September 18, 2019
“Being strong for each other is just being real with each other,” says journalist Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, who lost her left arm and left eye after being hit by a plane propeller. Today, she talks with the goopfellas about fear and faith, finding peace as you move through grief, unexpected sources of gratitude, and how the accident redefined beauty for her. Getting your fear out in the open is paramount, says Scruggs Kennedy, because when left inside, it will only expand. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub and the Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, which provides funding for girls and women to get prosthetic limbs they otherwise might not be able to afford.)
September 11, 2019
“I remind myself I am enough, I have enough, and not everyone is going to love me,” says Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye’s food and wine connoisseur, author of Antoni in the Kitchen, and restaurateur. Today he’s sharing his experience with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. Porowski talks about taking in criticism, tackling compare-and-despair habits, building confidence and self-acceptance, and his unexpected homecoming. And of course, he talks to our cohosts about cooking and how food has shaped his life and the way he connects with others. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
September 4, 2019
“I never felt free in my life,” says Lewis Howes. “And I felt free for the first time when I started to share my shame and insecurities.” Howes—the bestselling author of The Mask of Masculinity, the host of the School of Greatness podcast, and a former pro athlete—joins the guys to talk about the different masks that he believes men hide behind. Howes talks about why, at the height of his success, he felt most lonely and unfulfilled. And then they get into the roots of anger and why so many boys are conditioned to misdirect and misunderstand the emotion. They talk about setting aside blame, rebuilding a culture where men have space to be vulnerable, accepting what’s enough, and breaking through whatever mask you’re wearing right now. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
August 28, 2019
“We tend to shy away from listening to our bodies and asking the right questions and seeking the right help in the moment,” says Michael Anthony, executive chef of the renowned Gramercy Tavern in New York City. Today, he’s catching up with the guys (Seamus Mullen is a longtime friend) to talk about a health scare that changed his outlook on life. Anthony had massive a heart attack that compelled him to rethink how he was living, to question the put-your-head-down-and-work chef mentality (that’s also familiar to many of us outside the kitchen), and to reconnect with the natural world, which he found a way to do through food.(For more, see thegoopfellas podcast hub.)
August 21, 2019
Dianne “V” Capaldi—aka PaleoBOSS lady—struggled for years with debilitating MS. At one point, she was given a bleak prognosis, and told to get her affairs in order. Her husband walked out. And she prevailed. Today, V joins the guys to share her wild story, the moment she decided she would never give up, and her “brick-to-forehead” moment when she says she realized what she needed to do: heal on a cellular level. She got conscious about owning her own life. And now, she’s paying it forward. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
August 14, 2019
“The main issue with conventional medicine is that it’s the wrong tool for the job that we face today,” says Chris Kresser, acupuncturist and functional medicine educator. Kresser, who wrote the books The Paleo Cure and Unconventional Medicine, believes we’re too often prescribed for our symptoms, and not often enough getting at the root causes of our illnesses. He shares his own story of chronic illness, trying every trick in the book, and finding the paleo diet and functional medicine approach that helped save him. Kresser talks to the guys about diet controversies, alternative therapies, shifting financial and self-care priorities—and the not easy, but simple things we can all do for our health. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
August 7, 2019
Here is Rob Lowe at his best: In this conversation with the guys, Lowe talks about his health obsessions new and old, from intermittent fasting to surfing, the Atkins diet, and the fitness instructors who bust his ass. He talks about the things he no longer feels compelled to do and how he’s learned to listen to his limits as he’s gotten older. Is he still competitive? Very—which he believes has helped him stay clean. And then there’s his family. Lowe talks about the big decisions he’s made as a father, how he thinks about raising good men, and what’s made his marriage work for nearly three decades. “If there’s any way to marry your best friend,” he says, “do it.” (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
July 31, 2019
On this special episode of goopfellas, cohosts Dr. Will Cole and Seamus Mullen break down the ketogenic diet. Should you switch to a high-fat, low-carb baseline? What would you eat in a typical day? When do our bodies go into ketosis, and what are the potential health benefits? What about intermittent fasting? Seamus shares his personal experience of changing his diet while healing from rheumatoid arthritis. And Will shares examples from his functional medicine practice, the kinds of diets he typically prescribes for patients with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, and how he tweaks the conventional keto model to be cleaner and more vegetable-forward for anyone (he’s the author of Ketotarian, after all). (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
July 24, 2019
“I’m going to be joyful.” This eventually became actor Kelly Rutherford’s MO after she experienced a harrowing, messy divorce that separated her from her children. (Stay with us; it gets better.) But first, Rutherford asked: “Am I allowed to grieve?” She learned how to allow her children to grieve. How to “intentionally let go” of the things that were out of her control. How to feel gratitude again. And in the process, she rediscovered all that her children had to teach her. And how she could still become a better parent, one who liberated her kids to be themselves and to find their own joy. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
July 17, 2019
Therapist Terry Real doesn’t want to feminize masculinity. What he does want—and what he explains women really want—are men who are whole human beings, who can be strong and vulnerable. In his practice, Real sees couples on the brink of divorce. And today, he’s breaking down the reasons men and women find themselves unhappy in relationships. He believes that passion leaves an intimate relationship the moment we stop taking on our partner—or because we don’t really know how to fight with a partner or how to see the win-win possibility in conflict. Typical of Real, the conversation is full of practical takeaways and profound one-liners, like this one: “You cannot rightfully get angry about not getting what you never asked for.” (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
July 10, 2019
“I set out on this fantastic adventure, and it actually worked out,” former R.E.M. front man Michael Stipe says, a bit surprised himself. In this candid conversation, Stipe talks about who he became after his band got famous, why he decided to speak up about his sexuality, and what it was like to “fall between the lines” and to redefine masculinity. He tells Will and Seamus why he quit drugs and, later, social media, and what it could mean to take an interest in your health. Stipe believes that we’re in a time of great transition, and his own transformation is ongoing, fueled perhaps by one thing in particular: Vulnerability, he says, can contain an immense power. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
July 3, 2019
“We were taught as boys: You can’t cry, don’t show emotion, have no fear,” says Kurt Yaeger. “People think men who are nice and gentle and kind are weak. And you’re like: That’s the antithesis of weakness.” Today, the BMX rider turned actor talks about the very human revelations he had after a harrowing accident. In its aftermath, Yaeger found himself exploring parts of himself that he hadn’t connected to since he was a child. And the story that emerges from this experience suggests that strength and vulnerability are parallel paths made easier when pursued together. (For more, see The goopfellas Podcast hub.)
