This podcast, although disturbing and extremely sad, held my attention like a train wreck. There was so much thorough investigation done by Dr. Phil and his staff. A lot of which changed the outcome of the atrocities in this true story. I highly recommend it!
Stop pushing Robins concoctions
Man! His TV show already has infomercials for Robins face crap, PLEASE leave it off the podcast. Incredibly irritating. I wouldn’t buy it b/c it aggravates me so badly, not to mention, if her products were so great, she wouldn’t have needed all the cosmetic surgery. Stop it!
Reviews too much
For the most part it’s interesting but aside form them the Gypsy rose story all you have to do is listen to the first and last episode because all he does is review what he just saw for half the show. Not to mention him sponsoring his own show and his wife’s makeup line. Like what does that have to do with true crime.
I love Dr. Phil!
My favorite podcast is Dr.Phil. The ads are part of broadcast, if it wasn’t Robin’s skincare then it would be something else. He supports his wife’s business, most women would love the support of their husband. He’s proud of her. Some people seem to have a need to gripe, even about petty things. Keep on doing what you’re doing Dr. Phil, you are an example of greatness.
Love it!
Amazing Podcasts!
It’s such a good podcast! I love the intros! And honestly, some of the story’s that these people come up with makes me laugh it’s so silly and they are so obviously guilty.
Dr Phil
Thank you! I really enjoy listening to your podcasts. I am a “Peer Counselor”! I enjoy what I do and this helps me with the people I help.
Dear Dr.Phil
I really enjoy the suspenseful music! Now I don’t mind commercials but to have to listen about robin products that I will never buy every 30 seconds is irritating. I appreciate his insight on what he thinks is going on in these peoples minds which is why I still would prefer it over dateline .. but please Dr.Phil slow down on your wife’s ads before you lose me for good...
Excellent storytelling
Heidi Rose64
Dr. Phil is a master storyteller, he has the ability to make me feel and understand with his words.
I want crime stories, not skin cream!
Dr. Phil has lost any credibility he had by pushing his wife’s skin cream on this podcast. It’s nothing more than snake oil and he should be ashamed of promoting it.
Well done
RR from NJ
Really enjoying the psychology education with each episode! I like how it’s broken down and fully explained. I learned so much in a short time. Dr. Phil you are amazing as well as your producer and staff!! Great research!! Thumbs up!!!
Thanks Dr Phil. The Chris Watts story
I just finished listening to the Chris Watts series. Its the most complete and comprehensive I’ve heard. As painful as it was to hear, his explanations helped me wrap my mind around the why. It wouldn’t be a review without a critique ... the “thrilling music” in the background makes some of the story sound exploitative. Just his voice is enough for a story so sad and tragic.
Dr. Rich Dorst
The stories are well-researched and presented quite well. But the frequent ads for the skin products are annoying. I think ONE per podcast would be fine!
Love this
When he said July 2020, I was choked on my orange juice! I was like what?! Love the dark stories! But the constant ads for his wife’s skincare is annoying.. sorry I still like the dark story but to many ads.
Dr Phil
Too many promos for his wife. Not why I am on this podcast. Really disappointed.
Shine Bright Like a Bright Shiny Thing
Hi! Darla of Dork here. For those who say Robin’s ads rub them the wrong way, Robin’s got a salve for that! Get Robin’s new Wrong Way Rubbing Reversal Créme. You know it’s fancy because of the accent on the letter E there. If you are ever rubbed the wrong way, try Robin’s créme. I think I allegedly personally tried ‘Robyn’s Skin So Bright Night Light Brighty Brighty Mighty Moe’ and now my face keeps the whole family up at night. Oh sure, it does make playing shadow puppets a lot easier, especially when camping. With any luck, we will be roasting marshmallows near my face & making s’mores...Why? Because S’mores are feckin delicious, AND, we certainly do NOT waste food in the Darla Dorkdom. Keep up the good work.
