Had to stop listening
It started off very interesting. But when he started talking about Live PD it just took a very anti police turn. I’m from Dallas, and I felt like the host made light of the tragedy of losing our police officers on 7/7/16. Just disappointed.
You’ll never look at cops or live PD the same
This is a great podcast for an inside look into the way cops and other police shows are made. Keep up the good work Hope to hear more. Honestly I don’t even want to go to the towns that have the shows kind of scary.
Good listen at a police station
colorado hikinf giy
I’m currently working at a police station and listening to the entire podcast it’s insightful to say the least.
You will listen in one day
There is a slight clue what ideology Is preferred here but the other ideology is clearly given as well. It is not often I can listen to a documentary today and be in the corner saying yes and no at different times. Loved Y2K. Not ready to tackle Simmons. Keep the relevant documentary/historical podcasts coming. You seem to already know what is relevant.
Pompous and Obnoxious Host
I was hoping for an unbiased presentation and fair review. Dan comes off dismissive of anyone with a different viewpoint and a bit of a pompous jerk; “humble brags” multiple times an episode; and presents everything in an anti police narrative. Incredibly disappointing.
Poorly produced
This podcast wasn't put together well. The host jumped around a lot instead of having a clear narrative or structure, and he was very biased against law enforcement.
Loooooooved listening to this. I don’t watch Cops or Live PD the same. Wish the podcast had more episodes.
My favorite podcast of all time
Less than a day after discovering the existence of this podcast it has surpassed all to become my favorite. (And I never even watched COPS.) Just awesome.
Full of baseless half truths
Apple user 💃
I did listen to the entirety of this podcast before writing this review. It’s pretty clear to me that the producers started with an agenda and steered the content towards it, just like they accuse cops of doing. They present this as investigative reporting and that’s not what it is at all, it’s propaganda. There are numerous times throughout the series where they ask very targeted questions, don’t get exactly the answer they’re looking for and then make a conclusion that the evidence doesn’t fully support. The only good thing about this podcast is that they did do a lot of research, from watching a ton of cops to actually talking to people on the shows. It’s just a shame that they let political motives cloud true journalism. Not worth the listen.
More interesting than I thought
Groupon Empress
I like the dude who does this podcast. He has a cool style. He keeps it mostly objective. I recommend this.
Never even thought about it...
Cops has been on all my life. My parents watched it constantly - background to my childhood. I never saw the show in this light before and I’m shocked at my own ignorance. Great stuff, thanks for the research!
Fails to Support Strong Accusations
Nate McCallister
I very rarely leave bad reviews on anything. I'd give this 1 star but the general layout and narration was well done. Someone who doesn't care about facts would enjoy this. The problem is this: they do a terrible job of actually supporting their broad accusations. Hours of episodes and 30+ years of cops episodes (that they claim to have reviewed) to find problems and they provide barely anything of substance. Seriously. Anything that goes on for over 3 decades should be FULL of examples of bad behavior, but they couldn't find much. The podcast is full of vague accusations, mostly by the people who were under the influence of drugs during filming, and lacks supporting evidence on nearly every point. Seriously, there was not ONE point that was verifiably criminally activity by cops or the producers.
Headlong is a head above
Stanley Billsley
Since their first season, Headlong has found ingenious and strangely fascinating subjects to cover, and have done so in a style that seems without parallel in the podcasting landscape. Fantastic series.
Kaitlin Em Bee
I binged this entire season (running from cops) in my single eight hour workday. I was enthralled. I felt angry, sad, and angry again while learning so much. Host was wonderful to listen to. 10/10 stars
Thought Provoking and Interesting
Matt - TN
I consider myself very ProPolice and thought this would be an interesting podcast. I watch all the shows talked about pretty religiously and don’t think I will be very much anymore. I am still a big supporter of the system and believe there are far more police doing good than who are corrupt and looking for ratings. My only issue is when the reference of race was brought up and was (In my opinion) incorrectly slanted to match up with the narrative that the show is racist as well as the force being inherently racist. It is easy to screw the stats based off a minute amount of data portrayed in these shows. All in all, a good thought provoking podcast that really sheds light on the broader issue of America’s entertainment, especially with these shows “filming people on the worst days of their lives”. The world of Hollywood doesn’t seem to be trustworthy, even when in partnership with the boys in blue.
Great podcast!
