September 18, 2019
David meets Real Housewife of Melbourne star Pettifleur Berenger out in the Hamptons and winds up babysitting her for a week in NYC. We dig into why she flew to NY all the way from Australia to attend Hamptons parties and what her motivations might be. Later, Jess & David go to a party hosted by Tyler Henry in which he sweats profusely (people coming through?) but is a total cutie. We then go deep on the Queer Eye boys - particularly David’s theory on why Antoni Porowski & Flipping Out’s Trace Lehnhoff recently split up. Finally, we have a Million Dollar Listing update, a Snoop Dogg encounter and discussion about celebrity bodyguards. Visit and get 10% off your first month with code WILD.  This ep is sponsored by FabFitFun. For $10 off your first order visit and use code WILD. Follow @outinthewildpodcast
September 16, 2019
Jess sits down with renowned Housewives recap writer, Brian Moylan from Gawker & NY Mag’s Vulture in this delicious convo. We dig into his tenure at Gawker (RIP) and pay proper homage to 'Gawker Stalker.' We go over his top 3 favorite 'wives, his picks for best & worst franchise, discuss how he got the dream gig co-writing Erika Jayne’s memoir Pretty Mess, going on vacation to Mexico w/ Vicki Gunvalson, what Jill Zarin thinks of his RHONY recap punchline, state of the union Pump Rules & Bev Hills, whether or not he wants a gay male housewife, his dreams for BravoCon and a lot more!  This ep is sponsored by Care/Of. Visit and get 25% off your order with code WILD. Follow @BrianJMoylan and @outinthewildpodcast 
September 11, 2019
We have a supersized episode for you! First, Dave and Jess sit down to answer one of our frequently asked questions: How did you two crazy kids meet? We tell the story of how we randomly met at a live podcast taping between Sandra Bernhard & Judy Gold and share our first impressions of one another… did David really think Jess was a spy for a Bravo Facebook group? We then get into how Sandra Bernhard has influenced our parallel lives and how that ties into the Madonna & Debi Mazar of it all.  Then, we sit down with musician Adam Barta [ 33:30 ] to learn how he has become a recurring guest on The Howard Stern Show over the past several years. He has been publicly celebrated by Jimmy Kimmel, Robin Quivers & Howard Stern, yet publicly shamed by Jenny McCarthy and he's here to spill it all. He chats about song collabs w/ Margaret Cho, RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs, RHONY’s Alex McCord, Tan Mom and more. We also touch on the casting of Summer House, The A List NY & Finding Prince Charming.  Adam Barta interview [ 33:30 ]; Follow @adambarta & @outinthewildpodcast!
September 9, 2019
After Jess’ friend catches David on a rerun of Million Dollar Listing NY, he shares the story of how he knows Fredrik Eklund and how he wound up in a scene on the show. David & Jess chat about the logistics and plausibility of Million Dollar Listing NY and how they re-create scenes for the show. We also learn more about David’s background as a recruiting company owner, lawyer and licensed real estate broker.  Later, he runs into Martha Stewart on the streets and shares some anecdotes of what it was like to work for Martha Stewart Living as the Director of Talent Acquisition. Later, Jess & David’s friend FaceTimes us from The Fish Room at Dorinda’s Blue Stone Manner.  Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc & @davidyontef
September 4, 2019
David & Jess react to Bethenny breaking up with RHONY and try psychoanalyze how she could do this to us, question mark. Jess tries to remain calm and does a deep dive on the new chick currently filming RHONY, Leah McSweeney. We also react to the casting announcement of Garcelle Beauvais as the first black woman on RHOBH.  Then, we sit down with Honey Davenport [21:00], a wonderful queen from this past season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race! We chat with Honey about her evolution from a dancer to finding her inner female performance identity as a drag queen, rising in the NYC nightlife ranks, being homeless in NYC, the drag “Houses” and “Mothers” similar to the houses on Pose, racial conflicts she has experienced with management at bars in the West Village and RuPaul's advice for dealing with the anxiety she experienced while filming Drag Race. Honey Davenport interview: [21:00] Follow @honeydavenportofficial & @outinthewildpodcast!
