April 16, 2020
This week Brittany & Mallory check in to give updates on how their families are doing during the global pandemic as well as chat about life changes that are happening for them!
March 13, 2020
We went there. ABC wasn't lying when they said this would be the most dramatic season yet. We dive straight into our thoughts on the ending, the engagement and yes.. even Barb. We also chat about Claire's upcoming season & Bachelor In paradise Predictions.
February 20, 2020
Join us today, as we dive deep into the realities of our prospectives of how we truly feel about being stay-at-home-moms. It changed our world, and our perspective of things and you'll find out if it ended up being what we thought it would be like.
January 29, 2020
Let's get into the champagne drama! Kelsey, Victoria F, Chase Rice & more.. we are excited for next week but we chat everything from episode 3 with our special guest Bryn!
January 15, 2020
Calling all Bachelor Nation!! We're here for it. We're loving the drama, and especially Peter! Today's episode is all about our predictions, love of the show and our theories on how this season will go. Don't miss out on our conversations and get back to us with your thoughts!
January 8, 2020
Happy New Years, Friends! Wow, 2020 already? The time sure flys, but we are having fun! Welcome to any of our new listeners, and welcome back if you've been here a while! We missed you! Todays episode is us jumping back into the groove of things and catching up while we had our Christmas break.
December 5, 2019
So you're going away, and taking the little one(s) with you? Don't worry! On today's episode we recap our own bad experiences, best tips and what we would do different next time we travel. Be sure to tune in!
November 27, 2019
That sweet little bundle of joy is finally here, and you get to be the one to decide how the little one eats. Whether it is breastfed, tube fed, formula fed, or any other way... the ultimate decision is yours. Therefore all the pressures weighing on moms is not only compared to other womens journeys and decisions but also the guilt that comes with all the trials and tribulations of mom guilt. Today we dive into these with special stories from our followers and listeners who were so gracious to share!
November 20, 2019
"I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious."- Michael Scott  Tune in today to our episode where we play a little of The Office Trivia, answering all the questions and deciding our favourite characters. If you are an office lover, you'll enjoy this one!  Ps. Which bear is best?
November 13, 2019
Today we have a fellow farm wife on the podcast, Jena Ochsner from Double O Farms out of Nebraska who chatted all things farm life, motherhood and balancing her life at home and a full time nursing job. We loved getting to know her kind spirit, and warm heart as she got down to the ethics and knowledge of being married to a fifth generation farmer and also being a business partner. Tune in now!  You can find Jena on Instagram @doubleo.farms or on her beautiful website
November 6, 2019
I'll be there for you... Let's see how we do at our favourite shows trivia. We took our best shot at answering what we thought we the right answers, but how well can you do? Follow along, tell us how you do in todays episode of trivia!
October 23, 2019
On today's episode, you get the honest and absolute truth from our 3 & 4 year olds as we sit down with them to ask them some of our favourite questions. What's mom's favourite drink? Where do babies come from? What's something mom always says to you? Yes, we asked them all of the above. Don't miss out on these kiddo's giving us their answers. They won't disappoint!
October 16, 2019
Today on the episode we have Cassidy Archibald or better known as on Instagram as House Of Five Boys. She is a wife, and a mom of 5 boys. Yes, you read that right… FIVE BOYS. She had all five in seven years, and as much as they keep her on her toes, she finds her passion in doing her interior design Reno’s and a good cocktail. Tune in for her episode today!
October 9, 2019
Today on the podcast we have Taylor Kiryluik aka @Missbeautay to chat all things beauty. She is a certified and published skin care specialist, and a makeup artist and we hit her with all the questions we've been dying to ask her.Unfortunately no one is getting younger and our skin is usually the first thing to show that. Thankfully there are people like Taylor in this world to help us navigate the do's and don'ts to keep us looking our best. Tune In for the promo code for 30% off!
October 2, 2019
“Would you rather look 10 years older from the neck up or the neck down?” This is one of many questions asked on this weeks fun filled episode.Kick back with Britt and Megan as they navigate through some funny, strange, and embarrassing questions, even introducing our very own Average Moms Game called Useful or Useless.
September 25, 2019
While the husbands work away the moms will… stay. This week we talk about our solo parenting seasons or moments. Whether our husbands are down the road in a combine or on the other side of the country. Wrangling littles alone is tough but we have a few words of advice and encouragement to all you moms going through the same.
September 18, 2019
When you think back, the first time you went to a movie or supper or maybe even just groceries- do you remember how you felt? This year we felt a few first-time moments like that such as the first time we left our kiddo's at preschool. We are just going through the motions of things changing and kids getting older and today we share our thoughts on it!