Fascinating and well put together
Nai Seelander
I really enjoyed listening to this and greatly appreciated the amount of time and effort that went into tracking down people for interviews and backing up stories with recordings, documents and facts. I think the entire series does a good job of dissecting and explaining the impact of policing TV. As a listener I felt I understood more about the lasting impacts not just on the people featured, but society as a whole
I see
I see both sides. Great investigation!
Excellent Journalism
'Truth Serum’ was incredible
This show brings attention to the problems faced when media mixes with policing and the clear lines crossed when PD’s would rather humiliate and exploit the people they should be serving versus actually stopping crime! Great reporting and definitely brings attention to concerning topics with a very controversial show that admittedly, I USED to watch with my Dad! Given the state of the country, and the clear agenda, I refuse to support again! Good job overall!
One of the best standalone series ever!
Mr. Lovehandles
Well done!
A necessary discussion
Great podcast! Digs deep into the portrayal of police officers and their duties in the American reality series ‘Cops.’ This podcast does a nice job highlighting the ethical issues surrounding the reality series, such as the misrepresentation of facts in order to create an interesting episode, the one-dimensional portrayal of “offenders”, how police departments control the messaging and content of the series, and how this series has been streaming for over 30 years, deeply impacting American’s perceptions of ethical police officer behavior.
Don’t break the law
What a totally biased view. Total cop hater and likely criminal. Don’t waste your time listening to this BS. 1000 episodes and they find one wrongful arrest. Lol
A Hidden Gem
A great listen. I couldn’t help but binge through. EVERYBODY needs to hear this!!
Liberal propaganda
Just a police hating liberal that thinks all criminals are the victims. This guy is very misinformed about what the police have to deal with out there.
Running From Cops is a fantastic analysis of how media has shaped our social narratives about police and policing. A must listen.
Loved it
I loved this podcast. I just finished listening to all episodes... sad it ended. Great story telling, glad someone is putting all out there.
Soy Boy upset about criminals rights
Shocking the podcast found out reality tv is not always real. The effort the podcast takes to paint the criminals as the victims is what is wrong with society. The podcast uses one example that a cop mentions one suspect as being arrested on 25 previous charges. Soy Boy (narrator) explains that in reality the suspect was only arrested 12x so the cops are misleading the viewers. Arrested only 12x!! That’s not normal. The suspect is a bad dude and a danger to society. The cities who are trying to ban the Cops show are the liberal cities who’s liberal policies are not working. They would rather hide their embarrassment then seek solutions. It’s not law enforcement or the citizens seeking to restrict filming of the shows, it’s the politicians. Listen not all cops are good but most are. In my opinion, your podcast told me little more then the public already assumed. Bad boy bad boys, what you going to do.
Host is uninformed
Cops is a show for entertainment. A lot of what a cop does is traffic tickets and paperwork. Think there going to show this in the show. No there showing things to get ratings.
Don’t commit crimes you won’t be on tv
Bald tommy
Funny how this is portrayed as unbiased. It’s a clear anti cop podcast. Especially once they start talking about live P.D. They complain about being filmed and this chick says “ she got out of jail this morning “ and that the first video she ran and hid from the cops while she was smoking a bowl of meth in the driveway. Yeah, no sympathy. Try not being so freaking biased and do real reporting.
Anger-inducing, riveting and informative
Never have I listening to a podcast that made me so mad that I couldn’t stop listening to! Dan is a wonderful host, this is the second series that he has hosted that I’ve listened to the complete thing and he is a great host; informative, to the point and has a great narrative voice! The storyline of Running from Cops made me so made and furious at the creators of Cops/Live PD and made me stop watching on principal alone. Cancel these two, they are predatory show with storylines that capitalize on and lie to those in compromising situations.
This is a bias hit piece. It’s poorly done and not worth your time in my opinion. I can sum up the main message of this podcast: Cops are racist, Cops the show is racist, cops and the show lie all the time.
I wanted to like this . Found it boring .
Such a good podcast. Hoping this leads to changes that will prevent the conflict of interest presented when police are pressured to make their interactions with citizens “entertainment”. Terrifying and sad to see how it’s impacted people.
Well done and eye opening
Thanks for a great listen!
Eye Opening
I have never had so many different emotions listening to a podcast before. This should be required listening.