August 28, 2019
Jess is back in the city after having near/close encounters with Bill Clinton, Christie Brinkley & Billy Joel’s house in the Hamptons. Later, David & Jess finish a lot of current TV and are here with hot takes on the current season of RHOC, the new OC Housewife Braunwyn, the final season of Orange is the New Black, season 2 of Pose, the current season of Glow, plus David finally completes The Hills reboot and shares his review.  David & Jess also go down a Ryan Murphy rabbit hole and give their thoughts on his cannon of work: American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Nip/Tuck, Popular, etc.  Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
August 26, 2019
We are here to give you a play-by-play of exactly what happened the other weekend when we caught Ramona asking RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant to leave a photo taken at a Hamptons charity event. You’ll learn how this event was formally Jill Zarin’s Luxury Luncheon, how Jess has made peace with Kristen Taekman, which 'wives were supposed to attend the event but didn't, the OTHER offensive things Ramona did prior to the moment she kicked Gizelle out, our reaction to Andy Cohen using our video as the WWHL Jackhole of the Day, plus the reactions of Dolores Catania, Sonja Morgan & Barbara K to Ramona’s odd behavior evidenced in the viral video.   Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef This ep is sponsored by For 40% off your first order use the code 'outinthewild' 
August 21, 2019
Our big 90210 episode is finally here just in time for the reunion/reboot show! David shares his most memorable encounters with the legendary cast — Shannen Doherty, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Carteris and of course Jason Priestley and Christine Elise. He then reveals how, in the last year, he was recruited to join Tori Spelling & Ian Ziering’s ‘beauty business’ (NuSkin) as a salesman, similar to LuLaRoe and Rodan + Fields. This is one of the most fascinating stories we’ve ever shared, as he goes into detail of how he was discovered, private events with Tori, and flying to company HQ in Utah.  [ Tori Spelling Beauty Business Story:  17:45 ] Follow @outinthewildpodcast
August 19, 2019
This episode is chock full of Housewives hot goss across multiple cities! David hangs out with an East Coast housewife who has a very curious first-hand account regarding Shannon Beador. David has an encounter with a very drunky Tinsley & Dale. While waiting for Ramona to come out of a taping, David by happenstance runs into plastic surgeon to the stars (ie: the RHONY cast), Dr. Sharon Giese (!) and has a full-on consultation on the streets of NYC at midnight. Finally, he comes face to face with Dorit for the first time since our “High School with Dorit” episode aired and we reach a very exciting conclusion.  Leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and we'll love you forever!  Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
August 14, 2019
Jess & David are VERY excited about Wendy Williams’ stand-up tour. David has lunch w/ RHONJ’s Dolores Catania & Kim D and fans are very surprised to learn of their 20 year friendship IRL.  Later, we sit down w/ Summer House’s Everett Scott Weston (aka Lindsay Hubbard’s on/off boyfriend) and learn how his friendships with Carl Radke & Kyle Cooke were the basis for Summer House. We chat about how he and Lindsay first started dating, his nights out partying with Jax Taylor & Shep Rose, his take on Jordan Verroi, his charity (Operation Heal Our Heroes) for army veterans and whether he’ll wind up back in the Summer House anytime soon.  [ Everett from Summer House interview: 17:00 ] Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef This episode is sponsored by the podcast Shame on You (@shameonyoupod). Find it on iTunes, Spotify and everywhere else. 
August 12, 2019
Jess has a weekend in the Hamptons where she winds up working out next to Barbara K at Barry’s Bootcamp. David gives his final hot take on this season’s RHOBH.  David goes to a celebrity convention and is rescued by 90210’s Jason Priestley & Christine Elise (aka Emily Valentine) from the sexual advances by one of the members of The Village People. We go into great detail involving hotel rooms and text messages and find out exactly what went down after dark.  Follow @outinthewildpodcast New eps every Mon & Wed!
