July 5, 2020
"Look at your competition and separate yourself. Do something different." Are you willing to earn your leisure? The journey to money vs wealth is different and requires a level of education most aren't willing to explore. But the guys from the Earn Your Leisure Podcast were on a mission. Rashad and Troy, the host of Earn Your Leisure Podcast set out on a mission to educate communities and families on how companies and founders build true wealth. They set out to bring the money plays behind sports, entertainment, and business to the world so that everyone had access. From teaming up to make this mission come true, to one half of them still working a full time job as an educator, their journey is a must hear. These guys admit to learning almost everything along the way, failing forward, and leading with their passion at the forefront.  Check out more about the chart topping podcast, Earn Your Leisure here: EARN YOUR LEISURE PODCAST 
July 4, 2020
Ronne sits down with Jamila T Davis, best selling author, motivational speaker, and tv personality who was a millionaire at 25 when she was sentenced to 12 years in prison. She spent almost a decade in prison where she was faced with some of her toughest battles. In this vulnerable episode, Jamila opens up about how worshipping money and material things  at a young age and chasing fake self-esteem led her to a prison sentence. Her time in prison was a fight between wanting to end her life some days and knowing this was a sign to become a better person. Jamila spent her prison sentence becoming an author of over a dozen books, starting a publishing company, earning several degrees, and using her time to inspire other people with her story. This woman is a true testimony to the fact that you will sometimes endure excruciating pain and find the best versions of yourself on the other side. Jamila begs Girl CEO's to understand you are not your circumstance and you are not your mistakes, at any moment you can make a powerful choice to use your story to inspire others.  
May 29, 2020
Did you see the take over? Ronne took over the Live Civil platform during the pandemic and dropped gems for all the ladies looking to grow their social media. If you're in a place currently where you feel doubt and uncertainty about growing your brand on instagram because you don't have a lot of followers or you feel as if your audience isn't engaged, don't give up hope yet because this episode is a must! From learning your analytics to learning to teach with a side of vulnerability, Ronne discusses the habits you need to develop to grow a true tribe on instagram.  
May 24, 2020
Incase you missed this incredible live, Ronne and Claire Summers dropped gems about all things women, online business, and personal branding during this quarantine.  In this pandemic, we have to understand the power of our thoughts. We have to understand and know that we have a choice, what we consume becomes our reality. Be careful what you listen to. Even if you are focusing on motivational content you can become obsessed with motivation and become attracted to actual self help but never take action without a coach or mentor that provides true strategy.  Ronne talks about live content and collaborating with people who are equally influential as you are the two best things you can do to activate your brand during this quarantine. Use this time to connect and build a relationship with your audience.  People talk about success but no one really talks about the battle.  We have 3 pivotal seasons in our lives:  Being down and broke. Showing people that you can do it. Wanting to make a million dollars. When you make the money that’s when you think of what’s the next step is going to be. That’s when you will be focusing on giving money. There’s a moment in your life where you don’t know your value. You get to a space where you believe that whatever you have at the moment is all that there is for you, but there’s more out there for you. They stress for women to not letting anyone have a hold on your income and be willing to do it alone if that is what the mission requires. For more information about joining Girl CEO:  
April 10, 2020
Ronne is joined by Suneera Mahdani who shared her early life and how she started her company. After graduating from college, Suneera discusses her journey from working at a consumer goods company straight out of college for three years and realizing that the corporate world wasn’t for her. She was later recruited by a payment-processing company. After she analyzed how the business works, Suneera decided to start her own. To become a successful entrepreneur it isn't as easy as 1-2-3. It takes a lot to make it right.  Suneera provided a few pointers on how to become a successful entrepreneur: Give yourself hard deadlines – Don’t chase things that are never going to come into fruition. Listen to all the feedback you will get, no matter who that person is.  Execute your ideas –  There is ALWAYS a step-by-step process In order to turn all of your ideas into a well-established business.  