Love it!
Cindy l. Word crazy
Hosts are great!
They can’t go one podcast without kissing Adam Carolla’s a**. On to the next!
Was hoping for more
As of episode 2: It’s a lot of backstory and not a lot of podcast talk...? And honestly, the way the segue into the podcast talk leaves me feeling lost. Like, oh, are we talk about the subject of the show now?? I was so tuned out from the jibber jabber that I barely noticed. I love both these girls so was really hoping to add this to my list, but I don’t think it’s getting there. I’ll listen to some later episodes and see if I can into it. Maybe it should be half an hour??
Started listening because I love listening to Gina on the ACS show! Absolutely love you two together! Teresa reminds me of Lynette! I love it! Keep ‘me coming!
WoW! What Pros...and it’s shows
In full disclosure I only just now started to listen to your show today because the Ace Man is taking some time to drive around in circles real fast and hang out with hoity & the toity. I’m sorry I waited so long to start listening to you (maybe I was taking the “Easy” in Easy listening too literal and “eased” into it too slowly😬)...but you’re worth the wait and truly a delightful duo. Your years of doing time in radio/audio/tv etc. etc. shines through and you were perfect right out of the gate, no awkwardness, stumbling or fumbling, no trying to find your groove & flow. You’d think the two of have been doing this show for years. Guess the years of your friendship was all the preparation you needed. I’m happy to be along for the ride (doing a little binging and can’t wait to be all caught up) So in your peoples words...Mazel Tov!
Thank you
Dark Nellie
Thank you for being the greatest broads out there! If I could be a Jew, I would want to be you! Thanks ladies!
Honey Hanson
I love this podcast! If funny and smart conversations about other awesome podcasts sounds good, you’ll love it too. Thanks, ladies!
I enjoy this podcast so much! And no, not just because I love that they love true crime! Gina and Teresa are like the friends you could chat with about anything in the most positive light. I’m so happy that they have taken themselves down this road of podcast growth! I bet Adam is so proud of you! Love from Las Vegas!
Great job!
Heard Gina talk about this on the Adam Carolla show. Love it. There are so many podcast out there I like to hear about them. Love your stories too. I have listened to Adam since before the twins were born so I feel like I know you guys already. Have listened to up to episode 5 and enjoyed all of them. Anne
Love it!
Hey Ladies, Love the podcast, and I thought of you when I heard the latest episode of The Honeydew podcast where the host (Ryan Sicler - formally of the Crab Feast Podcast) interviewed Comedian Kelsey Cook. They have a bit of fun with the name Teresa. Have fun!
Always great!
hate to be that guy, but….
Miss Theresa... glad to have your voice here. Gina.... big fan... you kill it here and on ACS. PS Ear Hustle deserved that scream. It’s a quality podcast. Good on them.
Super Podcast
Bagger Tim
Really enjoying the podcast. Always checking to see when the next one is up.
News Girls Can Do Podcast
Teresa and Gina both news girls for the Adam Carolla Show shine in their solo effort showcasing their wit, humor and recently earned confidence. This podcast is worth a listen to hear how well they interact and guide the podcast to explore fun antidotes from AC, but also with general life problems. I like that they humanize certain like traffic or working with millennials, but what sold me is their honesty to discuss their upbringing and real world problems that connect all of us I some misfit podcast user listener group. Either way, I am super hopeful to continue this project. Cheers Pizza Dan
Love these ladies!!!
I am a long time fan of Mr. Adam Carolla and that is where I fell in love with these awesome women...separately of course! I had no idea that they knew each other, let alone that they were friends outside of the show. When Gina made the announcement that they had a Podcast coming out, at first I didn’t think I’d listen. I’m happy that I downloaded the first episode! I have always just listened to Adam’s pod and never explored others, mostly because I had no clue where to begin. Well the Easy Listening pod has changed the game for me. I have started The Last Days of August thanks to the girls and check back regularly to see if there are any new suggestions. I also tune in because I love there own personal stories! Who knew Theresa liked anal?! Thank you so much ladies and keep up the great work!
Great Stuff
Theresa and Gina are great and real broadcast pros. Every episode is a good listen. Keep me coming.
Very entertaining
Gina and Teressa have very good chemestry and this podcast is great. It should be very popular and I listen every week. Strasser very sharp and has the funniest dry sense of humor that makes me laugh and Gina is so smart and also entertaining.
The best recommendations!!
It’s like listening to good friends sharing what they are listening to! Love the Patreon episodes as well! Go behind the paywall!
Love the podcast!
Hilariously entertaining
I have followed Gina my whole life! I absolutely love this podcast.
Gina and Teresa are great!
This is my favorite podcast about podcasts! It is impossible to listen to Gina and Teresa without a big smile on your face!
