Katherine in Oregon
I was living in Garibaldi (around the time of Kyron Horman’s disappearance), in 2010. My friend (Wendal and I), had lunch at the Chinese Restaurant by the slough along Highway 101, in Tillamook, Oregon. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant at this time. As we were being seated I saw a child that I thought looked exactly like Kyron Horman, from the pictures I had seen via the papers and T.V. I told my friend (kind of loud), that there is Kyron Horman. A woman sitting across the aisle (and next to Kyron), loudly and indignantly said “He is NOT Kyron.” The boy sat down and did not look our way, or say a word. There were about 6 people with Kyron,all adults. I’m certain it was Kyron. The same haircut and eye glasses.
Did I miss this?
I’m catching up. I just listened to the “Rebecca” story. My question is why has no one addressed her feet being bound? Did she hop the the balcony and then get over the edge with her feet being tied together? Thank you for this incredible podcast!
So intuitive, judgement free, open minded and informative.
I love true crime stories, and I love Dr. Phil, so for me this is a double doozie! This is my first time actually sitting down and listening to a podcast; I’ve been urged by my best friend for years and I’ve never given it a chance. I just sat through 7 podcasts in a row! It’s safe to say I’m hooked. I love doing my chores and errands listening to music, but you can bet I’ll be adding these podcast to my playlists from now on. I can learn about an entire story without having to watch a tv program! I love this, keep it up Dr. Phil! I love how you keep it open to interpretation and opinion. That’s the gift of a good story teller; letting the listener decide and choose how they feel about the main players rather than be told. Thank you!!!
Can’t stop listening
Jay ya
I enjoy listening to these stories! I can’t stop listening and the suspense of these stories is enjoyable and informative. Especially hearing it from Dr. Phil’s voice.
Nothing new
s.s. minnow
High profile cases that have been done and redone. I suppose if you’ve lived under a rock the past couple of decades you may find these cases interesting..... Yes, Dr Phil is a psychologist ... but he is no criminal profiler. Also for someone who gave great weight, on his show, to the country’s top leading polygraph examiner, Jack Trimarco, Dr Phil is sure quick to poo-poo a polygraph examination when it comes to Terri Horman.
Very insightful on the reasons behind murder
Historical insomniac
I so appreciate the thoughtfulness and experience Dr. Phil brings to a crowded field of true crime podcasts, he stands out from the crowd. I wish he would give recent mass shootings against Hispanics careful consideration and discuss whether or not the public expressions of racial hatred/white supremacy common today contributed to an atmosphere encouraging this violence. Only 14% of murders occur between strangers, but 222 mass shootings fall into that category so far this year. Please, Dr. Phil, why are angry white men going around shooting people (ElPaso/Dayton)? You are the only public figure I trust to parse this issue objectively to offer deeper understanding of what is going on. What responsibility do politicians have for what they say off the cuff to demean or demonize one group to another?
In thin air
Absolutely loved it can’t wait for next episode
Great podcast
Absolutely love Dr. Phil’s Podcast they are very well presented and very informative. I really like how he interviews the people involved in the cases.
Love it!
Love listening to Dr Phil! He tells these stories in a way that is so captivating it just pulls you in!
What You Would Expect from Dr. Phil
Clare Bear Stare
I’ll give Phil this — he has a pleasant voice, and his narration is better than most. The problem comes in the content. None of the crimes he covers are new to either long-time fans of the show or first time listeners; they’ve been the covered pretty extensively in both the media and on Dr. Phil’s show itself. There is very little new information or speculation being presented. The podcast itself seems more like a coherent editing of previous shows he’s done on said topics, with a lot of prosaic descriptions added to it. They’re also incredibly redundant: Dr. Phil repeats certain information again and again, and asks rhetorical questions aloud that add nothing to the discussion. There is little in the way of new ideas or personal revelations, either of which would vastly improve his rambling descriptions of the crimes. The podcast is also stuffed with advertisements for his wife’s infinite lines of snake oil “products” which are also pimped to death on the show. Unless you’re new to true crime or a diehard fan of Dr. Phil, there’s not much here to glean or enjoy.
