Gina and Teresa are great together
From Derek in Santa Barbara I just discovered that these two Carolla news persons (one current and one former) have a great podcast. Their interaction is great. And I didn’t even know they knew each other let alone were such good friends for over 10 years. Their stories and insights about ACS and Adam and ACS past guests on its own is fun and entertaining. Some revealing personal stories also. Very honest conversation. Plus they have turned me on to discovering some great podcasts which is the main focus of their show - including Andrew Jenks’ Gangster Capitalism and What Really Happened among others. It is great to hear these two with great dynamic personalities interact. Fun and breezy conversations. I’ve gotten to know them better. Adam Carolla who is great and very funny on his great ACS show really likes to hear himself pontificate a little too much in his nasaly drone though he is one of the funniest people on the planet and ACS is very entertaining. Despite his occasional right wing quasi Trump loving ? Trump tolerant? rants which still piss me off. Caused me to unsubscribe to his podcast for a while. Commercials for to be over the top also. But Adam has great insights about our culture and is a great analyst of our society though at times he is full of crap. He has a blind slot for Trump’s sociopathic sick psychotic impulses and speaks in that nonstop nasally drone. But he is brilliant and one of the best comics in the world.. And he loves Gina and Teresa and they have added a lot to the success of his show. So it is nice and refreshing to hear Teresa and Gina in a format where THEY dominate the conversation with each other instead of Adam. I didn’t even know of the podcast until they got a plug at end of ACS live Houston show in late May 2020. Adam should give them more plugs! They both work very hard and both make it sound easy. Highly recommended.
Not a review...
hate to be that guy, but….
....could you give Duncan Trussell a spin? Funny and deep. Great guy. Might need to listen to several to “get it”. Thanks. PS Not affiliated. Simply a champion.
Great show!
Kat Jackson Inc
Honest, funny and engaging and I learn something each episode- Teresa and Gina are so open and vulnerable, they are like a cozy pair of socks! *ha, that’s a compliment in my world!
Soooooo gooooood!!!
I have always adored Teresa Strasser- she was the best part of the ACS show back in the day. I loved her book (Exploiting my baby) and really anything she writes. Gina Grad is awesome, and they work so well together. I love the show format, and I’m a big podcast fan so they are helping me find the best podcasts to listen to!! Highly recommend!
Podcast Goldmine
I love the mix of relatability and humor that these two talented ladies bring to this. I’ve found hours and hours of podcast gold through this show (Is a podcast a show? Whatever). If you love podcasts, subscribe to this and you will never wonder what to listen to ever again!
Great chat
Katie from AZ
I love these two smart women and enjoy listening to them and their funny views of life!👏🏻❤️
Stay Away
KP Hockey
I’ve tried a couple times to listen to this flaming pile but even Gina’s really, really big Talents aren’t enough to overcome Strasser’s complete lack thereof. On the Adam Carolla show Gina sings and does impressions but doesn’t do either here. Instead she gets sucked into Strasser's vortex of insecurity, relying on hacky buzzwords like “basic b****”. You know the type of basic gal who thinks she can pretend she’s not by using all the cool words. Stick to Gina on Carolla.
So awesome
Such a nice podcast for finding new podcasts and I love Gina and Teresa
Just listened to one episode
Just happened to come across this and chose to listen to the tiger king episode. Seems like they are trying to make their buck just like everyone else off Joe Exotic.
Smart, funny & sincere
Smart and so funny. I love & appreciate T & G’s warmth and their sincerity.
Fabulous gals❤️👌
Millie in AZ
Two of my favorite women to listen to over the years! Keep it going!!!
I love hearing your voices and your real, down-to-Earth stories. Thank you for being human and not hiding it! You gals are fantastic!! Keep it up!
Love Love Love
I enjoy these girls so dang much! It’s like having girl time with my besties...!
Uplifting Podcast About Podcasts
Chitown Jamie
Two smart/funny/in the know Jewess sweethearts (you’ll learn Yiddish sprinkled in) have a great uplifting/upbeat PC. They always have great suggestions for new inspiring PCs-not that I need more, but I can now delete some(like some improv).
Hello- I’d love to hear what you think of “”the Anthropocene” podcast- I love it and hope you would too! -Eric W.
Great variety
I am always looking for new podcasts and these ladies cover a lot of different topics. Within one episode, I’ll have 2-5 new podcasts to check out. They are fun and easy to listen to!
