February 6, 2020
Today's episode is all about trauma. Understanding it, healing from it, and having compassion with yourself all along the way.
January 30, 2020
Guilt is a negative emotion we hate feeling. Tune in to this episode to learn how guilt can guide you and how to manage guilt when it is unnecessary.
January 23, 2020
Who do you see yourself being in a year from now? What about 5-10 years from now? It can be easy to for us to let life happen to us, rather than being intentional about it. This podcast episode it all about dreaming big for your life and working to make it a reality.
January 16, 2020
Everyone has negative emotions. But hardly anyone knows how to deal with them. Tune into this episode to learn how to process and manage your negative emotions.
January 9, 2020
Intentionally choosing to love yourself is one of the best things you can do! But it can be really challenging (especially when your default thoughts are hating yourself). Tune-in to learn how to cultivate love for yourself!
January 2, 2020
Trying to pick a college? Deciding on a joining a new team or friend group? Many of us get paralyzed trying to make decisions. Get some inspiration on how to manage decisions and make choices from an inspired place.
December 26, 2019
FOMO by The Teen Life Coach
December 19, 2019
Getting along wit family can be tricky-especially during the holidays. Tune into this episode to get some perspective on how to manage your emotions around those family members that get on your nerves,
December 12, 2019
Many of us aspire to be beautiful. But what if we have so much more than that to offer the world. Tune in to hear about beauty redefined's message, and start being confident in your body today.
December 5, 2019
Social anxiety can be paralyzing. In this episode we breakdown what social anxiety is and six steps to managing it in your life.
November 25, 2019
This episode is all about why gratitude in essential in our lives, intentionally creating gratitude, and learning to love your life.
November 21, 2019
This episode is all about intrusive thoughts. I talk about what intrusive thought are and how to manage them. Intrusive thoughts are those random, unwanted ideas that pop into our head, We can become consumed in worrying about them. We can loose perspective on the fact that intrusive thoughts are just that - thoughts. Get the anxiety challenge here:
November 14, 2019
This episode is all about gossip. We talk about why gossip can be so toxic, and understanding why we like to spread it. I also discuss how to manage being on the receiving end of gossip.
November 7, 2019
This episode features Allison Kate, 17 year-old senior in high school. She shares all about her music, fitting in, making friends, dealing with depression, and expressing yourself. This is an episode you don't want to miss!
October 31, 2019
We often hide ourselves, try to be someone we are not to gain approval from others. We wear masks. If we are our true selves, that requires being vulnerable We are afraid that if we let others see who we are we could be judged. People might not like who we really are deep down. Our brains are terrified of rejection. We desperately want to fit in. When we put on a mask trying to be a happier, more serious, more fun version of ourselves it’s like trying on a costume.
October 24, 2019
Ready to face you fears? This episode will take you through the basics of how to manage fears and finally go for what you really want in life!
October 17, 2019
What is your comfort zone? Things you know your good at doing. People you feel totally comfortable talking with. Its easy and its safe. Your brain feels calm and comfortable here. You are not willing to try new things. When we stay in our comfort zone there is little to no development. Keeps you only doing only the things you know you are good at. Leaving our comfort zone. It is uncomfortable, but it is also where all the growth happens. You can’t have growth without discomfort. We tend to think that we should only pursue the things that we are really good at.
October 10, 2019
Does he like me? Does he not? We have all had moments trying to figure out if that one person has feelings for us. In this episode we talk all signs of someone liking you, understanding your need to know, plus hear some of my embarrassing stories.
October 3, 2019
Jealousy can be challenging to manage. We compare ourselves to those around us. We think that someone else has it better than us. And we wish that our life was like more theirs. Tune in to this episode to learn how to manage jealousy in your life, and feel confident about the value you have to offer the world. Get the anxiety challenge at
September 25, 2019
How do you find happiness? This is our biggest pursuit in life for many people. Tune-in to learn about how to create happiness in your own life. Don't forget to grab the confidence challenge at
September 19, 2019
Tune-in to this episode to learn more about depression, how to manage it, and find hope. Get the confidence challenge at
September 11, 2019
Negative people often feel unavoidable. How do you spend time with other negative people without being consumed by negativity? Tune-in to this episode to learn how to stay positive, even when people around you are being negative. Don't forget to grab the anxiety challenge at
August 31, 2019
Building a good relationship with your parent can be challenging. In this episode I interview my mom. We discuss the ups and downs in our relationships, basics of building a good parent/child relationship, and also how to deal with a parent who isn't emotionally available in your life.