Love my Dr. Phil
volzgrl4 ever
Very relaxing to listen to!! Just another way to have a little bit of Dr. Phil in my life!!
Repetitive - season 1
The content is great, but it could’ve literally be wrapped up into one or two episodes. Dr. Phil repeats himself NUMEROUS times. Enough to where you question if you’re on the right episode or replaying the last. Disappointed.
I truly enjoy listening to these cases. I love how he is very unbiased with each case and looks at both side and even in the middle. Plus for some reason I find his voice very soothing.
He keeps getting worse! So so so bad
Dr Phil’s narration is so bad, it’s embarrassing. He reminds me of a elementary school principal reading a Goosebumps book to a second grade class on Halloween. The text he reads is full of childish adjectives and he really over acts. If you’ve ever seen the Dr Phil episode of Frasier then you’ve seen Phil’s bad acting skills before. The story however is very interesting . Just a side note. Dr Phil reminds me of an old time snake oil salesman with his ads. The type you see in old movies and TV shows. Every time he starts his Robin’s magic skin lotion spiel, I picture A Twilight Zone episode about a Texas Con Artist who claimed he could wake the dead. He is so ridiculously bad that it’s funny. I wonder who actually buys that stuff? Tried listening to the next few mysteries. They just keep getting worse.! The one about the guy falling out of the window. I couldn’t make it through the first 20 minutes. It’s sad how bad he is at this type of things.
New material, love it
I love seeing what cases each season will cover. These are all cases I haven’t heard much about before this (surprisingly) and I look forward to seeing what each one will cover. I love the analysis that Dr. Phil provides.
Sensational and borderline inappropriate practices
This story is interesting and Dr. Phil has some interesting insight but I had to stop listening when he was interviewing the gal in prison and trying to get her worked up all over again by demanding she shout and scream. It felt very wrong and something a “doctor” shouldn’t be doing. Doubtful that I’ll be listening to any more from him.
It’s ok
Abby Len
I really do enjoy his topics. I also enjoy listening to him as a presenter. However, he must feel a need to “dumb it down” for us. It’s not necessary to explain in every way possible a scenario to get the point across. For example, you don’t need to say “no one ever expected this. Not her mom, her dad, her great uncle, her 3rd cousin, not in their wildest dreams, not in their wildest nightmares, etc..” We get it. Just move on and tell the story! It seems a little theatrical at times. I do love and respect the heck out of Dr Phil though!!
Repetitive sentences
Dr Phil repeats himself Had to stop listening after 10 mins into S3 Ep3. Googled the lady to find out the results.
Aug 21st Analyst by Dr Phil
I would question if she really cut herself. If it is possible that she was hit in the jaw then hung it is very possible she never cut herself.
Great podcast
Joe from Bend
Really enjoyed listening to this podcast from beginning. Both the story and writing has kept me interested along the way. Highly recommend.
Love the content but...
Every single podcast is full of plugs for Robin’s skin care line. Over and over and over.
I recommend skipping season 3. Very disappointed I wasted my time
I've listened to many podcasts and I was very sucked at how horribly this one was written, edited and told. I really expected a lot more. I've liked watching Dr. Phil on TV but this podcast doesn't do him any good.
I don’t usually listen to PodCasts but I subscribed to this one, and enjoy it.
Five star
Rayner girl
Enjoy it looking forward to the next episode. I enjoy your take on the different parts and point of views from each individual who was involved. I’m hooked keep it coming
Very Enjoyable
Always excited for a new episode each week! Keep them coming.
You are a truly a Doctor.
This podcast is amazing. The way doctor explains and breaks down complicated issues, terminologies is just amazing. Thanks.
Slow down
I listen to a lot of different podcasts. Dr Phil you are an eloquent orator. Less repeating , less ads inserted for Robin and slow down , then your podcast will be more informative and more enjoyable.
So unbelievably repetitive.
I listened to most of the Gypsy Rose season and I honestly had to shut it off early because I got so sick of the repetitiveness. In one breath he would explain the exact same thing twice in different ways. Then with each new episode, would re-repeat himself AGAIN multiple times.
