have gave me . I hope all those podcast and uncovering the truth , could undo all the destruction that’s happening every day to the constitution, and restore what America is really about . Thank you for all of you and you are doing . 2020 No more new episodes ???? Waiting impatiently It’s been too long , please start episode 3 or continue episode 2 , but ur interviews are very fulfilling , great to listen too , and very much needed ... Always rated as 5 stars Thank you Lenny&Bubsy
Please more episodes!
We miss you Mr. Rosenberg! This is our favorite podcast. In these polarized times, we need more voices of reason. We need more in-depth conversations. We need more searching for commonalities. We need more of “The Oath”. More soon please?!
Very Good
Johnny 'O
This is a thoroughly captivating series of interviews of high to higher federal level law enforcement and other agency figures. It is timely, in depth and done strikingly well. Highly recommended.
All of the Pod Casts
I thoroughly enjoy each of the pod casts and look forward to each new interview. Chuck has such a nice way of interviewing the guests.
Great podcast
Whether on his podcast or on MSNBC, Chuck keeps me informed and explains the law in a way I can understand
Love this man
Can we please start a movement to get Chuck to run for president in 2024? This man is the utmost public servant and has a certain calmness and steadiness that is so comforting and reassuring. He is the embodiment of what we think of when we talk of a dutiful public servant and lawyer. Also, his voice is 🤤
Mets fam
Chuck Rosenberg is so well prepared for his interviews. He has the utmost respect for his guests, and works hard to understand their values and the source of those values. His interviewees offer us faith in our public servants.
The Oath
Former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg’s podcast is an amazing testament to the deep patriotism, loyalty, dedication, experience and exceptional intellectual credentials of public servants, oft maligned as the so-called “deep state.” These folks are deeply knowledgeable and deeply patriotic Americans without whom the USA could not function or exist. We must inspire and nurture the next generation of deeply patriotic and loyal American public servants to ensure the future of our great American experiment in the face of the current relentless and corrupt assault on facts, truth and the rule of law. Bravo for this podcast!
The oath
So refreshing in a dark paranoid time! But where are the recent ones? Michelle Saco ME
The Oath - 5 stars!
Chuck Rosenberg is an outstanding interviewer. He brings his vast experience and inquisitive nature to each session, eliciting the best from each person. I thoroughly enjoy and highly recommend The Oath.
Best Interviews
Chuck Rosenberg’s hour long interviews are the best I’ve heard on any podcast due to his unparalleled preparation. He gently directs his guests with a minimum of words. He isn’t there to prove how bright or “inside” he is. He’s only goal is to let the guest clearly reveal his history and views about issues concerning their specific expertise.
Love the Pod!
Great work Chuck and I always enjoy learning about a world that I know very little about. Looking forward to the next season!
Excellent podcast.
Barry Covert
I just finished the second season. This is an incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking series of in depth interviews. Every young person discerning their career options should listen to every episode. As a 30 year defense lawyer, listening to the interviews of career prosecutors is illuminating. Very even handed. Well done!
No shame in public service
This podcast affirms we are ably served by admirable public servants who do important work and, in this time, often thanklessly or worse. Mr. Rosenberg is an excellent guide who allows each guest’s narrative to shine.
Great show! But branch out please
Love this podcast. So much to learn from the guests. Would like to hear more from guests outside of Justice department though.
Rule of Law
Thank you for the amazing pod cast. Listening has been uplifting during this critical juncture in our countries history. Your guests have given me hope that this country will support the principles upon which it was founded. We still have a cadre of dedicated people to support and defend our way of life. Thank you
The Oath
Hard as it is, I try very hard not to be sensitive to political attitudes when listening to great interviews like Chuck’s on The Oath. At least I admit this problem I have and I hear that’s the first step towards recovery. 👍 Trump in 2020 🇺🇸
Mainely Fan
I’ve listened to all of Chuck’s interviews on The Oath, some twice. It’s like what I imagine listening to FDR’s fireside chats in not too dissimilar turbulent times. Soothing, calming, informative, and a counter to the noise and disinformation we’re hearing from the highest office in the land. Highlighting the extraordinary service of his guests is restoring for me the pride and confidence I have always had in these remarkable American institutions. Thanks Chuck for your service and for your remarkable gifts as a communicator, interviewer, teacher! Thanks too to all of your guests who share their remarkable stories of service.
Career of Service
Putting the final punctuation on the second season of The Oath, Chuck has provided an interview with a truly terrific example of the dedication and indeed courage of our international service personnel. The former Ambassador Roberta Jacobsen has a compelling story of these high principles and is held in high regard by all. As usual Chuck’s interview does not disappoint with a vividly told experience of civil service we should all appreciate more. See you next season for sure.
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