Running a business isn't a vacation – You have to brace yourself and think about it deeply if it is what you really want. It entails a lot of responsibility. Reflect on why you are doing business – There's more than the revenue that makes a business successful. Is it your passion? Is it something you really want to do? You have to consider such questions. Also, she gave us some tips when starting your business: Make sure your business can accommodate investors – show the investors that their investments will be returned. Generate proof that their hard-earned money can gain some profit while it is in the business' hands.  Have a large market – investors are looking for big opportunities. Be passionate – Have a good team. Know where your zones are. Meet investors in person – Find where your networks are, find where the experts and find out where they go. Go to events and socialize. Follow Suneera in Instagram at @mombossco,  and know more about the services her company offers at   
February 24, 2020
Today Ronne is joined by Malcolm "MJ" Harris, Founder of NationalCare, and the person helping people live limitlessly in life and business. Malcolm built his business starting out as a government contractor selling insurance when he decided one day that his 9-5 was great but It wasn't fulfilling. Using his personal brand presence on youtube, he simultaneously built his business alongside his youtube channel, driving attention to both. In this episode, Ronne and Malcolm discuss how while years ago you could hide behind a logo or brand, you no longer can. The unique value of your business is no longer being first, its coming from behind the brand and having an emotional connection with your customers. The unique value is YOU! While most people worry about what others might think or are in fear of sharing themselves online, Malcolm helps us understand in this episode that it is NOT for them. It is for the 1% of people that need you. 1% of the world is 70 million people and that is more than enough to have a booming business! Do NOT miss this episode with these two thought leaders uncovering the power of being yourself online. Are you joining us for GIRL CEO conference? Grab your ticket below before its too late:  
February 3, 2020
For those of you looking to build a personal brand.... This episode with Ronne Brown is a MUST! This episode will help all of us understand that you have everything you need right now, whether you are going through something right now or not. Sharing your struggle and showing up through it is going to set someone else free and catapult your brand.  This is the season of NOT HAVING YOUR SH*T TOGETHER and is OK! Ronne answers her GIRL CEO's questions from a pure place of vulnerability. Through her years of success through different paths, she opens up about how each of us needs to understand that in order for us to prepare for the shift we must know everything were going through right now is THE KEY to our upcoming journey and we must believe NOW that this is the life we deserve.   DO NOT MISS THE GIRL CEO CONFERENCE, April 18th. You deserve to experience this in person, meet GIRL CEO'S like you! Grab your ticket to the GIRL CEO conference here:  
October 28, 2019
We know business comes easy to you GirlCEO, but balance is a whole different ball game. You're a women who doesn't play about your bills or your bank account but keeping up with the hubby, the kids, and your friends can sometimes seem insane.  Don't miss this amazing episode with Teamiblends Co-Founder, Adi Arezinni, who speaks with us about building a massive product brand, finding a balance, and maintaining the things that make us women so amazing! Make sure to grab your GirlCEO gear:  
September 23, 2019
In this episode Ronne Interviews powerhouse and personal injury attorney, Ruby Davis. Ruby tells us her journey of going from teenage mother and working in corporate America to dropping everything to get her law degree and become an Attorney. Ruby's honesty in this episode is awe inspiring as she uncovers what most of us struggle with daily, lacking confidence. She slowly built her confidence by over preparing for where she planned to serve and igniting her inner competitor to rise above her colleagues. Ruby challenges us to understand it's bigger than ourselves and it's never too late to step out on faith because we have people that needs us.  This episode is for anyone who is wondering if it's too late to switch career paths or thinking they might be too old to step out on faith and build a personal or professional brand that changes lives. Make sure to follow more about Ruby Davis on IG: Grab your GirlCEO gear and business goodies:  
September 16, 2019
“How we do business says everything about our character.” Unfortunately in the realm of online business, it’s very easy to overpromise and underdeliver, yet testimonials are our most powerful marketing tool. if your wondering how to scale, get out of the negative, make an insane amount of money, this could be the most important step that you need to focus on in growing your business. Fortunately, to our clients integrity still matters and Ronne reminds how this is still the golden rule.   make sure to follow Ronne B: grab your GirlCEO
August 5, 2019
College Drop out and Senior Contributor at Forbes Pauleanna Reid talks about how she battled depression but didn't allow it to stop her from her destiny.
