December 24, 2019
I’m so excited to share the latest episode of the podcast just in time for the New Year and my latest book release! Sometimes change is in order, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Whether it’s fear of uncertainty, fear of failure or fear of disapproval, you can find the confidence and courage to make bold changes that move you in a new and better direction. In this episode of Positively Psyche, I coach you to give yourself permission to change - and the message is directly from my book Life Coaching for Successful Women (out January 7). And I announce how you can get immediate access to my brand new course when you order the book (go to for details!).
December 10, 2019
Can you believe we’re about to wrap up another decade?!? When that thought crossed my mind the other day, I just had to pause and reflect. This decade started at a low point for me, and it’s ending at a time when I am more fulfilled than I have ever been. And a big part of the reason is that I wrote a joyful vision for the future and started intentionally planning my life to trigger more happiness. And that’s what the latest episode of my podcast is all about. In it, I teach you how to plan your year in a way that will naturally trigger more fulfillment and authentic joy. In this solo. edition of the show, it’s just you and me as I coach you with practical tools that will leave you wiser, happier and more focused as you close out this decade and get ready for a new one! With some imagination and simple planning, you can create a 2020 vision for your happiest year yet. I’ll teach you how using life-changing advice from my forthcoming book, Life-Coaching for Successful Women.
November 26, 2019
Many of you know that more than a decade ago after I’d been writing books for several years and coaching, I went back to graduate school a second time to study Applied Positive Psychology. I met one of our 1st two guests during the admissions process when he conducted my phone interview. His recommendation led me to be accepted to the University of Pennsylvania, and he became one of my professors. During that year, I spent more than 250 hours of class time soaking up knowledge alongside 40 classmates. And one of them, whom I sat next to for many of those hours, is our other guest. I met James and Suzie that year, but more importantly, that's when the two of them met each other. After Suzie graduated, she and James connected personally, and today they are happily married. They recently co-authored the book, Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love that Lasts.
November 12, 2019
In my latest podcast, I talked to my friend Tara-Leigh Cobble whose daily Bible Recap podcast launched this year and already has over 5 million downloads and was recognized by Forbes’ as one of the fastest-growing podcasts this year. Tara is the founder of D-Groups, an author, and a woman on a mission. She inspires me with her clarity of vision and purpose. She’ll inspire you, too! Take a listen to this powerful conversation on this new episode of Positively Psyched! Listen now to hear her discuss key strategies on how to move forward in your purpose with great clarity and confidence.
October 29, 2019
In this episode of Positively Psyched, we hear from a gifted writer, speaker and worship leader, Chrystal Evans Hurst. The eldest child of Dr. Tony and Lois Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas. Chrystal has been pivotal in leading the women’s ministry and instrumental in encouraging women toward a deeper relationship with God. In her latest book, “She’s Still There”, Chrystal shares with us important information around finding the “Girl” that used to dream and getting your life back on track. She is authentically transparent about her own life and what it feels like to not meet our expectations. Listen in to hear about key strategies for finding your peace and living a truly fulfilled life.
October 15, 2019
In this episode of Positively Psyched, we learn that the new normal is not necessarily natural. It appears that we are getting less and less rest. We have been known to devalue rest for the sake of staying up late to binge-watch our favorite shows, knowing we have to get up early for work or to get the kids off to school the following morning. Too often rest becomes an afterthought and we simply don’t get enough of it. Today’s guest, Dr. Alex Pang, is the author of Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less. I was first introduced to him through Calm, one of my favorite apps. In our conversation, we discuss the importance of taking rest seriously and recognizing when we need to get more. Rest empowers us to be more successful, more proficient and ultimately it enables us to get more done.
October 1, 2019
In this episode of Positively Psyched, I am joined by a dear friend of mine, Sheryl Adkins-Green. She has been with Mary Kay Inc. for over a decade and is their Chief Marketing Officer. Sheryl is in charge of supporting the more than three million independent beauty consultants through her global marketing strategy which includes new product development, advertising, digital marketing, and so much more. Boost your confidence and drive with the power of determination and learn how to stay focused through your vision.
September 17, 2019
You might know her as the motivational nutrition coach from The View, the Today Show and more. Or as the author of two nutrition books, including Lose Your Final 15. But Rovenia Brock, or Dr. Ro, has also gained and lost three dress sizes three different times in her life. She knows firsthand what it’s like to meet a goal and then watch it slip away. It’s been more than two decades since she lost her final 15, and now Dr. Ro is on a mission to help one million people lose 15 million collective pounds. Dr. Ro joins us on the podcast to share her best tips for how to stay motivated as you move toward your wellness goals.
September 3, 2019
Do you ever find yourself avoiding certain people or certain conversations? Maybe you want to speak up, but find yourself unable to? Maybe you even walk on eggshells around certain people and you just don't say the things that need to be said? Being a seasoned coach, I believe so much that direct communication is important. As a matter of fact, "Direct Communication" is in the first module that we teach at the Coach Training Intensive. LaFern Batie is an author, business coach, leadership consultant, and faculty member at The CaPP Institute. She joins me for a conversation on direct communication and how to stop tip-toeing around issues. She’ll share how to say hard things with a soft touch, set boundaries, and improve the way we communicate.
August 20, 2019
For all of you trying to wear all the hats and spin all the plates but still somehow be rooted in the present moment, this episode is for you. All that hat changing and plate spinning can leave you feeling untethered, pulled in any direction by the changing winds of your list of things to do. But what if you could feel anchored instead? And what if that anchor had nothing to do with the latest productivity hack and everything to do with making memories? In this episode, Jessica Smartt, author of Memory-Making Mom, joins us and shares how to build traditions that breathe life into our homes and into our relationships. No new hat required.
August 6, 2019
Are you drowning in time debt? Like financial debt you’re overextended, overcommitted, and over it. You don’t know where your time goes, you just know there isn’t enough of it. But unlike money, time can’t be borrowed and more can’t be made. In this episode, I share about crawling out of time poverty and the life-changing exercise my family did to move out of the red and into the black. I’ll also give you some free tools at to help you write a time budget.
June 11, 2019
Getting unstuck isn't always easy. But knowing when it’s time to make a change can be even more difficult. In this episode my special guest Meredith Moore Crosby and I discuss why most people get stuck and never break free from their fears. Turn your setbacks into unexpected blessings, and be happier, healthier, and unstoppable in every area of your life!
June 11, 2019
In this episode of Positively Psyched, my special guest Pastor Kerri Weems and I discuss the importance of planning and keeping an up-to-date schedule. Although living with no margins seems to be the new normal, it doesn't have to be. Take control of your time.
June 11, 2019
We often underestimate what it takes to accomplish a goal. It’s not just about knowing what steps to take, but understanding yourself, your habits, and the pitfalls many of us experience that could be avoided with a little knowledge and know-how. During this episode with my first guest Senia Maymin, we discuss how the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to accomplishing your most important goals.
June 11, 2019
In this very first episode of Positively Psyched, I identify the six Core Vulnerabilities that impact your relationship with time. In order to overcome your vulnerabilities, you must obtain two skills to notice when you are at risk of choosing the urgent over the meaningful. I will provide you practical research-based tools to make wise, meaningful choices with your time.
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