August 28, 2019
Emotions enhance our lives. But it can be easy to get caught up in our negative emotions. We become consumed with our problems, start to feel hopeless, and have a downward emotional spiral. When caught in irrational thinking and heavy discouragement, this episode will teach you how to manage your mind and emotions.
August 21, 2019
Trying to be perfect is a good thing right? Teen perfectionism is so common. Especially when you want earn approval from yourself and others. In this episode we are discussing some of the problems perfectionism creates and the best ways to manage your own perfectionism. Get the living with anxiety challenge at
August 14, 2019
It can be hard to feel confident as a teen. Confidence isn't something that just happens to you; it is something you create. Rather than waiting on external things to feel confident (boys, best friends, compliments, achievements), start intentionally creating your confidence with your thinking. Get the confidence challenge at
August 8, 2019
Got back to school nerves? Tune into to this episode to get comfort and confidence going back to school! Get the guides to deal with anxiety and create confidence here:
August 1, 2019
As a teen, you want to fit in. But you also want to be yourself. Everyone else has opinions about who you should be and the things you should do. Tune into this episode to learning how to navigate peer pressure and staying true to yourself. For a free coaching session, go to
July 25, 2019
Changing the way you think can change your life. But sometimes our brains get stuck in old patterns of thinking. Tune-in to this episode to learn how to create a more positive relationship with your brain. If you are interest in getting coached, sign up at
July 18, 2019
One of the hardest things about being a teenager is dealing with people being mean. Tune-in to learn how to handle mean girls in your life. Also, don't forget to get the confidence challenge at
July 10, 2019
"What if" thoughts can be paralyzing. Tune in to this episode to learn how to cope with your what if thinking, and turn it into a strength rather than a weakness. Don't forget to get the Living with Anxiety Challenge at
July 4, 2019
Ever wonder who you really are? Tired of trying to be like someone else? Today we are talking about finding yourself and loving who you are. Don't forget to get the 28 day confidence challenge at
June 27, 2019
Today's episode, I invited on Natalie Clay, relationship coach, to discuss dating and dealing with heartbreak. Stay tuned for her expertise and wisdom. If you want to hear more from Natalie, check out her podcast Couples Coaching with Natalie Clay. Also, don't forget to get your free Living with Anxiety challenge at
June 20, 2019
Today we are talking all about relationships! This episode is all about figuring out why you want a relationship and being the person you want to be in the relationship. Don't forget to join the free Living Life with Anxiety Challenge:
June 13, 2019
Sometimes life feels like everything is falling apart. Like nothing is going according to your plan. Like everything has gone wrong. But maybe your life is going better than you could have planed. Maybe your life isn't falling apart, but falling into place.
June 6, 2019
On today's episode, I discuss some of the mindsets and skills that help with making friends.
May 30, 2019
Today's episode we are breaking down popularity. What is it and why is it so desirable? Tune in to find out!
May 28, 2019
Negative emotions can be painful. Often we want to avoid them. But avoiding our emotions has many negative side effects. Tune in to learn how to experience your emotions in the fullest.
May 22, 2019
So many teens deal with anxiety! Anxiety has been a major part of my life. I talk in this episode about how to process anxiety and shift your anxious thoughts. Learn how your anxiety might be a hidden strength.
May 21, 2019
Graduation is a huge, exciting transition in life! It can feel super scary to make these big changes. But know that you are so capable of making the best possible decisions for your life!
May 15, 2019
Girls want to feel beautiful. In a world with unattainable beauty standards, it can feel hard to keep up. Today, I talk about how the standards for beauty change, and how we can create the feeling of beauty for ourselves. To enter the May Mental Health Month Giveaway, go to
May 12, 2019
Do you struggle with feeling lonely? Like you don't have any good friends? Listen to this episode to start feeling more connection in your life!
May 6, 2019
Are you constantly trying to prove your worth? Trying to earn worth can cause anxiety, needing external validation and approval. But what if your worth was constant, despite failures and expectations?
April 11, 2019
Prom Expectations by The Teen Life Coach
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