Tried to love it....
Smart women potentially talking about important topics but honestly if I couldn’t stand to hear the words ‘Adam Corolla’ one more! Get your own identity, Ladies.
The news girls dishing up podcast news!
Teresa is constantly cracking me up, and the two of them together is a match made in heaven (or wherever you believe is the best gol darn place to be)! I know where to go when I need to hear about a new pod and a story to go with it!!
Can’t Stop Listening
I think of Gina and Teresa as my internet best friends. They are so great together, I can relate to them so much, and now I am in search for a Teresa to my Gina and/or a Gina to my Teresa. So funny, so relatable, they get deep, they get genuinely heartfelt, they get raunchy, they get depressing, they get overwhelmingly uplifting (all in the best ways). They talk a lot about their careers and experience on the Adam Carolla Show, I didn’t know them before and still I am in love with them. Just emphasizing that you don’t need to be a previous fan or know these ladies previously in order to fall in love with them and their views and insights. So much good content and good vibes with this podcast, I can’t recommend it enough.
Wonderful surprise!
I can’t believe I waited so long to listen. These ladies are amazing. I love their recommendations. They have wonderful chemistry and are hilarious!
You can't go wrong with this one!
The Easy Listening Podcast has by far some of the best content available anywhere! The bonus content on Patreon is also completely worth it. If you are looking for a place to feel like you are part of pleasant and friendly conversation, then this is it. Not only do Teresa Strasser and Gina Grad unselfishly deliver fantastic information about other podcasts, but they are also just a pure delight to listen to. Easy Listening is the kind of show where whatever topic the hosts are discussing is nice to listen to. Teresa and Gina often share very personal details of their lives that others can apply to their own. The show also regularly dives into emotional and human psychology topics that can be extremely insightful to hear about. More than anything, with all the demands of everyday life, hearing Teresa and Gina's banter and chemistry is easy listening for sure! Enjoy!
Get the Paetron!!!
my dog diesel
I like their podcast but being SUCH a huge fan of Gina on the Mark in the Morning Show.. I missed her talking about her personal life so much! The Paetron episodes is where it’s at.! And Teresa is awesome too! It’s with the money!
I’m in!
Jamie Gillis
I binge listened to these gals then fell asleep & dreamed we’d had a hot three-way.
AB 23434
I feel like Teresa and I are practically the same person. So I’m happy to have found this show. Love it!
punk rock dingo
Love everything about this. Gina and Theresa are fantastic and I come away every time with a new gem to listen to.
I was turned on by the News Ladies
I have been listening to Adam and Drew since loveline 1993-2005, through the radio show and podcast with Teresa Strasser and the podcast with Allison Rosen and now Gina Grad. Honestly, the news is a huge part of the wonderfulness of that listening. I’m so happy these two Ladies that I did not know were friends until this podcast are doing their own (even better have turned me on to some amazing casts). The honesty and vulnerability is truly refreshing. Thank you so much Ladies! Oh and PLEASE review “You’re Wrong About”!!!! It’s sooo good and I think up both you’re alleys :)
Love your show!!
Love Teresa and Gina G! Love their chemistry
I love both Teresa and Gina, and Easy Listening Podcast. Thank you both for creating this gem - it’s opened my eyes and ears for other podcasts. I’ve been a fan of both Teresa and Gina since 97.1 FM Talk days - that station got me hooked on talk radio and LA radio on air personalities. I’m in the minority that I’m a huge fan of Easy Listening, but not a fan of Adam Carolla - Long story, not time to discuss in this review. Keep up the great work, Teresa and Gina. Their openness and sharp wit is what I look forward to every new episode. Time for me to walk the walk and sign up on Patreon! Signed, Wooden Hat Ed
I’m SO glad I stumbled onto this gem of a podcast. Hilarious and entertaining!
Podcast about podcasts or just true crime?
I like the podcast when you talk about shows that are not true crime. If it’s going to be true crime, then make a podcast about true crime podcasts.
I'm out
You had to give oxygen to the low-life Ben Shapiro. He's despicable in almost every way. I unsub'd from all Carolla Digital productions because I couldn't stomach his politics, and now this.
Power couple!
Gina and Theresa make an outstanding team! For years I’ve loved listening to them on the Adam Carolla show and Easy Listening puts them in the spotlight together. Easy Listening focuses on podcasts they discover mixed in with some good old fashioned banter. I love their podcast recommendations and master storytelling talents. Easy Listening is also Enjoyable Listening.