Too many commercials
It’s very annoying to hear him constantly talk about his wife’s skincare line... it really rubs me the wrong way. Also a bit irritating knowing he won’t care about the review.
So Sad
Helpful Info Thanks
I listened to this story and it is so sad. My grandson went through so much abuse like Erica, beatings, starved, siblings hitting on him while he stood in the corner most the time, kicked by his mother, knocked out by his step-father, ribs broken with no medical attention, etc. His biological father passed away so they were getting money to support him but never used it on him. This went on from age 8 to 17. I prayed all the time and thank God he finally got away when he was 18. Children services was called so many times I lost count. But all the children would not say a word because when they were questioned their parents were there listening and watching. They were terrified of them so nothing was done to protect him. A lot of people tried to protect him but he got to a point where he wouldn’t talk or even cry. I think laws should be changed when children services is talking to the children. Parents should not be around. My grandson was lucky he survived but there are so many children out there that aren’t so lucky. RIP Erica ❤️
Enjoy Podcast
I really enjoy these podcasts. As the previous reviewer I wish Dr. Phil would quit pushing Robin’s skincare products.
Love lying in the hammock on the porch and listening with a sweet tea .Helps take your mind away from the COVID 🦠for an hour or two okay maybe sometimes 3 if my back can take it , but the podcasts are so hard to resist ! 😎🥤
True crime junkie here!
Love this podcast! Love the facts and the analysis. Intriguing and fun to listen to! Most reviews are saying they hate the adds, I just skip thru them. It’s not that big of a deal.
Sick of my wife robin commercials !!! Too much !!!
Love this podcast! I have always enjoyed dr. Phil’s show so finding the podcast has been awesome!
Thanks for all you do!
Thanks for your great work on these cases Dr. Phil. I also don’t mind the RMR ads unlike most who are reviewing your show.
Wife’s Products
Yes stop pushing your wife’s business.
Great but....
Love the stories. He’s a little late to party since some of these are really old and on other podcasts/shows. And also it’s very jarring the transition from ad to show. And the ads are so long. The show is basically 20 minutes and the rest is an ad.
Great stories
I love hearing how the story breaks down and find it even more interesting when dr Phil himself is in the middle of a case or following up to a case and able to give his professional analysis to how a killer is.
Dr Phil podcasts
aok in life
Please stop him from pushing his wife’s business on these podcasts. Don’t they earn enough money from his show? It’s ridiculous.
Wow that’s bad
Tom in Knoxville
I tried this podcast because the subject matter seemed interesting and Dr Phil carries a name with him. His delivery is like an old woman talking to kindergarten kids. He does make it interesting at all. There are much better crime related podcasts out there. Sorry but just not my cup of tea.
Analysis of Murder
Too much repeating of the same information.
Caught My Attention!
Angela Stubbs
This podcast has been really interesting to listen to during quarantine and has given me something to look forward to. I’ve really enjoyed hearing Dr. Phil’s take on these cases and am always excited and waiting for the next episode to air.
So glad to hear the two most recent cases were solved!
Not as smart as you think he is.
I realize that he is an “entertainment” psychologist, however his inability to even touch on the realities of psychology today is inexcusable. Everybody who deviates from Phils godlike expectations is just bad to the core and somehow this schmuck is able to tell us exactly what’s going on. His messiah complex is unlike any I’ve ever seen. His narrative of good versus evil never waivers, and that’s because smutty and salacious stories sell a lot better than facts. And lucky for him, he has millions of uneducated followers nodding along. Unfortunately Phil, you’re on the wrong side of history and when the field of psychology completely discounts your good versus evil narrative you will be looked back on as the quack that you are.
Left me hanging....
When is the next one?
Little girl lost Erica parsons story
I listened to all 3 but will there be a 4 as it stops at when they were arrested for fraud?!! Did they find her body finally were they charged with her murder?!!
