Chicken nugget
Chicken + nugget= delicious😏
Thank you for explaining such heavy, hard to understand topics in a simple, yet impactful way. Appreciate all the work you put into this podcast, it is very well done.
Great podcast
Great audio quality, great production, great quality information. If you like global politics and the discussion of evil corruption, this is right up your alley! Only suggestion I have is for more US-based corruption discussions, we have plenty going on here to speak of. Let’s bring it to light!
It is an awesome podcast, but when it comes to talk about the devil, i think you forget to talk about islamic republic and its allies.
Very stimulating!
I have absolutely loved this podcast! It’s well-researched, thorough, intellectually stimulating, completely unique, and not polluted with a bunch of partisan political slant and irrelevant snark. It’s a refreshing departure from the headlines for a look at what’s actually going on in the world. Every time I listen, it opens my eyes and turns on my brain. And it just has a lot of content, which is really amazing considering the quality of research and production that goes into each episode. I give “Power Corrupts” my highest recommendation!
Well put together
Pod does well evaluating different perspectives while spinning yarn on big time topics of today’s world
Completely Engrossing
Merkin Muffley
Weekly deep dives on a variety of important topics, but nearly always drawing back to the host’s core thesis about the pervasiveness of corruption in our era. Very well researched and thoughtfully delivered. One note to the producers: the music is a little upfront in the mix and skews to the over-dramatic.
These episodes are fascinating, sometimes devastating, and explain the intricacies and complex webs of power, wealth, and corruption underlying societies and the world we live in. Klaas is an academic with a gift for explaining big things in an accessible and engaging way without ever coming across as condescending. As an aspiring academic myself, I frequently think about the need for academics to get out of their ivory towers and develop an ability to share what they know without superiority or the expectation that others should “just listen to them”. Klaas, and those he interviews, manage to do this and construct each episode in a way that increases knowledge, understanding, and awareness of ideas and events seamlessly, leaving you pondering long after the end. Thank you for making this podcast!
Love It
Really awesome podcast. Has a variety of topics from a global perspective and sheds light on topics that most Americans might not be aware of. Your listenership appreciates your candidness about the ineptitude of the “President”.
Interesting, entertaining and educational always looking forward to the next episode
The podcast you didn’t know you needed
I love this pod. It digs deep into corruption and power on a global scale. You leave each episode informed, angry and sometimes terrified.
Very interesting and thought provoking podcast.
This is one of the few podcasts I’ve gotten into “on the ground” so to speak. And it is so interesting and engrossing that I’ve immediately started to suggest it to everyone I know that liked podcasts. And even some people that don’t ! My only complaint about is is the music bits tend to be much plunder than the voices. So much so that I have to turn down the sound for a bit and then turn it back up constantly.
Fascinating pod cast!
Excellent pod cast and very informative. Narrated very well by Brian Klaas. I cannot wait for more episodes!
I love this podcast!
The topics are so important to help us understand our new national reality, and it’s so beautifully produced that it’s completely engaging. Thank you!
Shining beacon of human rights?
How about the colored race in the states? what about their rights? The children in the cages? How about the innocent people died in American wars outside of us? Please stop that hypocrisy. I can’t listen to you anymore knowing that is how your views are in that regard. You are brainwashed, so will be your podcast.
Well researched
I learn something new in every episode. Nuclear accidents, chocolate production, the money trail behind violence, how districting makes use of math. Engaging stories.
Binge listened. I’m a podcast junkie, & this is absolutely one of the best. Well produced. Captivating-I could listen to each episode again. Highly recommend!
Absolutely Excellent
A very well produced show, with excellent production values that is very well researched and narrated. If you are curious about the world around you and the somewhat lesser known things occurring with in it now, then listen to this show! And thanks to the D Pakman show for putting me on to this one!
A highly informative and interesting podcast. Recommended!
Above and Beyond
Each episode is extremely well done with a style I’ve not encountered before. Legitimate current issues that plague society, well researched, engaged subject matter experts... a solid 5 star podcast. Thank you, Brian!
Power Corrupts
Brian Klaas is a masterful storyteller and his topics are hugely important. Recommended for everyone who wants to understand what's going on in today's world.