Fun fun fun podcast
David from Texas 001
I feel like I’m listening in to two great ladies having a conversation. I really like it
Love listening to you ladies 💗💗💗
switchboarder 18
Ladies you’re rocking it!
Love it
Gina and Teresa you ladies are killing it. I really enjoy listening to you both. Thank you for starting this podcast.
Just a suggestion...
Great content but Gina talks way way way too much, need to hear more of Teresa!
Love it!
Cindy l. Word crazy
Hosts are great!
They can’t go one podcast without kissing Adam Carolla’s a**. On to the next!
Was hoping for more
As of episode 2: It’s a lot of backstory and not a lot of podcast talk...? And honestly, the way the segue into the podcast talk leaves me feeling lost. Like, oh, are we talk about the subject of the show now?? I was so tuned out from the jibber jabber that I barely noticed. I love both these girls so was really hoping to add this to my list, but I don’t think it’s getting there. I’ll listen to some later episodes and see if I can into it. Maybe it should be half an hour??
Started listening because I love listening to Gina on the ACS show! Absolutely love you two together! Teresa reminds me of Lynette! I love it! Keep ‘me coming!
WoW! What Pros...and it’s shows
In full disclosure I only just now started to listen to your show today because the Ace Man is taking some time to drive around in circles real fast and hang out with hoity & the toity. I’m sorry I waited so long to start listening to you (maybe I was taking the “Easy” in Easy listening too literal and “eased” into it too slowly😬)...but you’re worth the wait and truly a delightful duo. Your years of doing time in radio/audio/tv etc. etc. shines through and you were perfect right out of the gate, no awkwardness, stumbling or fumbling, no trying to find your groove & flow. You’d think the two of have been doing this show for years. Guess the years of your friendship was all the preparation you needed. I’m happy to be along for the ride (doing a little binging and can’t wait to be all caught up) So in your peoples words...Mazel Tov!
Thank you
Dark Nellie
Thank you for being the greatest broads out there! If I could be a Jew, I would want to be you! Thanks ladies!
Honey Hanson
I love this podcast! If funny and smart conversations about other awesome podcasts sounds good, you’ll love it too. Thanks, ladies!
I enjoy this podcast so much! And no, not just because I love that they love true crime! Gina and Teresa are like the friends you could chat with about anything in the most positive light. I’m so happy that they have taken themselves down this road of podcast growth! I bet Adam is so proud of you! Love from Las Vegas!
Great job!
Heard Gina talk about this on the Adam Carolla show. Love it. There are so many podcast out there I like to hear about them. Love your stories too. I have listened to Adam since before the twins were born so I feel like I know you guys already. Have listened to up to episode 5 and enjoyed all of them. Anne
Love it!
Hey Ladies, Love the podcast, and I thought of you when I heard the latest episode of The Honeydew podcast where the host (Ryan Sicler - formally of the Crab Feast Podcast) interviewed Comedian Kelsey Cook. They have a bit of fun with the name Teresa. Have fun!
Super Podcast
Bagger Tim
Really enjoying the podcast. Always checking to see when the next one is up.
News Girls Can Do Podcast
Teresa and Gina both news girls for the Adam Carolla Show shine in their solo effort showcasing their wit, humor and recently earned confidence. This podcast is worth a listen to hear how well they interact and guide the podcast to explore fun antidotes from AC, but also with general life problems. I like that they humanize certain like traffic or working with millennials, but what sold me is their honesty to discuss their upbringing and real world problems that connect all of us I some misfit podcast user listener group. Either way, I am super hopeful to continue this project. Cheers Pizza Dan
Love these ladies!!!
I am a long time fan of Mr. Adam Carolla and that is where I fell in love with these awesome women...separately of course! I had no idea that they knew each other, let alone that they were friends outside of the show. When Gina made the announcement that they had a Podcast coming out, at first I didn’t think I’d listen. I’m happy that I downloaded the first episode! I have always just listened to Adam’s pod and never explored others, mostly because I had no clue where to begin. Well the Easy Listening pod has changed the game for me. I have started The Last Days of August thanks to the girls and check back regularly to see if there are any new suggestions. I also tune in because I love there own personal stories! Who knew Theresa liked anal?! Thank you so much ladies and keep up the great work!
Great Stuff
Theresa and Gina are great and real broadcast pros. Every episode is a good listen. Keep me coming.
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