August 7, 2019
David & Jess chat about their perceptions of and personal experiences with legendary female comedians. The conversation covers how Kathy Griffin’s live show has changed pre and post Trump, why Kathy hates Andy Cohen, My Life on the D-List scoop, David’s numerous experiences with Joan & Melissa Rivers and how he almost flew home from vacation when Joan died. David also tells a story of getting yelled at by Maya Rudolph while she was performing in her Prince cover band, Princess. Jess gets into why she doesn’t care for Ellen and tells tales from her SNL stalking past which includes becoming friendly with Tina Fey and the cast at that time.   [ Joan & Melissa Rivers: 16:30 ] [ Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph: 25:00 ] Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef  
August 5, 2019
David & Jess have a summertime kiki in which David has feelings about Vicki Gunvalson’s RHOC demotion, we debate the definition of an “OG,” David babysits Margaret Josephs’ dog, Lourdes Ciccone Leon goes to Countess Luann’s 'Feelin Jovani' premiere party and we meet the woman currently ghostwriting Luann’s memoir. Later, David has dinner with Kathy & Rich Wakile and has a prediction about Caroline Manzo. Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc & @davidyontef This episode is sponsored by HelloFresh. Visit for $80 off your first order.
July 31, 2019
David & Jess finally sit down and share their thoughts on Madonna’s new album, Madame X. We have poured over our decisions for weeks and finally announce — in order — our least favorite to most loved songs on the album. Is the album genius? Or is it a beautiful disaster? If you have not yet listened to the album WE GOT YOU COVERED! We have snippets of the songs included so you can come to your own conclusions right along with us! Come debate with us and play along!   Bottom 5 [ 5:00 ] Middle 5 [ 22:15 ] Top 5 [ 40:30 ] Album Review [ 58:00 ]  Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
July 29, 2019
We sit down with Chanel Omari, star of Bravo's Princesses Long Island, for an extremely dishy chat! She discusses the show’s casting & cancelation and how she has struggled to find an identity after being on a reality show. She tells us how she grew up BFFs w/ fellow Long Islander Lindsay Lohan and eventually became her producing partner and consultant throughout her career. She tells us how she helped Lindsay decide which scripts to take, which 'A List' movies she turned down (including Easy A), and how she felt caught in the middle of her friendship/feud with Paris Hilton. Chanel also tells us what exactly went down the night the infamous and iconic photo of Lindsay, Paris & Britney Spears was taken — because she was right there with them.  [ Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Kim K night out/car photo story: 31:00 ] Chanel's podcast is Chanel in the City: @chanelomari, @chanelinthe Follow us @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
July 24, 2019
We sit down with legendary drag queen & performer Vivacious, most famous for competing on season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She takes us through her rise in the NYC club scene, honing her craft as a dancer and eventually expressing her art through drag. She criticizes the casting & elimination process on Drag Race, the politics of masculine vs. feminine drag queens on the show, chats about who she wants to see on the next All Stars and chimes in on her peers Peppermint & Bianca del Rio.  Drag Race experience [ 20:00 ]   Follow @VivaciousNYC & @outinthewildpodcast
July 22, 2019
David & Jess attend RHONY Barbara K’s book release party for her novel “Heels of Steel” in NYC. At the party, Jess’ friend seduces Barbara K’s sister who is visiting from London and Jess corners the sister to finally set the record straight on Babs’ varying sexuality. David & Jess also get some serious quality time w/ Countess Luann at the party and Barbara K’s book signing. This ep is sponsored by Care/Of. Visit and get 25% off your order w/ code WILD.  Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
July 17, 2019
We sit down for an epic kiki with Andy Cohen’s longtime assistant, Daryn Carp! We go deep about everything including: how she got her job with Andy, the most stressful parts of her job & biggest fuck-ups, why RHONY had a short season this year, why some Housewives (ahem, Carole Radziwill) say that they quit the show when they were really fired, her favorite vs. least favorite Housewives, her True Crime podcast Martinis & Murder, a story about a hilarious interaction she had with Ramona at a reunion and her experience on the Bravo Pride float last week. Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef   
July 15, 2019
David sets forth on a 72 hour challenge to meet every single cast member from The Hills: New Beginnings as they descend on NYC for press. It is a true stalker scavenger hunt involving Instagram, planes, hotels and restaurants to track down the cast including Brody Jenner, Whitney Port, Mischa Barton, Stephanie Pratt and the king and queen, Spencer & Heidi. Whether you care about The Hills or not, this is a compelling drama of true will and desperation.   PS: Stay tuned to the very end for a Kyle Richards & Denise Richards moment.  Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
July 10, 2019
David finally tells the story of going to high school with Dorit! We learn how they share close friends, have even been on birthday party boats together and how David repeatedly brings up Dorit’s name whenever he meets Boy George. The trifecta of Dorit, Boy George & PK pushes the time/space continuum as he walks us through all of his experiences with the three of them - which includes finding himself in a car with Dorit & Boy George just last month. @outinthewildpodcast @jessxnyc @davidyontef  New episode every Mon & Wed!  