Outstanding podcast
Always interesting topics discussed in an intelligent and engaging way. First-rate production. Couldn't recommended more highly. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is near the top of my list.
High intelligence and cultural competence
Exceptional impartiality that, to be honest, pleasantly surprised me. Well researched, interesting guests, fantastic recommendations. Really, really impressed. Thank you!
I love this podcast. It is thoroughly researched and perfectly on point with political issues that are happening right now.
Different Subjects
Allison CP
I love your podcasts and hope to hear more. Your subjects are different and complex. I’ve always been interested in knowing more about these subjects. Thanks for bringing up and talking about them.
Dude I want more !
I really love the podcast and by far this is the one I keep checking everyday for more episodes, do you have more somewhere else if so let us know ! I find it additive and drilling how you make it feel as if we’re there !!! Keep up the work and please drop more oftennnnnnnn please ! 🥶🥶🥶🥶
So so
I wish the topics covered were more relevant to what is happening in America and not sensationalist clickbait topics like “voodoo, assassinations, blood chocolate”, soldiers entering war naked, a Somali POW, going into deep detail about the USA execution process etc etc. There are unprecedented events happening in the US and UK and this podcast misses the opportunity to inform people about the propaganda, disinformation coming directly from the government, the insanity and unreal nature of Fox News, upward distribution of wealth, disregard of climate change, disregard for laws and the constitution, Supreme Court etc etc. Also I don’t like the scripted format and prefer a more loose conversation type format. The added sounds for certain things, like the sound of guys playing tennis, are also very cheesy and a waste of time. Wish the full potential could be realized. I like what Klaas talks about on twitter but these podcasts are much different and sensationalist.
Interesting, engaging, and professional
This podcast is very interesting and well researched. I enjoy the storytelling and journalism, and absence of anything obnoxious (music, effects, banter, etc.) The tone is very even keel, audio effects are appropriate and of an appropriate volume. I listened to several episodes back to back, at very low volume, during a horrific migraine, and it was immensely helpful in letting me lay in the dark for an entire day without going nuts. Recommend highly for both migraine and non-migraine listening. (No, but really, this is good for people who can’t deal with the screeching and cackling and dramatic music and abrupt super loud ads that are so pervasive in the podcast world. I like those sometimes too, but this fills a very underserved niche and I love it.)
One of my favorite podcasts.
Kathy Buford
Every episode is like a great HBO documentary you’ve been looking forward to. So interesting!
True Crime Podcaster
I can't wait for Thursdays!! I really love the podcast and the way it's presented. I listen on the way to work and am surprised by how much I didn't know about some things in the world. I can't wait for the next episode.
Interesting at First
Dutch Domage
Starts out with interesting topics, but quickly turns to Trump-Hate. So boring. So typical. So tired. Guy has one on conspiracy theories being silly and for weak-minded individuals. Then professes that the theories have been de-bunked by respected journalists. Ha! The biggest conspiracy theory today is that anyone respects journalists. He then goes on to blame Trump for West Virginia’s opioid crisis. Don’t WASTE your time with this, unless of course you’re still butt-hurt over the 2016 election, in which case, this sort of Pavlov bell-ringing of Trump put downs will entertain you mightily. Still, it’s nothing new, so consider it like watching a re-run. When oh when will people wake up and realize no one wants to hear your opinion on Trump or Hillary or Liberalism or Socialism? It’s not for you to tell me how to live. Just stick to an interesting topic and tell us about that topic without diverging into your personal feelings on how much you hate Trump every episode. We don’t care about your personal political feelings. We don’t care about you. Just the topic you “claimed” your podcast was about. Thanks for nothing.
A tolerable liberal
This podcast is extremely well researched, formatted, and delivered. I’ve learned a ton about different global-political issues and thoroughly enjoy the presentation. My biggest complaint is that the host is a huge anti-Trump liberal who presents himself as impartial. There’s a monologue against President Trump in just about every episode I’ve heard, even when he’s totally irrelevant to the topic. On the other hand, even though the host is super left-leaning, he always tries to incorporate an interview with someone who can intelligently represent the other side, but he sometimes misrepresents the Right (e.g. implying West Virginia went Trump because he was anti-drug when in reality most WV voters were concerned with Job Security which Trump promised by protecting coal mining). I’ll keep listening, but definitely take the podcast with a grain of salt.
