Great but want more
It was great but wished they would have continued it through the trials.
Amazing podcast
This podcast was really awesome. I finished it in a weekend. Well done and I can’t wait for more episodes.
Parent? Suggest you listen!
Every parent should listen to this podcast, especially if high schoolers. No amount of pressure for good grades/scores, extracurricular activities is worth your child’s life. Time to have an open conversation of one upping each other as parents. Also, those diplomas from the schools that have been caught accepting donations for children to get in are comparable to a junk bond.
Shoddy journalism. I was excited to listen but it is more like a Lifetime movie than anything else. Had to bail halfway through first episode.
Not the Quality Expected
Root of Evil promoted this show so I gave it a try. Very disappointed. Unbalanced and biased. Facts and in depth storytelling are what I anticipated. Racist rants do not fit this criteria. Where was the production editing?
Could have been good.
This had the opportunity to be a good podcast but the host ruined it by bringing race into it and basically bashing white people for 10 minutes(still trying to figure out why , maybe the host watches to much cnn) . Also basically harasses a guy for 2 days. This is every thats wrong with the media today rolled into one podcast.
The older I get the more I realize what an unfair eff’d up world we live in! This podcast is just another eye opener, so well done and fascinating! I can’t wait for season 2!
First season second episode
Nicky nick the nickster
Racist rhetoric is a tad to much
Absolutely Mind Blowing
Great Podcast. My jaw is at my ankle the entire time I am listening. Anyone who believe everyone has the same opportunities and the “playing field” is leveled for all demographics needs to listen. The phrase “I would do anything for my kids” takes on an entirely new meaning.
Too many opinions not enough fact
I realized in one episode they put the experts on the outside and then had a few minutes of re-enactment, who cares what you think tell us how it happened and deal with the why in the last episode. Fluff but I like the re-enactment quality it’s a nice break from wondery podcast where it doesn’t matter the sex, birthplace, or situation they all sound like a Texas cattleman.
Abrupt ending
This was not a complete season. Please finish it!
Good podcast
Good podcast, although the season was somewhat short and has been awhile since last episode without telling of new episode release date
I need more!
Please continue to update as things unfold with the college scandal. I am interested to see what happens next, and where we ALL go from here. Especially us parents with children who will be applying to college. The whole process scares the hell out of me. I might be showing my age with this story, but here goes.... When I went to Virginia Tech in the late 90s, I wrote a short essay explaining why I would like to attend, and asked 2 teachers to write a letter of recommendation to say that I was a great student. I had a measly 3.something GPA, babysat instead of a real job/internship, played basketball for 2 years (2 total points scored) and was not involved in school activities. Because, let’s face it.... growing up in Virginia Beach- I preferred to surf in my free time. That’s it! And bam, I got in! And off to college I went. I had a wonderful experience and received a degree. I got a job, married the boy that sat in front of me during my college freshman math class, and we now have 3 talented and caring children. So naturally, approaching my 40s with 3 kids of my own, I can confidently say that I lose sleep on a regular basis trying to make sense of it all. I am always worrying about tuition costs, student loans, and my kids actually getting into college at all. So much has changed, and not in a positive way. So where does this leave us now? -Sleepless in Virginia
Cool Podcast
Migzy Myers
Enjoyed listening to this, very well presented. When is season 2?
Wish there were more episodes
Amazing Quality Work
I don’t usually listen to podcasts, but this one, this one got me partially into listening to more. I saw their ad on Snapchat and it had me hooked. The content was no different either, from the first episode to the last, I was all ears (literally). All their information was top notch, you can tell they did their homework (unlike those rich kids💀). Can’t be more excited for season 2! Oh, and did I mention this was the first season for this podcast? Yeah, they did absolutely amazing for a first run season.
Host seems personally offended and this taints the story telling
Multi faceted
It explores the many caste systems in place in our system through the analyzation of a smaller system functioning on the same wave. Higher Education. I as a working class Black woman who was afforded many opportunities to attend colleges and have graduated with two degrees, I think it speaks loads to hear individual stories on a level of both logics and emotions. Many colleges offered me admission. Some based on grades and some on the amount of diversity a poor person, a black person and a female would lend to their school. Ultimately, I decided on local college and to earn a place in life that I worked hard for and also that supported my biggest value: community. And I’m happy. I think maybe this could have been expressed. Alternate routes and how people are doing well just being average.
Good podcast. FYI you are pronouncing Agustin’s name incorrectly.
A must if you work in higher-ed:
As a professor, former struggling student, and first-gen American this fills me both with anger and disappointment, but I am happy this is being discussed and finally brought to the forefront. My students here in Oakland work so hard to get to Cal, and many others are working and heading off to nearby state schools all on their own accord and merritt. Systems are STILL in place working against them daily so thankyou for exposing these swindlers and tricksters.
Great podcast!
Loved the podcast and how it ties into growing inequality issues in America.
Next episode???