September 11, 2019
The journey of going from one child to two can be scary and intimidating. You are no longer one-on-one and have switched to a zone defence, all the while trying to be prepared for each of their needs. We have all our best tips and tricks and EXACTLY how we were feeling in this episode, and let's just say... we were all Naked And Afraid. Don't miss out on todays laughs and going through the motions of being a second time mom!
September 10, 2019
Have you ever considered taking a leap of faith on yourself and starting a Podcast, or even Blogging? GO FOR IT! We have included how we started out, a snip of how it looks behind the scenes and how we come up with our content as well as keeping our relationship between the three of us real and honest! Don't miss out on how our team diversifies and keeps growing as we divulge the secrets to making our podcast work best for us Average Moms!
August 28, 2019
Todays episode is so light and fun! We sat down and asked each other all the questions two friends should know about each other, and willingly told each other our truths about life regrets, missed opportunities and who could go a full month eating the same meal for each meal everyday for 30 days in a row. Don't miss out on this episode if you want to know all the random things Britt and Mal have to share about themselves!
August 21, 2019
Girl, we see you. In the constant clutter and cleaning, knees deep in a mess and no end in site. This weeks episode is all about the constant battle of CLEANING. And cleaning after everyone, and some of the little tips and tricks we got to learning so we can try to make it a little easier every time. Tune in and get ready for back-to-school schedules, house cleaning tips, how Marie Kondo changed our lives and meal planning!
August 14, 2019
This episode is a testament to how strong a moms instinct is. We talk about the hardships she went through, having a child struggling with Reflux since birth. Sleepless nights that turned into days. The constant pain, constant fussiness and constant trial and error. We dive into everything from the tole it took on relationships, family and friends to the long term effects it had on her youngest and how his story continues on.
August 7, 2019
To say we are obsessed is an understatement. Have you ever taken an Enneagram Test? We never did before this episode, took our tests and revealed (after guessing each others) our scores to compare! The results were nothing short of amazing, as we also tried to guess what our husbands would be too. Highly recommend trying one and seeing how close you are to your results. Tune into this episode to hear all about how right or wrong ours turned out to be!
July 29, 2019
This week we collaborated podcasts with Terri from Mom Like That Podcast! We couldn't be more thrilled to have met such a gem in this crazy big world. She was so down to earth, kind and honest about the changes in self care that have made her become the woman she is today. This is a two part series, with the second half coming out Tuesday July 30th over on Mom Like That Podcast! Terri from Mom Like That Podcast Instagram: @momlikethatpodcast Facebook @: Mom Like That Podcast
July 24, 2019
Ain't no shame in our motherhood game. We are spilling all the dirty little secrets about the times we've failed as moms. We understand that moms are frequently held in a position where they have to be perfect, but we are real people. And failures happen, mistakes are made, and even better are the memories to look back on now and laugh about. Not only are our failures hilarious, but they don't lack any details and if you haven't related to any of these... your day is coming!
July 17, 2019
On this episode of Average Moms The Podcast we talk about having 6 boys between the 3 of us, and how we are conquering the world of trucks tractors and all this dirty. With love in hearts and dirt in our hair, we get into having pee on everything and honesty not knowing anything different.
July 10, 2019
Brace yourselves. We are getting into all the good (birth) juices on the podcast today. We are asking each other ALL the questions about our birthing experiences, and NOTHING is off limits. From kicking people out of the delivery rooms to being described as rabid coyotes, you're not going to want to miss out on this hilarious, real, raw and often-too-honest episode.
July 3, 2019
Are you a sleep deprived Mom? Rhetorical question. Of course you are. You are a mom, and we know that you never catch up on sleep. A couple weeks ago we asked you what you would want to know if you had the chance to talk to a sleep consultant. Well, we sat down with a certified child and infant sleep consultant Eva Klein who has excelled in over 1500 sleep training cases all over the world. This spunky Canadian mom of 3 shares the answers to helping parents get their sleep, health and life back!
June 26, 2019
On this episode of Average Moms The Podcast, we have our very special guest Kiteen from Kiteens Closet on with us! We met her through Instagram and motherhood which lead us here. We touch on fashion tips, high waisted jeans, concert plans for 2020 and how motherhood has changed our outlooks on well, everything. We couldn't be happier to have her on an episode and to have her as our new friend.