Beaver teeth
I bet this is a great podcast. I won’t be finding out for myself however. Phil, get your money back. They’ve given you teeth your mouth cannot accommodate. So awful to listen to.
Episode 4
Gripping tale of horror and cover up. Waiting on the next and final episode.
Little girl lost
When will the next pod cast be provided.
Where is Last Episode of Little Gir Lost
Ms Stanfill
Thank you for finally putting Episode 3 of Little Girl Lost on here. But now we need the final one. Where is it?
Little Girl Lost Season 11.
Little Cat 2
Little Girl Lost Season 11. Very frustrated, could find episode 4. I have this very problem with Dr Phil podcasts. When he does a commercial the podcast goes not go back to what I was listening to, it’s a totally different podcast, needs some fixin
Little Girl Lost
I agree. Hard to find next episode. Wish it would say when next is coming.
Little Girl Lost
Like every other episode I’ve listened to it’s great. I can’t find #2. I do have trouble in easily listening to them because of not bring in order. I love everything by Dr Phil!
Out of order +
Can’t get it play in order and hard to find next episodes of same story. Also, when playing “beautiful victim or murdered, why does the icon show the “Lori Vallo story? That’s Confusing
Mrs. Putnam
I love this podcast. Dr. Phil’s storytelling and insight is compelling. My only complaint, not enough content. This podcast is everything I'm looking for.
PLEASE Turn off the music!
I enjoy this show (yes, Dr. Phil’s story telling is a bit lacking, but I enjoy it), but FOR THE LOVE, turn off the constant background music. In episode 3 of the Dr. Martin episode, the violins about 20 minutes in about did me in. Why do podcasts producers/sound mixers think we need background music all the time?? Even during the interviews, which are hard enough to hear, the cello is just droning on and on. Now and then is ok, but 12 straight minutes of violins and other nonsense? No. Stop it. Please just tell the story.
Mansion of Secrets
Why didn’t Rebecca want her sister to go in the closet? Who or what was in there? Could there been a person who may have been her “friend”? Could this person have been complicit in helping her injure Max and then come back for her?
Interesting story, bad story telling
Dr Phil just isn’t a great story teller. He takes the format of daytime tv and brings it to the podcast world, ruining a good true crime story. There’s so much foreshadowing you pretty much know the whole story in the first couple of minutes. He seamlessly blends facts from police reports with his own “analysis” making it sound like his opinions are facts. Sure, he’s a shrink, but none of these people were ever his patients so his analysis is pure speculation. Presented as fact. And so many holes! There are eight kids in this family but we only hear the stories of four of them and he only talks to one. Maybe they didn’t want to participate, but how hard would it be to say that so we don’t keep wondering when we’re going to get to them? I kept listening through the end of the story to see if it was going to get better, but no. And by then my eyes hurt from rolling so hard. For a really good devious doctor story, try The Shrink Nextdoor. If you like true crime, try Swindled or My Favorite Murder. And for just plain great storytelling check out Radiolab, Imagined Life, and The Moth.
Visuals mixed up!
The podcast very enjoyable...but like watching tv, you gotta listen to ads or fast forward...easy enough! My complaint has to do with the visuals advertising the podcasts. One woman couldn’t find the last 2 episodes of the Dr. McNeil pod bc it’s misnamed as part of the Lori Vallo (sp?) saga...the picture is wrong, but written title underneath is correct. Very confusing and surprised no one else has brought it up!
I have listened to other Dr Phil podcasts and they were pretty good, but this one is rather pathetic....the two main people, have an IQ about the same as a turnip! So it is hard to listen to people who have absolutely NO business procreating.Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Sorry they were able to produce another human being. So sad.
Love these pod casts, Dr Phil! Where are the next episodes of “ Little Girl lost”? I listen while I walk... love them!
This is a really good podcast! Dr. Phil has a great oratorical voice and he covers so many details. I can definitely tell which side he’s on normally within the first podcast. Sometimes I wish he would just give facts without bias.
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