Kalifornia Kitten
Great podcast! I’m anxiously awaiting to next episode! When is it coming out??
Well done
Couldn’t stop listening!
Well researched and so enticing. Must listen!
Great and insightful podcast
LoS Dankboi
This podcast is very good! Jenks is the perfect host for this one along with his others. Gangster Capitalism season 1 is both heartbreaking and gut wrenching. The letter in ep.5 from Christopher is saddening and a huge insight to the scale of harm this scandal caused and the ever increasing cost of tuitions for schooling.
blade run
Why did you stop reporting?
Well researched and fascinating! Sound issues though
I loved this podcast it’s really well researched and well paced. My only issue is some parts are really loud and some are really quiet especially the ads. Hopefully you can fix this in the future because I love the show!
Excellent, smart content
Give it a listen; you’ll get angry. Well-researched. So many ads. When are you coming back???
Lessons to learn even if you’re not a wealthy parent trying to get your kid into the “best” schools
Great host and production. I agree with previous reviewer - too many adds. But, the content is great. As a parent of two great, well-rounded children who excelled in their primary and secondary educations, the parents at the heart of the scandal made me SICK...and they pull see why.
Season 1 is good
Can’t wait to listen to the other seasons
Keep up the good work!
Praying for justice! Keep uncovering this crime!
Too many commercials. Too many side stories. Waste of time in my opinion.
High on production, low on substance
The podcast begins by leading you to believe it will be about the college admissions scandal but very little is actually about that. Instead it’s mostly pseudo experts and personal stories about how unfair the educational system is in America. Assuming you wholly accept that, you’ll probably like the podcast. If you don’t, listen to the first 1.5 episodes and the last episode and you’ll be good to go. I gave it 3 stars because I think it was well produced and provided some information, albeit mostly only one side of the story.
Incredibly captivating and devastating at the same time
I remember being so infuriated by this issue of local private school kids easily sliding into Ivy League schools when I was in high school. This podcast is so well done and the narration, interviews, and inside information is incredible. Can’t wait to see what season 2 exposes.
Good but ads are out of control
Done witn NBC
I had to stop in the middle of the last show. Too many ads.
Amazing and shocking
Wow - this is an incredibly eye opening view in to the scandal and how deep and wide actually spreads. Great work, Jenks.
Race bait
I was enjoying this podcast until about 2/3ds through the 2nd episode when the narrative switched entirely to bashing white people. Race bait is all to common these days. (-from an African American person btw) Trump 2020🇺🇸
Not bad but could be tighter
Diana Marie Rocks
Of course a fascinating story still unfolding. I wish the live read ads weren’t so long. I fast forwarded through them once I caught on. Plus there are some places where they let the people go on too long. Hearing from lawyers and education experts was good but sad because you start to realize how broken the system is and how these parents will probably get off.
Heartbreaking and so well done
Great podcast. Very good listen and really a sad window into the irreparably broken college and university system.
Too Many Advertisements
For the length of the podcast, there are too many advertisements. Episode one compared to later season episodes are vastly different with how many ad inserts there are. Also fairly cringe readings by the host.
This podcast is not just well constructed. It is one of the the few American podcasts that looks at the fundamental social problems behind a story. Kudos to the writer and director.
Somewhat interesting but didn’t care for the podcaster’s flat tone and use of (pause) “well” (pause) like a valley girl multiple times. No one thinks that’s natural dude. Brief comments from the white collar crime justifier guy would have been sufficient. No need for extensive elaboration. We’re not buying it. If you do something wrong and get caught own it. You’ll get a lot more respect.
I need my fix
This is one of the best podcast and it was just getting good. Waiting on the next episode to come out soon.
Can’t get away from it.
Turned it off as soon as race became an issue.
Great, informative podcast. Shocking but on one hand not surprised how certain folks rig the “game”, and have nerve to throw side-eyes to students unlike themselves (working to middle-class; students of color). Flat out liars and paying/bribing schools to admit their unqualified children. Tell the truth and shame the devil.
It's probably good but I can't listen to it I'll get too angry.
Smart and still absolutely Savage
Thank you for producing something that digs into the specifics of not only this case but, also, dedicates time to the voices of those, not directly involved, who the education system has failed. Perfect length, kept my attention, provided insight into angles I NEVER considered, and *extra perk* music was 👌. I see alot of people taking off stars for the ads - do you rate your favorite TV shows based on the commercials? We have to fund free media somehow.... Good Job. Thanks again.
I listen to a lot of podcasts and the ads were dreadful, too many. I almost gave up listening. So upset by the many stories and injustices. Repulsive.
Beautifully done !
Loved it, Thank you Everyone check this podcast out it’s great
1. Way too many ads. The podcast world is slowly being ruined with ads, so annoying. 2. After the first episode this podcast tasted like flat soda. Boring and bland. 3. I am so grateful to have chosen not to attend college and instead pursue a working class career. I’m 100% debt free, love my job, and I feel 0 pressure to prove anything to anyone. I just do me.
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