Easy on the Ears & Eyes
First, you have to know I'm essentually in love with Teresa Strasser (and think Gina is hella awesome too), so everything that follows is totally biased... but I do love this show. It actually takes something special for two people to just chit chat for an hour and it be entertaining -- unless the chemistry is there, then it comes off as forced, clumsy and clunky -- but they make it happen. Their voices work perfectly in my earholes, and their takes on podcasts that I love (and intro'ing me to some as well) is fantastic. I only really have a budget to support one single show on Patreon, and I pulled by support from one show and put it straight onto this one. Love them both much and would love to see a live show, or a live broadcast of the podcast. And I'm in love with T too.
Very fun, refreshing
Cool take on radio-to-podcast culture, real ness, behind the scenes & insider stories along with a refreshing take on *life*.
Where Gina’s news came to die
As a big carolla show fan and a big fan of Gina’s news segment, it hardens me to say this podcast is a nonstarter. Teresa Strasser is solid, and the format is strong, and I think it lays a good foundation. The podcast lacks sophistication, and tact. After a second and third listen, I can tell Gina is sincerely trying, this just isn’t her fit in my opinion. 2 stars because I think the format is great and respect to Teresa for coming back to Carolla Digital and performing strong.
Great pod.
Absolutely LOVE listening to T & G. I’m addicted to T&G (great idea for a catch phrase for merch-FYI) #AZ
I wasn’t sure about a podcast about podcasts...
Teresa and Gina are great together! It’s nice to get to hear more from the both of them, since they don’t get to talk much on Adam’s show! Keep it up!
Great recommendations
Thanks G & T! I’ve gotten into a few new podcasts based on your recommendations.
Missed Theresa
We da best! Anotha one ! 5-star
My ne favorite
I’m a long time fan of Teresa’s but didn’t know Gina until they teamed up for this podcast. They are fabulous together. They are the perfect blend of smart and funny and self deprecating. It’s my new favorite podcast.
Highly recommend
Long holiday weekend was a perfect opportunity to catch up on this pod. Love these 2 and their one- liners. They go together like copy and paste; drunk and disorderly; tacos and Tuesday’s; or popcorn and a movie - my favorite is when Gina is the movie and Teresa is the popcorn.
Loving the show so far
Ironically, was looking for an alternative to the ACS pod as he lost me during the hard right turn into Hannity Swamp. These two have a good rapport and have turned me onto several podcasts that are now in my rotation, plus their stories on the radio days keep it interesting. Keep it up!
My new favorite!
Loving this podcast so much! A podcast about podcasts! Brilliant!!! Teresa and Gina together! I mean, come on! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Love this podcast!
Two smart, funny and wildly attractive Jews! What’s not to love!
Soooo Chill, soo funny, Soo Smart :)
Hetero Male, Rugged loves to laugh, appreciates humor, delights in listening to intelligent conversation with honesty & humanity
Girl Crush Overload!
My new favorite podcast! I’ve been a fan of both of these lovely ladies individually for years and hearing them together makes my heart melt. They’re witty, insightful, vulnerable, and just straight up real. Please do not stop this magical train.
Love love
I have been a fan of Teresa Strasser for years and love getting to hear her with regularity again. Getting to know Gina Grad has been awesome too. Love that they have been friends for so long and both have Adam Carolla in common. Discovering and reinforcing quality podcasts for the win!
Love these two!!
Great chemistry and sharp!
Easy and EXCELLENT Listening
5 star people with 5 star humor & personality earn 5 stars on all levels without any effort on their part! Highly recommend this rockstar podcast!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Binge listening!!
Love you ladies, such a refreshing pod!!
So far so good
I love Gina Grad on Adam Carolla so I thought I would give this a chance. So far I like it.
Great Pod
Love it!
Can’t get enough!
Great Pod, really happy for the both of you! I’m loving this.
President of Gina Grad fan club
I love it!
My two best girls
easy listern
I love this two ladies they are honest fun and easy to listen too.
Raise your Jameson’s glass
elissa katherine
Teresa and Gina class up the podcasting orbit. It’s too good to be true. Real humans. Girls, here’s to your future 10 years. Cheers!
Love these gals!
I’ve been having low T so it’s so good to have Teresa back in the fold. I missed her so much. And Gina isn’t even Fake Fake Teresa ...she graciously stands out on her own like a beautiful golden zebra. It’s so refreshing to have these two wonderful personalities shine in a different setting and lets you recharge if you find that Ace has been a little blowhardy lately. Keep it up ladies!
I really like this podcast! Its nice to hear both funny girls together. I hope they continue their entertaining show for a long time! Positive, upbeat and funny is how I would describe! Thanks!
Love it!
I’m so excited that my two favorite news girls from ACS have a podcast together! You guys are awesome! I’m hooked and look forward to the podcast every week! So nice to have more Gina and to have Teressa back! Fantastic! Keep up the great work!
This is not my favorite podcast. Yet.
Great show.
Love these ladies
I’m loving this new podcast with Gina and Teresa. The world needs more strong women podcasters and these two are fun/perfect together. They do a round up of other podcast content which is an awesome way to be exposed to other podcasts I hadn’t listened to before. Keep it up, ladies!
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