Love it
Really like to get a expert point of view on these cases.
Guilty pleasure
It’s like fast food...I know it’s sorta trash but it’s also so good.😂
I really like Dr. Phil, BUT... there’s too much repeating. These could be MUCH shorter. Sorry Dr. Phil... I’m losing the story because of the repeating.
Very well done!
kim from texas
A very sad story I can’t wait for the next episode!
Thumbs up 👍
Peg Greg R
I recently started a new job with 60 minute commute each way. Dr. Phil is filling that time. His podcasts are intriguing and informational. The way he tells the story is compelling and enjoyable. I look forward to my commute with Dr Phil everyday. I want more!!!!!
Can’t wait for the next episode!!!
Dr. Phil I love this podcast that you are doing. Thank you so much for you do and your perspective on these murders. I am a big fan!!
I love this !
Great stories but very repetitive
The cases that are covered in this podcast are very interesting and worth a podcast series- however dr. Phil is very repetitive to the point that even if this is something you keep in in the background while you do other stuff, you’ll find yourself thinking about how you’ve already heard this part 3 times.
Story is great but way too repetitive
I really enjoyed the depth in which Dr. Phil went into on the Gypsy Rose story but my goodness - he kept repeating and repeating to the point it was annoying. I watched the movie a year or two ago but this podcast she’s so much more light onto Gypsy Rose’s actual situation.
More please
Thank you! I look forward to these every week!
Laine Cauthen
I am in school to become a behavior analyst and this has become my favorite podcast! I hope another murder mystery is coming soon!
Dr Phil is right on everyday!!! He knows his stuff ‼️100percent!!! I am interested in the living buy design you mentioned on your show!!
Season 2
Since the 4th episode I have been hung up on Adam’s 911 call. To wake up in the morning, go outside and see your brothers girl friend bound, gagged and hanging why would his thought be she did that herself? It almost sounds as if he was pushing the idea that she had done this to herself. Also, why would you identify her by saying “Got a girl, hung herself”? Why not call and say “My brothers girlfriend” or call her by her by the name he knew her as. I understand the evidence is not there, but I was very much caught by surprise in how he reported the crimes to the police. Great season overall, such a sad story.
Dr. Phil always delivers!
Better than any HBO documentary! Dr. Phil doesn’t draw conclusions for you but gives you the insight and info point blank so you can decide for yourself! I’m often left wondering and going over details days after a season ends. He always gives people their dignity, even under horrendous accusations or convictions! Great podcast and great content!
Why we murder
First thank you talking about this subject. My best friend was murdered and I have never gotten over it. Her murder changed and ruined others lives. I have studied murder for years. I have read so many books on murder.
Thought provoking, no stone unturned
Wyoming listner
Thank you Dr. Phil for giving these series many things to stretch our thought process. Both series have opened up life circumstances I’ve never experienced in my 71 years, and tell of great sadness in the human heart. I am so glad that you share my daily walk with Lily my labradoodle and me. Thanks, June, Wyoming Michigan
I love love this podcast, because Dr. Phil is awesome. Honestly I appreciate the psychological aspect to this, instead of just talking about the crime. However, bone to pick. I told you America was wrong in your title( it was Amercia)... and I didn’t even get a thank you. It’s all good though still got mad respect 🙌🏼
Good show, incorrect spelling of
So I am probably the worst speller of all… I need spell check all the time. This is a good show, I enjoy all the episodes so far. Just FYI though you have missed spelled America in your title.
Murder in America
Best episode yet! Thank you for this insightful series!
Murder in America
Please stop with the background music! It's horrible and manipulative. Podcast could have been great if it wasn't for the stupid music. Dumb decision.
Mansion of Secrets—My Opinion on the Child’s Death
Case: I believe Dina doesn’t think her child’s death was accidental. My thoughts on whether the child’s death was accidental or intentional are that there is no logical explanation for why a child should be allowed to ride a scooter on the second story of a house. Since this is the case, I believe his death was accidental. A result of the child riding his scooter in an area that was unsafe. The child should not have been allowed to do this, and since he did, he made an unsafe decision which led to his accidental death.
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