Oprah keeps interupting
There is no doubt this series is one of the best I have heard in a while. However what is very frustrating is the constant interruption of Oprah and not letting Ekhart to finish his thoughts. It’s like Oprah is explaining what the he thinks. Why? Just let him finish instead of you finishing it for him! Very annoying. Meister Ekhart- you are the best. Thank you!
Great but I have a question!
On the pain body episode I had the following question: If the female ego is not as strong as the male, how does one sort out the lack of support for the female presidents candidates? Would it mean that the female candidates are part of the collective male energy? Or does it mean that the male candidates are sucking the energy from the female?. And the pain body? I’m confused!
One of the best books of our time! Read this masterpiece over and over again, you will forever be thankful.
Stop struggling
Aligns with Christian faith & the teachings from diverse sources. Don’t be afraid to listen & let God be God.
Life altering
Unraveled 31 years of lies opened up to new and present 🙏🏻
لبيه يالخفوق 🛸
There isn’t a word or a collection of words that I can piece together to express how grateful I am for you both, Eckhart & Oprah. This has to be the only thing in life I have followed 100% in such depth. Thank you for providing platforms i.e shows, teachings, books and podcasts to deliver messages that speak directly to my soul. I just can’t thank you enough.
A New Earth
Sunny Wunder
As I read the book I keep thinking how grateful I am that I had this podcast to illuminate certain passages. Thank you both for all the gifts you bring me and the world.
High Speed
Cannot even understand it.
This has changed my eyes
This has changed how I see and move through space... increased my capacity for compassion of all beings... and moved my aspirations from being personal to wanting what’s best for ALL of man kind.... I now move through life always asking how I can share the light of God through ACTION (not words) within every interaction...... ACTION and not preaching or trying to change people’s minds.... just BEING and DOING and being supported by the loving current of our creator....
Forever Grateful
I watched this on YouTube several times- countless hours of the same... and I never got tired. This is how I practice presence, by watching and reminding myself that I AM. I love that now we have the edited version here. Thank you!
Well....wait ....
Camille Babbis
I AM... with Eckart ...but wanted to comment on Oprah’s reasoning for her departure from “Christian God” because God is a jealous God. This only means that God wants all of you not 1/2 of you with Him. God is “jealous” towards the world taking over your attention in the same way the Ego (sin) wants to dominate your thoughts. In the same way it says in the Bible “seek 1st the kingdom, and all thing will then come unto you.” Or “seek Me with all your heart” God wants all of your heart making Him “jealous” of any other distraction. I hope this helped any one that struggles with that verse. GOD IS LOVE, With Humility, Camille
This 10 part series has changed my life. If I had listened to the podcast or read the book at a different time in my life I may not have appreciated it quite as much. But I stumbled upon it at the perfect time. Nothing has ever rung so true to me before. Thank you for this gift & the guidance that you both provided.
There is nothing quite like this series out there. I hope that Oprah and Elkhart continue to use their platform to share this knowledge and wisdom to bring more light into our world.
Wonderful Podcast
I’m really enjoying this podcast. I read the book many years ago and will read again as I go.
Fired Up!
I stumbled upon podcasts and SuperSoul Conversations in preparation for a longer commute after moving to our cabin. Wow!! I haven’t felt this fired up since my high school experiences with FCA and Young Life. I LOVE how clearly the ideas are presented! Well done!!
I have listened to these 10 podcasts at least a dozen times. There is a lot of value here. They are great to go along with the book or all alone.
Love A New Earth!
Thank you Oprah and Eckart!
So Grateful!!!!!
absolutely grateful for finding this podcast!!
So grateful for this series!
What an amazing source of awakening! Extremely well done, great questions, great insights. Thanks Oprah and Eckart!
I am
Thank you!
Kelly Cann
This is such an awesome podcast! Being able to go through the book, chapter by chapter has helped be understand it so much!! Thank you so much for taking your time to do this for the world Oprah and Eckhart Tölle! I’m sharing this podcast with everyone.
Made a big difference
This series really helped with making sense of my anxieties and I ended up doing a reading of the book with friends. It’s a great starting point but I do recommend reading the book along aside to get the most out of it.
Helped me so much
This really helped me quiet my mind. Gave me tips and tools on thinking in different ways. Living in this moment. This is everything to me. I go back and listen often!