July 8, 2019
Jess' woman HH hangs with us in this meandering, slightly tipsy kiki of an episode. We chat about HH's recent run-in with Shannon Beador at the official QVC hotel in PA. We also get into HH's previous career as a professional dancer in LA where she had experiences with Madonna and Prince and danced in Janet Jackson's video for "Go Deep."  Later, Jess & David chat more about the new season of Pose on FX. Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
July 1, 2019
Jess & David's Pride week is littered with New York gay institutions including an event celebrating the songs & stories of Hedwig and the Angry Inch w/ John Cameron Mitchell & Neil Patrick Harris. At the show he runs into Amy Poehler & Michelle Williams.  David goes to AC2 with Anderson & Andy and finally tells Andy that it was us who did the viral Kelly Bensimon interview. Jess shares her own AC2 experience where she ambushed Carole Radziwill. Finally, we see Drag Race's Peppermint perform live and it turns out Debbie Harry is there with a fellow Blondie member. David has an epic encounter with the Blondie legend that is one for the books.  [ AC2 w/Anderson & Andy stories: 10:00 ]  [ Hedwig, Amy Poehler, Michelle Williams: 19:00 ]  [ Debbie Harry encounter: 26:30 ]  Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef  
June 27, 2019
We kick off with David running into none other than Ms. Dorinda Medley while waiting for Paris Hilton at SiriusXM. Jess tells the story of why Bethenny was fired from her own show on Radio Andy. We also chat about the Florida/Palm Beach connection to our RHONY fam.  Later, David tells an insane story about witnessing legendary soul/disco queen Grace Jones having a full breakdown at two separate events. We also do a deep dive on Paula Abdul in concert as well as Tyler Henry’s (Hollywood Medium) live show.  Dorinda & Bethenny SiriusXM shows [ 1:00 ] Grace Jones story [ 13:45 ] Paula Abdul concert [ 30:00 ] Tyler Henry’s live show [ 36:00 ]  Follow @outinthewildpodcast
June 24, 2019
David & Jess recap an utterly insane day that begins with an urgent call to the Madonna pop-up store in NYC, a brief trip to Connecticut to meet Dionne Warwick, an event for the 10th anniversary of Watch What Happens Live w/ Andy Cohen and WWHL producers, running into Ramona Singer at dinner and just as we're going to sleep... Bethenny gives us a shout-out on that night's WWHL. Later, we catch our breath and attend a Margaret Josephs' ceremony for gay pride and the after party with her mom, Marge Sr.  Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
June 19, 2019
David ingratiates himself into Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross's inner circle and manages to get into their dressing room after a recent concert at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Jess goes deep on her love of Ashlee Simpson's solo albums and her MTV reality show back in the day. Later, Jess chats with Erin Martin of the Pink Shade podcast who went to TomTom w/ friends and got screamed at by Jax Taylor. [ Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross: 2:00 ] [ Jax Taylor: 26:00 ] Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
June 17, 2019
Jess & David go to a happy hour w/ the cast of Summer House and get some first hand tea from Kyle Cooke & Carl Radke regarding Sonja Morgan & Scheana Shay. Later, David shares his past experiences with the cast of Jersey Shore including Snooki, Vinny, Angelina & Pauly D. Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
June 12, 2019