June 19, 2019
This weeks episode is dedicated to those hot celebrity dads out there working it for the cameras and keeping us moms grounded. We each keep each other laughing while revealing who are on our celebrity hot dads list and its bound to make you crack up laughing! Some may come to a surprise and some may not, but either way we are giving credit where credit is due!
June 12, 2019
We asked, and you answered. This week we are sharing some of the responses we got from asking what is the most embarrassing or funny things your kids have done in public. And we aren't lying when we say, they were better than we expected. If you were thinking your kid has done the MOST embarrassing thing, you're going to want to tune in because its very likely that these have topped most things. Hands down one of our funniest episodes yet!
June 5, 2019
We sat down with two best friends, who both ended up getting Hellp Syndrome during their pregnancies. Although the stats for women getting Hellp Syndrome are between 1-3% more women are getting this and with little information out there about it, these two ladies are doing their best to get it out there. They had differences in their signs and symptoms, which you can find out more all about in this episode.
May 29, 2019
You know those weeks or even just days that seem like they are never going to end? Yeah, we both just had those. And normally we have a plan and topic we like to stick to during our recordings but this week we said "Screw It" and decided we needed to vent. So here it is, a completely unscripted chat between friends who had a week from hell.
May 22, 2019
This is the second half of us opening up about our struggles with each of us having postpartum depression or anxiety. We try to leave our episodes with a sense of positivity or at least with encouragement. Listen into this half of the topic that covers help, and the things that worked for us as well as some direction if you are seeking help or just need someone to talk to.
May 22, 2019
On this episode, we get real, honest, and raw about our own very personal experiences with postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. The three of us all had very different experiences with it, but found comfort in each other and knowing that we were surrounded by people who were having struggles non the less. This ended up being a two part series so don't miss the second half.
May 15, 2019
On this episode of Average Moms the Podcast we welcomed our guest Yvonne Hazekamp, who happens to be the mother of our very own average mom Mallory! Let's just be honest, our moms... they were right about EVERYTHING. Join in for a glimpse down memory lane and a view of motherhood 30 years ago!
May 8, 2019
Hey Ladies! We are the faces behind Average Moms The Podcast. We thought long and hard about how this episode would look, and how we would want to introduce oursleves to you! So we came up with this, a little question and answer style. We had a great time recording this, drink in hand Mom-Style, and we questioned each other to let you in on a little more of our lives! Cheers to all you mama’s out there!
May 1, 2019
On this episode of Average Moms The podcast, we welcome our guest Emilee! We specifically asked Emilee to come on our episode to share how her life has changed and the benefits and wellness that she has noticed since deciding to put herself first as a mom. She is a successful RN and she fell into motherhood with the best of intentions, and little did she know that her one decision to make time each day for herself would be the majoring factor in some life changing results!
April 20, 2019
We dedicated a whole episode to touch on self care and development and to truly challenge ourselves, and our listeners to humbly take time for themselves. It’s not easy as moms to put your own needs first or to even think of making time each day to do something beneficial for just you, so we invite you to take a listen and join us on a little self care challenge!
April 20, 2019
What would happen if we were a little more honest and open and maybe even a little more accepting of our lives as moms? Would we still have high hopes of being "perfect"? Would we crush the mountains pulling us in every direction to have everything in perfect order all the time? Would we feel less inadequate in accomplishing and conquering our real goals in motherhood? In this episode we want you to leave doing less comparing and more complimenting. We got your backs, you perfectly imperfect momma's!
April 20, 2019
Children are hoped, prayed and loved for. We read all the books, prepare as best we can and eventually jump right into this crazy thing we call parenthood. But we can never really be fully prepared for everything, and we can never be prepared to make decisions for our families and children in desperate times of tragedy. In this episode, we chat with a brave mom about learning to love and live after loss.
April 20, 2019
On this episode of Average Moms The Podcast, we talk to one third of The Honest Friendship Blog, who owns her own successful interior design business and is rocking the mom life. This episode contains information all about one interior designer, one beauty expert, and one creative soul that make up this triad of The Honest Friendship blog. If you are looking for tips and tricks in taking your house to a home or just looking for some DIY projects with your kiddos, then tune in to hear all about them!
April 20, 2019
Welcome, Chelsea! On this episode we introduce you to Chelsea Martin. She is one of the loveliest human beings you will ever meet, and she has a heart of gold! She shares with us her journey to motherhood, and some of her home businesses that she runs. She always has her home and her heart open to be a ‘mom to many’ through foster care, and will spark kindness in each and every one of you! She carefully answers most frequent questions in regards to adoption and fostering two that are so close to her hea
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