Be open
I love happy hippos
I LOVE this podcast! Very interesting. It helps open a “stuck mind” to new perspectives by teaching you how to step out of your mind & into your body. We’re happier in the present. Period. Who cares if it’s new age or not. Oprah & Eckhart both have good intentions & for me that’s all that matters!
Eckhart and Oprah
Oprah interrupts Eckert quite often . I found this frustrating especially when he was about to say something I really wanted to hear.
Finding the joy in BEINGness.
Wow. What an amazing gift this series has been. The journey Oprah takes us on here through her openness, curiosity, wisdom; and compassion is truly transformative.
Hello belly
Lol!! Reading the bad reviews are pretty funny. The people writing bad reviews are either extremely religious and close minded or haven’t experienced oneness with the universe/are Oprah’s die hard enemies. Kind of ridiculous. I love this podcast. It is good. Listen to the flowers. Breathe into the soul. You are good and we all have the capacity to change and be better. Love for all ❤️
Life changing and hopefully earth changing! thank you for these beautiful teachings
I really enjoyed this series and read along with the book. I have recommended it to others who have also found it enriching. Thanks for putting this together!!!
One of the great spiritual thinkers of our time? Where?
Fool’s gold.
Perspective Check!
I LOVE this book! I have read this book 5 times. Reading it over in a certain time in my life I see a different perspective every time! I find words that bring so much meaning at that time in my life. This is the o my book I have re read over and over! Please get it! I have bought a handful of them and gave them out to my friends!
Life Changing
awakened 76
I am so grateful for the podcast. This is truly life changing and wish everyone would learn from it. Thank you for bringing this important lessons to us!
Fantastic! Each episode brings reflection, awareness, compassion, presence.
I thoroughly appreciated reading The Power of Now and enjoying some of Oprah’s other Super Soul Sundays content. Now, with this new series, a whole new world has opened up of beautiful, honest, thought-provoking wisdom and encouragement for self-reflection and presence. Eckhart and Oprah do a wonderful job going through the book and inviting questions by other readers. Thank you, thank you, for such a wonderful series. The world needs more of this. in Gratitude, Nirel from the Get Grounded podcast
Loving This!
Thanks to Oprah and Eckhart for this incredible podcast series. It’s great and I’m getting a lot out of it. Will be listening to these more than once! In appreciation, Laura O’Neal
A Priceless Gift
I bought the book, a New Earth when it first came out, over 11 years ago. This podcast is a gift -to be able to go over each chapter, and dive deep into specific pages, so that we can apply it TODAY!
A fresh take and new perspective dealing with live experiences
I love that my ego has been identified as the source of my life’s experiences; good and not so good. This book and listening to this podcast offers me solutions to dealing with circumstances. I’m happy with this approach and in combination with my biblical knowledge..... my present appears brighter.
What a gift!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! This book is life changing! I am so grateful to Oprah and Eckhart for bringing this podcast to the world! Every word is soulful and alive! 1,000 Thank you’s. Eckhart is a modern day profit and Oprah is his vehicle. Both of them bring so much to the book. To not have commercials is beyond!!!
Bad Reviews...
I feel that some of the negative reviews are from listeners who gave it a try and it just wasn’t their thing. At least the first step is to have that willingness and curiosity to go much deeper into oneself. I have always loved Tolle , and if there is a possibility of slowing down the roll in my head every sec of every day than I am all ears Anyone that is willing to hang with Oprah for this amount of time to get this podcast together has got to know how to quiet a mind and be at peace. However, thank you Oprah for doing this series. I hope it resonates with many people and I think you’re wonderful for doing this series and introducing an incredibly interesting teacher who teaches all about the “is” the NOW. Sorry about the jab, but he’s so chill and you’re so pumped up (but I understand why) Thank you so much!
Misrepresentation of the Word
Faith alone through Christ alone. The Christian faith is misinterpreted and misrepresented with scripture taken out of context in
Not Oprah!
I have the book and have read it midway. Fascinating insights! But I won’t listen to the podcast because Oprah is in it. She’s a charlatan.
Awakening 101
Maikel Millo
This podcast is a beginners guide to reading “A New Earth” with enthusiasm and joy. I listened to it on my daily drives to and from work. I read the book after finishing the series, I took the pointers from the podcast and spent much more time outdoors and surrounded by nature. I read in nature and would often pause to admire my surroundings acknowledging what I had read and relating it to the personalized interpretations of the podcast. I listened to the podcast after finishing each chapter which was great because it was as if I had read the homework assignment and then had a discussion about it where I was able to simply be the observer. Nothing has ever resonated so strongly with me and I have never felt more free and present. Thank you Oprah and Eckhart for sharing your gift I look forward to sharing it with many others!