Jess has an epic weekend in Vegas for the opening of X-Tina’s new residency, “The Xperience.” After an early premonition that Erika Jayne would be invited to opening night, fate would have it that Erika, Mikey Minden & crew were sitting directly next to Jess. How is this possible? We don’t know. Jess then checks out Vanderpump Cocktail Garden before taking in Lady Gaga’s Jazz & Piano show (which is 5 stars, must see). While Jess was in Vegas, David went to see legend Annie Lennox in concert and we have a minor issue on our hands. We later discuss how David has little appreciation for modern pop queens like XTina & Gaga so we play a game where we test his knowledge of Beyonce, Britney and more. New episodes every Mon & Wed! Follow @outinthewildpodcast, @jessxnyc, @davidyontef
June 10, 2019
We take you behind the scenes of what it's like to film full-cast events with RHONY & RHONJ. David chats about filming the 80's aerobics class with RHONY as well as attending a big all-cast RHONJ party for Margaret Josephs this week. At this event he is finally embraced by Teresa Giudice and may never get over it. At the same party, he meets "The Queen of Versailles" (aka Jackie Siegel) star of the highly successful 2012 documentary and we chat w/ her about filming Flipping Out w/ Jeff Lewis and her friendships w/ Lea Black & Margaret Josephs. [34:00] Follow us at @jessxnyc, @davidyontef & @outinthewildpodcast New episodes every Mon & Wed!
June 3, 2019
Jess & David welcome RHONY superhero Kelly Killoren Bensimon to the show! We go deep about EVERYTHING including: her new career in real estate, her belief that Andy Cohen does not like her, the possibility of returning to Housewives, her love of J.Lo, the genesis of her feud with Bethenny, her friendships with Luann & Jill Zarin, reflecting on her most iconic Housewives moments, what was REALLY happening behind the scenes of Scary Island and much more! New episodes every Wednesday! @jessxnyc @davidyontef
May 31, 2019
This episode features our very first guest! We welcome Joey aka "Melissa Gorgeous" -- RHONJ Melissa Gorga's #1 superfan. Joey tells us how he got Melissa Gorga's attention by dressing in drag years ago, and how he has become close with her & Joe Gorga over the years.  But first, David went to see the Broadway play "Burn This" starring Keri Russell (Felicity, The Americans) & Adam Driver (Girls). Jess goes deep on her unwavering love of Felicity and her past experiences with Keri Russell & Scott Speedman.  [ Keri Russell: 4:30 ] [ Melissa Gorga's #1 superfan: 19:15 ] New episodes every Wednesday! Follow us at @jessxnyc, @davidyontef & @outinthewildpodcast        
May 29, 2019
David has to miss a meeting with Drew Barrymore because he has tickets to Prince's annual "Celebration" event at Paisley Park. He takes us inside Paisley Park -- the mysterious, magical place where Prince lived and recorded for over 20 years. Thankfully, the Drew Barrymore event is rescheduled because she broke her foot. Later in the episode, after some chat about Reza & MJ from Shahs of Sunset, Jess accidentally drops a very personal BOMB about Kate McKinnon and blows David’s mind. [ Jess' Kate McKinnon story: 22:05 ] New episodes every Wednesday! Follow us at @jessxnyc, @davidyontef & @outinthewildpodcast  
May 22, 2019
David attends the GLAAD Awards and recaps the evening along with all the behind the scenes action w/ Sarah Jessica Parker, Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen (and his parents!), the cast of Pose, Rosie O'Donnell and most importantly... (ring the bell) Madonna!  Madonna encounter: 22:00 Follow @jessxnyc & @davidyontef New eps every Wed!
May 15, 2019
Wow Bethenny Wow! Jess went on vacation to Mexico last week and it turns out that Bethenny, Paul Rudd, Adam Scott and living legend Robert Redford were all staying at the same resort. She recaps her multiple run-ins and observations, including a private yoga class with Bethenny. 