June 26, 2019
Kathryn Budig came to Los Angeles because she wanted to be an actor. She eventually left—without an Academy Award—but she found something else. The author, yoga teacher, and foodie talks to the goopfellas about how we earn self-acceptance and happiness. Budig had been convinced that as an adult, you settle for what’s good enough—while at the same time making yourself feel bad for not being perfect, for not having the perfect body or the perfect life. Over time, she realized this perspective wasn’t cutting it. Budig and the guys talk about overthrowing this mind-set and taking steps toward the life you want to live. (For more, see The goopfellas Podcast hub.)
June 19, 2019
Author, podcaster, and athlete Rich Roll grew up in a loving home. All his needs were met. He was a Division I swimmer at Stanford University and graduated from Cornell Law School. He had a family of his own and became a successful lawyer in Los Angeles. And, he says, he was deeply unhappy and unhealthy. After a WTF moment, Roll decided to make a few changes. He went on a seven-day juice cleanse (because he wanted to do something hard) and tried a plant-based diet (he was surprised by how good he felt). A couple years later, he was competing in the world’s most intense endurance competitions, like the Ultraman. Then came more challenges—to his finances, marriage, and self-esteem. And Roll had to figure out who he wanted to become next. For the first time, he let go out of outer expectations and looked inside himself for answers. What was revealed to him there continues to change the trajectory of his life. (For more, see The goopfellas Podcast hub.)
June 12, 2019
Melissa Hartwig Urban, the founder of the Whole 30 program, changed her life to get clean. She did not expect that her personal experience with drug addiction would turn into another mission: helping others find a healthy relationship with food. But then it made sense. Drugs and food, Urban believes, are not all that different from a psychological perspective. We crave; we overconsume; we numb; we try to fill voids. This brings isolation, stress, self-hatred. How do we break the cycle? Urban takes us through her process and shows us what food freedom looks like. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
June 5, 2019
“I felt like if I fully embraced taking on life and just exploring it that there were still infinite things for me to do,” says André Kajlich. Three months after being hit by a subway train, Kajlich woke up in a hospital. Both his legs had been amputated. He didn’t think he had the fortitude he needed to live a good life now—which he so wanted. But he made a commitment to himself to find it. To find out what he could do with what he had and who he could become, and to ultimately answer this universal question: What makes a life worthwhile? Today, Kajlich is an endurance athlete and a record-setting wheelchair athlete who has been on some wild rides. But mostly, this has all been an intellectual pursuit for him—a way of figuring out how to get unstuck, quiet the inner critic, call bullshit on yourself, and believe in the possibility of change. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
May 29, 2019
“Someone told me the truth and it got my attention,” says James Beard award-winning chef and food explorer Andrew Zimmern. Today, he’s sitting down with cohosts Seamus Mullen (an old friend) and Will Cole, to talk about addiction, the point at which Zimmermn hit rock bottom, and the profound moment of clarity that changed everything for him. When, for the first time in his entire life, Zimmermn called a friend and asked for help. From there, they talk about confronting the truth and how they’ve struggled, and succeeded, in helping friends to wake up out of their own dark nights. (For more, check out the goopfellas podcast hub.)
May 22, 2019
For the inaugural goopfellas episode, functional medicine practitioner Will Cole and chef Seamus Mullen sit down with former All-Pro NFL player Keith Mitchell. Mitchell tells them about when his life began: He was lying on his back, in front of 80,000 people in the stands, millions watching on TV. What he didn’t know then? He’d suffered a paralyzing spinal injury. His football career was over. He had a relationship with himself that he’d neglected. He had three houses and cars all over, but he was confined to one interior room; he wasn’t happy. Mitchell did not change all at once. He started experimenting—conscious breathing, yoga, other mindfulness habits—and he built some momentum. “It sounds so simple, but it’s still complex to a lot of us,” he says. “The big picture of transformation can look scary.” Today, all three men talk about the little wins along the way, about why we lead with anger, about moving from force to finesse, about balancing trauma with healing, and about integrating masculinity, vulnerability, and well-being. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub and look out for Mitchell’s new book The Mindfulness Playbook.)
April 10, 2019
goopfellas—the first show to spin-off from The goop Podcast—debuts May 22. It’s hosted by functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, DC, and chef Seamus Mullen: two friends who have become familiar with unlikely personal transformations.​
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