Eckhart’s teachings in A New Earth is a life changer
I have been listening to the podcast since Oprah invited Eckhart Tolle to do a book review of A New Earth. One chapter per episode per week. It really helped to give a deeper understanding of the concepts in the book. Without the weekly podcasts it would have been difficult to really get some of the messages. I highly recommend it. Also read The Power of Now. I am so thankful to Oprah for presenting Eckhart & his teachings.
One is complaining about how we should replace his reality with what we believe as reality. The other one complains why Oprah says we have to stop listening to church elders. The funniest one complains that we only have one earth so why a new earth? You need to take off the negative eye glasses and let the awareness overwhelm you. As soon as you put the truth into words, it’s not the truth anymore, it’s only an expression of the truth. All Tolle and Oprah are trying to do is to put truth into words. Wanna know the truth? Try psychedelics.
I’m so tired of Oprah
MJ is innocent. Read the court testimony. Wade Robeson had his testimonies thrown out because he lied under oath three Xs. FACTS. Oprah didn’t tell you that in her show. Why should you believe anything says?
There’s only one Earth
I love Oprah but please be sensitive to our environment. This is a very distasteful name for a podcast that has nothing to do with the serious plight of our planet.
As soon as I saw the title of this program my thoughts were, “it can’t be good.” Tolle and Oprah are New Age. What does that mean? Essentially this, both are embracing far-eastern metaphysics with other forms of religious ideas. Those ideas include pantheism to buddhism, stuff in between and at the far corners. You learn things like defining your own truth. In other words if it’s true for you then it must be true. Sound good? If it does then ponder this: “Hitler had his own truth.” He was so convinced of his own truth he persuaded others to follow his truth. Some may say, “that’s extreme.” Yes, it is but it is also what philosophers and clergy of that era warned against at least a generation before Hitler ever took office. You see what Tolle and Oprah are offering is not new. It has been visited before by other by-gone societies. Today philosophers refer to it as post-modernism. Under post-modern thought man becomes his own end, individuals and society itself, becomes increasingly more self-absorbed and self-centered. Each has their own truth and each is to respect the individuals self-claim on truth. In that world there are no absolutes, because each has their own truth. Herein is the problem,... the idea that there are no absolutes (no one truth), is by its very nature false, because that idea is itself an absolute. In other words to say “there are no absolutes” is itself an absolute. Now, you may not hear Oprah or Tolle say what I just mentioned but I can assure you their philosophical ideas are full of it. Here’s the path they’ll lead you down: - Pantheism. (God is in everything, including you so you can become god-like.) - Buddhism, another form of atheism, but with the idea you reach a plateau of becoming one with universe (god-like.) - Ecological-ism, modern form of pantheism, where you are to worry about all things ecological no matter if it is founded on scientific facts or just emotionalism. - New Age spirituality, nothing more than a mishmash of a lot of far-eastern religious thought with western ideas. Although the two were never in harmony. How they’ll get you there,... diet, meditations, self-focus, visualization, reading, mantras, etc,... Sound like cult indoctrination? That’s because it is. I believe truth is real and knowable, in fact truth = reality. I live in and am confined to reality. When I acknowledge that, truth becomes clear,...whether or not I like it. Far better way to live, than trying to change reality to what I want it to be, which is what Tolle and Oprah are after and will sell you a lot of product to help you down their path.
Feeling Woke and full of “Ah Ha” Moments
Oprah was the first person in my life who I witnessed in the public eye who was on my frequency spiritually. I grew up being raised by her nurturing soul speaking with her guests on the Oprah Show. After she left the Oprah show and started her “own” network I didn’t have access to her content. I went to college and had some time where I forgot about her presence in my life. Then one day I stumbled across her SuperSoul podcast with Dr. Brene Brown and I instantly broke down in tears. I felt as though a film had been scrubbed from my heart and soul. From that pint forward I fell into the SuperSoul rabbit whole. That is how I learned about Ekhart and his amazing book “A New Earth”. My life has totally changed, everyone has seen an awakening in me since then. I am free. I am thankful. I am ready for a new earth to begin. Thank you thank you thank you. 🙏🎧
If you’re open its awakening
Loved it. Will revisit this over and over again
I feel this was an amazing experience to live in the moment! Can’t wait for the next one!
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