May 8, 2019
David travels to Atlantic City to see #CountessAndFriends which by happenstance is the same weekend that Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz (Vanderpump Rules) are making an appearance at a nearby hotel. Will he successfully race between hotels, become BFFs with the woman running publicity for the TomTom event and get a "Tom Sandwich" pic?! Find out.  Later, David shares his experience at the J.Lo meet & greet in Vegas. He shares how J.Lo gets into full outfit, hair & makeup for her meet & greet peeps after every single show as well as her hilarious security guy who preps the handful of people on line on how to behave in the presence of greatness.  [ 0:45 - Tom Tom in Atlantic City ] [ 26:15 - J.Lo meet & greet in Vegas ] New episodes every Wednesday! Follow us at @jessxnyc, @davidyontef & @outinthewildpodcast  
May 1, 2019
Jess & David react to Madonna's first single off Madame X and have thoughts. Jess also reviews Mariah Carey's recent concert at Radio City Music Hall and David shares his own unique experience at a Mariah show. David attends a black tie benefit as RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin's date and surprisingly comes face to face with none other than Dorinda Medley & Ramona Singer. During the event, he finds himself in Dorinda's inner circle with Dorinda & Jennifer swapping Housewife hot gossip. Later in the evening, he gets Ramona alone and finally has his moment with her. After hours, he races downtown (still in his tuxedo) and meets LaLa Kent & Ariana Madix (Vanderpump Rules) and the cast of Mexican Dynasties.  [ 0:15 - Madonna song review ] [ 5:45 - Mariah Carey at Radio City ] [ 13:20 - Ramona & Dorinda story ] [ 28:20 - Lala, Ariana & Mexican Dynasties ] New episodes every Wednesday! Follow us at @jessxnyc, @davidyontef & @outinthewildpodcast  
April 24, 2019
In a revealing series of stories, it is discovered that Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran might be in love with David, or at least want to adopt him as her son. David meets Kyle Richards and makes it all about how much he loves her niece, Paris Hilton. Jess and her posse of lesbian friends swarm super couple Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor at a Sandra Bernhard show. An interesting story is shared about how Jeff Lewis once Facetimed RHOC's Shannon Beador to ensure she took a pic with David. Finally, we do some investigative journalism and locate Million Dollar Listing's Luis D. Ortiz in two recent sightings.   [ 0:45 - Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor ] [ 6:20 - Jeff Lewis & Shannon Beador ]  [ 10:30 - Paris Hilton & Kyle Richards ]  [ 20:45 - Barbara Corcoran ]  [ 28:50 - Luis D. Ortiz ]  New episodes every Wednesday! Follow us at @jessxnyc, @davidyontef & @outinthewildpodcast
April 17, 2019
David flies to Buffalo, NY and hangs with DJ James Kennedy at his hotel. We also learn insider details about concert VIP Meet and Greets and why the Britney Spears Meet and Greet is a famously bad experience. We also check out the Playboy Club with a Real Housewife of New Jersey and get a surprise performance by some of the Hamilton cast.  Finally, David talks about his OCD with concert 'merch.'  [ 4:35 - DJ James Kennedy ] [ 25:10 - Britney Spears Meet & Greet ]
April 12, 2019
David hangs with Sonja Morgan as she tries to hock her goods at a pop-up shop at a hotel downtown. He then travels to Las Vegas to see/meet Cher and accidentally runs into the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden grand opening and encounters Lisa Vanderpump, Ken, Puffy & DJ James Kennedy. Will he miss his flight waiting for Stassi? You'll have to listen and see. Plus, Jess gives some hot takes on the current RHOBH & RHONY seasons. Finally, did David go to high school with Dorit Kemsley?!  [ 0:15 - Sonja Morgan pop up shop ] [ 13:55 - Vegas/Cher/Vanderpump Cocktail opening ] New episodes every Wednesday! Follow us at @jessxnyc, @davidyontef & @outinthewildpodcast  
April 9, 2019
David & Jess discuss David's Millionaire Matchmaker casting and filming experience and Jess' experience at the RHONY finale taping at Countess & Friends. Millionaire Matchmaker experience [5:20] RHONY finale / Countess & Friends taping [22:40] @davidyontef @jessxnyc
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