July 25, 2019
While we all know Ronne brown spends a lot of her energy and time to teach each one of us how to maneuver entrepreneurship successfully, we sometimes forget the journey Ronne is on daily. Buckle up as your favorite GirlCEO opens up about her past, many business attempts, perseverance, building a devoted audience, her daily grind, and what she wants each new business owner to know about this journey!   Learn more about The GirlCEO movement at  or follow GirlCEO on Instagram at @girlceoinc If your looking for help starting your very own podcast follow @jessicahurley__
July 9, 2019
Get ready because this amazing episode is noteworthy with GirlCEO founder, Ronne Brown as she explains where everyone must start. She discusses with her co-host how we are living in a generation where so many people want to skip the process and are simply too anxious to become the boss. While speed is necessary, skipping the process yields temporary results.  The desire to skip the process calls for a lot of people who are not equipped to lead or people who have never truly been through the process. Many business owners and influencers have become focused on being seen and forgotten their ultimate job of service. There is no clean way to skip the process and Ronne urges many business owners or creatives that if you are unsure of where to start, it's important that you begin your journey from a place of service.     
June 17, 2019
This authentic and raw interview is worth every second of your time. Join in while Ronne B interviews one of her media team leaders, Chloe. Chloe gives us the inside scoop on what it looks like being a Girl CEO team member and how Ronne isn't your typical CEO. Ronne and Chloe speak on all of the monumental and foundational things required to build a business, like suffering from a poverty mindset, insecurities, and how not knowing your worth will bleed into every important part of your life if you don't uncover it. Make sure to join Girl CEO inner circle and find your favorite gear at: And follow us on Instagram:
May 28, 2019
Tune in while Ronne is interviewed by The Podcast experience staff during The Build Your Own Event In Atlanta,GA where she spoke to thousands several times over the weekend on how to build an amazing and authentic brand that serves.   
May 22, 2019
GirlCEOs we are talking to a true master at work today! The fashion powerhouse and creative director of a poppin brand, the queen herself, Nichole Lynel. Some of your biggest brands are sometimes founded by people who have been working behind the scenes for 10 to 15 years and Nichole is no exception. Her secret sauce she shares in this episode is all in the time she’s put into her brand and finally letting go Of fear.
May 13, 2019
Happy Mother's Day's Girl CEO's! Get ready for a real conversation today! Ronne invites us into a candid conversation between her and her mother where they discuss Ronne's childhood, her mothers values, and how her mother perceived female stereotypes in the 1970's. Ronne's mother tells each and every of us how proud we should be to be more than just mothers because it wasn't like that "back in the day."  If you were able to fast forward 35 years and make decisions based of what you know in the future, would you? Ronne's mom looks back 35 years ago and tells us exactly what she would've done differently. She even gets real about how she was laid off after 18 years of service right before retirement. This is the perfect Mothers Day episode!    Instagram: @Ronnebrown Become a GirlCEO: @girlceoinc or shop with us at:      
May 6, 2019
Get excited and pull out your Girl CEO notebook and prepare to take notes. Todays interview with the Founder of Glamaholic lifestyle, Mia Ray is everything you've been looking for when it comes to learning how to show up for social media, how you don't have to be someone your not to make money, and the consistency required to operate a successful business.   
April 17, 2019
Join Ronne Brown and makeup mastermind, Letitia Thornhill, in a raw and uncut conversation about the practice and the grit the 1% have that most don't. Everyone always mentions the success that comes with taking risk but most wont tell you how to start. Ronne and her guest Letitia discuss the power behind those who started in internship positions, those who "slow-cooked" the journey, and took the time to learn before they deemed themselves the "experts." 
April 17, 2019
This episode should not be free! Check out this episode with Ronne Browns accountant and mentor, Amani Ahmed, in Maryland who has done way more than just manage Ronnes taxes and money.  
April 17, 2019
Join Ronne Brown in her first podcast episode as she discusses the power in hard work and the long term grind that most people try to skip. This episode covers where Ronne started and how when she started she wasn't sure where she was headed, she was just determined to be more and give more to her family all while being herself.  Over the years her personal brand has evolved into a massive 7 figure business helping thousands of female entrepreneurs find their way. This episode is a must for those of you who are unsure where to start, Ronne talks about taking the first step and the true joy that comes with success when you finally get paid to serve others in your truest form. Follow GirlCEO & Ronne Brown on Instagram: @Ronnebrown @Girlceoinc Or join the GIRLCEO community 
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