Closer to God
The unfolding has been bringing stories of actual people that have been a witness to the mighty power of our God! Listening to the people come forward with their experiences of what God can do in everyone’s lives is so uplifting!! Reality!! Praying and believing is more powerful than any kind of drug/alcohol ever created by man. Believing that our father is real and alive can transform anyone’s life!!
Changed my life
Someone told me today, “I absolutely love listening to The Unfolding...those podcasts have literally changed my life!”
Inspiring and interesting. Love this series!
God is always good
Thank you for this series. The right message at the right time.
Twinkie Clown
Most of these episodes I have ugly cried listening to. These stories are helping me know who Jesus actually is, not the Jesus I thought was an ogre, wagging his finger at my infractions. Thank you for this podcast.
Power of Gods Love for Us
God is so faithful to us even when we are unfaithful to him. He loves us so much, he pursues us when we wonder. Feeling lost and overwhelmed, I found a local Christian radio station advertising the Unfolding podcast. I gave it a listen thinking it would just be another podcast to fold laundry to. Wow I was way wrong. It was a podcast that I have frequently cried too. That I have found my heart breaking for the touching stories of wonderful guests. It has also set my heart on fire for a greater love for Jesus. Thank you.
Even if you don't know their names, their stories are fascinating.
I'm no kind of expert,(I am, however, an avid podcast listener and have been for over a decade, plus I have 30+ years in the broadcast industry) but this is one of the most well done podcasts that I have ever heard. Not talking specifically about one particular episode...they are all fantastic. Meaningful, personal, entertaining, authentic, and professional. Meridith Foster is a treasure and makes excellence look effortless. You may not know the names of some of the people that she features, but their stories are captivating and full of hope. Who doesn't need more of that in their lives? These are people with something to say. Sometimes it's very raw and real and it's refreshing to know that people of faith are willing to talk honestly. You will find your time spent listening to be a great investment into your soul-health.
Entire collection
Such inspiring stories reminding us that GOD is always in control and we do not need to fear. I planned to listen at lunch breaks but many times I cry while listening so now it’s when I am home. If you know people who are on the fence about accepting CHRIST, share these podcasts with them. Thank you to all the people who have shared their stories and to Meredith for organizing.
The Unfolding
I love these stories!! It’s so inspiring to here stories from people who have gone through so much and have survived and flourished with the help of God.
These Testimonies
A real God, in the details of Life doing amazing things. A boost to my faith. ❤️❤️
Not a Christian
I don’t believe in god I am an atheist but these stories are very interesting, it really makes me question my atheism, thank you for sharing your story
These stories are incredible and I’m so thankful to be allowed to hear them!
My heart needs your podcasts every week! My favorite podcast ever!
Lori S.~😃
My heart waits and needs to hear each new podcast every week!❤️😍❤️ They are so incredibly encouraging and uplifting. It reminds that I am not the only one that struggles, but that I serve a faithful, loving God that is good all the time and never, ever leaves me!( Isaiah 41:10&13!) Thank you for being faithful to your calling and I pray hearts are truly blessed and changed through each podcast like mine is!
Thankful for this podcast
I am incredibly thankful for this weekly podcast! Their is inspiration in each page. I think it is important to hear others testimonies to help us grow spiritually. Page 6 resonated in my personal life. So thank you for taking the time to do this podcast.
Love this podcast!! I can’t wait for it to come out every week. I could listen every day. I’ve recommended this to friends and told them how inspirational it is. Keep it up! And if you were to increase to 2x a week - I’d be ok with that ☺️
Heartwarming and inspirational
I love this podcast! The power of God in all these individual stories touches my heart.
Thank You!!!
Jimmy Cracked Corn...
The work and care put into sharing this difficult but redeeming story is wonderful. Thanks for your transparency and commitment to excellence.
Thank you Joe, what a testimony to Jesus. What a dear soul you are. Thank you for sharing such a powerful account of your life.
Moving & Powerful
Difficult to hear about the treatment of foster children but God has a reason for everything & everyone in our lives. A very moving & powerful story! Thank you Joe for sharing your life with us!
So well done and inspiring
Wow! I am so proud of my friends Meridith and Jason for their work on this amazing project. These guys are true professionals. You need to subscribe to this podcast right now. Episode #1 -Joe Buchanan’s story – is so powerful it will rock you to your core. Can’t wait to hear what’s Up Next.
Anything that is put together by this team is truly amazing wonderful talent wonderful podcast!
Thank you Jesus.
Thank you for sharing your story and giving hope to those who feel hopeless. I pray for God’s hand and guidance to DCFS, and all of those agencies and homes that encounter foster children. May all those children feel his love, grace, and forgiveness. Help them know their self worth and how special they truly are in your eyes. Thank you Jesus for saving Joe and saving those who are touched by his story.
Thank you Joe for sharing your story and thank you Meredith. Amazing to hear all you have overcome, gives me hope in overcoming my own headache.
Amazing story
Thank you for sharing Joe’s story. As a foster now adoptive parent of 2 boys I pray God gets ahold of them as He has Joe. Would love to hear how Joe’s brother is doing these days. Thanks again!!!
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