Never misses an opportunity to bash the president... a played out story! Couldn’t get through a complete episode! Such a missed opportunity!!
A Master Klaas of the Macabre.
D Is For Democracy
It's never easy to peel back the curtain and confront the most insidious and vulgar parts of our world. Stories that show throughout human history, there's always a stalin, a hitler, a trump, and a general butt naked. Somehow the idiots committing the world's worst atrocities always make the most laughable cartoonish villains. And they manage to cunningly convince hoards of eager followers that they and only they can solve impossible world problems. We may be powerless as average citizens to confront the endless cycles of corruption, cruelty, war, & profit-driven media disinformation. Yet each week, Brian Klaas gives us engaging, educational, and eloquent podcasts that have inspired deep introspective thoughts and conversations about my own role in trying to make the world a better place. Napoleon Beazley chose to use his final words to attempt to save others. Shouldn't that give us all strength to continue the struggle for a more equitable world? And the courage to rethink our opinions and biases? Such a great podcast. Sometimes the hardest truths to hear are the most life-changing.
Great podcast! The stories are interesting and well executed. I look forward to more!
Excellent Historical Case Studies with Nuances to Today
Dr. Klaas is an excellent and pragmatic storyteller with a range of thematic analyses that span decades. A bit biased, as I attended LSE while Dr. Klaas was a professor, but nonetheless a worthwhile listen that will draw you in to wanting to know “what happens next?”
Not Really What I Was Expecting
With so much corruption in the world and so many great investigative reporters doing heroic, dangerous work, I was hoping this podcast would help shine some light on global corruption occuring in the present day. Unfortunately, the host seems to concentrate on grand themes such as "Assassinations", "Global Arms Trade" and general topics. There is so much corruption in the world today that citizens need to be informed about, concentrate on specific modern day reporting
Learn something new with each episode
I absolutely love this podcast. I learn something new with each episode. The pace is just right, and I appreciate the host’s thoughtful analysis and research.
Fascinating and well-researched podcast
Katie G. N.
Fascinating podcast that combines deeply researched topics of global election rigging, power and political influence with entertaining commentary from experts and sources. Highly recommended.
Politically bias
Good presentation but definitely bias which may skew facts a bit.
Power Corrupts - Excellent
Brian’s podcast are truly one of a kind. First off the way these podcast are designed and Incorporated based on the theme of the episode are exhilarating. Many of the topics from his episodes are ideas that people just don’t think about much on a daily basis. Then once he mentions a topic and explains it, you become so engrossed with it that you want to do even further research. This is when you know Brian is doing a great job. Cannot wait for future episodes of POWER CORRUPTS!!
My favourite podcast by a mile
This podcast is insightful, informative, and just incredibly interesting. Absolutely love it!
The absolute best
Immediately captivating, well researched- of the dozens of political and historical pods I’ve tried, this is by far my favorite
All news, no clickbait
Thoughtfully written for listeners who want to be better informed. Excellent.
Girl Listening
Excellent podcast! Fact based and very credible! Thank you!
I can’t say enough about this podcast. It’s extremely interesting, relevant, and thoroughly researched. This is by far one of the best podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. I’m so happy I found this!!! 6 stars, man!
This podcast was referred to me by a fellow parent of a Hopkins MN high school alumni. The host of this podcast is a Hopkins High School alumni. Go Royals!! At first I was leery about listening to this podcast. Because I am trying to manage how much negative content I listen to. I took the plunge and sampled this podcast anyway. Because I trust the person who referred me to it. I am pleased with my choice. The host looks at his topics from several perspectives. It is not an echo chamber. I dislike echo chambers. I like to make up my own mind about what I hear or see. The host gives me room to do that. Give it a try. See what you think.
Powerful stuff.
This is a powerful series that should serve to remind us all just how fragile democracy really is.
Every topic goes back to Trump somehow
I really like this podcast, but why does every single topic have to revolve back to Trump? If I wanted to listen to an anti-Trump podcast, I would turn on the usual suspects on local cable TV. Please stick to the topic and not your biased political views. I would hate to know that you spent this many years doing research to water down the material with this garbage.
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