Host is trash / biased
Story could’ve been told better and less obviously biased. When you’re trying to tell a point in an argument like all documentary’s, there’s always going to be a bias. But man this Dan narrator is so snide, smug, , condescending and begs the question in logic constantly. He also acts like cops are PEOPLE, that they’re another alien race. One of the dumbest points: cops the tv show doesn’t show the other point of view, the POV of the one being arrested well. NO SH!T. That’s one of the main points...laughable. The show also doesn’t even try to explain socioeconomic problems with drug use, or contextualize anything. He just attempts this weak hit piece. The few points that are objectively proven by the show itself get stepped on too quickly and drowned in smug, self applauding, liberal pandering, and the worst offense awful attempts at being funny and quick witted. Cringe.
Not very good
This podcast lacks structure and purpose. It is more of a critique of the show that tries to thread social justice and ID politics in to the message. I would not recommend this podcast at all.
Honest look at COPS and Live PD
Such a good investigative podcast! Two sides to every story and both need to be told. Keep telling these stories.
Confirmation Bias Abounds
It seems clear to me this podcast was conceived with the premise that reality policing shows and the police officers on them are perpetrators of broad sweeping violations. It is apparent in the conversation with the creators of COPS when he repeatedly tries to get them to admit feeling bad/guilty about what the show portrays. If you’re starting with premise that these shows are bad, you are susceptible to confirmation bias. It seems this podcast has fallen prey to this. Too bad...
Very, very interesting
It’s interesting to hear the methodology behind cop shows, especially COPS.
Great work.
Tara Bennett
Thank you for doing the work and bringing this information to the table. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I am happy to say that we have kicked Live PD our of our city. The portion of the episode about the man from Tulsa broke my heart. We have ZERO state run mental health facilities, so we have a huge issue with anyone, especially those with less money, with mental health issues not being able to get the real help they need and deserve. Our police here need a rude awakening of how they police. Live PD came here directly after Betty Shelby, a then TPD officer shot and killed Terrance Crutcher. They were trying to benefit off of that. Our officers need extensive retraining not glorification. Thank you, again.
Wow! I’ll never watch again!
This show made me see things in a brand new way. What once may have seemed entertaining is now something I don’t want to lower myself too. Keep up the great work.
Everyone has an opinion and here is Mine
In a country with little personal pride and even less respect for Law and Order shame may be all we have available. Reality Law Enforcement shows will hopefully prevent a few citizens from entering the life of crime. More importantly reality Law Enforcement programs gives the vast majority of the population that are law abiding taxpayers a glimpse into a world they no nothing about. A world that cost taxpayers millions of $$$ from the segment of the population that produces the least for our country. The cities like Spokane that will hide the problems of their community rather than fix them SHAME ON THEM. In closing this Podcast is just more political correct liberal bias that elevates the criminal and their crimes above the vast majority of honest hard working citizens. Thank you to the women and men of Law Enforcement for the sacrifices you make each and every day.
no action until episode 3
I was really excited about this podcast because I recently started watching Live PD. My suggestion to anyone who takes the time to read this is to start listening in Episode 3. Nothing said in 1 or 2 really makes any case for wrongdoing by Cops. And yes, the consent problem is an issue. Bur there’s not much other substance in Episode 3. Episode 4 discusses many times how >90% of encounters on Cops results in an arrest, but this statistic is pretty meaningless when they don’t explain how many “encounters” don’t make it into the actual show. Who would watch a show with only 2% of traffic stops leading to an arrest? Like you state, this isn’t a documentary. That would be pretty cool if it was. But it’s not, it’s entertainment. So I don’t find this podcast to be very revealing or shocking. Give us more substance, instead of trying so hard to make a story out of nothing.
I found this while listening to The Clearing. I wanted to finish The Clearing first before listening this and was super eager to see what it is all about. Such an eye opener. Great reporting and highly entertaining.
Sooo goooood
This podcast was excellent - golf well, organized in thought, great narrator and interviews. So well done and such important work.
I used to LOVE cops. I was on the bandwagon, hooked just like everyone else. This podcast is such a huge eye opener to what the media can do to control what you see and the way you see it. My jaw was dropped during every episode. Listening to this was so refreshing and mind opening compared to the garage we get pushed in our faces everyday just like Cops. This podcast is AMAZING.
Watched this show briefly years ago and was disturbed by it. The whole background story is disturbing and well-told. Fascinating.
Loved it!
Binged the whole season in one night. I want more.
Almost everyone has seen at least one episode of COPS. This podcast taps into that relatability, and the over the course of 6 episodes attempts to expose the show as a fraud. One that frames innocent people and caters to the whims of the departments the show covers. If you like your “woke” take with a side of all cops are evil and criminals need coddling, you’ll love Running from Cops.
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